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Friday, July 31, 2009


Wow I have a pretty good nap again today. Baby Sophia is sleeping most of the day too. She woke and eat then I talk to her for awhile then she fall back to sleep. Everytime I talk to her, she smile back at me. The look in her eyes filled me with love. I'm so in love again.
And today is Friday, we're having pizza so we don't have to cook dinner. And the house is well cleaned, thanks to my husband. This is a perfect day.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

What Just Happened in Farm Town?

Last week just before I went to the hospital there's some problem in Farm Town. Farm Town is a is a social utility that connects people with friends and others who work, study and live around them in Facebook. It's really fun. It's recommended to me by my friend Tess and Anj. I was able to get through half of my active labor while playing in Farm town until I can't talk and almost unable to walk. When I arrive in the hospital I'm 8cm dilated already, imagine that:-). One of my friends' complained because her computer's speed slowed down so I told her that she can install an external hard drive to her PC to maximize its performance and it probably work well now since I saw her playing in Farm Town everyday.

Welcome to my Very Own Sophia

She's born last July 24,weighing 8lbs 6.2 oz. Everytime I look at her, all my worries fade away. She brings more joy to our lovely family. Her sister Stephie, brother Eric and Bianca adores her so much. Her dad's eyes sparkle every he hold her in his arms. She means so much to us and I thank God with all my heart and soul for her. I am so blessed.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Organizational Leadership

Me and my hubby love to watch CNN shows especially if they feature the different leaders of the world. Some of these leaders has inspiring and humble beginnings. Being a leader is an inborn talent but not all the time. It's a skill that needs to be developed and enhanced. There are many online schools like the Gonzaga University that offers courses that help us developed our leadership skills. For example; Masters in organizational development. People whose taking this course has a better opportunities in advancing their careers. In the corporate world,there's a lot competition and it's always an advantage that you have something that will put you ahead from the rest. That's why I really believe that leadership is a continuous learning process and we should always prepare ourselves to any factors that will challenge our skills

Friday, July 24, 2009

Insurance Companies Comparison

There's a lot of insurance companies nowadays, and each has each own promises in the commercials, too good to be true sometimes. For me, I ask around and I like our insurance company because we got added benefits and their prompt with answering to our claims too. If you don't have a car insurance right now,it's wiser to shop around and ask for auto insurance quote so that you will be able to compare prices. With the economic situation we have today, every penny that we saves means a lot.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

38th Week Doctor's Appointment

Last Monday was my 38th week doctor's appointment. I weigh 150.5 lbs. I really didn't gain so much. Even though I eat a lot but I'm always physically active especially that I have active munchkins. In fact, I might give birth sooner than my due date because I'm having contractions already and I'm 2 cm. dilated already so I'm pretty close for the real labor. I'm excited but I'm scared.
I also went to the Sutter Coast to be pre admitted and they gave me my yellow card for my easy admission on my delivery date. My next appointment will be on the 23rd. But I might give birth before that. We'll see.

Worth A Try

Some people have a hard time losing weight. In fact it's easy to gain weight and very hard to lose it. There are foods that are really delicious but are not good for our health. This afternoon, my friend informed me that rice is very high in carbohydrates, since she knew that I ate rice almost every meal. Maybe that's why I never lose weight before I got pregnant. For people who are really desperate to lose weight Stimerex ES is worth a try. It has a unique formula that makes it as the strongest fat burner and it can be bought over the counter without prescription.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Increase Your Buyers

People right now are earning more money online. Well, they're looking for ways how to overcome the financial crisis in our society today. Some of my friends who work in the state are complaining because they don't have overtime anymore and there are some cut off from their salaries. So that's why people find ways online since most consumers are already buying stuffs in the Internet. In order to be ahead with your competitor consider web directory submission, this will help increase the traffic of your website. Give it a try and see the difference.

Impulse Buying

I went to Walmart today to buy batteries for my watches when I found out that there's an AT&T kiosk there. I'm aware that we're qualified for phone upgrade and free phones so I check it out. I found phones that are really appealing that's why I'm tempted to buy them. I paid extra because I don't like the free phones. So I wasn't able to get away with my impulse buying even though I was really hoping to save money. But I don't have any regrets because I got a good deal.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Injury Lawyers

Accidents happened in unexpected moments. One morning my friend sent her kids to school when all of a sudden they felt a great impact in the back of their car. Someone didn't stop on a controlled intersection and t bone them. Good thing that they were not badly hurt even though their car was totalled. It's been two months but their still fighting with the insurance companies. That's why hiring a good lawyer is very important.In Tennessee, you can find a family of lawyers whose been helping the people in need for generations. The Terry,Terry and Stapleton Group of Lawyers. So if you're suffering from personal injuries, don't hesitate to contact a Morristown personal injury lawyer and you'll be taken care of.
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