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Thursday, November 28, 2013

Apps For Real State Agents

Working in customer service is fun; it is not boring, the days go by quickly and being able to help people gives a wonderful feeling. To be in customer service, we can work as a sales associate, a pharmacy technician and or as a real state agent. In real state it is also a fulfilling job which can offer a good money from commission. The real state agents has a new app on the go  which enable them easy to communicate while they are on the go. The real estate crm is an important app to become a more efficient real state agent.

Thanksgiving Days

Thanks giving is always celebrated in United States on the 4th Thursday in November. This year 2013 it falls on November 28. This is a national holiday with religious significance in United States. Almost all people are preparing some special dish on this date. Turkey dinner is the most common preparation.

      What ever how abundance are our food recipes it is important to give more little special in our celebration by saying a little prayer, ( A Grace before meal and a Grace after meal) to express our thank giving for the blessing in our life.

        Thank giving date in United States:
 2011    Thursday    November    24

 2012    Thursday    November    22
 2013    Thursday    November    28
 2014    Thursday    November    27
 2015    Thursday    November    26
 2016    Thursday    November    24     

Wednesday, November 13, 2013


     People are shock of the different calamities that strike in some part of the world today. Earthquake, tsunamis, typhoon and flood had devastated many parts of the world particularly, Philippines, Japan, and Vietnam.
    A year ago, Japan was hit by a strong earthquake and tsunami which cause enormous loss of lives and properties. Another strong earthquake hit the Philippines particularly in Visayas region, in Bohol and Cebu. It damaged several infrastructure such as churches, houses and bridges, crackdown of several roads which cause impassable for land transportation. Landslide were found every where that cause the damaged of crops and even lives of the people. After the earthquake many sink holes were discovered and ground crack down. Just a few days later another calamity strike this region, which is the super typhoon Yolanda. This swept the city of Tacloban, Samar and neighboring provinces, and cities. A mass destruction happened in these place, where thousand of lives were sacrifice. Leaving nothing on their properties.
      Government authorities were sending relief goods to the survivors. Continue rescue operation is still going to search the missing individual. Many countries are sending aides, money and relief goods to the victims.

Friday, November 8, 2013


Band members always take with them their mouth piece in every occasion. To keep this for safety it is best advantage to put this in a mouth piece case. With Cavallaro tuba mouth piece roll, you can assure for your safety and comfortably. This is made of a nylon shell. with a wool's lamb interior to protect your mouthpiece and use a mouthpiece case. They are designed with plenty of rooms for any size tuba mouth piece.  The durability of this case is guaranteed because all the material used is from a high quality, with a strong zipper. Band members has to buy the best quality of mouthpiece because it is part of their music life.

Halloween Party

My life is so busy I wasn't to update all the important activities that happened in my life. Let me start from our Halloween Party. It was pretty much memorable because we had so much fun. I can't believe I was able to pull off that kind of party. I have so many guest and my friends bring lots of good food. Everybody had so much fun. We have costume party for all catagories, toddler boy and girl, big girls and boys and adults. It was fun.
 Although it was a Halloween party, the activities was likely a sort of re-union and acquaintance party. All contributed their favorite dishes, and share it together. A mingle of Mexican, Filipino and American dishes were found there. Which the wide table space was not enough for the varieties of foods.

Musically Inclined

There are schools who are offering scholarships for band member students. In our place, most of our teens joined the band , especially who are from a family who could hardly afford to send them to college.

   With their self and strong determination to pursue and achieve to their chosen carrier, through their unique instrument, 4 valve baritone at musicians friend, they are now successful in their different field of endeavor. We will encourage our kids to get acquainted with musical instrument. Let them discover the value of it , which many have already enjoyed.

      These 4 valve Baritone are usually used in school, in military or marching band. When included in orchestra performance, it is often times used in solo part. This may cost a some amount of money, but the returning benefits may just be monetary, because the joy of music, and the reward is priceless. Its guaranteed durability will enable you to share to your succeeding member of your family or even to your next generation.

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Finally I am a Pharmacy Technician

Last October 25 of this year I passed the Pharmacy Technician Board. I still cannot believe it. I claimed it as a miracle from God. Besides the fact that I am not as ready as I want to be, I also thought that I won't be able to take the test because I wasn't able to put all my names in my application. But I was able to take the test and passed it. I praised God Almighty. He is so good. I am so happy. It's something that I really want to finished so that I will be able to call myself a certified pharmacy technician. As for the moment, I am torn between pursuing this career or staying at my present job. Weird right? Well, there are so many things that happened, that it seems like things are happening to prevent me from working in the pharmacy. Then at my job I might get a PIC ( person in charge) position. To be honest this is quite confusing for me that's why I will just leave everything to God and I will let Him guide me.
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