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Saturday, March 30, 2013

Music Instrument

      There is a  huge stocks of ukuleles with a respective brand like Hohner, Lanikai, Gibson, and Fender in the market today. It's a lot of confusing to select an item when of them are good quality. It is a good advice to put the instrument side by side so that you can easily select the one that best for you. It is safe to shop in the online store, where they offer the lowest price and complete satisfaction guaranteed back to every purchase. Enjoy the convenience of shopping online and have fun choosing your new musical instrument such as ukelele. Get every thing you want at the guaranteed lowest price at your favorite music store. There are stores where you can find a better deal, they will not only match it, but will also give you 50% of the difference toward your next order.

My Boring Life

It's my longest day and night even an hour to stay in a close room without work. To go outside I can not withstand the coolness of the winter. If I wish to go somewhere, there are no available passenger vehicle to ride in. And if I want to buy something, there is no small store or ( sari sari store) as we called there in the Philippines. Every time we have something to buy is we have to go to the super store or mall. Waiting from sun rise to sunset for the next day is too long for me. From my lonely room I'll be imagining my busy moment in my place I began to feel homesick to my family and to my abandoned farm .I can then recollect the happy and sad moments with my friends and my family. Getting together with friends and neighbors and sharing everything of what we have. Attending session in church or in association meeting.
Here in Crescent City ,where I currently living with my daughter's family resident I'm so bored, because I've no work, except a little house hold keeping. I have no friend to deal with because even the border of the next room of our apartment I'm not acquainted. I thought living in a suppose to be a luxurious place, a place where every household work is done by electricity and electronic and eating costly foods is the best place to live but it doesn't apply to me. I felt ashamed to be always relying everything from them. What I want is I can also contribute a little support in term of financial but I'm helpless, my little knowledge is not applicable here. I could compare myself to a monkey inside in a golden cage, provided with all his needs, but still dreaming to go back to the forest which is their habitat .

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Abercrombie Deals

Supersoft, classic logo applique. full-zip closure, soft lined drawstring hood, front pockets, Vintage Abercrombie Wash, Classic Fit, Imported

60% cotton/40% polyester
Supersoft fleece, heritage logo applique, full zipper closure, front pockets, lined drawstring hood, interior neck taping, Vintage Abercrombie Wash, Classic Fit, Imported

60% cotton / 40% polyester

Theresa Hoodie


Supersoft fleece, heritage logo embrodiery, full-zip closure, front pockets, lined drawstring hood, double layer interior neck and hood taping, Vintage Abercrombie Wash, Classic Fit, Imported

60% cotton / 40% polyester

Hadley Hoodie


Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Collecting Coins

Collecting modern world coins is the perfect way to add interesting and unique coins to our collection. At Modern Coin Wholesale Inc. deal in all modern U. S. coins and all modern world coins. They offer United State Mint States, and Proof American Silver Eagle, American Silver Eagle, American Gold Eagle, Platinum Eagle, U. S. Mint Commemorative, Buffalo Gold, and First Spouse Gold. Includes OGP (original government packaging). They have also a collection of modern world coins and international foreign mints such as Australia, Austria, Britain, Canada, China, France, Israel, Mexico, New Zealand, Poland, and South Africa among many others.

If we want to invest in bullion they have plenty of options, they have the silver bullion which includes silver American eagle coin , Canadian Maple leaf coin, Australian Kookaburra coin, Australian Koala coin, Austrian Philaharmonic coins, and Mexican Libertad coins and others. They also sells ungraded coins at a low cost as well as silver bars from Sunshine, Johnson Mathey, and Engelhard, available in weigh of 1-oz., 5-oz, 1o-oz, and 1oo-oz. M. C. W. Inc. has also gold products such as PAMP Suisse, and Perth Mint ingots available in form of coin.
Modern Coin Wholesale Offers many coins that come with the original government packaging. Those are packaged for avid coin collectors. There latest modern coins are the 2013 silver buffalo and the 2013 -w-US American Eagle. The price is for American Eagle 1 oz. pure silver dollar PR-69- $86.95 And the American Eagle pure silver dollar PR 70- $103.95.

For more details browse modern coin wholesale .

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Quarters for Her First Baby Tooth That Fell Out

How exciting, my eldest daughter's baby tooth fell out on New Year. It's not gonna be hard to remember. I'm surprised she started losing baby teeth this early. She's only five years old. I know that usually kids lose their baby teeth when they turned six. Her baby tooth fell off while she's brushing her tooth. There's another one that is already loose too.In fact there are already two new ones that are coming in so she have two rows of teeth. I'm happy that the other one fell off already.I was even planning to bring her to her dentist. The other one is super loose already so I'm not worried about the layers of teeth anymore.
When she lost her tooth she was so excited to show it to us and was so excited to give it to the tooth fairy. She hide it under her pillow that night. Unfortunately, I forgot to put a dollar in her bedside table and she woke up in the following morning, she asked me why the tooth fairy didn't gave her a dollar. I was speechless, good thing that I quickly realized that she left her tooth in our bed. She fall asleep in our room while watching TV with us. When we moved her in her own bed, we didn't bring the tooth with her.So I told her that she should put it in her own bed under her own pillow. So the following night, she make sure that put it under pillow. She even put it in an envelope and wrote a note that it's for the tooth fairy. I waited till she fall asleep till I will put the dollar then I realized I don't have a dollar, good thing that I saw my son's piggy bank and I took 4 quarters from it and I put them in an envelope and wrote a note in it. When she woke up and saw the envelope, she was so happy and jazzed. She showed it to her dad and put it in a mason jar. I don't have a clue why she put it in a mason jar.But I'm happy that she's happy. I'm enjoying this because who knows next year she won't believe in the tooth fairy anymore. I hope not.

* Jan 06, 2011*

Wednesday, March 6, 2013


       My neighbor's son, after he finished his secondary course, want to proceed to college, but his parents could not afford to sent him to school, because they are financially hard up. He was so eager to go to school, so he applied for a scholarship in one of the school in our place. He was advised to joint to the band member and produce his own instrument. For his initiatives he looked for a second hand or used saxophone but in good condition because he could not afford to purchase a brand new unit. He was thankful of his old and used saxophone because of it he was able to pursue his ambition.
       Used Instruments can be helpful in our life  especially when we are badly in need of it , during the time  that we are in tightly budget  because its price is usually much lower or just a bargain price. Usually used instruments are in good quality especially the vintage instruments the are made of better quality materials and produced by skilled craftsmen.

       Now there are already a huge selection of top brand and type of used instruments, sold at a low  price with a big discount. It's just gently used or with just a minor blemishes and scratches and yet the condition is really good. These are available in Used Instrument Warehouse and or in Musician Buy Line  the most popular second hand music site.

Coosbay Trip

    Two days ago my wife and I accompanied our daughter, who took her exam in Southwestern Community College in Brooking, Oregon. We took a ride with her just purchased new car, because Lee her husband replaced her old service car because there already something wrong on its performance.
    We reached her school in Brooking at 2:00 PM. She immediately took her exam. After 30 minutes she finished her examination and returned back to the car. We proceeded to Coos Bay City where the main campus of Southwestern Community College is located, to attend the Pharmacy Class Student Forum and Field Trip. From Brooking to Coos Bay City, we have still to travel for about 100 miles,so we have to drive with the maximum allowed speed limit, to catch up the scheduled time at 5:00 PM.
    That was the first time she visited this place and the first time to drive her new car, these couple of unfamiliarity create a little bit hassled in our part, especially when we were approaching Gold Beach when we passed a certain narrow street where there were snow on the surface of the road ,there was a sudden inclination of the car. She began to be scared, because of the performance of the car. Maybe because this is quite bigger than her old one It differ in the performance from her cute old car which is easy to manipulate, especially in sharp curve. When we reached Gold Beach , we took a rest for 15 minutes to refresh her feeling of unsecured of our travel. She also fixed the site map and the right location of the school campus, so that we will not be lost in our way.
      After 15 minutes , we proceeded our trip, always monitor the time whether we can catch up the scheduled time. Even if , we were a little bit scared about our trip ,I diverse my attention of getting
pictures of the beautiful sceneries of the places which we passed by.
      We were very thankful to our God that we reached our destination safe and in exact in scheduled time. We reached to the main campus almost 5:00 PM. Their campus is so beautiful, with a large buildings, Its surrounding is quiet and peaceful. After their forum and orientation all they graduating pharmacy students proceeded to a tour in Walgreen Pharmacy in Coos Bay City. While they were there in the pharmacy we just stay in the car waiting until they will be through in their discussion about their subject matters. It was already 8:00 PM. when they get out from the pharmacy. We then proceed for home in Crescent City. We advised her to just drive at a minimum speed, anyway we are now going home, we have nothing to worry if we will be delayed in our travel. Its better to be late than sorry. It took us 6 hours to travel , vice versa in a distance of more or less 260 miles. That was our unforgettable experience to travel a distance place in a road test with a new car.
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