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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Wordless Wednesday

My Son Eric, after eating Chowmein. Why babies became sleepy after eating?? :-)

HappyThanksgiving everyone!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Maximum Settlement

Accidents happen unexpectedly. Here in Crescent City, accidents happen almost everyday especially two weeks ago. When you look into out local newspaper, there are reports of car and motorcycle accidents due to drunk driving. It's very horrible most especially if you're just a victim of these very irresponsible individuals. Anyways, if you are involved in a motorcycle accident, I suggest that you keep in touch with Atty. Michael Padway. He's a lawyer that specializes ( with over 35 years of experience) in giving you the maximum settlement when you're involved in a motorcycle accident. If you're living in LA, you can check visit motorcycle accident lawyers Los Angeles to get the right settlement for you.

Tackle It Tuesday / It's Time for Winter Shoes

Since the weather is getting colder each day so I realized that it's time to bring out the winter shoes and the sandals, flip flops and other summer shoes will have to be in the storage.
This is our hallway closet, this is where we usually arrange our day to day shoes. It's disorganized most of the times, so I decided to clean it up before the holidays.

It's nice when it's really organized.

This shoes organizer is a great help.

The Spring and Summer shoes has to go the back in the boxes. Some of them I'm going to give to mom and sister in the Philippines since they always have warmer there.
So this is my tackle for today. I hope you guys have a great time.
Happy Thanksgiving.

Cost effective Solution for Retailers

Even though the economy is going up and down lately, we all must stay optimistic. Let's not make this crisis bring us down. Instead we have to continue to think of ideas how to get over with the current situation. Like most businessmen and retailers they're now using digital signage to advertise their company. This is one of the cost effective solution because it's a great way to attract customers and besides it can be updated easily. To learn more about using technology solutions, check out

Monday, November 24, 2008

Sasha, the Cutest

Sasha is one of the cutest chihuahua I've even seen. She's my friend Jenny's dog. She's so pampered. My friend treats her like her own baby. Well, she's actually her baby since she don't have a baby yet. She has cute outfits and accessories. One good thing that amazes me is that she knows a lot of tricks. That's why I'm going to shop around for some pet beds as my Christmas gift for her. She's just way too cute and I can't wait to have a chihuahua like her too.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Rob Pattinson

When it comes to "Twilight," the question isn't whether the teen vampire movie is any good, but whether the hero, Edward Cullen, is as magical as we want him to be. Edward is brooding and sensitive ... and thanks to Pattinson's furrowed eyebrows, crooked smiles and carefully crafted hairstyles, he delivers just the Edward we've been waiting for.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Building A Good Home

Becoming a parent is one of my greatest accomplishments, it changes my whole perspective about life completely. Me and my husband are working hand in hand in providing our children a good home. One of our major goal right now is to build a house in our dream place. Actually there's a lot nice houses for sale everywhere but to be able to plan and build a house that will totally reflect your personality is a different feeling of fulfillment.

I'm excited when I found out about the This is an online shopping destination for everyone who wants to add a personal touch in building their own home. Some people will just let their architects or contractors to plan for their house. But imagine when it's your plan, your ideas and your choice being followed in building your home, I think you will never so proud of yourself.

At, you can get a genuine customer support from interior designers and architectural specialist for all your concerns. While I was surfing around in their site, I'm so inspired and informed. Among the so many wonderful things I love about their here's some that I specify:

* They provide secure Shopping and their tested daily by McAfee Secure. For online shoppers, protecting our identity is very important.

*You can find in their site the products that are hard to find. Imagine shopping from one warehouse to another. At the comfort of your own home you will find the specific products at their site.

*Their site is easy to navigate.

*They provide educational information's that will guide you all the way in making you own home. From choosing a valuable addition to your home like Corbels or complimenting your home by adding Crown Molding.

* They provide special offers and also give benefits to their registered clients.

Providing a major part in building your own home will give you a complete satisfaction especially when you see the finished product. Thanks to, you will be able to build a good home.

I can say that finding out has inspired me a lot that's why I encourage everyone to check it out.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

A Yo-Yo Holiday

Christmas/Holiday music cuts across all genres ... is it the go to music when you exercise, clean the house, shop, surf the Web, travel ...?

All About Christmas

Going Further

I'm the kind of person who never stop dreaming and I'm confident that in God's time all these dreams will become a reality.One of my goal right now is to pursue another course which is B.S in Nursing. I am inspired by a good friend of mine who works in Stanford Hospital and right now she's doing pretty good. Besides I always believe that being a Nurse is one of the world's greatest job.What I like about going to the Nursing path is the opportunity to diversify myself. What I mean is after graduating in B.S. Nursing, you can upgrade by taking up the Masters in Nursing. I know being a nurse will make your schedule hectic so the possibility of going back to school is low. But right now there are many schools that offer online MS nursing. One of the best schools I've known is the Saint Xavier University. This school is dependable because they have received awards and recognitions for their commitment and service. Their Master of Science in Nursing- Clinical Nurse Leaders Degree will enable you to advance yourself in a more promising career. I think St. Xavier University is a gift for everyone out there whose lives are so busy but still want to pursue their dreams.

List of Best Diet Pills

Many people are confuse which is the best diet pill to take because there's a lot of these pills in the market already. But according to, the top rated pills includes Anoretix,Fentraphen and Xyphedra. To know which of these products is best for you, you can visit for information of the overall quality of these pills as in regards to health safety. When you intend to lose weight, don't be too complacent in choosing just any kind of weight loss option. You need to research about it carefully and know the negative and positive effects.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Tell Me Something I Don't Know

On The Chris Matthews Show, November 16th Chris Matthews leads with: "`It's not my job.' We've got a financial Katrina on our hands. Recession and layoffs are pouring through the floodgates, and nobody's in charge. Bush looks retired, Barack Obama's not president. So who's protecting us?
"Mandate for change? When Reagan and Bush won, they charged ahead with a conservative vision. Will Obama do what Reagan and Bush did, do it big and bold no matter how tough the times? The Democrats are in the driver's seat. Shouldn't they drive?"
The panelists:
-- Michele Norris hosts "All Things Considered" on National Public Radio.
-- Howard Fineman is senior Washington correspondent for Newsweek.
-- Erin Burnett anchors"Squawk on the Street" and "Street Signs" on CNBC.
-- Michael Duffy's assistant managing editor of Time magazine.

XL to Medium

Our Christmas Party will be on December 13. This is one of our major parties that Filipinos and American get together. It's fun! But of course the women got the chance to dress up. Me and my good friend Marie has been looking for dress as early as September. I just got mine two weeks ago. Marie don't have a dress yet because she's still hoping to reach her goal to loss weight. Well, she's been taking diet pills and I noticed that she's not that big anymore. Well, she used to wear XL clothing, now she can fit the size Large . So maybe next month, she can wear medium sized dress.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Sports Clothing - Where? When?

A more sporty, casual approach to clothing is permeating our lives ... remember when athletic shoes, were for, well, athletics? ... did you ever wear Chick Taylor's outside of the gym ... then came the sports shoe craze ... is high-performance fitness/sports clothing going to follow? Seems to be making some in roads

Saturday, November 15, 2008


My husband has a huge collection of classic model cars from early 50s, 60s and so on. Some of them you can no longer buy in the market. But now, he's buying rc helicopter so I think he's going to add another collection which is for me is pretty cool. It is something that we can play during those moments that there's nothing to do. Our son loves watching those remote control helicopters and I can't wait when he's able to operate them. I feel so happy every time my husband play with Eric, he look like a child again which is really cute.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Tackle It Tuesday / Steph's First Tackle

Well, here's my terrific three year old Daughter Stephie, making a mess in her drawer. The rule is, clean up your own mess.
So, there she go, cleaning up after her mess before daddy got home. She knew that it wouldn't make him happy.

Her first tackle isn't that bad at all :-)..but of course with mom's supervision and 'lil help. I just want her to learn to be responsible and observe cleanliness.
Learn more about Tackle it Tuesday at 5 Minutes For Mom. It's fun!

Monday, November 3, 2008

Remember to Vote YES on Prop 8

A Yes vote means marriage is only between a man and a woman.A No vote approves same-sex marriage.
Unless we pass Prop. 8, nearly all California schools will teach children about same-sex marriage – “whether we like it or not” – and parents will not even have the right to be notified.

Vote Yes..Vote Yes..

For President, we support someone who will protect the sanctity of marriage and the sanctity of life. May the Man who have the kindest heart will win.

Trick Or Treat

I Can't Wait!

I'm Ready for the Make-Up Mum..

Huh..the rain can't stop me :-)

Thanks for the help Daddy..

and You too Mommy!

For more Halloween Pics of adorable kids go to 5 Minutes For Mom. Enjoy!

Happy Birthday Jen!

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