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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Yummy Mango

I came from Davao City, where we can find the sweetest kind of Mango. When I went home there couple of years ago, I ate Mango almost everyday. Yesterday, my Ate Helen gave me 3 Champagne Mangoes that she bought from San Jose. They're so good that I ate them all in one day.And I'm still craving for more.Do I have to blame it for my being pregnant? Then, this morning, my dear husband bought 15 Mangoes for me before he went to work. He's really a sweetheart. He never seized to amazed me. Seeing the mangoes is almost the same as looking at sets of engagement rings that are sparkling right before my eyes. This is perfect because tomorrow, my friend Nancy who's also pregnant will visit me, then I can share her some.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Boring..Read At Your Own Risk title is intriguing ha..but it's just because,..because I can't think of any.oh my goodness gracious..I've written already One thousand fifty eight posts in my blog, oh well in my 3 blog, the PureLove which tackles about my life as a mom, Pampered which is just about everything that I want to write, HappyHeart which is about friends,issues etc., Wow 1058 posts, actually only 25% of those are interesting.
Like I said I love to write journals, before this web blogging, I already have a diary since I was in elementary, those times na all about crushes pa. This is just my outlet. This is part of my personality that nobody can change. I'm not really good orally ay I mean verbally (more appropriate :-) ), Many times that I went into an argument/confrontation, I end up being stressed because I don't know how to express what I want to say. I end up crying, especially if someone accused me of something that I never did. If that someone matters to me, I confront her right away, if she don't matter to me, she's on my shit list. The hell with what she said about me.Backstabbers are boneless, they will deny to death when confronted.
Oh well,I'm thankful with web blogging actually, because here I can express my thoughts then I can gather opinions. In fairness, it's not always about gossip. Read at your own risk..if you can't relate then move on.


Yesterday was one of kind, it's just about my daughter Stephie.
My family was supposed to attend a birthday party at 3PM. But Eric was still sleeping so Lee have to stay with him. Steph was playing with her bestfriend Haley.When I asked her to go with me, she just said " Bye Mama, just go", I said" Steph, I'm going to a birthday party." , she said " Go mama go, byeeeeeeeee". That was the first time, she don't want to go with me. So I was all alone. It was a different feeling being by myself in the car, without noisy kids in the backseat. Once in awhile I'm driving alone but mostly it's when I do my grocery shopping early morning. But on a sunny afternoon like yesterday, I always have them with me, Steph will always tell me to play the Gary V CD, oh my goodness, she could sing some of the lines of the "Anak" song already, and Eric will join her too with his own lyrics. Cute!!!!
Then I pick up Ate Neng, oh my goodness gracious Ate Neng, one time as I was approaching to their driveway, I hit the curve because she was dirty dancing in front of Her husband ( which I think is cute). I saw her from afar, that's why I was laughing so hard that I wasn't paying attention with my driving. Oh well, I love her.
The party went great, I ate too much chicken, goodness gracious, I joke about laying eggs the following day because I ate like about 12 pcs of chicken wings. It was fun hanging out with friends, and being able to meet new friends.
Before going home I buy goodies for my kids and hubby and then one pair of pregnancy shoes and 1 pair of sandal for Stephie. That "pregnancy shoes", they laugh when I said that. It's my term for shoes that pregnant women wear. there's a difference. I end up buying a high heeled shoes instead of buying flat shoes which was my first plan. But my Stephie, she was so happy with her new sandal.
Today, it's gonna be a busy day, Lee called it "Preggy Women Day" because he will cook Mexican foods for me and the wives of his co-worker who are preggy. But we also invited friends and neighbors who like Mexican foods to come over.So we have visitors today. Why Mexican foods?that's my recent craving :-). I tell you, I gained over nine pounds in just 1 month that's why now I look like I'm carrying a huge watermelon in my tummy. Guess what it is ?girl or a boy I will tell you later.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Nine Pounds in a month

My brother sent me my favorite type of corned beef from the Philippines. I haven't seen those type kind in the our Asian Store here. Since I got it last Sunday, I've been eating it almost everyday. Plus I have these wild cravings of Mexican foods so I'm switching from Asian to Mexican delicacies every other day. These past few weeks I'm always hungry. My hubby always surprised with different kind of desserts or fruits that are not common in the market but are my favorite. So I end up eating a lot. With I weigh myself last week, I gained 9 months. My goodness!! I told my hubby to buy me an appetite suppressant if he keeps on bringing me all these goodies.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Wordless Wednesday/ Fearless

This is quite a big deal for me because my son was really scared with swings but couple of weeks ago when we brought him in the Kidztown and force him to ride in the swing, the transition from fearful to fearless was instant. Forcing him was a risky move for me, but I was lucky that it turns out as I wish it he would be.


Monday, April 20, 2009

Keep It Green

Our Walmart store here is renovating, they're going to change it into a Super Walmart. When we went there last Friday, me and Lee we're kinda lost because they rearranged almost everything. I'm happy to see that they add another brand of jeans. I just wish they could add more branded clothing especially for the kids. I feel silly wishing they would put Old Navy or Gap dresses there. I know it's impossible :-). But I am really excited that they displayed all natural or organic products, from baby's dresses to cleaning materials. Yeah, just a month ago, I switch into Green Works natural all-purpose cleaner. I called it my favorite buddy, because it's very good in helping me clean after the children's mess. I like it because it doesn't have a harsh chemical scent in it. I will really have to dedicate myself in using organic products. That's why I remember that today is payday, meaning I have to pay bills. There are bills that I can't pay online that's why I'm using stamps and labels. It's really convenient when you use custom rubber stamps. Talking about keeping it Green, you can also buy a Cosco® GLP20 Green Line Self-Inking Stamp at It's made of environment friendly water based inks and you can customized it too. You see we can really go for Green in anyways.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Missed The Church

I was so lazy ysterday. I'm so tired because I woke up at 2 A.M, I have to go to the bathroom. Then I wasn't able to go back to sleep until 4 A.M. I woke at about 7 A.M. My husband brought the children to the store with him so I could get more sleep but I took a shower instead. I thought I will be energized after taking the shower, but I was still exhausted so we decided to skip going to church.

Smock Dress For Me

I'm 26 weeks pregnant already but I only have few pregnancy clothes because I prefer buying clothes that I can still use after I gave birth just like babydolls, yoga pants, leggings and smock dresses. Those types of clothing are still expensive because Summer time is coming but when I looked online I found a full tilt smock trim dress that is on sale at It's really pretty and the price is cheaper compared to the ones I found in other specialty stores. At, you can really find products that are sold on a very reasonable price. When you find something nice, you gonna buy it right away though because they are immediately sold out.

Fab Birthday Bash

Filipina blogger's birthday contest

I'm really proud of these bloggers who are super generous during their birthdays and any other special occasions in the lives. I think it's their way of giving back the blessings that they received. Instead of us giving them gifts, it's them giving us a chance to win unbelievable prizes with their party giveaways.

Now I'm joining another birthday celebration with super fabulous prices. The Filipina Blogger 's
Birthday Celebration. , Jade,the birthday celebrant is giving away these fabulous prices:

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Anybody who has a blog that is at least one month old with at least 15 posts. To know more on how to Join Please head over HERE!!!!.

Belated Happy Birthday Miss Jade!!

Note: Do you know that you can cash your EC now? So grab this chance to win a lot of Entrecard Credits, join the party. Good luck to all of us.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Lawyers Are Not All Bad

A good friend of mine was going through a custody battle. She has a good chance of getting the children. It's just that two months before the trial, she got a letter from her lawyer's office which states about the expenses and that she has to provide retainer fees and half of the calculated expenses before a certain date. She can't provide the money so she wrote a letter back to the lawyer. A month later, she got a reply from her lawyer asking her to drop by in their office. She couldn't believe what happened next. The lawyer, promised to help her all throughout the case,and assuring her not to worry about the expenses. There are legal factors that are involved which primarily includes insurance claims. What is it all about I cannot disclose. All I know that there are still many good lawyers around.You just have to be honest with your situation and they will work with you. Whether it's a custody battle or filing claims from an accident, it's better to get a lawyer that will work with you. For example if you got into a motorcycle accident, look for dependable lawyers who are expert in the process of filing claims. If you live LA where a lot of these type of accidents happens, just go to a good motorcycle accident lawyers Los Angeles and you will be taken care of.

A Hardworking Man

My father is a farmer. He's over sixty years old already but he still works in the farm. We've been telling him to stop working in the farm anymore because we thought it's too much of a hardwork for him. But he told us that the farm is his life. It makes him so happy when his crops are growing well. He used to have 7 acres of coffee farm but the soil is no good already so he switch it into a vegetable and fruit farm. He plants carrots, potato, onions and other vegetables that are good for the season. Although he hired other farmers to help him but there still parts of the farm that aren't cultivated. That's where he let his cows roam around. Besides vegetables he also invest on cattle raising. That's why when I have extra money, I helped him buy cattle supplies. I love my father, he's one of the most hardworking person I've ever knew.

Can You Blame Her?

I was dismayed with what happened in the Filipino Community here in our place. Even though I'm not directly connected with the feud but it involved some of my close friends, it's just very hard because I was caught in the middle. But as the conflict worsen I feel like it's not anymore unfair to take sides.
One day, ate Mendy, one of the elders of the Filipinos dropped by at my house because I invited her for dinner. I don't intend to discuss with what's going on but while we're eating she vented to me that my friend Tess' husband threatened her over the phone. He don't want her to visit in their house anymore. Base on the way she explained it to me, I think she wasn't really threatened. And in my heart I know she wasn't threatened. I believe she just misinterpreted the whole conversation because they just talked over the phone. She is a very religious woman so I asked her to just surrender it all to God and everything will be okay. She further told me that she treated my Tess' family as her own and at that moment she and Tess still in speaking terms. So I tried to convince her to talk to Hugh (Tess'husband )personally because it's hard when it's just over the phone but she just shaked her head. I can feel her frustration so I told her to just let this heat pass by and everything will just fall into right places.
In the following morning I learned from Tess that ate Mendy and the chairman of the Filipino Community filed a complaint in the sheriff against them. I was upset in disbelief. In my own opinion, I wish they confronted Tess first and tell them with their plans. Maybe a warning won't do no harm.
And the words that ate Mendy told me the night before. ..that Tess was like her own daughter caused confusion in my definition of family.
For me, no matter what if you treat someone a family, you won't go that far. Involving a sheriff in a family's personal affairs will ruin it's real essence. But you see, everyone is entitled with each own judgment. Maybe at that time they're doing the right thing.
Me, when a family hurts me, I would rather go away...and probably wouldn't reserve a space in my heart for them anymore. But that's me.
Now, Can you blame Tess if she's deeply upset that leads her to write A POST ABOUT HER OWN SIDE OF THE STORY?
Tess a busy mom of two smart kids and a pampered fact I thought she's a spoiled one. I don't see any reason her husband would do something stupid to ruin their perfect life.
She's my friend for a long time.Although we don't hang out often but she's the kind of friend that I can trust my dirtiest laundry. matter what!!!She's the kind of friend that I can sit on a porch and swing with, even if we don't talk I can walk away feeling like it was the best conversation I've ever had.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

21st Week Pregnancy Update/ AND THE WINNER IS???

Actually my 21st doctor's appointment was last MArch 19.' just so busy to update. My weight ad blood pressure is okay. The baby's fetal heartbeat is perfect. My husband and children accompanied me because it's the day that we will find out the baby's gender. Lee and I was betting on it. He's going for a boy and I'm going for a girl. It was pretty much a thrill when Dr.Tynes started to check on the baby's gender. To our surprise, she turned out to be a girl. We both really thought he's a boy because of the signs and according to the Feng Sui. Well, we're wrong . But oh well, what matters most I'm the winner!! Yehey!! Lee was not really upset, just knowing that the baby is healthy, that's what matters. Steph and Eric were pretty interested watching their baby sister moves in the sonogram.
So I'm having another girl!!!Poor Lee, I wish childbirth is not that painful I'm actually willing to give him another son someday. Oh well, let's see and just play it by ear. Now I already have a name for our baby girl and it's going to be a secret for now :-).

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Wordless Wednesday/ The Shadow

My 21 months old Son Eric, curious about his shadown.

Just In Case

If time, money and weather permits my proposal about going on a vacation will really be happening. Besides, my hubby always agree and trust me in terms of activity planning that includes buying plane tickets, booking a hotel etc. Basically he thinks I'm his personal organizer, navigator, and the sweetest thing, his bestfriend. He thinks he will be lost without me awww..:-) Anyways, I wish he will not be too busy at work again so I can make reservations , for example in Westgate or other destinations. The only barrier that I can't really planned ahead of time is his job. He's super busy during Summer time. But, still I all the things that I need for a vacation has been outlined already so that when I get a sure yes from him, all I need to do is call or go online. I don't need to spend hours of researching again.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Packaged Received

I sent a package to my family in the Philippines last February and they received it last week. It was over a month. I'm so happy that they finally got it. My father was so happy for his three leather boots. My mom was jazzed with her new ring. She super love. My brothers love their shirts too. My sister was the happiest because she got the most. I'm always happy when I made them happy. That's why I'm already planning of sending them another package. This time I'll sent more for my brothers. One of my brothers is an engineer so he likes something in his field so I'm thinking of buying from wholesale electronics so I could send it to him. In that way, if he don't need some of them he can resell it his friends.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Ice Cream and Spring/ Wordless Wednesday

My son and daughter enjoying their ice cream during the sunny day of Spring. Taken last Monday at 3 P.M. after buying ice cream from the ice cream van.

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