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Sunday, February 22, 2009

No Gain No Pain

When I told my husband about my backward invented saying which is " No Gain No Pain", he told me I said it backwards. I'm quite aware of that. I was just thinking about my current weight progress. I suppose to gain weight because I'm pregnant but with my last appointment with the doctor,I lose weight instead. Before I got pregnant I was already trying to lose weight and I was really improving but then I got pregnant. If I wasn't pregnant maybe I might be slim by now ( wishing..dreaming..). That's why the idea of no gain no pain came up in my mind.If I wasn't pregnant and didn't gain anything I don't have to go through the pain of trying to lose weight. But still there's always a way to find a safe and effective fat burners, you just have to research carefully to achieve your goal.

Cheap Insurance

Before I live here in the states I thought that there's a lot of money here. I'm feeling jealous how huge their minimum salary. Because even if you're just earning a minimum wage here and bring that money to my country it's already more than enough for most people. As of now the dollar ratio to peso is 1:46.5. But it if you spend that money here, it's not even enough to pay your monthly bills. That's why some people just keep their vehicles up to two only because of the high cost of insurance but if you're really eager to get a sports car for yourself try to canvass for an auto insurance low cost. Most families who have kids need to have a Van or SUV to accommodate extra seats so to have a two seater sports car, is sometimes an extra indulgence.

My 2nd Doctor Appointment/ 16 Week Pregnancy

My 2nd doctor appointment was last February 10, 2009. My OB was out of town so I it was Dr. Smith who assisted me. He is a traveling doctor. He was the one who actually helped me when I gave birth of Eric. He's nice. Anyways, my baby's fetal heartbeat was perfect and the size of my uterus was right. I thought I was free from any injections during this appointment but they took my blood sample for the own Syndrome Screening. It was optional but it I decided to undergo screening. Although my two children don't have any health problems like Down Syndrome, Thanks God, but I still think the test is necessary. And I'm praying that my 3rd baby is fine. I'm glad that this appointment doesn't take that long because I always feel uneasy everytime I leave my children to other people. It's not that I don't trust them. I'm not just to being used to being separated from them. When I picked them up at my friends' house they were watching TV and looked like they're having a good time. Well, my friend Jenny really love my children. I just don't like it when she spoil them so much, to the point hat she can't resist giving them chocolates. She don't have a baby yet. I wish her husband will finally decided to have his thing reverse as he was vasectomized already because Jenny really wants to have a baby of her own.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Inexpensive Hobby

My hubby's birthday will be the 8th of next month. During his past birthdays, I gave him watches as gifts. Each of them is unique. His favorite is the one with a firefighter template on it. But last month I noticed that there's a printed picture of SCX slot cars attached on our refrigerator, it says " Daddy's wish.. :-) ". My hubby is really a simple person. His hobbies are very inexpensive and that includes collecting model cars and participating in a car show which doesn't really cost us much money as compared to other people because he do all the works in modifying his truck.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Package Sent

I'm so glad that finally I have my package sent to the Philippines for my mom,dad and my siblings. They will receive it hopefully first week of next month. We sent three working boots for my dad. I'm so excited because I'm sure he will like them especially that they're made of leather. It's my husband who wants to give them to my dad. My mom has new purses, jewelries,eyeglasses that she really requested and semi formal dresses. My sister got a lot too, mostly clothing, lotions and shoes. And my brothers just clothing and shoes. I also included canned goods, cookies and candies. I'm really happy for doing this. And right now, I already start saving for my next package.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Early Shopping

I woke up too 3:00 this morning and wasn't able to go to back to sleep. So I checked my emails hoping my eyes get tired so I could go back to sleep. But I was really wide awake so at 4:30 A.M, I decided to go to the store to do some grocery shopping. My hubby stayed to watch for the kids. He wanted to do the grocery because it's too cold for me but he understand that I enjoy shopping and it's so rare that I can shop by myself. I oftentimes have our kids with me. I was all bundled up. There's only few people in the store. It was worth a drive because I was able to buy a lot on sale like grapes, meats, juice etc. It's nice if you're able to take advantage on sale products. When I do online shopping, I oftentimes use coupons . Actually we can also save more if we buy items in bulk like buying in surplus inventory. It will really help you save money.

Inactivated Influenza Vaccine

It's been raining here again like crazy and the weather is super cold that's why I feel like I'm getting colds.I've been sneezing this morning. I'm just glad that my OB gave me a Flu Vaccine last month so I don't worry about that.

So why we get vaccinated anyway?

Influenza ( flu) is a contagious disease. It is caused by the influenza virus, which can be spread by coughing, sneezing or nasal secretions.
Influenza can lead to Pneumonia and can dangerous for people with heart or breathing conditions..
Influenza Vaccine can prevent Influenza.There are two types of Influenza Vaccine. 1. Inactivated (killed) vaccine or the "flu shot" is given by injection into the muscle.2. Live, attenuated (weakened) influenza vaccine is sprayed into the nostrils.
It takes up to 2 weeks for protection to develop after the shot. Protection lasts up to a year.
Plan to get an influenza vaccine in October or November if you can. But getting vaccinated in December, or even later, will still be beneficial in most years. Influenza can occur any time from November through May, but it most peaks in January or February.
Most people need dose of influenza vaccine each year, Children younger than 9 years getting influenza's vaccine for the first time- or who got influenza vaccine for the first time last season but got only one dose - should get 2 doses, at least 4 weeks apart, to be protected.

Influenza vaccine may be given at the same as other vaccines, including pneumococcal vaccine.

Some people should talk with a doctor before getting influenza vaccine especially if you have severe allergies.
A vaccine , like any other medicine, could possibly cause serious problems, such as severe allergic reactions. The risk of a vaccine causing serious harm or death is extremely small.


Oh We both Need This

I guess having interrupted sleep is already part of the parents everyday life. Me and my hubby seldom got a straight 8 hour sleep since we have our babies, especially now that I'm pregnant again, I visited the bathroom almost every three hours. My poor sweetheart, I'm sure it woke him up when I keep on moving. I've heard about this sleep number bed which is really popular in improving our quality of sleep. Some of the many benefits of having this kind of bed includes reducing back pains, helps improve blood circulation and very comfortable to sleep in. Me and my hubby both really need this.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Hand in Hand

With the current situation of our economy, having only one source of income in the family is not easy anymore. That's why right now, we're living as simple as we could to be able to meddle through. But my husband make it a point that even though we're not rich, we we're still able to get what we want especially for our children. He don't want us to sacrifice our wants. The needs are already been taken care of. I'm always optimistic that we can overcome the crisis. Even though I'm a stay at home mom but I have another source of income that supports my hubby's income. It's just a hand in hand partnership like my parents. We are five in the family. My father is a farmer and my mom has a home business which enable us to go to school and earned a degree. It's my parents ultimate dream to let us finish college. We didn't fail them.

Flu Shot

Tomorrow is my next appointment for my OB. I'm not expecting shots or any blood drawing because I was pretty much poked with my last appointment. Although the nurse was very good at it but still it was painful. I'm glad that they gave me a flu shot because it's getting cold again and I knew the flu season is not over yet. The doctor said that the shot will not affect my baby so I agreed. Hopefully tomorrow, I will know my baby's gender already.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Looking For Properties

Are you looking for a safe place to live?Consider Murietta, California, it's one of the cities who has the lowest crime rates. If you're interested in Murrieta Real Estate , get hold of the Oak Three Realty Group. They will help you find the best properties suited for your needs and interests.

I'm Such A Whiny

Pregnancy is a fun experience. You have an excuse for being big. And you can wear those nice maternity outfits. But I wish it's just like that. Oh boy my 3rd pregnancy, aside from suffering from gum problems a month ago, there's my everyday dizziness. I know it's pretty much common but going through the pain especially with my gums it's almost unbearable. Good thing it doesn't last longer. And then now my bulging belly is showing up but I don't need to wear the maternity clothing yet. So it's kinda like embarrassing having a big tummy because I don't obviously look pregnant yet. Oh well, I'm just being whiny.
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