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Friday, December 14, 2012

Connecticut Shooting

My heart goes out to the people who are affected by the horrible shooting in Connecticut Elementary school. It's hard to think how this happen, but all I know is that there is danger everywhere. There are so many stranger around us and we don't know anymore who to trust. I pray for the children who are killed. They are innocent victims. May their parents will find justice of this tragedy. It will be very hard but I pray that God will comfort the grieving hearts of the family of the victims.

Thursday, December 13, 2012

TV Mount

I have a neighbor with a five children.All of them have succeed in their career.They are now all employed with an stable income.As a reward to their parents ,every now and then they will send different kind of appliances especially during Christmas season .
Their rooms are almost full of different kind of appliances especially TV of different model. These appliances if properly arranged, may give a perfect interior d├ęcor of their home .
I would like to show or suggest them about premier tv mounts to optimize its space.This will also keep their equipment safe.

Esseence of Christmas

As the Christmas time is coming, many people are shopping everyday. I noticed that there are seniors who are buying gifts for the kids that they didn't know. They are the secret Santas. But what bothers me is when I heard someone talking about buying a cheaper shoes because it is just a gift. That doesn't make sense. So what is the purpose of giving gifts when you are putting a price on what you give. If you give, make sure you are sincere with it. Don't say it's just a gift so it's okay if it's cheap. Give something that you can afford not because it's just a gift because no matter if it's just a dollar if you give it heartily, that is the most expensive gift of all.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Computing Station

Through to modern technology and continuous research of man ,to elevate our life style ,our present generation have enjoyed the best things in their life.There is  a great change in every mode of action in our daily activities. Every thing is made more convenient, more accessible,accurate and efficient
We should be thankful and grateful to the inventors of the modern equipments especially the computer which made this happened and possible.
Another new invention today from Howard Medical is the Arm Mounted Computing Station which has an articulating arm wall mount.This make patients care easier with health care solution.This increase the efficiency by providing more access point for more readily available data. This wall mount system, when not in use, will be fold up tight against the wall to optimize space.

This is a superior quality product because it is made and assembled in U.S.A..

Long Day

Today is such a tiring day.  I think because I don't feel good. I think I have a fever. My eyes are burning and my hands, my arms are hurting. I wish I can just stay home but I'm not the kind of person who will call in sick. Besides I have projects at work that I have to do. At work is fine, although I'm slow. I was able to finish almost of the projects which I think will make my boss happy, I hope.

Saturday, December 8, 2012


To own an appliances from a branded product in our home is a mark of our status symbol.For a music lover ,they knows that the quality proucts are the DJ brand.
For a budget wise customers , it is high time for us to shop dj speakers from guitar center s because they are now offering a guaranted lowest price.With the amount we save from our budget for that particular item ,we can even purchase another related item.
Shop now and choose from their best collection and new arrivals.
This is good investment as well for all the music lovers out there.

ABS-CBN Christmas Station ID 2012 Recording Sessions

Merry Christmas Philippines!

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Wild Animal in the City

It's a wonderful and amazing to see a certain wild animals especially of endangered species roaming in the city. Deer and elks whose habitat are in the thick forest , can be seen actually grazing within the city.In Crescent City Ca. and Brooking Oregon deer and elks * are found right at the day time, along the hi-way in the plaza and parks.They are as tamed as our domestic pets. Bears also come down at night to search for foods in the garbage cans .Another attraction are the birds like the wild ducks,seagulls, and crows are very tamed. They are always found in parks plaza and on the top of the houses and malls.They are not afraid to people but instead they flock when there are people.
These species of animals,are now vanishing in most places, because their people hunt them for food.They are scared when they saw people. But in California, particularly in Crescent City where wide life are duly protected by the government, the population of these species continuous to grow in number.The presence of several tress and forages in the city are the major factor that invite them to come in plus the residences are all birds and animals loving peoples.

* similar to deer but bigger in size.

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Florida Beach Rentals

                                The tropical climate in Florida Beach, attracts many people to visit this place. You'll feel the warmer weather during winter and cooler temperature during summer. The year round sunshine makes the visitors enjoy their vacation.
The sparkling blue water and the white sands add the beach to its beautiful atmosphere. There you'll enjoy complete relaxation because there are many activities around the sea ,such as swimming, deep sea fishing, kayaking shopping or dining in fine restaurants, horse back riding. Tennis and golf are also available there.
Vacation rentals are perfect for couple, families and group vacation .You can find beach
rental for as low as $125. or either you prefer to $1800-$4,600 with 6 bedrooms with 14 sleeps.

For more details about rentals,please visit BEACH HOUSE . com or Florida beach rentals .

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone. I am thankful to God for all the blessings that all of us are thankful for. God is amazing! We've been through a lot of ups and downs and God is always there for us. I have so much challenges in life and I can't even beleive how I have overcome them. God is helping all the time. he never let me down. Thank you God for being for me and my family.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Cheap Bundle Cigar

For the budget wise buyer, this our chance and opportunity. The big discount offered for quantity purchase in famous smoke cigars  with free shipping is a good deal.This is a lot of saving even in our personal consumption.The humidor that we have can be utilized to maintain it's freshness and flavor.
If we have even a small retail store, the more we take the advantages because we purchase more .We can also display different variety of top quality cigars that are guaranteed to satisfy our taste.
The more purchase we made, the more saving and profit we earned.

Monday, November 19, 2012

Plastic Shim

Honesty is the best policy,this is the motto of the successful business man. Once somebody has built a confidence to a certain store firm or a company they have to come back again and again and make a repeated purchased They are the one that made the store to grow alive and prosper.
That is what Mr. Reid ,the owner of the Reid Supply. Com did .Their honesty and diligently in their business and their concerned to the people's welfare and benefits.They are always looking , what the people's needs and to supply their demand in their business and industry. Their vision is to give the best and complete satisfaction to their customers.
Now , they another quality product. It's price is affordable.This is a shim stock.It is used to make shims,gasket and other part. It is made from high quality plastic for consistent performance.
The advantage for it is it never split,shrinks or warps It is 4 times stronger than wood, and easily nailed.
So get the best, visit Reid .

Wednesday, October 31, 2012


              Calamities comes any time and anywhere in the world. It whip out the inhabitants and their properties  History reveals about severe catastrophe had happened long before.
              At present many calamities strike different plagues and part of the world.To mention some are the tsunami and earthquake that devastated Japan a year ago , the  are flood and typhoon in the Philippines particularly in Manila and some parts of Mindanao and Visayas,many lives and properties
were lost .The last which just newly happened in U.S.A. particularly in New York,New Jersey and it's neighboring cities which was wiped by super storm Sandy and tsunami the lost of lives of more than 30 people and about $20 billions worth of properties. These places are declared under the state of calamity.
            Japan and America are called have countries.They have the alternative to install all preventive
measures to protect such catastrophe when it come . Infrastructures are built in all solid strength and earthquake proof.In spite of their awareness and preventive measures, they were not able to control the super power which strike their place. But their awareness have also contributed a lot of protection because without that the worst become to worst.
            This calamities that happened today is just a partial if compared to the days of Noah and Lot.
It's time to wake up.Knowledge and power of man has no amount to prevent God's judgement.Repent and trust God,Pray and Pray is the simple solution to overcome this tragedies.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Annuity Rates

          Before when I still have no knowledge about  annuity I don’t care about it.Until my friend talk to me about his plan in investing in annuity. I began to gather some information about annuity and dig further about the important and its benefits .  I then remember the old saying, “Save a penny for the rainy days.)This is what I pictured about annuity .To set aside a saving of we earned in early age , so that when we grow old and an able to do our work , we have still our of income   for our subsistence or what ever thing we want.   I like this plan, it’s challenge for us to have a saving .It increase our saving through annuity. I will inquire for annuity insurance quote  so our saving is duly secured.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Extra Weight

Oh I'm hating my self so much. Since my parents I've been eating a lot. I gained 5 lbs. My mom cook food every meal. And I eat a lot.It's been awhile since I have eaten authentic Filipino foods that's why even though I'm full I still keep eating. My mom cooked my favorite food, my favorite soup and my favorite desserts. I have to control myself because it's not getting better when it comes to weight.

Friday, October 12, 2012

Bianca Is Now Ten

Time flies so fast. Bianca is ten today. Too bad I'm working today that's why we decided to hold the party tomorrow. So today we are busy cooking. We just finished a Filipino dessert. Right now my mom is wrapping the eggrolls. I cook it because that's my expertise. My friends and neigbors love my eggrolls. Hopefully tomorrow is gonna be a nice day.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Mini Monsters

I joined the Papa Murphy's mini monster's contest. If I have to really take it seriously, there's a chance that my kids will win because I will really ask my facebook friends individually. I would if I have the time. probably if I'm done my homework or I will ask my sister to spread the contest. Then I realize that many of my friends are not from USA, so now I can figure out my chances. Oh it's just for fun.

Serious Puzzles

Among the several puzzles today, brain teasers such as the hanayama is very challenging. It develop our sense of mental ability to create a quick response and solution to a given problem. For me, practicing serious puzzles is a good hobby especially for our kids because it open our mind and broaden our way of thinking. This can help solve problem related to our daily life.
Hanayama puzzle can be used also as an interior decor for it is made of metal steels that are designed artistically.

Monday, October 8, 2012

Trip to the Wood of Giant

               It was my dream when I was in the Philippines ,that some day I can reach the place of the biggest tree in the world.
              A week later upon my arrival in Crescent City California together with my wife and the family of my daughter proceeded to visit the most popular place. We went around the area and enjoy very much our trip.
             It's just two miles away or 20 minutes ride from Crescent City where the national park is located.It's amazing and very interesting to see the biggest,the tallest and the oldest tress in the world . According to a reliable source these trees are about 4000 years old .Some of these tress reaches the height 385 feet and a diameter of 40 feet .
            Tress that are found there are the red wood to be the most popular ,pines California oak .Within the the park, there the presence of several wild lives such as deer, elk,black bear, lion and beaver.So that tourist should be always be vigilant.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Shop KNeff At Smallflower

I've just arrived here in Crescent City from the Philippines. Because I'm not used to this place, I felt severe coldness. I'm looking for a massage oil or gel for joint and muscles to ease my feeling of coldness. Somebody told me, that kneipp brand at smallflower  is really god and affordable. So I went in there website and I found out that they have a wide range of Herbal product by Kneiff. This is the kind of product that I'm looking for. I'm thankful for this information.


I feel bad seeing my parents because they feel homesick. They miss our family in the Philippines. They've been here in the states for 1 week now. The kids keep them occupied but when they are not busy my mama is crying. I can't blame them because I feel that feeling of homesickness once in awhile. It's hard to live in a place that s thousand miles away. I pray that will be okay.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012


I am watching my two girls right now and it really makes me realize that despite the fact that I am so down right now because I just turned down a promising job because I am so worried to leave my boss, I'm still proud of myself for having wonderful kids. My son is already sleeping and my two girls are still playing and talking to each other. They look so cute. I'm happy when they get along well.


When we are planning to purchased an item, the first thing to consider is the brand name by which we trust. Regarding purchasing nursing uniforms, it's preferably to go to Marcus Trusted distributor of a varieties of uniform. There you can assure that you can get the items at the affordable price. Its easy to order and their shipping is fast. They yearn nursing scrub brand, Which includes Cherokee work wear, Dickies, White Swan fundamental and many more. They a have huge selection of medical and nursing scrubs top and pants. They are always willing to assist you in choosing a colour for your facility.


I just turned down a job offer..Im kinda down coz it's a good opportunity for me because its related to what I go to school for but I have such a nice boss that it's so hard to leave. I want to take the opportunity but I am happy for where I am at now. I just need God's guidance to please help me decide and guide the people to decide for my future. I know that it's all up to me but right now I need help to decide.

Monday, September 17, 2012

Good Deals

For intelligent buyers. Time and quality products are very precious. They are looking for a distributor which deals a complete lies of trusted products, from a credible manufacturer. Repeated purchased from customers are the basis of their satisfaction and trust of that certain company. Sanyo eneloop at thomasdistributing deals with a complete line of batteries, accessories, and charger. You mention what you are looking for, they’ve all of it just like a powerex from thomasdistributing. Thomas Distributing Company,is a trusted and credible company as proven by clients for their excellent services and at the right price.

Thursday, August 30, 2012


I have a co-worker that really annoys me. She's not just conceited but very full of herself too. Then I talked to her yesterday and it just changed my impression of her. Right now, I pity her. She's just a mom who try to forget all her problems by being such an attention seeker at work. At work, she wants you to always complement about outfit and like all the pictures she posted in her facebook. After I found out how heavy was the burden she's been going through, I don't mind liking her pictures everyday and appreciate any chance I can.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Stress Reducer

The struggle of man to improve our living condition to make our life more pleasant and more comfortable and everything be made accessible are achieved through the creativity and ability of some of our fellow men. To mention a few is the invention of water fountains . This is very useful in our home. Aside from reducing the stress in our daily work. It adds beauty and elegance in our outdoor space. It is an art in our home and offices. There are large selection of water fountain with a unique design as a product of mans creativity. You can choose from different collection as in outdoor, Indoor, wall, floor, Table top, custom and other.

Monday, August 27, 2012

Tech Tip : Brake Fluid

Well before I start my day, just thought of reminding you folks about the most neglected item as in your vehicle, and that's your brake fluid. My wife, Gina, told me about having to apply a lot of pressure to get the brakes to function. I opened the hood and sure as Hell, the brake fluid was black as the ace spades.

So I got out my pump brake bleeder, opened up the right rear caliper bleeder screw apply and started to apply vacuum. To my surprise, I had to apply 25psi to start the flushing and the crap that came out wasn't pretty! Anyway, continued for ten minutes and it pressure needed dropped to 5psi but still black. After topping off the master cylinder 3 times while flushing it started to clear up and no pressure was needed to apply the brakes. Yes ,it's my fault but I corrected the problem and Gina's happy.

So if you check your brake fluid and it's black, go to the local parts house and spend the $35 for the vacuum bleeder kit and service your ride, sure as Hell will save you some dough as in having a shop replace your wheel cylinders or calipers. Ahh Wheel cylinders, $20 apiece and calipers, $95-$150 a pop, plus shop labor $45-$60 an hour kinda adds up over 20 minutes of DYS maintenance and another 200,000 miles of service outa your braking system....................

Friday, August 24, 2012


Somebody cares for you, whatever you want, whatever you need, whatever you dream, to make this possible, is their concerned. They looking forward to get the easiest for your solution for your comfort and complete satisfaction. The invention of spray tan machine  makes your desire possible. So there is no need for sun bathing. There are lots of tanning store online for you to choose. They have all the special/sales and buyers guide as well as tanning resources for your references

Soccer Season

This year's soccer season is the busiest season because my three kids will be playing. Every week they have soccer practice which is twice a week. They have different teams also so we are always in the park where they practice most of the time. This will exciting because this will help them get back in shape because during their Summer vacation, they gained  so much weight.

Friday, August 10, 2012

The McClellan Law Firm

  Due to the desire of the people to acquire cars, motor cycles and similar vehicle for their service for hire for livelihood our streets become over crowded. Traffic becomes a problem Cars and motors accidents become normal and ordinary happen every day. Negligence of some driver or driver drunk during duty. Abuses of some drivers to traffic rules and regulation increases the number of accident happen but vehicular accidents count most of it.
Victims sometime are unattended. Unsolved problem of hit and run often happen .Victim need assistance and help to protect their rights and secure justice. Before these things may happen we should be acquainted and be familiarize to the right persons and offices to approach to settle this problem. The McClellan Law Firm whose address is in 1444 State Street. San Diego Ca.92101 is the answer of this problem. Their firm is composed of top caliber lawyer with a reputation of excellence. Their integrity and credibility is proven by several times awarded as top lawyer in America. They are honest to their clients to get full and complete services. And complete compensation to the injured person. We can assure their complete services because they have a limitation in handling cases to attain the best possible result .The only handle is cases at given time. To give their clients full attention.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

For School and for Outdoors

Packing and unpacking are the least pleasant parts of any trip and it all starts and ends with our luggage. I am more comfortable to travel using the mini jansport backpack  . It is a carry-on bag for a trip that would allow me to carry all the typical carry-on stuff plus a full change of clothes. Jansport bags never runs out of new style. I love its versatility because I can use for school or going out of teips.nI'm going to buy Jansport backpacks for my kids too because it's the only backpack that can withstand my kids' heavy books.

Ashton Eaton

Ashton is called the World's greatest athlete. He's from Bend oregon and gos to school in University of Oregon. I work and goes to school in Oregon so I cheer for him. I also cheer for Trey Hardee. He's doing a great job too. I'm excited for both of them.s

Durable Materilas

In this modern time many had the ability the knowledge but perfection was never been reached. Expertise and specialties in their skills to the field of endeavor is the response to meet the demand and satisfaction of the users. In building residential houses, door and windows are the one of the attraction. This need to be designed in a classy manner with durable materials. There are firms that run these kind if business specialties in replacement windows newport news va . We can select from them a wide range of model. Contact or visit them for your choice.

Beach Volleyball

Beach Volleyball is a fun sport to watch. Last nigh I stayed up late just to watch the Olympics Beach Volleyball. It's just not as as thrilling to watch because they are both USA teams. I'm just amazed how fun it is to watch. There are only two players in each team. This sport really needs good teamwork. I'm inspired while watching them so I'm thinking of bringing the kids to the kids so we can play beach volleyball.

Friday, August 3, 2012

Well Designed

I have been fascinated with things that are customized most especially  custom design t-shirts . When I was teaching, I always look forward for the intramural week to come for that is the only time that we are allowed to make a custom design t-shirt for our class. I even ask my students to make their own layout and present it to class and whoever got a best design will be used for our t-shirt as design. It is an avenue also for the students to show their talent and be able to express what they really feel through their designs.

Third Trimester

As I enter on the third trimester of my pregnancy, I really experience sleeping disorders at night and I felt worried on it. Others are saying that I should have a better sleep so that it would not affect the development of my baby and that makes me more worried. I had frequent urination, hunger and can't get comfortable with my position in sleeping. So what I did was I made some readings about the basics of good sleep on the Internet and it helps me a lot. My boyfriends mother gives me some tips also.

Motivation In Business

I was really thinking what's the best business to put up that is profitable and at the same time fit to the consumers needs. A friend told me why not try the food business. Why not? everybody eat and it is a basics need. The problem are the things to be used just like  restaurant equipment and supplies, the location for the food business and many more. It seems like putting up a business is not that easy,there are lots of things to be considered. But then if there is a will, there's a way. I will just keep my fingers crossed.

Thursday, July 26, 2012


Something came out on my mind just this moment. I want to cook and eat leche flan,YUMMY!. I miss those times when I cook leche flan with my boyfriend and eat together afterwards. Well, eating together with him is not anymore possible. Were miles away now since he works abroad. But I am still looking forward to days that we will be together and when that day come, I will really cook everything that he wants to eat.

Saturday, July 14, 2012


Everything has to be updated and upgraded . This I observed when I visited my friend in the hospital. The nurses are now pushing laptop carts on wheels  for charting and EMR instead of the usual paper and pen.I realized that by using this medical cart, it will optimize the work flow to create a more competent work environment. It could increase output and could have more time for patient care. And another thing, schools also uses this because it's much easier for the students to use instead of going back and forth in the laboratory.

Chocolate Rice

I'm so glad to finally find the ingredient in making a chocolate rice. In the Philippines, my grandmother always cook this for us, and I love it. The ingredient is made of cacao, but we don't have it here. Well, I thought. When I went to my a friend who is a Mexican, I saw the product in her kitchen and I was so happy to know that we can but it in Walmart.I made chocolate this morning and my kids love it.


I had been watching a realiTV every morning. They feature different tourist destinations in the country. What I like most is that when they features different hotels and showed it on TV. The beds are very comfy, I also like the modern bathrooms , it has a touch of simplicity yet project modernization. You wouldn't mind staying there the whole day. Mind you, the room rate are affordable. But even if they are the standard rates, it would worth it. Comfort is priceless.


I had been traveling from city to province where I am staying right now. It took me much of my time on the road since there was a major road construction. Instead of sleeping inside the bus,I keep myself busy by observing the construction workers. One thing that I observed was that the construction workers are used skid loader. It is a small rigid frame, engine-powered machine with lift arms used to attach a wide variety of labor-saving tools or attachments. Though sometimes they are equipped with tracks,used skid loaders are typically four-wheel vehicles with the wheels mechanically locked in synchronization on each side, and the left-side drive wheels can be driven independently of the right-side drive wheels. It’s a big help during the construction period, it lessen the work and it makes the work faster.

Marriage and Commitment

Yesterday while I was taking my lunch break at work, one of my very nice co-workers talked to me. First, he ask if I am married. I wave my ring finger at him and said, " Yes, I'm so married, eight years and counting, " then I told him that I will be married for fifty years. And he said , " Men I feel bad for you,". I told him how screwed he was. But we're friends, so whatever we said to each other, we don't mind. But I gave him a long list of advices. He just chuckled, but one thing that he learned is that I am a one man woman and I my husband is so lucky.


During Christmas, we are very busy thinking about gifts. What would be the best gift to give to someone who is very dear to us? Last Christmas, my students gave me   Photo Christmas Cards where they put my picture at the center of the card and each one of them put their dedication in the card. I was really touch because though it is simple yet their effort is priceless. And it's July already so I'm already planning for the design of the photo cards that I'm going to send to my family and friends during the holidays.

School Project

Our school purchases  flat screen TVs  as one of the in projects our Science club. They decided to hang it on the wall inside the science laboratory. I noticed that only those classes that have laboratory can use it, how about those who wanted to use the TV for their discussion but will not use the laboratory. I proposed that the next project for the math and science club will be a tv stands for flat screens, at least everybody could have a chance of using the flat screens when it needs inside their classroom.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

TV Marathon

I just finished watching Suits, now I am watching Covert Affairs. These two are TV shows in channel 35. Suits is about the life in the world of the lawyers and paralegal. I love it because there are so many ideas that I can apply to my life. On the other hand, Covert Affairs is a very interesting TV program because it features about the life in the World of CIA. The lead role is portrayed by Annie. I love it because it has lots of twists that you didn't expect that will happen in the story.

Friday, June 22, 2012

Sales Associate

Working as a sales associate is fun because  am able to mingle with people. Most of the time I met nice people that's why the few means ones don't matter. On the other hand, standing for so many hours wearing high heeled shoes gives my legs a hard time. After my 8 hour shift, my legs and thighs are sore. It will really ache most especially if I have the same routine five days a week. It's the same with teachers too.That's why I always see to it that the socks or jobst compression stockings that I will be wearing is comfortable to wear. It heps a lot because lessen the pain.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Birthday Greetings

9 more days to go and it's my birthday. Seriously, time flies so fast. I hope that my birthday this year will not be as bad as last year. It was a very streeful for me last year because one of my close friends ruin my birthday. I hope this year nothing will happen. Last year I save all the birthday greetings in my facebook wall and it's so overwhelming that I capture more than 23 pages of greetings. And I decided to brag it here :-).

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Snappy and Clean

I really like to see a man wearing military shirt . Way back in high school, I wanted to join the Army training so that I could wear that military shirt. For me,it possess authority when you are wearing that shirts. It looks so snappy and clean.I even think of entering into a military school after I graduated college just to satisfy my dream. Of course,I believe that it is good to wear that shirt if you are really into that job and not just for pretending.

Friday, June 8, 2012

Perfect Friends

How can we tell if a friend that we have is the perfect friend that we want. When I define a perfect friend, she is someone who is not scared to show her real self. A perfect friend for me, is the one who understand me when I'm not at my best behavior.I'm turning 34 and I am contemplating for things that I need to do in order to become the perfect friend also.I think all I need to do is just be natural and do the right thing. I am the kind of person, who put other people first before me. When a friend needs me, I don't care if I'm dead tired, I have to be there for them. But I think it has to changed, it's about time that I need to learn how to say no. If I can't make it, I can't make it. If a friend get upset when I can't be there for her every time she needs me, then I am not the right friend for her and life must go on. I have to realized that I can't please everybody so I better stop trying to please. All I need to do is be honest, be kind and be real, I'm pretty sure my real friends will stay by me.

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Planning to Go Home

Finally my parents got their US visa and had finished their Pre-departure Orientation Seminar. They want me to pick them up because they worry about getting lost on the way here. I don't think they will be lost, but going here for the first time is quiet scary because first of all they don't speak English that well. When I talked to them yesterday, they're with my cousins. My cousins want me to go to the Philippines so we can see each other again. If ever I can go home, I better start buying for presents. First I have to price out a cheap pentair pool light for my cousin's pool. My family always love the products that are made in the U.S.A because of its good quality.


I slept so last night, but I woke up at 6:30 this morning. It's weird because no matter what time I go to sleep, I always wake up at the same time, at 6:30. I hope I will not be very exhausted at work today. I  might try to take at least a 15 minute power nap after church. I feel bad this morning also because my daughter wants me to hold me all the time, but when I try to put her in the couch she got upset. I think she wants to snuggle with me because I haven's spent time with her lately and upset her because I'm always busy. I can't wait to finish all my homework so I can spend time with my baby.

Birthday Month

Time flies so fast and I can't believe that I will be turning 34 this month. I sure do pretty good with my age. I have three kids already and I got a a permanent job. I also go to school so that I can upgrade my career path. I'm excited because next month marks the start of the holiday season already. This holiday will be a special one because my parents will be here. I'm going to prepare a white christmas lights with white wire as early as possible because knowing how time goes by quickly, it's never too early to shop for Christmas.

Diet Budget

I'm trying to make a goal for myself beginning today until my birthday. I pledge to myself that I will stop shopping for purses, clothes and jewelry. I promise to myself that I will not buy stuffs that is not necessary. I do this because I want to build my credit.I overspent last year that my credit score went down to only 668, so I realized to start building it again by paying off my credit cards. So today I did great. Even though there are too many sales online, but I managed to ignore them. I hope that tomorrow, I will be the same again.


I'm slowing down in facebook lately because it's becoming too much for me. I am even thinking of deleting my account. I'm not too happy with some people who like to post unnecessary stuffs. I think facebook is overused. Although it is such a great tool for communication, but sometimes people used it for nasty reason, to hurt people and to displease others. But nothing is perfect, so I'm just checking on it once in awhile.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012


It's amazing how events organizer can pull off a simple location turned into a grandiose place for some interesting events such as high school events. They can actually put a VIP suite or sky box to a grandstand by using modular press box. The supplier for this kind of press box is the American Press Box. They designed their press box to be very functional because it includes everything we need such as  a finished interior, electric, heating, and counter tops. More options include turning  a standard design into a customized facility meeting however the organizers wished it to be.


We're currently watching the latest episodes of NCIS, while my youngest daughter kept bugging me while I'm updating my blog. I just record the show, since I cannot really concentrate watching it. She's just so rambunctious today, but she's my little tough munckin. I'm glad though that my husband was able to watch this episode because he missed this so many times already.


Today is a busy day, but it seems that I haven't accomplished anything. I am so tired and exhausted. I was able to sealed my package for my family in the Philippines tho, so I guess that is important. I've been wanting to finish this for a long time.Literally, I have this package in my laundry room since last year. Now that it's sealed, all I need to do is deliver it to my friend who's going to bring it in Portland.I'll be very glad when it's finally shipped because I have stuffs there that are very essential for my home in the Philippines. For my next package I'm going to send my brother spring clamps because it is important for his motorcycle and other mechanical jobs.

Baby Shower

I went to my friend's baby shower last Saturday, it was short and sweet. I was kinda out of place for a little bit because I only know one person, good thing my friends arrived just late. Next time, I will not go to a baby shower super early. I like the way they decorate the party. It gave me an idea when I will gave a baby shower in the future. It was really nice and I got the chance to meet new mom in our neighborhood.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Need to Slim Down

After I and and my kids went to church this morning, I stopped by at my friend's neighbor who were selling a lot of clothes and accessories that are new and used, and most of them were Paula Abdul's stuffs. I bought one of her sandals.It's interesting because we wore the same size of shoes. I love a lot of her clothes, but they just don't fit me. I need to start working on toning my body fats because it's frustrating when I like a certain typle of dress but it don't fit. I just have to lose weight safely though because I can't be sick, I need to start as soon as possible because Summer is here and it's time to wear those cute dresses.


This morning, I was complaining about how busy I am. My dear husband suggested that I migh pass on going to church and just finish all my homework. Oh, as soon as he said that, his ear bleeds from listening to my lecture abouw how important it is to go  to church. I told him how blessed we are and we should at least return th favor to God and the people who knew me, know how it goes. My poor husband :-), but he already know how to handle me when I started to be a pain; he will just leave and ignore me. It works all the time.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Car Renting

It was very stressful when my car broken down when I was on my way to work. I had to call AAA and arranged for someone to tow my car. I rented a car from Hertz so that I have a transportation for work. I don't know how to drive a manual vehicle that's why I can't borrow my husband's truck. It's a one hour drive going to and from work, so I didn't let my husband give a ride to work. It's just frustrating because I spent more money for the car rental than my salary for that day. I did what I need to do to be a responsible employee by doing all means to be able to go to work. I have to check on car title loans Louisiana because I'm thinking of buying a new car, so that I  I'll be confident that my car don't have problems.

Writing Class

Today was a good day. I wasn't late in my English class, and I was able to submit my homework on time. So far, I'm really happy with this class because my teacher is great and helpful. I learned a lot from her. It's just kinda awkward in the class sometimes because there are so many of us and there were quite a few who are kinda snob, but all in all it's a good class. I just have to learn how to fit in.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Set your DVR from your phone

Thanks for the post from Hal Potter

The other night my boyfriend and I were headed out to a black tie even that he had been invited to through his office. We were talking about some of the people who would be there and what they would be wearing and then it hit me. I was going to be missing the latest episode of Fashion Police on E! and I wouldn’t be able to see it again until much later in the week at which point I will have already seen everything online and I hate that. I started to fret about how I could get someone else to record it when my genius boyfriend reminded me of the app that I have on my smart phone. I can actually go to the app on my phone and sign in and within a couple of clicks I can have a whole new recording set up. This was such a relief to me because I love hearing what Joan and Kelly and Giulianna have to say about all of hottest celebs in town.

Brave Boy

I am so proud of my little man. My husband just got home and told me about the good news that my son did a good job during his dental appointment. In fact, they were able to fix the two teeth that has cavities. After the appointment, he then asked his daddy to bring him to school. What a brave boy. He sure deserves a reward when he got home.

Pool Gate

I really like this   swimming pool safety fences  that I saw online. It's perfect for a backyard swimming pool. If you have kids, you don't have to worry about the safety of your kids. We know that many parents got in trouble because of accidental drowning.If you put a pool gate, you will feel secured for the safety of your kids. I would love to get one for my family in the Philippines. This will be an awesome project for our house there.

Dental Appointment

Today my son had a dental appointment at 12 noon. Here I am waiting and anxious. When he was three years old, he don't like going to the dentist and I'm so happy that we finally met the perfect dentist for him. Today they're going to fix the cavity in his molar and I really hope that this will not traumatized him because because he has three teeth that has cavities. If today will turned out great, I wouldn't be worry about his next appointment.

Thursday, March 22, 2012


 This year is quite in contrast with last year. First of all, last year me and my friends are not so busy because we didn't work fulltime. This year, all of us are working. Therefore we barely got the chance to get together like we used to. I'm just thankful that we understand each other situation. There were times that we haven't talked for a long time but not of all us complained about it. There's one who whine about it but she's not a real friend.So, today I talked to one of my friend and we spoke for almost an hour. We just talked about our kids and our shopping habits. Today I bought new shoes for and she bought new uniforms for her which I hope she bought  dickies scrubs because those are good brands of clothing. If we buy something that we will wear for work it should be of good quality and durable.

Green Thumb

My uncle really loves gardening. He has this so called "green thumb" for whatever plants he planted, it will really grow. The problem is there are no more enough space for his plants. My aunt  kept on complaining since his plants were not planted in proper place. I suggested what if they would buy a planter box. Planter boxes offer some advantages over ground planting, including the ability to better regulate the soil nutrients and water, as well as to be able to move the planters as needed. Planter box can simply add beauty to our patio or deck. We can even make our own planter box if we want too.


I'm glad that me and the kids can go to a party this Saturday without seeing the woman who I don't want to see. It's not that I'm hateful but, I just can't stand the site of an evil person who lied about me. Oh well, she's been forgotten so as much as possible no more recollections of her. Anyways, I am glad that I've been to another party too. Eventhough I'm not a member of the their association but I appreciate it when they called so I will go for a few minutes to greet the celebrant and go to work. I hope it will be a beautiful day too.

Monday, March 19, 2012

Cutting Back

This guest post from Doris Dillon

My budget has been tight lately, so I have had to cut out some of the extras like cable and internet. My boss had to cut everyone’s hours at work, which means we get paid less. I didn’t want to move back in with my parents, so that meant I had to make some tough decisions. I also started clipping coupons and driving around less so that I spend less on gas. So far I’m doing well and haven’t had to ask my parents for any cash. My boyfriend felt bad for me since I am so bored when I am at home, so he decided to surprise me with clear 4g internet for my birthday. It works out perfectly since now I can download movies and TV shows to watch, so I’m not missing my cable too much. I didn’t realize how much I depended on the internet for entertainment before I had to do without it. I am so grateful that my boyfriend saved the day. I hope I can come up with a great birthday gift for him next month. I would feel terrible if I couldn’t think of something as thoughtful as his gift was.

Saturday, March 10, 2012


I checked my weight this morning and it's frustrating because I gained back the weight that I lost last month. Well, I'm the one to be blamed because I eat a lot on my days off. And everytime I got home from work, I sat down and eat sweets just like ice cream and cakes or pie. If I don't know  apidextra side effects, I'm already taking diet pills. But you know it's all about self- discipline. Maybe, I should start restricting myself from eating fattening foods, so that I will not be whining all the time.


Ugh, my brain is rusted. I'm feeling old and insecure because I'm starting over but still the same thing I don't know a lot of things..i think it's dumb when you learned it already but still took you forever to figure it out..but the thing is at school (now) they think I'm smart becauase my score in the assessment was so high, but dang, all I'm good at is the what you call process of elimination...( & of coz, I took these subjects already 10 yrs ago)embarrassing!!!...right now I'm not so in love with myself.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

In The World Of Online Marketing

Because of the social networking sites such as facebook I got updated with what what's going with all the people that I knew and met. I noticed that many of them are engaged in online businesses. So far, most of them are doing good with. It's amazing how people can be creative and resourceful. Some of my friends had a hard time finding a job that's why they started their own website and sell their own crafts. Actually, when you venture in a business, you need to have an excellent software promotion to get more traffic in your website.

Awesome Teachers

For all my schooling years, I've met so many teachers with different attitudes and characters. I must say that the teacher that I have now, is the most awesome teacher that I've ever met. her name is Miss Marta. She is ver helpful. Just like in our paragraps and essays, she took time and extra and go through with our essays and correct it throughly. Another thing also, she is very approachable. She is always willing to help us if we need help with our subjects. I feel so blessed for having a teacher like her.

Saturday, February 25, 2012


I just got home. I visited my friend who is recuperating from his back surgery. He's doing pretty good. He's no longer in pain.  He probably had a back surgery laser because he was able to recover sooner than it should be. I remember before he had the surgery. He can't stand very well and I can really tell that he's miserable. That's why it is important that we don't do things that can hurt our back because the damage is really hard to deal with. I think the best way to protect our back is proper lifting and proper posture.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Low Interest

It was this morning when a friend of mine ask me if I don't have any plan of putting up a business and so I said yes, who don't want to have a business wherein you will be the boss. But the problem is where would I get the capital? She suggested that maybe we could have a loan on the bank. Loan in the bank with a high interest?no way!. So she said that she was able to search on the net stimulusfunding small business loans that offers a very low interest and its easy to apply. I think it's worth to try. There is no harm in trying anyways.


While I was doing a bunch of homework yesterday, I got a call in my cellphone. The number was familiar to me but I can't remember who it was. So when I tried to answer, as I touch the accept prompt in my screen it don't work. I just got my new phone two days ago so I am not quite oriented with it yet. The ring took awhile and I couldn't seem to figure out how to accept the call, then I realized whose number was it. It was the number of this woman who tries to make my life miserable last year. Wow, why on earth she's calling me. Oh well,  I always believed that things happened for a reason. Even the technology agrees with me.

Saturday, February 4, 2012


What could life be without coffee?Have you think about it?I ask that question when I wake up every morning and hearing this question, Do we have a hot water? I want to drink coffee. So I wonder why do they will not buy an airpot wherein when they want to drink coffee they will just pour it on their mug from that airpot, tleast many could drink coffee right away and not that one by one. I think that is more convenient than boiling a water, pouring it on the mug and add sugar and coffee on it.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Durable Computer Table

I love this roll top desk! This is a perfect replacement for our broken computer desk. We just got it for less than a year but it's falling apart now. That's the problem when we bought cheap products. Buying a good quality product will save us more money in the long run. This computer desk is built by skilled Amish craftsman. This is built with a good quality wood, hence, we are sure that owning this kind of product, assures that we can pass this down to generations. This is not even expensive. So I'm going to encourage my husband to buy this one. I'm sure he will like. 

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

My Men

I love this picture of my husband and my son. They are so cute. I love them so much. I can tell that my son will be like his dad when he grows up. even now he's showing some traits of his dad. He picks up after his mess. He helps clean the house even if he's not told to. I really thank God for giving us a son.I know it means so much to my husband.

Almost Fulltime

I work for 35 hours this week already. I don't mind, in fact it's a good thing. Being  a part time employer I expect that we are only getting 20 hours per week. But I'm happy, I love it. I love to work. I'm just sleepy all the time because I don't have enough sleep all the time. In fact I have to get myself  new coffee mugs so that I can just bring coffee from home because I spend lots of money in coffee. I drink coffee two times a day now. It help to stay awake at work. I thought I will not drink ever this much coffee but I have t0 because I want to be awake and alert when I'm dealing with customers.

Sleepy but Kids Come First

I work from 8 am to 4 pm today. I was really tired because I worked from 2pm to 10pm last night. actually it's supposed to be my day-off but someone call in so I have to work because my boss told me so. It's  my second time doing a morning shift. I thought it be stressful but it's not all. I like working in the morning now compare to the night shift. What It's not so tiring and it's more fun. So right now, I'm so sleepy already but the kids are still watching a movie so I have to wait. I wasn't able to really hangout with them as often as before. So I'm taking advantage of any free time I have and make sure I spend it with kids.

Weight Loss

"Want to loss weight?" Dial this number and we will tell you for free..This are just some of the advertisements that I have read that involves losing weight. Many really want to loss weight and have a healthy body. My bestfriend had tried a lot already many ways on how to loss weight just like having a diet by not eating on the right time, taking diet pills or even drinking slimming tea. Its not that really easy to loss weight especially if it will change our normal eating habit. There are different weight loss programs that could help us to loss weight just like austin hcg diet that help you loss weight easily and safely. Lets just all be careful in choosing the right weight loss program that is suited to us.

Monday, January 23, 2012


Holding a newborn baby can give you this magical feeling beyond compare. Last Saturday, I met one of my friend's friend who just gave birth to beautiful baby girl. The baby is only 1 month old. When I hold the baby, I feel so blessed. It's like a dejavu for me. I remember the feeling when I held my babies in my arms, it's so heartwarming. When baby Zion look at me, even though I know she can't see me clearly but when she smile at stare at me, I feel so honored. Newborn babies are so precious. I can't wait till my brothers have their own baby too. I'm sure they will all loved by me. My babies are all big now but they still warm my heart and always will.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Long Lasting Batteries

Yesterday, as I was using the laptop of my friend she told me first to check if the battery is still full and so I did. I notice that there was a sign on the battery icon which means that it better to replace the battery. I ask my friend about it and she told me she does not know what does it mean. So I explained to her what was it all about. She was worried since her laptop was already out of warranty. I really suggest to her to replace her battery with a universal battery charger as soon as possible. Most laptop  batteries hold a charge for one to two hours or more before they have to be plugged in and recharged. There are also  extended life laptop batteries available for people who want laptop batteries that have the potential to last for four to six hours on a single charge. But no matter what type of laptop batteries we use, it is important to remember that all rechargeable batteries lose their ability to hold a charge overtime. This is why there are also replacement laptop batteries available for our convenience.

Sunday, January 8, 2012


Happiness is always there within reach, no matter how long it lasts.....
lets enjoy life and don't live a complicated life.
Life is too short.
Work as if it was your first day.
Forgive as soon as possible.
Love without boundaries..
Laugh without control
and never stop smiling.
Please pray for those suffering from cancer.
We all have close to our heart.
Keep this going.
Prayers are always answered.


This guest post from Lewis Beck

My best friend, Lacy, moved to Texas right after we graduated from college. She had just gotten married and her husband had taken a job there. That seems like it was just yesterday, but now she is a stay at home mom and has three small children, two girls and a boy. If you had told me back in our college days that she would end up being a mom to three, I would have laughed in your face. But things change as you get older and more mature. And this party girl that I used to go the bars with in our college town is now sewing clothes for her children and cooking them three square meals a day. Unbelievable, when we used to survive on protein shakes and beer. She now tells me it is too expensive to take her crew out to eat very often. Lacy is even into couponing and saving money whenever she can. It sounds like she is definitely off her daddy’s payroll now. She even told me about a website,

Saturday, January 7, 2012


My auntie, my Nanay Luisa was laid to rest yesterday.  I still don't know what to feel and how to feel.I have suppressed my feelings so hard because I'm scared of the truth. I'm scared to realized that she's gone. How could that happened. I haven't seen her fora long time. She was such a good aunt. She's so nice to me. She treated me like her own. .When I look at her pictures, she don't likeshe' dead. Dead? I hate that word. How can someone die?I think death is unfair. I don't want my loved ones to die. I want to sped my lifetime with them. But sad to say death is inevitable. My cousins are trying to explain to me that it's not our call. That we are just a steward in this world. We are all just passersby. It' just hard because I wasn't even able to spend that much time with her. I thought I will be able to see her. I just didn't got the chance to go home last December. I could have spend some time with her for the last time. I pray to God that may she rest in peace and that all of us her loved ones especially her husband, my Tatay will be able to tolerate the pain of her passing. I will miss you forever Nanay Luisa. I love you!
My Nanay Luisa with my Mama during their get together in Surigao

My Nanay Luisa with Tatay Torning her husband
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