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Friday, July 30, 2010

Deals, Clearance, Sales

I didn't realize I bought so many stuffs this month already. I was tempted by the sweet deals from my favorite stores.I am happy for the stuffs that I bought for the kids. It's almost school time that't why I stock up on clothes for them.I also bought dresses for myself but I'm disappointed because they doesn't seem to fit me. I'm debating if I have to return them or not. I still have to buy school supplies for them. As for electronics, I will just wait for the Cyber Monday because it's super cheap already. The prices are discounted up to 70%. Still, I'm not disappointing with my shopping because for the amount of money that I've spent, it's only 3 to 5 items if I bought it in regular prices. I bought almost 2 clothes plus free shipping. It's indeed a good deal.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010


With my busy schedule, I almost missed paying our bills that's why right now I'm scheduling payments so that I don't have to worry about late payments. I'm just glad that we can do payments almost everything online now. It's sad when we pay late payments because it's like throwing money. Right now, every penny counts. I signed up for automatic payments to avoid penalties.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Tiered Lace Dress and Poplin Shirt Dress

I finally found the dresses that I've been wanting to own. Patience is indeed a virtue. When these dresses first came out, I'm so close to buying them at their regular prices. Good thing that I waited because now they're on clearnce plus 30% off. It's a steal.

Thursday, July 15, 2010


I feel so awful today. I'm cranky and tired. My period is so heavy and I didn't get enough sleep last night. I was scratching my tummy and  arms because it's so itchy. It's always like this when I have my period. Some parts of my body is itching and the worst, it leaves  marks. I need to use a stretch marks cream to reduce the apperance of these marks most especially the one that I had in my tummy and legs which I acquired when I was pregnant. I'm not embarrassed about it because it's normal among women but it would be better if I'm able to get rid of them or at least reduce its appearance. If it happened I would go to the river or swimming pool often and flaunt :-) my nice swim suits. I'm not losing hope. It will happen, sooner or later.

Detoxification Challenge

After taking diet pills that work, my friend Jeline has lost weight, from wearing size medium clothing,she's now wearing extra small. Keepping yourself sexy and toned really requires self discipline. She keeps track of her calories and never fail to exercise everyday. Yesterday, she urged me to join her with her cleansing diet or body detoxification. I believe that it is good for our skin and our body. Body cleansing has been used by many people to get rid of the toxins in ther body. This is the safest and healthiest way to achieve a younger looking skin and slim body.So Jeline ,challenge me to do it with. her. For ten days, we will only drink lemonade with pure maple  syrup, sea salt, pure water and cayenne paper. It's gonna be hard for me because I love to eat but I will try.

Listening and Arguing

B, my husband's granddaughter is stressing me a lot as compared to my kids. She's getting way too comfortable with me that she don't hesitate to argue and disobey me. She continously give me headaches. Everytime she's in my nerves, I just close my eyes and try to understand her situation.She don't have a mom and haven't even seen her dad. She's separated with her only sister. So unfortunate! Even though so, she's using her situation to manipulate us. But I won't let her use me. I told her how I felt the moment she commit mistakes. She's apologetic but still keep on doing the same stuff. That's why I keep on changing my style in correcting her. There are times that I will ignore her and let her deal the consequences.For instance, she missed her reading for the day because  she would rather play, so on our tv time, instead of watching tv she has to read. Sometimes she don't listen when I told her to wear pants when she's riding a bike, instead she wore dress or skirt and when she got hurt, she can't whine about it. So today, I will not let her argue with me anymore. I will make her realize that I'm the parent. I gonna have to be consistent with her. May God help me and guide me too.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

All Terrain Vehicle

This is my dream atv for my kids.In the picture is owned by my friend's daughter. Some of my friends' kids here have their own too. Our place here is close to the mountain where there has a lot of nice spots to drive this kind of vehicle. At my husband's job, they have a couple or more of these type.They are using it to patrol in the mountains. I love to ride it. I haven't tried yet but I will someday soon. This vehicle is kinda spendy, but it's all worth it, considerering the fun and excitement while riding this one and driving through the challenges of the  rocky road in the mountain, I'm sure it will be so much fun. I wish this year we can buy one or two of these already.

Friday, July 9, 2010


I want to give these people who keeps gossipping about my friends a whole bottle of prototype 37c . They're too busy minding other people's business, they forgot that they look awful already. I'm sorry, I'm just pissed. There are people here in my place that are suffering from a severe paranoia. Imagine, they accused my friends for stalking them. They're claiming that there suspicious vehicles that were around their vicinity. they reported it to the police, and when the police checked the license plate, it was just from the Census people. How embarrassing! The judge turned down their petition because it was obviously just false allegations.

It's All Worth It

This is a Hawaiin Themed Wedding and it cost more than $10,000. I know that here in America weddings are expensive. There are people here that spent almost $100,000 just for their wedding. My wedding in the Philippines was less than 10K but it was fabulous already. I have  close to 200 guests . But you see, it's not all about the expenses anymore, it's all about the two people who swear to be together for the rest of their lives. It's a joyful celenbration. In this wedding, I was the usherette. I gave leis to the guests. It was fun. I can't believe it happened already, it's as if it was just yesterday when I found out about the proposal.Since we found out about it, I started to work on my diet to get slim for the wedding. Some of my friends were using fat burning pills to be able to wear their favorite dresses. All in all, I'm so proud of the bride because she did it all by herself. She didn't hire a wedding planner but yet it turns out perfect.

Too Cute!

4 o' clock in the morning, I was awaken by little footsteps coming towards our door. It was my son. He went to our bathroom, took something. Sophia woke up so I decided to get up,hold her in my arms and check on Eric. He's there in the hallway,changing his training pants, trying to put on Sophia's diapers. He probably didn't see where his Pullups are because it was dark. I took a taining pant in our bathroom and gave it to him. He wore it. He put his dirty Pullup in the garbage and bring back Sophia's diaper in our bedroom. He then went to our bed and sleep beside his daddy. I think it was too cute. He do things on his own now. He usually wakes me up when he peed.  I'm so proud of my lil man. He's growing too fast.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Haste Makes Waste

As we grow older,our body is changing that is why we need to balance our diet, then we notice some changes in our skin. We are seeing laugh lines, and wrinkles. Then we panicked, and hurriedly  use different anti aging skin regimens. I have a friend who just turned 29 years old. As soon as she found a laugh line in her face she used an anti aging cream right away. Not meticulously reading through the ingredients of that cream, she had a severe skin reaction. Her face got rashes. That is why when we use anti wrinkle face cream, we need to pay attention on the ingredients and research about it. Don't panick! Wrinkles are normal and people will not judge you based on your outside appearance. Look for the skin solution that is good for your skin.

Dream Place Dream House

My parents went to Bohol for a 2 weeks vacation. Besides leisure, they also took care of important stuffs. They are going to check on the property that my my father's family owned. They divided the property among his brothers and sisters. My father got his share. It has lots of trees. Me and my mom planned to buy another property next to it so we can build a house in it. We don't want to cut the trees. That's why we will build the house in a free space. My husband wants to build a ranch style house there. It's gonna be beautiful. It will have five bedrooms, 3 bathrooms with Saniflo toilet, , a terrace ,a huge dining room and my mom's dream kitchen. This is our dream house and dream place.

Peace of Mind Is Priceless

I'm 32 years old, no big deal. I pretty much accomplished my personal dreams. Although I have bigger dreams which are for my family in the Philippines. I want to help them achieve their dreams and secure their future.Although, they can do it on their own but I will feel so blessed if I'm their riding boat in making their wishes come true.My wish for my birthday is the success of my I-130 petition for my parents. I really want them to experience the life in America and most of all to be able to see their grandchildren as they grow up.  I love my life here but one day we will all settle down in the Philippines. Me and my husband are planning to build a house in the island of Bohol. That place is so beautiful.
As I grow older, I'm just wishing that I can keep my friends that I have right now. May God guide my actions so that I'm not able to hurt them unconsciously or consciously. I like my circle of friends now. I can be myself .We are on the same boat. We have a common interests and we compromise our differences. I made bad judgments in the past. I hangout with people who took advantage of my honesty. They manipulate my words and used them against me. I am thankful that it wasn't too late. I just missed their kindness to my children. At least to them they were real. My children like these people. And I let it be. I will never tell them how fake they are. People called them liars. But for me, I don't think they are, they just forgot to tell the truth.
Right now, I don't have plans of going back to that life I used to have, those first two years . It's all about party, gambling and shopping. What I have right now is priceless; MY PEACE OF MIND! 
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