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Wednesday, April 30, 2008


I'll be less active in the blogger world in a couple of days because my babies are sick..have to take care of them..will be back soon....I just wish and pray that my son will get well soon because his Christening is coming already...

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Temper Tantrums

One time I was having this conversation with another mom, we talked about temper tantrums. She told me that her daughter never have a temper tantrum ever since. I was actually jealous because my two year toddle was having a temper tantrum a lot of times already. I feel guilty. I maybe have spoiled her so much.
Today we went to baby shower, it was fun for my Stephie at first but after an hour she started to get mean already. She's yelling. I was so embarrassed for the way she acted but I just couldn't put her on a time out there because I don't wanna create a scene. I calmed myself as much as possible till I just decided to just home early. Looking at my daughter acting like that make me want to spank her right there and then. But it's really hard, she's my daughter. And besides she was so bored and tired. Oh well, I wish people can be more patient with her. But still she's my adorable Stephie, no matter I will always be there for her.


It took me like 3 days to make my son's invitation for his upcoming christining.I was thinking of just ordering online but then I can't wait for a week before it's shipped so I just decided to make my own. It turned out good anyways.
Here;s the 2nd page of the invitation I made.

"...every perfect gift is from above," James 1:17

We joyfully invite you to join us in the Christening
of our Son,


on Saturday, May 3, 2008 at 10:00 A.M.
St. Joseph Catholic Church
440 3rd St. Crescent City

Luncheon to follow at
Hiochi (Mr. & Mrs. John & Rowena Aflague’s residence)

Lee & Gina Peters

1: Start out going NORTHEAST on 3RD ST toward E ST.
2:Turn LEFT onto M ST/ US-101 N/ REDWOOD HWY. Continue to follow US-101 N/ REDWOOD HWY.
3.Merge onto US-199 N/ REDWOOD HWY via EXIT 794 toward TO I-5/ GRANTS PASS.
4:Turn LEFT onto HIOUCHI DR.
5: Turn right into Jedidiah St.
6.You can find the balloon outside , and you're there!

Estimated Time: 15 minutes Estimated Distance: 10.69 miles

Friday, April 25, 2008

Friday Rambling

Today is such a busy day, for some reasons I have a lot of calls t from my friends. As usual telebabad with my neighbor/friend Jelyn with our walang kamatayang problem " Which kind of "mineral makeup we're going to order?":-) and of course our daily lives with our energetic munchkins. It's so nice to hear ramblings from other mom, make me realize I'm not alone, that not just my child has tantrums. Anyways, my shopping partner Joan from Tennessee called me, telling me that the Guess purses in their mall is on sale, so I'm super jelly because I love Guess products. Imagine she bought latest design of Guess satchel for $32, that was a good buy. Well, she said she's going to buy one for me for my birthday. Oh well, I'm so spoiled. That's what I thank God for. He gave me friends who spoiled me a lot , jussst kidding. Seriously, I've been blessed for having friends who are always there for me through thick and thin and especially when I'm having tantrums. They're there to correct me if I'm wrong and support me if I'm right.
But I feel bad sometimes because it seems like lately I'm not reciprocating their kindness. At times I'm wondering if I was even a good friend. But maybe I am because they're still there.
Anyways, today I have a couple of friends visiting me. We cooked our favorite Shrimp sinigang.

I'm also thankful that the Filipinos here in our place are so nice to us. They treat us like a family. I will surely miss them when we're going to move to Eureka someday, in two years God willing. I want us to move to Eureka because I believe there's a lot of opportunities there for me and for my children. I want to be a lawyer hehe. Seems it's just an unreachable dream for me. But who knows, there's no harm in trying. I just want to finish a degree here in the states to make my parents and family proud of me especially my husband. When I graduated in college in the Philippines I saw how I make my parents proud, but it seems like I failed them when I decided to marry without establishing a good career first. I know my mom was jealous of my classmates who became doctors, lawyers and successful engineers. But I'm not losing hope, I can make it up, here in America, and it's gonna be even better.
But I know, when I gave them two adorable grandchildren, they were so proud of me and they could never been so happier. Having Steph and Eric is the best thing that has ever happened to our whole family. And I couldn't replace them for the world.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Happy Baby Panda

When I participate the party in Mommies United, I won a $40 gift certificate from Happy Panda Baby. I bought two nice tag less tees from them. You should see the designs, it's totally awesome but I'm not gonna post the picture yet because I'll have Steph and Eric wear those this saturday because we're going to attend a baby shower. I'm so excited with their reactions when they see my children wearing those nice tees. I'm also overwhelmed because Miss Pamela Kramer, the owner of Baby Panda sent me an email to check if the tees fit well, and she told me that she's going to send me another t shirt for Stephie. And no charge!!That is really nice of her.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

A Work In Progress

This blog is a work in progress, this may take a while to deck this out. For the meantime, you can visit my other blogs Pampere and HappyHeart.

See You there!

Finally, at last!

It took me forever to extablish this new domain of mine. When I purchased this I couldn't switch my free domain to this so I have to contact goggle numerous times. It could be easier if I'm so good with all the codes that they instructed me. Oh, well at least now this is working. So this is going to be working progress and basically will focus more on my life as a mother.
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