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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Clear Lake Beauty

On our way to Sacramento, we took a different route instead of going to Highway 199. The ride from Crescent to Hiouchi to Gasquet and all the way to Grants Pass really make me and my kids sick due to motion sickness. The road there is super curvy. So we took US 101. I was so happy because I got the chance to see the Clear Lake City. It's a very beautiful place. The houses are by the lake with nice exterior shutters. The place is neat and quiet. It would be nice settling there when my husband retires.

Monday, February 22, 2010

If There's A Will There's A Way

Before I came here in the states my husband promised me that I can go to school. I want to pursue a degree in Nursing here. Although I already finished a bachelor's degree in Electronics and Communication Engineering in the Philippines, I still want to pursue a different career. It's because I thought that being a Nurse can bring  me a lot of opportunities as compared to my profression. I've been here for five years, I never been go that far. I just became a Certified Nursing Assistant then I stop because I got pregnant then now I'm blessed with three wonderful children. I couldn't replace the world for them.
There are times that I wish I can enroll at least some few subjects in our Community College here but it just won't work with my schedule so I'm checking out an online degree. Taking online courses is now widely acceptable and mostly used by working people. Because there are highly credited universities such as the Western Governors University. They offer an online IT degree which is a promising career for people whose into Information Technology just like me. I'm relieved that there's other courses other than Nursing that provides a number of opportunities wherever in the United States. And we can achieve this degree no way better than in Western Governors University.

Saturday, February 20, 2010


A long lasting marriage is build on trust, love and respect. That's why no matter how big the challenges and problems we faced, we are able to overcome them. I don't understand why some couples focused more on sex. I mean I know it's important but I knew some that just because they're husbands are not able to met their expectations even though they've used extenze already, they became unfaithful. I think it's awful and totally unacceptable. A lot of people's lives went astray went they committed adultery. Well, they reap what they sow.

Guy Next Door

This is Keanu Reeves. He's cute and I love his movies. A lot of my friends find him really handsome. It's so funny because our husbands would tease us everytime one of his movies is on the TV. I think this picture is one of the episodes in one of his movies. I just saw this when I research about him. And I posted this in my Facebook profile and tag as guy next door and I got lots of comments. Some of my friends actually thought that he's my neighbor. Only few of them recognized. I'm having a blast reading their reactions.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Keeping Up With the Kardashians

When I'm breastfeeding my baby Sophia, that's the time that I watch TV too.Usually I watch channel 35 or the USA channel because I love to watch NCIS or HOUSE. One day all they're showing were replays so I just keep on switching channels until the show "Keeping Up with the Kardashians caught my attention. It's about this famous family who are really rich. I don't really like reality shows but I'm just checking out their fashion, purses and shoes. I think these Kardashian sisters won't really be noticed if not for their money. There are a lot more women out there who are way more beautiful than them. I heard that they're using quick trim loss supplements to stay sexy too. Well, unless you have brains and character, you're not sexy and beautiful to me.

Literally Draining the Fat

When I was in the Philippines, there's this diet pill that my cousin is taking that supposedly is very effective. It somehow burns the fat. My cousin told me that she's excreting fats and it's coming out in her butt like a sweat and it stinks. Eww, that is ridiculous. I can't believe it until one of my friends here told me that she experience the same thing too. So I assumed that the pill is fake because my cousin doesn't lose weight at all. If you use fat burner diet pill , do some research first. It's a safety precaution too that you are completely familiar with what you are digesting in your body because health is also important. Like they said health is wealth.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Age Doesn't Matter

My husband is way older than me, and it's not unusual in my circle of friends, because they're husband are 10-20 years older than them also. That's why when we talked about our husbands we can comprehend easily what we're talking about. But our husbands doesn't really look older than us. In fact, some people can't even tell the huge age difference. My husband is one of the seniors at his work but I'm surprised because he seem to look younger to some of them who are way younger than him. He said that it's because I take good care of him. And it's true, I always make sure that he's happy. I know that sometimes he's stressed at work, so I make sure that when he comes home, the house is clean and dinner is ready. He don't need an anti wrinkle cream because he don't have wrinkles yet but his getting bald that's why he's using Rogaine right now. That stuff really works :-).

Me and My Sophia

This is when Sophia is 5 months old. I feel bad because I don't take pictures of her like I used to do with her brother and sister. I'm just so busy right now that I haven't even started her baby book. But we're super close. I can't go anywhere else without her. She's everybody's sunshine in our home.

Autoship Program

There are products featured in the Television that are too good to be true. In fairness, 80% of the products that I've tried satisfied my expectations. The only thing that disappoint me is that you didn't realize that in some products, once you try or buy one, they will automatically enroll you in an autoship program. Before you finalize your order, you need to pay attention on the small prints because those are important facts. These kind of program mostly happen in diet supplements. That's why even though it's the number 1 pill in the world, take time to research about it, its reviews just like lipozene reviews or any kind of testimonials about the product and how the whole packaging works which includes the whole payment options.

Sleepless Nights

I never had a good night sleep since my two children got sick last Thursday. When they start to get better, they're little sister got start coughing. And the usual thing, everybody got sick except me. It's terrible but seeing my kids being sick. It is unbearable. I look so haggard already and my pimples left scars in my face. Terrible, I need adult acne treatment and a day in the spa. But, I don't care about me, really. All I really wanted right now is that my children and hubby will completely recovered from whatever virus that they got right now. It's no fun being sick.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Best Gift for Mom and Dad

It's the time of year that I'm going to send a package to my family in the Philippines. I'll send them clothes, shoes and even canned goods and chocolates. But I'm just so excited for this wonderful musical doorbells at Dimango and the driveway alarm. These are the kind of stuffs that my parents will really love because they live in the farm and our house there has four bedrooms with attached retail store. So imagine, how this stuffs can help them. This is unique gift for my parents' 32nd wedding anniversary this month.

Friday, February 5, 2010

So Pink

*************new MADISON EMBOSSED EXOTIC CARRYALL***********

I love this I love this I looveeeeeeee this!!

Maximum Settlement

No matter how careful we are in driving and even if we're already expert in driving, still accidents happen. One of my friends got into a accident one early morning on their way to her daughter's school. Somebody didn't stop on a four way intersection and hit them. Nobody was badly hurt till recently that my friend and her fiancee noticed that the back pains caused by the accident is still hurting them. That's why their lawyer is filing for a maximum settlement because the effect of that accident is still causing them pains until now. It's good that their lawyer is helping them all the way. Lawyers such as motorcycle accident lawyers can really help you the get best settlement that you deserve.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Another Wish List

I'm proud of myself because I can seriously control my shopping habits now. Before, whenever I got extra money I shop right away and mostly on stuffs that I don't really need. Now, not anymore, everytime I start shopping online I feel guilty and I have this feeling in my tummy that I feel like I'm going to puke. My husband thought thought this is funny, but seriously that's how I really felt. My new shopping habit right now, is just buy stuffs during special occasions. In fact I already made another wish list for my Valentine's day, birthday, Mother's Day etc. This Valentine's day I asked for a new living rug, on my birthday, I want one of those plasma tvs that are so popular and curtains, a new car :-), etc. I focus on things that can be used by everybody and each piece can remind me of a special occasion in my life.
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