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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Poor Baby

Hubby took a day off today because he's not feeling well. I'm surprised because he rarely call in sick. But even though he call in sick, he didn't got the chance to relax because we're so busy especially me because I started cooking already for Sophia's christening. I chopped the ingredients that needed to be chopped. I made my last minute shopping such as party supplies and everything. I bought my party stuffs from Oriental Trading and some in Six Degrees of Celebration, one of our local stores. They have a lot of nice stuffs for different kind of parties. I'm excited and nervous for the party. I just basically do all the planning and I hope it will turned out great. My ate Lobelle, called also and asked me for stuffs that I need from the Asian Store in Sacramento. It was such a blessing because I need rice and it's cheaper there. So I ordered rice, noodles, egg roll wrapper, frozen cassava and bitter melon. I have all the stuffs for my next party which is on the Fourth of July, my son's party.Yey!

Bright Sunny Day

My kids are playing outside with their friends while I'm preparing for Sophia's christening on Saturday. I already made the egg rolls. I'm preparing the flan right now. I'm just happy that we're living in a quiet neighborhood. I'm comfortable letting them ride in their bikes and scooters. Besides, some parents are watching them too. They're wearing helmets and my daughter is wearing safety glasses. I hope this weather will stay the same up to the baptism day so we can barbeque too. I'm excited because finally Sophia will be baptized. This plan has been put on hold because of the weather and other personal reasons. May God give us good weather on Saturday.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Doctor's Appointment

Another challenging but a memorable day for me. It's my kids doctor's appointment. My husband was gonna accompany me but Tita Maria went with me so he just went to work. The kids appointment started at 2:00P.M. It's Sophia's 9 month checkup, Eric's annual check-up and Step's physical check-up for her school's requirement. We arrived early but Ms. Doris, the nurse attended to us right away. It was a struggle for me with Eric because he don't want to be weighed and measured. He was screaming inside the clinic. I wasn't too embarrassed because I can see that the staff were very understanding. It gots worse though when the nurses too a blood sample from Steph and Eric because they weren't cooperative at all. Steph was pushing us all. But Ms. Doris was able to mellow her down. I'm just glad that all the tests and papers were done before 4:00 PM. I thought it will take more than three hours. It's probably not a busy day in the clinic. So before school starts I have to go back in the clinic for Stephanie's immunization. I just wished she agreed on having her immunization today. But her finger got poked already so it's better that I will schedule her shots next time probably on June.

Similar with Chicken Fats

I saw a picture of what our fats look like. It looks exactly like chicken fats. Eww! My friend's husband had a laparoscopic surgery because his gall bladder is inflated. In the picture I saw his fats just below his gall bladder. It's a very interesting picture that will help me be responsible of my food intake. Looking at the picture inspire me to stop eating or at least minimize eating fatty foods. I  guess those fats can be burned by using noxycut or any other fat burning supplement for men. I heard that if women will take that kind of diet pill, they can lose weight quickly but they need to research about it further because it's just intended for men.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Food Feast

Yesterday was a festivity of food. My hubby cooked a  big pot of ham hocks and beans which is my very favorite. But at noon we went to kids birthday party at Tsunami Lanes Bowling Alley. We had pizza, ice cream and of course cake. I splurge on my favorite Hawaiian Pizza. My kids were having a blast eating. They bowl like a champ. My daughter was even able to do two strikes and she's only four years old. My two year old toddler did a very good job too. I did a good job eating.I don't worry about gaining weight. I have four kids in the house, it's not that hard to loss weight. Besides what's the use of those fast weight loss pills? :-).I'm sure they serve their purpose. After the kids' party, I then went to my friend's birthday party. There were a lot of foods. One of my favorite is the sweet and sour fish. Wow, I was super full when I got home. I was even able to take home some dessert.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Super Excited

I'm so happy seeing the smile in my hubby's face when he finally got his truck back. We picked up the truck together. I was following him on our way home while he was driving his truck.The sound of the engine is a music to our ears. It's been awhile since the accident. I can't believe how Howard Ford from Howard's Auto Body put back the truck to it's original. The truck looks more stunning especialy with its new set of angel eyes.
When we got home, the kids were so excited seeing their dad's truck. They can't wait to ride with it. In fact, today they were riding with their crusing around town.I really thank God for this day. I didn't see this day came this soon. Thanks God. Thank you Howard Ford.

Extremely Guaranteed

Today, I'm browsing from one fashion catalogue to another. I'm looking at Victoria Secret catalogs, from Delias, Alloy, Metro Style, and many other. I also looked online. I just can't decide which dress to wear for my daughter's baptism this coming May 1 and on my friend's wedding this coming June 29. I'm looking at nice clothes at Macys but they're way too expensive. Actually, I have dresses in my closet that I haven't wear yet. They're just a lil bit tight on me. I'm thinking about this 7 day fat burner extreme that I've heard about. Many people have tried and testified that it's really good and it works. If it's true, it's extremely fantastic. Imagine that you can lose up to 14 pounds in just seven days. I don't think it will hurt if we try. Besides, it's money back guaranteed. Now that's extreme!

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Poor Baby

This is quite a challenging day for me. Stephanie puked on her bed, first thing in the morning. Then,she threw up again coupleof hours after. She's not having a fever or anything that's why we didn't call her doctor. We just let her stay inside the house.We gave her Pedialite. She's not really weak. There's probably something that upset her tummy. I'm really worried. I'm just glad that my husband is just calm. It helps a lot when someone is not panicking. Everytime my kids got sick, I panicked. Most especially, when they have fever. I'm scared of comvulsions. I'm just thankful that Steph don't have a fever.

I'm suppossed to attend a birthday celebration of Brian and Ken. They are my friend Stela's kids. I didn't go because I can't leave Steph with her condition even though my husband said he can take care of her. Still, my mind won't be at ease if I'll go out somewhere knowing that one of my kids is not feeling well. Hopefully, tomorrow she will completely be okay.

Friday, April 16, 2010


Today,we participated the Trike-a-thon for the St.Jude Research Hospital. It started at around 12noon at my daughter's preschool. They ate lunch first. They have chilli beans and chips. I wasn't gonna join because I was starving already. This has been the third time that I haven't eaten a heavy breakfast, just coffee and bread. There were not enough parents who assisted so I just decided to stayed which is a good thing because it was really a great experience. It was a long way to bike for Eric and Stephanie but they were doing a good job. Eric was first in the line and followed by his sister. They were so cute with thier bikes and helmets. I was holding Sophia while following them. It was exhausting because I wore stilletto heels. But I'm more excited for the calories that I burned. The teachers told me that I'm getting slender. Cool,all I need is wear a kymaro body shaper to hide those tummy fats. It's such a nice feeling that I'm losing weight without exerting so much effort. It's just my busy lifestyle that helped me with it.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Experience and Confidence

I've been driving for almost two years now, so basically my confidence in driving is pretty much good. Before, I'm scared to drive in the highway, I scared to change lanes and I am scared to drive into town because it's super busy there. But when my kids start going to school,I am driving everyday. My friends were even complimenting me when they found out that I've been driving in highway 199 already, that road going to Gasquet, because some of them are scared to drive there because of the road conditions. In fact, my bestfriend got an accident there. Her car flipped three times. It was sad because she paid all the expenses because she don't have an insurance. And so sad because she just got that truck as a gift from her mom. She searched for  free insurance quotes and finally she got a good insurance for her new truck and jeep.She learned her lesson in a hard way. Never drive a car without an insurance.

Time With God

I'm glad I was able to go to the church today.I even thought I can't go because I woke up late and cranky. Besides, I argued with my husband.I just got mad because he wasn't paying attention while I'm talking. I don't like it when someone will not pay attention while I'm talking especially if it's my husband or my kids. I will not talk to them for awhile. But when I'm mad, Lee knows how to make me feel better. That's I was able to go to church. I just bring Sophie and Stephanie with me because Eric is quite a handful. Stephanie sits with my friend Erin while Sophia fell asleep during the mass. It's good because I was able to pay attention to the readings. They have a coffe social after the mass. We joined because Steph was hungry. Then I also bought Tamales and Tacos for Lee. Afterwhich, we went to dollar tree. Steph picked up some Leis and bubbles and I bought gift bags. I got some invitations for some parties too. I might or might not go.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Very Particular

Have you met people who are so particular, meticuolus and insanely organized? They are somewhat impressive but if you're living with them everyday, it drives me nuts. I'm talking about my husband. He's so particular and organized. In some ways, it's beneficial to me because he helped me cleaned the house. He pays attention to details especially when it comes to our simple abode. Imagine that, he knows if our flowers has new stems or buds. Even when it comes to curtains and rugs. I always asked his opinions when choosing the colors and designs. He's actually very good at it. He's particular about the brands too. In our bathroom he preferred good quality toilets for example the American Standard toilets or faucets. On other hand I'm thankful that he's very particular because we save more money than buying cheap products. They're not long lasting compared to expensive but good products. Besides, we also take advantage of coupons and free shipping so that really helps.

Friday, April 2, 2010

Not A Bad Day Afterall

I woke up early today and was able to fold clothes while the kids are still sleeping. I put all the cleaned clothes that need to folded in my closet so it's easy to fold them when my baby is sleeping in our bed. She's a light sleeper. I can do more things while she's awake than when she's sleeping. Anyways, today I managed to keep the house cleaned but it's stressful because the kids always fight. I'm tired with Bianca's insecurities. Bianca is my husband's granddaughter that we adopted because her mom died. She's a good kid but because of what happened to her, she has a lot of insecurities and she wants to be the center of attention. She's gonna be 8 years old but she keeps on competing with my 4 year old daughter. She needs to be complimented all the time. She's super sensitive and she cries easily over very simple matters. I tried so hard to lengthened my patience with her but she's out of control. What really pissed me off is when she argues with me and bad mouthing with me. I'm really wishing a lot of luck when it comes to her. Anyhow, my friend visited me and she baby sit the kids while I went to the store. I was able to buy all the stuffs that I needed. I'm lucky because I know I have so much things to do but I am able to accomplished them because I got help even though I didn't ask for it.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Unlimited Calling to Home

Since I changed my phone plan into an unlimited calling to the Philippines and Canada, I've been chatting with my family there all the time. It's nice because I don't have to worry about the minutes I spent. This time, I'm charged with a fixed rate no matter how long I called overseas. And it doesn't even matter if you call in the landline or cellphones. There's this other long distance provider that I heard about. It's like a VOIP. I don't like it because You are stuck with one number to call. In my case, I can call anybody free of charge. Most of my family members are using prepaid cell phones and some are using postpaid although I prefer the first one. I just thought it's economical. Either way, when I call them it's free. This is my first week of using my new phone plan. I hope I won't regret. So far, I like it.
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