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Thursday, January 24, 2013

Print Software Solution

Through the modern technology, printing industry is made easy, efficiency, accurate, and the production is maximize while the production cost decreased, because there is no need of employing more personnel to do the operation .By the e-commerce [ Electronic Commerce ] and M commerce [Mobile Commerce] through smart phone and computer, right in our web site we can do our online business .
By getting a linked to B2C Print shop a service provider web site we can upload printed products on line We can let our customers to do their ability to design and submit order any time from any computer .In our printing needs such as wedding invitation card post card flyer and other, the web to print software solutions do the work. This made our job easy .
Through B2C and B2B [business to customer and business to business ] online system we can earn or make a profit because of their pricing system .They are giving a privilege to quantity orders .To quote their pricing for postcard, wedding invitation flyer:

200 pcs. $ 79 .00

500 " 99.00

1000 " 149.00

2000" 199 .00

3000" $ 259 .00

So if you are engaged in this business this is a great opportunity .For more details visit or browse web to print software solution .


So I kinda started our tax return..and it's kinda sad coz we end up owing the state a kinda big money and just a little refund from the federal, and I'm kinda confuse because we kinda have lots of kids, and my husband's tax is kinda high. oh well, I'm just whining because I'm not just kinda poor..I am really poor...and it's so now I'm back to check my lotto ticket, maybe tonight I'll be truly rich. ...kinda maybe

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Student Expedition

This is a life time opportunity for interested students to participate to the National Geographic Students Expedition this summer.The National Geographic are inviting students to participate on their 125th anniversary in 2013 expedition.
This is the time that they experience and explore the historical and wonderful places around the world .They can learn and earn many valuable information from the geographical expert with geographical photographer , writers , anthropologist and scientist which will be with them on that event.
There are four type of programs; The expedition field workshop, photography and community service workshop . Their trip range from eleven days to three weeks depending on the assignment project Once they can participate  in these Teen Summer Programs , they are likely supporting to National Geographic mession of Increasing Global Understanding through Exploration Geography Education and Research .
For more detailed information visit or Teen Summer Program BlogSpot.

Winter Time

At 5:00 AM MY usual time to rise up to prepare coffee and breakfast because my daughter will report to her work at 6:00 .This time is still dark and outside we can feel the penetrating coolness of winter .At 7:00 ,this time the surrounding start to become brighter we have to go outside because this is the time that the kids will go to school .This is also the time that we have to start our usual daily work .
Around the apartment that we live , we can't see any people except the close houses and parking cars .There are only few cars running .When we go outside to inhale some fresh air we have to wear a double jackets pants and glove .We could not resist to stay longer outside because of the penetrating coolness .What we always did is to stay daylong inside the house ,watching movies reading some articles or scan our PC .It's so bored to stay always in the house with out physical work , because this is my first experience in winter time .Unlike there in our place in Philippines that I have to do my work outside from dawn to dusk .
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