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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Toyota Parts

In the market today there are many products especially in hardware and auto parts which are copied or imitated appearance to the original one. Some can be tempted to buy this products because it is cheaper than the original brand. These products will not stay long or just cause a damage to our car or appliances. To be assured that we will not be a victim of a fake product, it is good to go to a reputable auto supply store. They will be able to sell us they genuine OEM parts and we can be assured of what we are getting. Online Toyota parts . com offers genuine toyota parts oem at a huge discount price and provide superior customers service. They supply Toyota replacement parts direct from the factory at the lowest possible discount price. Always used genuine Toyota parts for Toyota model car for a long serviceable life of the vehicle. They are built to the highest standard of quality, durability and performance. They are designed to fit your vehicle's exact specification. They have also a complete line of products designed to keep your Toyota looking and running like new. Always used VIN (vehicle identification number ) when we place an order to assure for a correct Toyota parts especially in our first attempt.

Luau Wedding

**My daughter in her Hawaiin dress**
I attended a Luau wedding yesterday. It was beautiful. I was assigned to give Hawaiian leis to the guests. I was having so much fun. The wedding is perfect. Everything is colorful and coordinated. From the wedding invitations, giveaways, the music and the food is all about Hawaii. The bride and groom both love Hawaii. Since they can't have a wedding there so they instead bring it here :-). The wedding was by the beach. It was windy but sunny, so just fair enough. Because our weather here is so unpredictable, even though it's Summer, but it rains and chilly like Winter. Yesterday was a nice one. I'm so happy for the couple. I wish them all the best in life.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013


Marmot's products are usually designed for outdoor activities, such as camping ,mountaineering, fly fishing, ski, snowboard, and other similar activities. They have a complete line and wide selection of men, women, and kids clothing, ski and snowboard clothing, sleeping bags, tents, back packs, jackets, pants, apparel and other marmot gears.
These are all made from highest quality materials which will last for a long time and withstand the worst condition. Their clothing and equipments are made from a high tech product with high fashion to keep warm, dry and comfortable in any environment. They have also a wide selection of 3-4 season sleeping bags from outright model to affordable synthetic.
Now shop the Marmot Sale at Back Country  deals up to 60% off clearance for wide selection of marmot  clothing and gears.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013


When I was in the Philippines. I was a regular cigarette user. I never enjoy the day, without smoking cigarette.When I woke in the morning the first thing I did is to pick up a stick of it .It's already my habit to smoke every now and then.Sometimes this will be the cause of our mis understanding between my wife because she is against in smoking.
When I came here in California I took with me one ream of cigarette. After two weeks this was already exhausted and, so I went to the store to buy for a pack, I was surprised when I ask about the price, because it was too much expensive. It cost $ 12 .00 a pack compared in the Philippines which I just purchase it for 15 pesos a pack. There is a big difference in price. If we will convert the value of dollar to peso it will cost 480 pesos. This is a lot of expense in my part.So immediately I decided to quit on smoking. At the start I felt somewhat un ease but later I've already learned to stop smoking.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Lawyer in San Diego

At present there are several victims of injustice among the ordinary workers and employees who just remain silent, beyond the abuse of their landlords or their employers. They have no courage to face the reality. In the bottom line that they have no or enough money to finance to go to court..
Now there are legal remedies available to end this common problem . San Diego Class Action Lawyer, with their expert knowledge are ready to help and give their detailed advise of such case. Meservy Law P.C. work on contingency basis and receives no money unless you recover the money for your claim. London Meservy will fight aggressively for you , with their length of their experience. They are a trusted and compassionate and successful employment law attorney. With the length of experience they have already recovered over $15 million in their past claim.
Don't hesitate to go to Class Action Law Attorney for advise of what step you need to take. For more details visit San Diego Action Lawyer.

Asbestos is Toxic

Asbestos is a kind of mineral that has been used in many industries because of its ability to withstand heat. It might be popular because of it's resistance and other properties but it caused harmful effects on people who were exposed to this mineral. One effect is the mesothelioma.. It is a cancer in the membranes caused by exposure to asbestos. If you knew anybody who might be contaminated with asbestos please share to them about because there are thousands of new diagnoses of this kind of cancer each year. It's a good thing that they will be given help.

Friday, February 8, 2013

A Trip to the Wood of Giant

        A year ago I've read the article about the biggest, the longest and the oldest trees in the world.I enjoyed reading this article for such reason that I'm a green lovers .I'm the pioneer tree grower in our place. From my planted trees became the source of planting materials in our area. I felt proud of my trees because I have contributed and the world wide campaign of going green and the climate change.
        Visiting the famous giant trees is just a dream before, considering the distance from our place , it takes 20 hours flight to cross the pacific ocean to San Francisco C A  and 10 hours from San Francisco to Crescent City by car. But right now I've reached the famous
Red Wood National Park and the Red Wood State Park by which these fabulous trees are located.
These parks are situated just a few miles away from Crescent City. I've already witness the incredible size of these Redwood trees by which a road is pass through the middle of the trunk of the tree where by the car must go through. It has a height of more than 300 feet with a diameter of 40 feet .
          Red Wood National Park is situated along the coast of North California which has an area of 133,000 acres. This unique park protect the tallest and biggest and oldest trees on earth as will as the indigenous plants and wild life .Touring around the park is very enjoyable. Aside from the amazing trees, there are many wild life that we could personally see in close up, such as the elk, deer, black bear, fox and others. Along the park runs the clear water of Smith river which is the source of the famous fresh water fish the ( salmon and trout ). There are many interesting things inside the parks, that mother nature created that make our mind feel clear and relax .
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