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Monday, January 31, 2011

Tutu Obsession (Today's Shopping)

I finally found this perfect tutu dress for Sophia. This is from Little Adventures. I got this for only $26.99 during the Zuily events. I like this because it includes tee, pants and reversible tutu.
I can't wait to get it in the mail . I'm pretty sure my daughter would love this.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

I'm Awesome, I'm Good

For so many years, I always put myself down when it comes to housecleaning. I always thought that I'm lazy, that whatever cleaning I'm doing, it will never be good. Because I always noticed that other people cleans better than me. It kinda put me down especially when I saw my husband redo what I have done. But now, I feel different. I always feel about myself. Because no matter how busy I am, I am able to clean the house. Yesterday, the kids were making a mess but I was able to clean it up before their dad arrived. Today, I will clean the bathrooms. Before, I used to hate it but since I'm using a steam cleaner, it's fun and enjoyable already. I have to steam clean the bathroom faucets because there were toothpaste residue all over it. I'm eyeing on a new style of faucet, something unique and widespread and chrome finish. And I saw another one that is in nickel/pewter. It will complement the motif of our house. I guess I want some changes in my humble abode.And there is nothing wrong with that.

Friday, January 28, 2011

Thia Megia

Cheers to Thia Megia for making it through the American Idol Audition. She's going to Hollywood after she got Jennifer Lopez, StevenTyler and Randy Jackson's votes.
She's only fifteen years old and a student of Mountain House, California High School. She was also a semi-finalist in America's Got Talent in 2009. I'm hoping that this year she will a better year for her. I wish she will make it to the finals this time.

Trip To The Philippines

I'm keeping my fingers crossed for my trip to the Philippines this year after my husband's retirement. I'm excited even though this is more like a business trip than  a vacation. I'll go home to be there to support my parents' interview in the US Embassy. Even though we don't have a date yet. Just a thought of that makes me nervous because it could be sooner or later.Honestly, it makes me nervous thinking about this petition because their birth certificates are screwed up. It give me a headache when I think about it.I am blaming it to the corrupt government employees in our town municipality. This woman, asked money from my dad to process his birth certificate and it turns out that she uses the money for her personal use and the worst is she put the strong entries in my parents' birth cert. I'm pissed about it. How bad is that!
Even though, I still want this trip to be fun just being able to be together with my family again. I'll bring my baby with me that's why I can't bring lots of goodies but definitely I will bring electronics products for my siblings such as laptop, cellphones and iPod. These are my overdue gifts for them. I love my siblings and if they're happy, I'm happy!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Allergies Go AWay

Itchy Eyes, runny nose and sore throat, what else can go wrong. Please please I hope no more. Even though, they said that allergies has been running around,many kids missed schools because they're sick,and they said it's because of our very cold and unpredictable weather, I had enough of it already. I've been sick for two months now.And I should have my fair share. I'm just thankful that none of my kids are sick. I'm praying that they won't get my crud.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Guide To Organizing My Everyday Chaos

Having four children in the house is not that hard as it looks like. People wondered how I'm able to manage my schedule. They are curious why I still have time in updating my facebook and my blog. I have three blog and I update them almost everyday. My secret is simple.

  • I go to sleep early and wake up early and I occupy myself as much as I can. Sleep is very important. If you don't get a good sleep, you will end up being lazy the whole day.
  • We make sure the house is clean before the kids woke up. My husband clean the kitchen before he goes to work and I pick the rest of the mess.
  • My husband gives the girls a ride to school . It's all about sharing responsibilities.
  • I write down everything that I need to do during the day in a bulletin board.
It is very important that make a list of important stuffs so you won't miss any important events and appointments. From the what to do, grocery lists, wish list and many other things, I write it down. This helps me to organize my time. The most important tool for this is having those bulletin boards handy in your house. For me I need more than two because I put one in the kitchen, in our bedroom and in the kids' room.
These are the types of boards that you would want to get for your home:

  1. enclosed bulletin boards ( This is good for the kids' important stuffs such as awards, memorable pictures etc.)
  2. outdoor bulletin board (perfect for the garage)
  3. fabric bulletin board ( you can use this if you want to add art in your announcements and notes), it's like going an extra mile for being creative.
  4. cork boards (this is my all time favorite. It is easy and affordable too.
No matter how busy we are, it's all about time management and focus.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Superman Gets Tired Too

My lil man fell asleep early few after he cleaned his bedroom. I'm so proud of him because as young as he is, he already knows the importance of cleanliness. He's only three years old. Every time he sees clutter in his room. He picked them up right away. He's my little helper and it's quite a relief every time he does that. I don't need to keep on bending down,picking up the mess in the floor. He already do that job for me. This afternoon at around 5, he cleaned his room and I just vacuumed it. He's such a cutie and we all love him so much.

The Best For My One and Only Sister

I have three brothers and 1 sister. I am close to my brothers but I'm closer to my sister. We get along well and she respects me all the time. She's the best sister in the whole world. She do things selflessly. She never complains and always willing to help.That's why whenever I got the chance, I send her packages with her favorite stuffs that are made in the U.S. She loves products that came from here. Yesterday, I asked her if she need more clothes and she told me that she have many clothes already. So I'm thinking that this Valentine's Day I will just send her  personalized gifts for sisters such as a necklace with her name on it and a photo mug with my kids' pictures. She love my kids so much and she wants to see them everyday. Since we are miles and miles away, maybe a photo mug will ease longings. I miss her so much too and I can't wait to spend a 1 month vacation there this year.

Expensive But Effective

I was surprised when I found out that my inhaler was $313. Gosh this ts the first time I've seen such an expensive inhaler. I thought they're like $50 or less. Thanks God, we only paid $35 because we have insurance. I feel bad for those who don't have. I inhale two puffs two times a day and so far so good.It's been the sixth day since I used it and I don't have wheezing anymore. Last month, I was using this inhaler and its cheaper, didn't help my asthma at all that's why I end up seeing my doctor. I guess the higher the price, the better it is. I hope it won't be like that all the time. I'm optimistic that there are still affordable products with excellent quality.

Go Go Green

People who are passionate about helping our environment are admirable. They never get tired of campaigning against environment abuse and pollution.When I was a kid, I was a member of the Junior Ecologist Movement that's why I am aware on how to protect our mother nature. I used to help in some tree planting activities in our community. Now that I am a busy at home mom, I still keep the same passion in helping the environment. I am not participating in the community activities but I'm practising it in my own home. I recycled plastic and cans and I used green cleaning supplies to sanitized our house. In our house, we always go for green.

Tutu Shopping Again

I knew I should have went to the Merry Go Around store yesterday so that I won't be restless about buying tutus online. I'm going to bring my Sophia to the dance class tomorrow at 10 in the morning. I knew I should have went to the Merry Go Around store yesterday. They probably have tutus for sale. I will try in Walmart too. Hoping I don't have to go to FredMeyer just to buy a tutu. I'm excited for this but I'm such a lousy mom :-(

Friday, January 21, 2011

Perfect Outfit

When we go to parties, isn't it the one who's wearing the little black dress stand out in the crowd. She's always, the one who will got everybody's attention. That's why in most parties that I went to, I wore black dress or sometimes a combination of black and white. For the next party that I will go to, I picked this perfect outfit. There's nothing wrong when we're always prepared. Been there done that. You know,  doing the last minute shopping for a party, you end up wearing something that you don't love that much.  In this outfit, I picked this black matte satin square neck empire waist dress  from Calvin Klein. Simple black evening dresses looks elegant and classy when you pair it with the perfect shoes and match it with the perfect purse.

This ruffle t-strap pumps is from Lovely People. With its buckle adjustable ankle strap makes it very comfortable to wear and it has a treaded rubber sole. This chain detailed clutch makes this whole outfit outstanding. This clutch is from Christian louboutin. 
This is the perfect time to buy   designer handbags because they're on sale at They have all the signature clothing and designer shoes and handbags at discounted prices.Fashion can never be expensive if you know where to find it. It's at The perfect place to indulge.


I just found out that my friend in Mountain View California is pregnant. No wonder, she's been sick lately and she's craving for foods that are not here. Imagine that, she ordered this pork sausage that we called chorizo all the way from the Philippines. For a $20 worth of food, cost her almost $100 because of the shipping. She got her package in 5 days. I feel bad for her because she's suffering from  hyperemesis .It is a severe form of morning sickness with excessive pregnancy related nausea.She keeps on vomiting .Poor thing.

All New Entertainment/ Thanks to Our New Technology

I was searching for HDMI cables online, hoping I could get a better deal than in our local store here. But I was destructed with the newest Viera HDTV in This is the kind of television that I was looking for. I used to wonder the possibility of accessing the Internet in our Television. And that thought was like 5 years ago, then it's as if it was just yesterday and now here's the Viera HDTV offering the complete entertainment. Technology seems like to updating overnight. With just a push of a button you can enjoy Internet with your TV. You will be able to access your twitter, watch video in YouTube, listen to Pandora, enjoy watching pictures in Picasa or knowing the weather.
Moving on to the network cables that I have discussed awhile ago. While HDMI, VGA and S-cable are the tools to optimize the color and picture of our Television. Networking cables on the other hand, are used to connect one network to another. Just like in our house we have three computers , we use network cables to connect it to our printer.These cables include Coaxial cable, optical fiber cable and twisted pair cables.
Electronics is never boring, it keeps on evolving. Ten years from now, I wonder what is the new trend in the entertainment technology.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Wishlist For Today

When I talked to my sister yesterday, she told me about the latest fashion in the Philippines. I'm going to send them another package that's why I asked her what she wants so I know what to buy for her. Even though we have more fashionable clothing there but the quality of clothing here is top of the line. In fairness, stuffs that are made in America are good quality. For today, I found this drape front striped vest from body central. This is exactly what my sister wanted. Another one is this this trendy animal print cardigan. This is great when layered over a favorite cami. For now they're on regular price. As soon as the price drops, I'll buy it right away.

Different Kinds of Cables and Their Uses

It's been awhile since we bought our High Definition TV. I remember every time I searched for TVs, they always suggest buying these certain type of cable. I thought that it's what is compatible with these new kind of TV but our regular cable works with it. When I had my on the job training in a cable company before, I only learned about those old type cables such as RCA and coaxial cables. I'm pretty sure I learned more but I just can't remember. Now, I interested about learning about these new kinds of cables and what are their uses and capabilities.
  •  HDMI cables  HDMI stands for High-Definition Multimedia Interface.It is an all-in-one cable technology that includes the highest possible resolution and best possible sound quality.This is perfect when you want to integrate your computer into home theater. Now I know why it is a plus when we  buy a laptop with HDMI inputs. Sadly, I don't have HDMI cable in my TV and it's definitely time to get one.
  • VGA cables  VGA stands for Video Graphic Array. This cable is a lead used for transmitting video signals. Commonly it is used link computers but it is also used in some high-definition TVs. This can also be used in some game consoles just like the Microsoft Xbox 360.
  • S-Video cable stands for Separate Video. This is an expensive cable that are used in DVD players. This is commonly used throughout the world with relative popularity. It is found in the TVs. digital receivers ( I saw one in our cable receiver from Charter), DVRs, game consoles and graphic cards.
These are quite interesting technology. It amazed me how technology evolve in just a matter of years. There are other great products that I am so interested to explore. It's a shame because I graduated from Electronics and Communication Engineering but I'm so ignorant about these new products. I'm so busy being a domesticated wife and I forgot my interests such as electronics and computers. But, it's not too late. It's never too late to learn.

Finally, Appointment with my Doctor

Last Monday, I was wheezing all the time and never get a decent sleep. I was coughing and sneezing that's why I decided to make an appointment with my doctor. I was lucky they weren't busy that day that I was able to see my doctor right away. Yvette, her assistant checked my vitals, everything is good except that I have a little fever. When my doctor, Dr. Heidi checked on my breathing, she told me that I'm congested and breathings are kinda tight. She prescribed me an inhaler called Flovent. I can't believe that I've coughing for two months. I am taking vitamins all the time. I feel like I'm healthy. My doctor thinks that this could be due the stress that I suffered from my accident.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Oh NO 8 More Pounds!

Now I'm desperate what is the best weight loss pill? This can't be happening. Afterall that I've been through these past two months, I've been sick. I don't have a decent sleep due to my asthma. I didn't get to eat well, then I found out I'm 130 lbs. already!Yesterday I went to my doctor because I was wheezing for awhile now. Then they took my weight, height, blood pressure and temperature.And I was surprised when I find out about my weight. I gained so much. 8 lbs! No wonder I look bigger in the picture. I thought it's just the camera ( :-) . Anyways, I really have to discipline myself from eating too much rice. And I think I have to go back on eating cereals during lunch or dinner.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Then And Now

While I me and my eldest daughter are browsing our pictures taken 5 years ago, she said, "Wow mommy you don't have wrinkles in your forehead when I was a baby!" . What? I didn't know that I have wrinkles. I never anticipate it would happen to soon. I thought it will be showing in my face until ten years later hehe. I am just wishing. I guess I have to use a forehead wrinkle cream from now on. I know that Dermavisu is one of the top treatments for forehead wrinkles. It has a powerful solution that works great. It has no fragrances and ingredients that irritate the skin. I have to shop around first for the cheapest price.

Today's Shopping ( New Peacoat From VS)

Actually I bought this one last week when they have a coupon for free shipping for an order of $50 and above and plus 20% of select outerwear.  That's why I never pass the chance to buy this double breasted peacoat from Victoria Secret. I've been eyeing for this for awhile becasue of the color. I just want to add new colors to my very few peacoat collection. From $128 original prize, I bout it for $47 only. It's a pretty good deal.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

My DVR in the Classroom

Thanks for the guest post by Kristofer Bartlett

Other teachers at my school thought that I had lost my mind when I came in packing my DVR from home. I had an idea to help my students remember concepts in my Sociology class. I would record certain shows on the schools satellite TV from  and then we would use the DVR. We would use the device to pause, rewind, and replay certain portions of programs. This would give me a way to help the students do the analytical research that they had all been struggling with.

My idea worked like a charm. I have never had so many students pass my class. I think that I may be onto something. Perhaps, every classroom should have a DVR in it. If it is used correctly, it can completely change the way all teachers teach their classrooms. I just used this with certain dramatic television shows. Just imagine what you could do with some of the educational programming that comes on Discovery. I know that I will continue to use my DVR in the classroom. I have even invested in an extra to leave there. This is really something that  school systems should consider for each of their high school classrooms.

Traveling To The Magical Nights Of Lights For Christmas

This guest post from Werner Rogers

The holidays have always been an exciting time for my family. For about ten years now we have collectively picked out a destination to visit every winter. Last year it was Nashville and this year it will be Nights of Lights at Lake Lanier. For those of you who are not aware, Lake Lanier is located near the little town of Buford in Hall County. For those of you who are still clueless - it's near the Mall of Georgia. Packing for the four hour journey won't take much more than some extra clothing, a scarf or two, and maybe some hot chocolate. Once the car is loaded and the kids are all strapped in, all there is left to do is set the  ALLHOMESECURITY home alarm system and we will be ready to roll. I hear they have a really cool gift shop that has a great little area to roast marshmallows, so we will probably participate in that. However, the main attraction is the magical arrangements of Christmas lights. I have heard so many great reviews about the magical nights of lights so it is sure to be a big hit. The only negative will probably have to be waiting in line to get in.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Wordless Wednesday / My Two Girls And Their Two Girls

my two girls with their brother

Their dolls from their Tita Jeline and Tita Julie (The one wearing pink is Stephanie's and the one wearing in blue is Sophia's)

Inspiration for Today

"Your blessings are burdens. Your burdens are blessings. Both are one and the same thing. So if I were you, I'd just call all of them blessings"

From God Whispers Club.

For me even though the trials that we encountered in life can be very exhausting. But, when we overcome them, it made us a better person. So I say, that Thank You Lord, for the trials that come my way.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Choosing Wisdom Over Money

Last week I applied in FAFSA hoping I could get a grant for my plan to go back to school. I haven't finished my application yet because I have many interruptions. The nice thing about this is I'm able to apply online and I'm able to know the result within a week or so. I would be very happy if I will. I know someone who have a government grant. Her daycare was also provided for.That would be so nice. I heard that Native American children who turned 15 or 18 will get a huge amount money. Now some of them used it to pay their school tuition or buy a new car. My point is, why buying a car even an option. It should be spent on education because it would be the best choice. When you finished school, you will get a good job. By then, you will able to able to buy your own car.

Trade Show and Exhibits

It's been two years now that the Filipino Association has been joining the Fourth of July Parade here in our place. They portray their cultural dress and dances. They also have their own food booth in the Front Street.
I can't believe that were able to make their plan happened. Teamwork does make the impossible happened. Actually putting up an exhibit booths are not difficult anymore as we think it would be. I have a good friend who's been joining trade show displays whenever there's a fair.She exhibits her own crafts. She called her products uniquely crafted. I was inspired by her talent and products that's why I decided to engage in jewelry making.
I had an idea how to participate in exhibits. First, I will just used those customized pop up trade show displays. It's amazing how easy to put them up. We can find good quality pop up displays at Camelback Displays. Their products are good quality with a lifetime frame warranty. We can do our one stop shopping for our trade show needs such as  truss to be used for hanging graphics and banners, logo floor mat, table top displays and many more.
I'm excited to participate in trade shows in the future especially now that I know that I can just find all that I need at Camelback Displays.

Egg Rolls

Like what they said. "Practise makes Perfect". For cooking egg rolls many times, finally I find it easy to wrap it already. Even when cooking it, I find it easy it . The best part is I enjoy making egg rolls. From cooking to wrapping and frying. That's why whenever we have parties and potluck here, my friends asked me to bring egg rolls. Last Saturday, I made 100+ egg rolls for my friend's party. Today I made 80 pcs. of egg roll for the potluck tomorrow at my husband's work. I am happy to make egg rolls for people who love it.I promised egg rolls to three people so I might make more this weekend.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Samsung Power

When I saw the Samsung Vibrant Android Smartphone, I  am tempted to extend our contract with our wireless provider for another two years. Or I can just buy with the no-commitment price or buy it a  cheaper price at The Source. This phone is awesome. It is a mobile genius. It has thousand of applications. It has Sims3 which is my all time favorite for so many years. I only tried Samsung cell phones once. Most of the time, I buy LG, Nokia and Motorola. But because of Samsung Vibrant, I super love Samsung now. They have other cool cell phones too such as  samsung gravity, Samsung Galaxy and many more. It's amazing how technology evolve. Having these kinds of smartphones in my hands make me feel like having the world in my hands.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Learning is a Continous Journey

I think that it's a blessing that as the Internet is widely used already. Here comes the online education that offers a lot of opportunities for busy people like me who can't possibly go to a campus due to the hectic schedule. For me, learning is a continuous journey. I finished a degree in the Philippines but I dream of getting one here in America. And I'm going to achieve that dream no matter what. Like they said, if there's a will there's a way. I'm checking on an online university just like the WGU or Western Governors University. It's accredited and most of all affordable. According to Abraham Lincoln , "I don't think much of a man who is not wiser today than he was yesterday." That' why I never stop learning.


Just now, I am chatting with my classmate in College. I found out that she worked in Hongkong and her employer who is a Chinese maltreated her. She just worked there and quit. That darn employer even took her passport and ID.I can't believe these people. They hired Filipinos and yet they don't treat them like human beings.I'm  pissed. I asked for that darn employer's number and I'm going to call her. I worried for her next victim. This kind of employer should be reported to the immigration so she won't be able to hire domestic helpers anymore.

Friday, January 7, 2011


Guest post written by Christine Duncan

What's going to work? Teamwork! What's going to work? Teamwork! That is the main saying and slogan on  The Wonder Petswhich airs on nick jr at 6pm at night on Directv packages Directv packages. Lenny, Tuck, and Ming Ming are the three main characters that go out saving baby animals every night after school lets out. Lenny who is a guinea pig is the leader of the Wonder Pets, she has a level head and keeps peace in between the rest of the group. Tuck who is a turtle is the one that always has a kind heart and a kind word to say to everyone. Whereas Ming Ming is the is duckling who likes to do things her way. Yet in the end she always learns that working together is the best idea. Now on occasion there is a little bunny names Ollie who is almost like Ming Ming in wanting to do everything his way as well. He also loves to get himself in trouble and the Wonder Pets have to get him out. This show is mainly focused on teamwork and teaching children on how to work together to solve problems and figure things out. There is one more thing that I have noticed that they like to do is eat a healthy snack after saving the animal in trouble.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Online Shopping Galore

Guest post written by Patty Lenson

This weekend was really nice. My husband Nick and I decided to just stay inside and watch old movies together. We found marathons on television, made popcorn and kept warm while just talking and enjoying each otherÕs company. On Saturday evening, we decided to make our way to the desktop computer and do some shoppping for our family members. Online shipping has absolutely spoiled us. We have the delivery men bringing us all sorts of goods from all over the internet.

In all, this past weekend was really relaxed and quiet. We just got the chance to sit around and enjoy each otherÕs company while making a joint decision to leave our problems for the work week. We didnÕt even do that many chores. It was great to just take it easy. The only issue we had was a drafty window. Fortunately , it wasnÕt too bad. Nick is now getting to it after checking out ideas on how to get it fixed up. Other than that, everything around the house went really smooth. This week we plan to take some more time to ourselves. We are the kind of people who work to live instead of live to work.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Chiro Appointments

I am on a 4 weeks, 3X a week treatment in the Chiropractor.My last appointment is on the 7th of January. I'm already tired of going there already. The adjustments only took 15 minutes but it's the waiting that took forever. But I'm thankful that I went to the Chiropractor because I can tell that I was treated better if I went to the medical doctor. The chiropractor is giving me all natural medicines for my asthma which is helping me a lot. You know our spine has a major role in our health as it is connected to our nervous systems. Wrong position when sleeping or even sleeping in an uncomfortable bed can lead to a vertebral sublaxation. I realized that my daughter's mattress is all torn up because they jumped in it most of the times. I have to shop around for mattress sales so that I can buy a new mattress for my daughter. Poor baby, I remember her complaining about it for awhile now. I must get her a new one so that she will be able to sleep comfortably.
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