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Tuesday, May 21, 2013


     ATH-M 50 is designed especially for professional monitoring and mixing. It has an efficient collapsible, design for space saving portability and storage. It is used also in amateur recording, in home studio, in any event and performance.

     Many choose ath-m50 from musicians friend because it is easy to use. Its adjustable padded headband give comfort during long mixing/ recording session. Its sound is clear. It has a light weight and durable. The best thing about this phone is the sound quality, it is smooth and warm. And as they continue to be burned in " they sound quality gets better and better.

      Even though that these phones are made in high quality it remain affordable. It is not expensive. Take a look of their big discount offer; From their MRSP of $ 199--209 it is now sold for $ 159. You can save $ 40. w/ free shipping.



I attended a training about good customer service last week and it is very helpful to me. It makes me realize certain things that I'm not aware. I'm guilty for being bias which means when I saw a customer whom I have a bad experience before, I tend to avoid this person. I assume that this person is already a bad person naturally so I would stay away from her any chance I got. But this doesn't work when we're working in a retail store. We need to overcome that bias feeling and we have to realize that people can change.

Tuesday, May 7, 2013


         The availability of luxurious transportation of a certain place will give a nice image of the state of origin. Their genuine customer service will attract visitors and travelers to visit their place, because they have the confidence of their security and for luxurious travel experience.
        The st pete car and limo service are the pride of Florida in ground transportation and the exclusive Tampa Bay limo service, served throughout the Tampa Bay, Florida. They served their customers with the highest quality services, luxury, and reliability. Their state certified and courteous chauffeur will ensure you that all your transportation needs are comfortable and memorable, and deliver you in safe and timely manner.
        Pure Limousine have a wide variety of clean and the late model transportation option, that will fit to your needs. They have the Hammer Limousine that will accommodate 16-18 passengers, Sub-Urban up to 7 passengers, Shuttle Service Transportation-27 passengers, Strech Limo 10 passengers, and the large Van 15 passengers. What ever your transportation need, they can handle, such as airport transfer, sporting event, convention group, graduation group or just for fun. They will provide you punctual on call service.
         If your destination is for abroad, they have their St. Pt. car who always stay informed on flight information. They will be waiting for you for your arrival. Limo Tampa chauffeur will assist you to take your baggage and have your way in record time. Their price is often lower than a regular taxi-cab. So book now for your reservation.


       Squirrel a small animal- having reddish brown or gray fur and a bushy tail similar to rat, but a little bit larger than rat, They lives in tress and eat mainly nuts. The squirrel got its name from two words meaning " shade tail." The idea is that the tail of this animal is so long and thick that it can be used to hang over and shade its body. These wild and small animal become a center of attraction to kids and even to adults.\
        At point of Georgia before entering the Light House of Crescent City where there is a little park, and people usually visit there because it's a nice place for sight seeing. Right along the benches where there are bushy portion, that is the place for the squirrel hiding ground. When people especially children come over there , these small animals, will promptly come out from their hiding place, as if they are happy and want to greet the visitors. It is amazing for a certain little creatures whose habitat is in the forest and definitely will be scared to see people but here, they are very tamed. They are just our pet dogs and cats. Kids can touch and carry them, they don't run away.

       People who will visit there will bring some foods, especially peanut and bread their favorite food. We will enjoy of feeding them, because as we start feeding one by one they will go near to you until you'll find out that you're already surrounded by many squirrels.
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