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Wednesday, October 31, 2012


              Calamities comes any time and anywhere in the world. It whip out the inhabitants and their properties  History reveals about severe catastrophe had happened long before.
              At present many calamities strike different plagues and part of the world.To mention some are the tsunami and earthquake that devastated Japan a year ago , the  are flood and typhoon in the Philippines particularly in Manila and some parts of Mindanao and Visayas,many lives and properties
were lost .The last which just newly happened in U.S.A. particularly in New York,New Jersey and it's neighboring cities which was wiped by super storm Sandy and tsunami the lost of lives of more than 30 people and about $20 billions worth of properties. These places are declared under the state of calamity.
            Japan and America are called have countries.They have the alternative to install all preventive
measures to protect such catastrophe when it come . Infrastructures are built in all solid strength and earthquake proof.In spite of their awareness and preventive measures, they were not able to control the super power which strike their place. But their awareness have also contributed a lot of protection because without that the worst become to worst.
            This calamities that happened today is just a partial if compared to the days of Noah and Lot.
It's time to wake up.Knowledge and power of man has no amount to prevent God's judgement.Repent and trust God,Pray and Pray is the simple solution to overcome this tragedies.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Annuity Rates

          Before when I still have no knowledge about  annuity I don’t care about it.Until my friend talk to me about his plan in investing in annuity. I began to gather some information about annuity and dig further about the important and its benefits .  I then remember the old saying, “Save a penny for the rainy days.)This is what I pictured about annuity .To set aside a saving of we earned in early age , so that when we grow old and an able to do our work , we have still our of income   for our subsistence or what ever thing we want.   I like this plan, it’s challenge for us to have a saving .It increase our saving through annuity. I will inquire for annuity insurance quote  so our saving is duly secured.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Extra Weight

Oh I'm hating my self so much. Since my parents I've been eating a lot. I gained 5 lbs. My mom cook food every meal. And I eat a lot.It's been awhile since I have eaten authentic Filipino foods that's why even though I'm full I still keep eating. My mom cooked my favorite food, my favorite soup and my favorite desserts. I have to control myself because it's not getting better when it comes to weight.

Friday, October 12, 2012

Bianca Is Now Ten

Time flies so fast. Bianca is ten today. Too bad I'm working today that's why we decided to hold the party tomorrow. So today we are busy cooking. We just finished a Filipino dessert. Right now my mom is wrapping the eggrolls. I cook it because that's my expertise. My friends and neigbors love my eggrolls. Hopefully tomorrow is gonna be a nice day.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Mini Monsters

I joined the Papa Murphy's mini monster's contest. If I have to really take it seriously, there's a chance that my kids will win because I will really ask my facebook friends individually. I would if I have the time. probably if I'm done my homework or I will ask my sister to spread the contest. Then I realize that many of my friends are not from USA, so now I can figure out my chances. Oh it's just for fun.

Serious Puzzles

Among the several puzzles today, brain teasers such as the hanayama is very challenging. It develop our sense of mental ability to create a quick response and solution to a given problem. For me, practicing serious puzzles is a good hobby especially for our kids because it open our mind and broaden our way of thinking. This can help solve problem related to our daily life.
Hanayama puzzle can be used also as an interior decor for it is made of metal steels that are designed artistically.

Monday, October 8, 2012

Trip to the Wood of Giant

               It was my dream when I was in the Philippines ,that some day I can reach the place of the biggest tree in the world.
              A week later upon my arrival in Crescent City California together with my wife and the family of my daughter proceeded to visit the most popular place. We went around the area and enjoy very much our trip.
             It's just two miles away or 20 minutes ride from Crescent City where the national park is located.It's amazing and very interesting to see the biggest,the tallest and the oldest tress in the world . According to a reliable source these trees are about 4000 years old .Some of these tress reaches the height 385 feet and a diameter of 40 feet .
            Tress that are found there are the red wood to be the most popular ,pines California oak .Within the the park, there the presence of several wild lives such as deer, elk,black bear, lion and beaver.So that tourist should be always be vigilant.

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