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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Live From The North Pole

I just want to let you know guys that my children was able to talk to Santa Claus last December 18, live from the North Pole (at least that's what my kids thought).It's actually sponsored by the Crescent City Jaycees. I think it was pretty cool how how happy my kids are when they thought they actually talked to Mr. and Mrs Clause.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Holidays ( Lots of Food Lots of Gain)

One thing about holidays is non stop eating because it's a non stop party. In my home, I do a lot of cooking too because my hubby is on vacation using his use or lose hours. That's I why I got free time to cook a lot and visit friends. You know how it is when friends get together, talking and eating for sure. The holiday isn't over yet but I already gained so much weight. Oh well, ellipticals to the rescue. That's gonna be one of my New Year's resolution, exercise everyday.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Christmas Party

Our Christmas Party was a success! People we invited and expected to come came. There's a lot of kids. Oh boy, my kids were just occupying the dance floor most of the time, most especially my 'lil man. He was just rockin' out there. Lee couldn't be prouder of his son. The guests adored how my kids danced and I'm so humbled. It's heartwarming when people showered you with compliments. I was overwhelmed when Dr.Gray asked me if Stephanie was the baby me and Lee were holding when we were dancing the very first Christmas party we met, and that was four years ago. He and his wife can't believe how big is Stephanie now.

That is why I love our yearly Christmas Party. We are able to catch up with friends who we haven't met for awhile. This year's party is my most favorite because it's very private, and intimate. My whole Peters family was there.It's basically a family affair, although some of my friends invited people that I haven't met before but it was cool because we were able to mingle. It's always nice to meet beautiful people.

Anyways, the party stared at 5:30and we went home a lil after ten. Some of them stayed to continue dancing but my kids were sleepy already so we need to leave.

Once again, we have proven, there's unity in friendship. This holiday season strengthened our bond ,not just as friends but as family as well.

Thank you very much to Marie for the venue,Leny for the drinks, to Nette, my BFF Jeline,Tita Maria, Tess Soule, Gina Wells for the food, to Hugh Soule and Gina Wells for the music, Ms.Ellie, Mr. Jay, Dr. Gray and Ms Fay( Gray Chiropractic) for monetary support,Erin and Mario for being there for my kids and all my friends and family who make this event a memorable one. Till next year. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Crescent City

I live here in Crescent City Ca. Right now our weather is partly cloudy with a High 50F . It's cold and gloomy.It's been like this especially during Winter City but I do love it here mostly because I have nice friends here. Anyways,there's a place in Louisiana which is also called"Crescent City". The New Orleans. When I hear about this place I can picture the nice food that are featured in the Food Channel Network. It must be nice to visit there. The hotels in new orleans are affordable and there's festivities everywhere.It's one of the Crescent Cities that I love to check out too.

Less Spending Habits

Yesterday it was crazy out there in Fred Meyer because they're having door busters sale and you can get the best deals on everything. For example, my friend was able two Nike shoes for only $30 because it's buy one take one plus 25%off. Sounds really great but I have to stick to my plan to not overspend this holiday not to forget that there still more activities after the holidays like family vacations and being able to enjoy the nice Outer Banks vacation homes and the upcoming birthdays for the kids.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Cold Weather Gives Me Skin Problem

It's super cold now. Four days ago, it was sunny here but it's chilly. Today it's raining already and the temperature is 34 degree Fahrenheit.That's why most of us are having congestion, especially my baby Sophia. This cold weather gives me skin problem too like rashes, dry skin and itchy scalp. And then next Saturday is our party so I need acne treatment so bad. I want to get of my nasty blackheads in my nose. It's irritating when sometimes my foundation can't just hide them.

Happier Than Ever

I was surprised when A called me yesterday asking for B's number where in fact she could ask from her group of friends. What happened was, an association was established here in my place and I didn't joined for the simple reason that I just don't feel like joining. Some blew it out of proportion and started making speculations. I heard comments which irritated me , so I told one of the Association's advisers that if they have problem with me they can invite me to one of their meetings so I can answer their worries in person but never they never did. Instead some of them keep on talking against my group of friends from behind.My feeling is they're so chicken about personal confrontation because probably they're scared of something that we can exposed. For sure we have a lot of things to tell, I personally, because I witnessed it and someone from them threatened me.She warned me that I will be in big trouble if I continue to help this woman that according to them is the cause of this division. I hated it when they portray as innocent that they haven't done anything wrong but on my point of view, they caused my friends so much pain that's why I wished they will invite me to one of their meetings. But then continuously until now , they can't stop gossiping. And what makes me feel relieved is by writing it here. And when these people found out about my blog, then and again they misinterpreted everything. Some of them think of my blog as stupid. And someone actually bully me on the phone. So I did stop outpouring my emotions here for awhile. Then yesterday, A called, telling me stuffs that I don't need to hear My feeling was she probably thought that I'm miserable right now. Oh my, I swear I've never been better because I'm in the right circle of friends and to top that I have a wonderful family. But in fairness a is really nice to my family.She just probably missed me. I just don't like it when she makes unsolicited advise that don't make sense to me. And besides it's disappointing also when they stand up to something that is not real. It makes me puke when she's supporting this person who keeps on stabbing her on the back.
This is my blog. Like I said if you don't like what I wrote here please just move on.. don't read. I can't help it , I'm just slightly opinionated.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Build to Last

I just finished cleaning the kitchen. My toddler helped me. He vacuumed the carpet and it turned out great. Then we watched TV, while I'm also browsing in the Internet. My laptop is one of the things that is really important to me, because most of my personal stuffs and tasks are compiled in my yahoo account. I just wished my laptop is build to last. Everytime I watch military channel or even CSI or NCIS, I'm amazed how advanced their computer systems are, from rackmount lcd to other computer peripherals. they are definitely build to last.

Monday, December 7, 2009

Sophia at Four Months

I can't believe she's four months old now. Last week she got another shot of vaccines. The doctor said she's a healthy baby and chubby too. She's quite heavy . But I don't mind holding her whenever chance I got. During school days, she's mostly in the car seat because we're always driving around giving Steph and Bianca rides to school.That's why I always spend quality time with her any chance I got.

Friday, December 4, 2009

Quality Comes First

Isn't it frustrating when the structure such as your home or store that you built with your sweat and brow will just be gone in just one natural disaster such as typhoon or hurricane? I bet it is and the feeling could be worse. That's why when you build a building make sure that quality comes first and use metal buildings. Don't just settle for less. It's a very big investment when the building you built can stand the high level hurricane or storm.
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