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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Healthy Lifestyle

I'm so happy because when I checked my weight today, I lose  a lil bit of weight and I just started a new health regimen. It's about focusing on eating healthy foods and creating a balanced and healthy lifestyle. I start of by drinking water in the morning. They said it will help you get rid of the toxins of our body. Then I quit drinking coffee and I drink tea every after meal instead of soda. It's all about discipline. You can ask an austin certified nutritionist to assist you in understanding how to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Health is wealth. When you are healthy, you are confident and happy. I'm thankful that I was able to know about these stuffs as I was struggling how to lose my weight for a long time. That's why we should not lose hope because somewhere somehow help is just around the corner.


Today is pretty much a good day. I got out from work early. I got lots of goodies today. I was able to keep in touch with many friends online. I was able to spend time with my family. I was able to pick up my son from school. I was gonna pick up the girls but I would rather not too. I am avoiding someone who betray me. I don't want to see her at all. Good thing my husband understand that. So he picked up the girls. Awesome. Then later in the afternoon, me and the kids went to Church. It was great. The kids are not so bad at all in the entire mass so I'm thinking of going back to church again tomorrow or on Saturday.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011


I received a letter from my 1st grade daughter's teacher yesterday informing me that all her homework are perfect. I couldn't be so happier. Last year when she was in kindergarten, she also did a good job. We also received a latter stating that  her reading skill is in 2nd grade level. I'm so proud of her. So I'm planning to reward her again. This time, I want to get her xbox games. At first we were worried about buying her video games as it may destruct her studies but when she have Wii, she doesn't pay much attention with it as compare to other kids. She still love reading and her barbies. So I guess an xbox can still be on the reward list.

Friday, September 16, 2011

New Buiding

We have this little store at the farm where we sell general merchandise such  as canned goods, rice, vegetables, fruits, seasoning, sodas and many more. We are also selling pesticides and fertilizers before. On the other end of the store is a mini dining/lounging area where the customers can eat or just hangout. On the other end are the fertilizers and pesticides. And in the storage are are sacks of chicken manure which is also use as fertilizers. And it stinks really bad which is not good for the store itself. The customers can smell it and they won't buy anymore because the odor is really bothering. So I decided to ask my dad to get those easy to build steel buildings for the fertilizers that way it will be separated from other merchandise and people will not be bothered by it. I think it is the perfect idea.

Life Is What You Make It

I have a classmate in elementary, our class valedictorian, who, I really look up to in some aspects in life. She's the kind of person who put the best in everything she do. No wonder where's at now. She's a successful lawyer who is married to a successful lawyer too. What I like about her is she keeps her feet on the ground. She has achieve so much in life but is still the same person I've known before, if not even better. We actually haven't seen other for like more or less twenty years. We just keep in touch in facebook. Through facebook I am reunited with my old friend, old buddies or old acquaintances. I read her posts regularly and I'm just uphold with the way she manage her life. In my own opinion, she became like that because she just follow the basic pattern in life. Get an education to get a better job. Obeyed her parents and be socially and morally responsible. I'm actually out of words to describe her. She is  ultimately awesome! And I'm so proud of he especially now that she just gave birth to a perfect baby boy. See, life is waht you make it. Put the best in everything that you do and evertyhing will fall into  the perfect places.Cheers to you Atty. Anj Razo Sator. I am so proud of you.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Lime Versus Orange

Eric's first Soccer game last Saturday. We are so proud of him. Till next Saturday for the 2nd game. Can't wait!!!

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Halloween Long Johns

Oh I'm so thankful that I found out about this Halloween Long Johns. Here in our place, it's pretty much very cold during the month of October. And every Halloween it always has been always misty or rainy. These long johns, is perfect for my toddlers to wear alone or under their costume. This is perfect to warm them for the very cold weather here. I still have to look for baby costumes for my youngest. Last year she was a butterfly. I don't have any idea yet what's going to wear this year. She might just wear this long Johns and we will just stay at home ant hand down candies. Last year it was really rainy.I'm sure they will have much fun giving away some goodies.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

My Ride

I have been driving my Dodge Intrepid for three years now. Thanks God, I never have problems with it . When other people get to drive it, they are often impressed how smooth it runs. It's fast too. Even though we're planning to trade it with a truck, I am thinking of keeping it and just buy another truck. I want to keep it since it's my first car. I will just have my husband modify it since he's a gear head. Change the tires and rims. I'm pretty sure we can find rims for sale everywhere. My husband has this sleek rims in his truck and I want mine too. Maybe one of these days, he can spare some time to modify my car before he goes back to work.
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