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Saturday, February 25, 2012


I just got home. I visited my friend who is recuperating from his back surgery. He's doing pretty good. He's no longer in pain.  He probably had a back surgery laser because he was able to recover sooner than it should be. I remember before he had the surgery. He can't stand very well and I can really tell that he's miserable. That's why it is important that we don't do things that can hurt our back because the damage is really hard to deal with. I think the best way to protect our back is proper lifting and proper posture.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Low Interest

It was this morning when a friend of mine ask me if I don't have any plan of putting up a business and so I said yes, who don't want to have a business wherein you will be the boss. But the problem is where would I get the capital? She suggested that maybe we could have a loan on the bank. Loan in the bank with a high interest?no way!. So she said that she was able to search on the net stimulusfunding small business loans that offers a very low interest and its easy to apply. I think it's worth to try. There is no harm in trying anyways.


While I was doing a bunch of homework yesterday, I got a call in my cellphone. The number was familiar to me but I can't remember who it was. So when I tried to answer, as I touch the accept prompt in my screen it don't work. I just got my new phone two days ago so I am not quite oriented with it yet. The ring took awhile and I couldn't seem to figure out how to accept the call, then I realized whose number was it. It was the number of this woman who tries to make my life miserable last year. Wow, why on earth she's calling me. Oh well,  I always believed that things happened for a reason. Even the technology agrees with me.

Saturday, February 4, 2012


What could life be without coffee?Have you think about it?I ask that question when I wake up every morning and hearing this question, Do we have a hot water? I want to drink coffee. So I wonder why do they will not buy an airpot wherein when they want to drink coffee they will just pour it on their mug from that airpot, tleast many could drink coffee right away and not that one by one. I think that is more convenient than boiling a water, pouring it on the mug and add sugar and coffee on it.
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