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Thursday, July 26, 2012


Something came out on my mind just this moment. I want to cook and eat leche flan,YUMMY!. I miss those times when I cook leche flan with my boyfriend and eat together afterwards. Well, eating together with him is not anymore possible. Were miles away now since he works abroad. But I am still looking forward to days that we will be together and when that day come, I will really cook everything that he wants to eat.

Saturday, July 14, 2012


Everything has to be updated and upgraded . This I observed when I visited my friend in the hospital. The nurses are now pushing laptop carts on wheels  for charting and EMR instead of the usual paper and pen.I realized that by using this medical cart, it will optimize the work flow to create a more competent work environment. It could increase output and could have more time for patient care. And another thing, schools also uses this because it's much easier for the students to use instead of going back and forth in the laboratory.

Chocolate Rice

I'm so glad to finally find the ingredient in making a chocolate rice. In the Philippines, my grandmother always cook this for us, and I love it. The ingredient is made of cacao, but we don't have it here. Well, I thought. When I went to my a friend who is a Mexican, I saw the product in her kitchen and I was so happy to know that we can but it in Walmart.I made chocolate this morning and my kids love it.


I had been watching a realiTV every morning. They feature different tourist destinations in the country. What I like most is that when they features different hotels and showed it on TV. The beds are very comfy, I also like the modern bathrooms , it has a touch of simplicity yet project modernization. You wouldn't mind staying there the whole day. Mind you, the room rate are affordable. But even if they are the standard rates, it would worth it. Comfort is priceless.


I had been traveling from city to province where I am staying right now. It took me much of my time on the road since there was a major road construction. Instead of sleeping inside the bus,I keep myself busy by observing the construction workers. One thing that I observed was that the construction workers are used skid loader. It is a small rigid frame, engine-powered machine with lift arms used to attach a wide variety of labor-saving tools or attachments. Though sometimes they are equipped with tracks,used skid loaders are typically four-wheel vehicles with the wheels mechanically locked in synchronization on each side, and the left-side drive wheels can be driven independently of the right-side drive wheels. It’s a big help during the construction period, it lessen the work and it makes the work faster.

Marriage and Commitment

Yesterday while I was taking my lunch break at work, one of my very nice co-workers talked to me. First, he ask if I am married. I wave my ring finger at him and said, " Yes, I'm so married, eight years and counting, " then I told him that I will be married for fifty years. And he said , " Men I feel bad for you,". I told him how screwed he was. But we're friends, so whatever we said to each other, we don't mind. But I gave him a long list of advices. He just chuckled, but one thing that he learned is that I am a one man woman and I my husband is so lucky.


During Christmas, we are very busy thinking about gifts. What would be the best gift to give to someone who is very dear to us? Last Christmas, my students gave me   Photo Christmas Cards where they put my picture at the center of the card and each one of them put their dedication in the card. I was really touch because though it is simple yet their effort is priceless. And it's July already so I'm already planning for the design of the photo cards that I'm going to send to my family and friends during the holidays.

School Project

Our school purchases  flat screen TVs  as one of the in projects our Science club. They decided to hang it on the wall inside the science laboratory. I noticed that only those classes that have laboratory can use it, how about those who wanted to use the TV for their discussion but will not use the laboratory. I proposed that the next project for the math and science club will be a tv stands for flat screens, at least everybody could have a chance of using the flat screens when it needs inside their classroom.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

TV Marathon

I just finished watching Suits, now I am watching Covert Affairs. These two are TV shows in channel 35. Suits is about the life in the world of the lawyers and paralegal. I love it because there are so many ideas that I can apply to my life. On the other hand, Covert Affairs is a very interesting TV program because it features about the life in the World of CIA. The lead role is portrayed by Annie. I love it because it has lots of twists that you didn't expect that will happen in the story.
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