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Thursday, August 30, 2012


I have a co-worker that really annoys me. She's not just conceited but very full of herself too. Then I talked to her yesterday and it just changed my impression of her. Right now, I pity her. She's just a mom who try to forget all her problems by being such an attention seeker at work. At work, she wants you to always complement about outfit and like all the pictures she posted in her facebook. After I found out how heavy was the burden she's been going through, I don't mind liking her pictures everyday and appreciate any chance I can.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Stress Reducer

The struggle of man to improve our living condition to make our life more pleasant and more comfortable and everything be made accessible are achieved through the creativity and ability of some of our fellow men. To mention a few is the invention of water fountains . This is very useful in our home. Aside from reducing the stress in our daily work. It adds beauty and elegance in our outdoor space. It is an art in our home and offices. There are large selection of water fountain with a unique design as a product of mans creativity. You can choose from different collection as in outdoor, Indoor, wall, floor, Table top, custom and other.

Monday, August 27, 2012

Tech Tip : Brake Fluid

Well before I start my day, just thought of reminding you folks about the most neglected item as in your vehicle, and that's your brake fluid. My wife, Gina, told me about having to apply a lot of pressure to get the brakes to function. I opened the hood and sure as Hell, the brake fluid was black as the ace spades.

So I got out my pump brake bleeder, opened up the right rear caliper bleeder screw apply and started to apply vacuum. To my surprise, I had to apply 25psi to start the flushing and the crap that came out wasn't pretty! Anyway, continued for ten minutes and it pressure needed dropped to 5psi but still black. After topping off the master cylinder 3 times while flushing it started to clear up and no pressure was needed to apply the brakes. Yes ,it's my fault but I corrected the problem and Gina's happy.

So if you check your brake fluid and it's black, go to the local parts house and spend the $35 for the vacuum bleeder kit and service your ride, sure as Hell will save you some dough as in having a shop replace your wheel cylinders or calipers. Ahh Wheel cylinders, $20 apiece and calipers, $95-$150 a pop, plus shop labor $45-$60 an hour kinda adds up over 20 minutes of DYS maintenance and another 200,000 miles of service outa your braking system....................

Friday, August 24, 2012


Somebody cares for you, whatever you want, whatever you need, whatever you dream, to make this possible, is their concerned. They looking forward to get the easiest for your solution for your comfort and complete satisfaction. The invention of spray tan machine  makes your desire possible. So there is no need for sun bathing. There are lots of tanning store online for you to choose. They have all the special/sales and buyers guide as well as tanning resources for your references

Soccer Season

This year's soccer season is the busiest season because my three kids will be playing. Every week they have soccer practice which is twice a week. They have different teams also so we are always in the park where they practice most of the time. This will exciting because this will help them get back in shape because during their Summer vacation, they gained  so much weight.

Friday, August 10, 2012

The McClellan Law Firm

  Due to the desire of the people to acquire cars, motor cycles and similar vehicle for their service for hire for livelihood our streets become over crowded. Traffic becomes a problem Cars and motors accidents become normal and ordinary happen every day. Negligence of some driver or driver drunk during duty. Abuses of some drivers to traffic rules and regulation increases the number of accident happen but vehicular accidents count most of it.
Victims sometime are unattended. Unsolved problem of hit and run often happen .Victim need assistance and help to protect their rights and secure justice. Before these things may happen we should be acquainted and be familiarize to the right persons and offices to approach to settle this problem. The McClellan Law Firm whose address is in 1444 State Street. San Diego Ca.92101 is the answer of this problem. Their firm is composed of top caliber lawyer with a reputation of excellence. Their integrity and credibility is proven by several times awarded as top lawyer in America. They are honest to their clients to get full and complete services. And complete compensation to the injured person. We can assure their complete services because they have a limitation in handling cases to attain the best possible result .The only handle is cases at given time. To give their clients full attention.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

For School and for Outdoors

Packing and unpacking are the least pleasant parts of any trip and it all starts and ends with our luggage. I am more comfortable to travel using the mini jansport backpack  . It is a carry-on bag for a trip that would allow me to carry all the typical carry-on stuff plus a full change of clothes. Jansport bags never runs out of new style. I love its versatility because I can use for school or going out of teips.nI'm going to buy Jansport backpacks for my kids too because it's the only backpack that can withstand my kids' heavy books.

Ashton Eaton

Ashton is called the World's greatest athlete. He's from Bend oregon and gos to school in University of Oregon. I work and goes to school in Oregon so I cheer for him. I also cheer for Trey Hardee. He's doing a great job too. I'm excited for both of them.s

Durable Materilas

In this modern time many had the ability the knowledge but perfection was never been reached. Expertise and specialties in their skills to the field of endeavor is the response to meet the demand and satisfaction of the users. In building residential houses, door and windows are the one of the attraction. This need to be designed in a classy manner with durable materials. There are firms that run these kind if business specialties in replacement windows newport news va . We can select from them a wide range of model. Contact or visit them for your choice.

Beach Volleyball

Beach Volleyball is a fun sport to watch. Last nigh I stayed up late just to watch the Olympics Beach Volleyball. It's just not as as thrilling to watch because they are both USA teams. I'm just amazed how fun it is to watch. There are only two players in each team. This sport really needs good teamwork. I'm inspired while watching them so I'm thinking of bringing the kids to the kids so we can play beach volleyball.

Friday, August 3, 2012

Well Designed

I have been fascinated with things that are customized most especially  custom design t-shirts . When I was teaching, I always look forward for the intramural week to come for that is the only time that we are allowed to make a custom design t-shirt for our class. I even ask my students to make their own layout and present it to class and whoever got a best design will be used for our t-shirt as design. It is an avenue also for the students to show their talent and be able to express what they really feel through their designs.

Third Trimester

As I enter on the third trimester of my pregnancy, I really experience sleeping disorders at night and I felt worried on it. Others are saying that I should have a better sleep so that it would not affect the development of my baby and that makes me more worried. I had frequent urination, hunger and can't get comfortable with my position in sleeping. So what I did was I made some readings about the basics of good sleep on the Internet and it helps me a lot. My boyfriends mother gives me some tips also.

Motivation In Business

I was really thinking what's the best business to put up that is profitable and at the same time fit to the consumers needs. A friend told me why not try the food business. Why not? everybody eat and it is a basics need. The problem are the things to be used just like  restaurant equipment and supplies, the location for the food business and many more. It seems like putting up a business is not that easy,there are lots of things to be considered. But then if there is a will, there's a way. I will just keep my fingers crossed.
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