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Thursday, December 29, 2011

It's Raining... with Presents

When I woke up this morning, a package was waiting for me downstairs. I was so happy because it came from my friend in Stockton. She sent me seven blouses and shirts. I love it because it's my favorite brand. She's so sweet. She was my classmate in high school and we haven't seen each other for more than ten years now. Her family migrated here in the states before our high school graduation. I'm just happy that when I moved here they found me through social networking site. We're just seven hours drive apart but we keep in touch almost everyday. I'm planning to send her carhartt coveralls because she works in Alaska and I'm pretty sure she needed this kind of outfit because it gets so cold there.

Thoughts For Today

Sometimes in friendship, you think that you're the only one who's working it out or even in marriage, the husband or the wife is complaining that he/she is giving more than he/she is giving  him/her. You know, don't let this even affect you. Because it doesn't matter, who love most or who love less. What matters most is that God knows what is inside your heart and He appreciates everything that you do.
Even with my kids, I tell them this because sometimes one complain that the other one is not cleaning their bedroom like she does. So I told them, not to worry because God is watching them and those who are being nice will be rewarded. And it works.

Post Christmas Shopping

I'm really glad that I didn't shop lots of stuffs for myself before Christmas because the day after Christmas most of the stores are having their huge after Christmas sale. Yesterday I bought new blouses for me and I got 80% from everything that I bought.Tomorrow I'm going to shop for more because one of the stores here is going to have a door buster sale and it's going to be huge. I'm excited because it is also my payday. I will look into equestrian riding apparel online because we don't have in our stores here. I want to get a riding boots for my sister since she look good on it and I'm hoping she will practice riding horses because it will be a good skill to learn.

Happy Holidays

This year has been so great for my family. We met wonderful people and we are loved by our friends. God has blessed us so much. He provided us with what we need and He keep our family stronger each passing years. I wish everyone had a happy Christmas. May you have a wonderful New Year too. May the holiday spirit brings us to closer to each other and always closer to God.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Dances Like No One Is Watching

I just uploaded three videos of my son's dancing during our Christmas Party last Saturday in YouTube.  Me and my husband were amazed of his skills and coordination. He's totally awesome. People were watching and they asked where he learned those moves. He actually learned it from the Disney Channel shows. It's just incredible that he was able to learn those moves just by watching. I shared in my facebook the uploaded videos to show it to our families and friends. I'm going to upload more videos and I will try to use a free YouTube downloader to make it faster.

Eric And His Moves

I can't beleive my son! He showed his dance moves in front of many people during our Christmas party last satrurday. He's amazing. He danced to three songs none stop. We are so proud of him. He never seizes to amazed us. Thank you God for our kids.

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Singing Sister

Guest post of the week by Deangelo Spencer

My little sister is such a great singer. One time when she was singing to a song on the radio, I told her she should go to Nashville. She had no idea what I meant. When we got home, I pulled up the rural internet service provider outside Cleveland to show her what Nashville is known for. We went to a site that talked about the city’s history and she could not believe all the great music that had come out of that city. Now all she can talk about is Nashville. Every time I get on the computer she wants to go to the website to see if anything has changed. I think by now she has probably memorized the whole website because it does not get updated all that often. One way or another I would like to actually take her one day. I do not know if she will be the next big thing, but she should at least get to see the place where her dreams may comes true. I think we may try to take her for her sixteenth birthday. It is so far away, but I know she will really appreciate it.

Generous Hearts

A mom is about to lose their electricity because she can't pay the bill. She asked for help from our community group here in fb. Since then, she got overflowing support. My point is when you're a mom you will do everything to shelter your kids and I'm so proud of the people here in our town becoz they help w/o doubting. From where I came from, I experienced that when someone asked help, some neighbors would mock them, and if they help they asked something in return it doesn't matter if it's your own house & it sucks because sometimes it's  your own relatives. That would it be nice if people will learn how to help w/o asking something in return and just wish that someday they can at least pay it forward...just saying...

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Goodbye Our Dear Old Piano

Me and my husband were glad because we were able to sell our old piano. It still works good but it just occupies too much space in our front room. Besides, we still have one piano left for the kids to play with. We're just relieved because someone was interested to buy it because we're actually just planning to give away. It's so heavy and I'm just that it didn't ruin our floor. The quick step laminate flooring is really a good quality because it wasn't damaged even though we drag on it the piano as we push it outside the door. It really pays off when you choose good quality products. It helped you save more money in the long run.

Friday, December 2, 2011

Presents For Christmas

It's so cold, I need to bring out my hoodie. Hoodies are one of the most essential clothing in our wardrobe especially here in our place.  That's why if you check my closet I have tons of hoodies in different colors. Hoodies are comfortable to wear and  it's perfect for a busy mom like me. It's of course not just for moms but mostly for kids, juniors and women. Here in our place, most of the time people are wearing Aeropostale hoodies. For me, Aeropostale made good quality hoodies and much cheaper than it's competition brand.
I usually stock up on hoodies this time of year because the prices are going down and there are so many promos and discounts. Just like in Aeropostale, their hoodies for guys are 50% off and the clearance are up to 75% off. With the quality you can't go wrong. Aeropostale is a famous brand that's why many people are wearing it. I have Aeropostale shoes, hoodies and shirts. They also have cool accessories available. It's already December 2 and you have less than 25 days before Christmas, so it's about time to check out some presents and make sure include Aeropostale hoodie in your list.


Me and my friends had dinner at Superfly last Monday and we had such a good time. I love the place. And I love the food. You won't be embarrass bringing your friends there. Although, it's better not to bring little kids there because it's more like a bar. Well duh it's called Superfly Martini Bar and Grill.
What I like about it more is because the food is great. My favorite is the seared pork loin. The price is incredibly affordable. I can't believe how cheap it is and yet still very delicious. We will definitely go back there again.

For anybody who is curious about their menu, hope this can help.

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