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Saturday, December 28, 2013


    I have just received my order of tambourine for my six years old kid. Because of the great discount offered of this product, I have save an amount enough to buy for a pair of cymbal, because my child is also interested in this instrument. I was so excited of the very low price, so that I decided to get one for him.

        This may be a nice start for a beginner, after he will learn and love to play this instrument this will be the time, to look for a better quality. But even if this a super low price, I found out that it is a good quality. The sound is loud and nice, It has a crash effect when bang together. This is best suited for children, for it is easy to play. Rhythem Band Brass Cymbal is one of the very affordable price and the best seller. In Musician's Friend there are a huge selection of excellent kids cymbals at Musicians Friend  at very affordable price. Shop now and enjoy their special offer with complete satisfaction.

Christmas Party

       Every year the Filipino- American Community will hold a Christmass party. This is a sort of celebration of the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ, thanksgiving, and reunion of friends who are living and working in the different parts of California or nearby county or cities. This year 2013 the venue was in Crescent City particularly in the residence of our active member, Martin and Ivy.

     As usual practice every participant will share some of their favorite dishes and bring to the host member. As we found out there were a varieties of specialty foods shared, which the wide table couldn't anymore accommodate. If we try to pick a sample of every kind, we couldn't  consume it all.

      The red dress color of the participants highlighted the affair plus the different parlor games for children as will as the adult. There were also an exchanging of gifts for all the participants adults as will as the children, and then fallowed by awarding of prizes to the winners. Over all as I observed all the participants enjoyed the affair.

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Good Prices

Holiday season is the time for best buy, for most items are sold at a huge discount. At Musicians Friend live wire cable are now sold at 50% off or more. These includes live wire instrument cable, microphone cable, speaker, RCA, lighting, digital, MIDI, TRS, headphone, guitar cable, USB and audio cable. Additional 15% discount you will earn if your order will reach $ 399.00+ and 10% off for order amount to $ 199.00+. For single item that amount $ 199.00 you are entitled to 15% off and 10% off for order that amount to $99.00+.

         To quote their current price from their best selling products, just to compare to their previous tag price are as follows:

Live wire advantage series 1/4" straight instrument cable.......................................$ 7.99
Live wire advantage series 1/4 " straight angled......................................................$ 9.99

Live wire advantage standard EXM series microphone cable.................................$ 14.99
Live wire Elite 12 gauge speaker 1/4" speaker cable...............................................$25.00
Live wire DMX cable...............................................................................................$16.99
Live wire Elite instrument cable...............................................................................$ 22.99
Live wire TRS-TRS balanced patch cable................................................................$ 7.99
Live wire 14 gauge speaker cable.............................................................................$ 15.99
These are just some of the huge selection. These cool live wire cables at musicians friend products are all guaranteed, reliable, functional and with super quiet soldering materials. Its have a strength and withstand for everyday uses. Over all these products are a life time guaranteed. For more details visit Musicians

Perfect Guitar

In the midst of several brands of guitar, Ovation brand and its different model has come up to be the chosen one for every musician and guitar expert, because of its great performance and durability. Each model has a unique quality, compared to other brand. It has a very good sound with a great tone.

      Ovation brand has all the product advantages. It is so comfortable and easy to play. A great sounding guitar and it will give a richer tone as time goes by, plus it will hold intonation perfectly. Through its beautiful finish with a fair price make this ovation at guitar center  a perfect one for you.

       So end your search now, and get ovation brand, and you'll never regret. With their guaranteed lowest price you'll be assured of your complete satisfaction. For more details visit guitar

Mean Or Nice

At the age of 35 I thought I would be smart enough to completely know myself as a person. I know I am a good person. I have a conscience. I feel bad when I hurt people. I am always scared to disobey God. I believe though that I’m not capable to cheat, steal or even kill J.  But I don’t judge people because I don’t know what’s really in their hearts.

No matter how deep I know myself, there are circumstances that put me in confusion.  Since I was a little child my family, especially in my mother’s side always tell me that I was a mean, a brat and spoiled child. I’m surprised that my family in my father’s side didn’t thought of me that way. At least that’s what my Ate Berlyn think to me. She’s been always kind to me. Well maybe because she doesn’t know me that much. What the heck,  I’m actually tired of that, when people tell you “ you don’t know her that much”.  In fairness my cousins in my mother’s side love me even though like they said I am mean to them. They love me and they always tell me that. I have friends that I’ve met since I was a little kid and yet there’s still kind to me , my friends in high school and college, they are still good to me. The friends I’ve met here are really good to me. At times though when  I heard my mom talking to my friends how spoiled I am growing up, it kinda hurts. They talked about my tantrums and how they just let it go to avoid fights. I would like to tell them, don’t use the word spoiled because spoiled are for rich people. I don’t them to try to make it sound cute when what they’re really trying to say is that I’m mean. They think I am mean and I have bad temper.

For all the years that people call me mean, I just feel like just staying in the walk-in closet in our bedroom, find comfort folding from the nice clothes that I bought for less than the half price. Then debating I have to return the shoes that bought impulsively but I haven’t worn yet, is quite a confusion too.

I’m actually just really tired, from work  and all the things that I plan to do to achieve my in life. But I just have to really keep this cool. Don’t listen to the people who tag me as a bad person. I know myself. I am a loving person. I know I am. I want to be there for the people I respect. Most importantly to be there for my children and for Lee. I am thankful to God for my husband. He knows me inside and out but he accepted me wholeheartedly. He knows me so much but he always have kind words for me.  When I made mistakes he never punished me.  Some people teach other people a lesson when they have wronged them. Lee is not like that.  So I guess I am lucky after all!!!!!

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Beautiful Guitar

  Durable, beautiful, quality tone-with spectacular sound and excellent playability are some of the advantages we can find in martin mmv guitar. As played with other similarly price with electronic built-in guitar, it plays better than the rest of these guitar.

     It is durable because it is made superior quality wood, such as solid Sitka on the top and solid Indian rose wood body. It has a mahogany neck, and a rich life fret board. This MMV Solid wood Martin Dreadnought/ Sitka Acoustic Guitar has the Martin X bracing which make the fine combination of tone woods. The gold tuner and the white binding as will as the nitro cellulose finish add the beauty of this guitar. A beautiful vintage hard shell case is included when you buy this guitar. Life time warranty is offered to this guitar as proof of its quality and durability.

       Good news is their great offer, from their MRSP of $ 2,799.00 these are now sold at $1,499.00. With the saving of $ 1,300.00 or 46 % off we can buy several cheaper model guitar such as the Little Martin for kids or some guitar accessories .

        With their guaranteed lowest price, with free shipping, you can be assured of complete satisfaction. So shop now or visit

Music Publisher

       GIA Publication is the world largest sheet music selection publisher, for teaching and learning, experiences of different top instruments, such as piano and keyboard, guitar, woodwind, violin, brass, organ solo, folks instrument, and percussion. Its teaches music with technology and learning theory. GIA Publication Inc. is a major publisher of hymnal, and other sacred music education materials, such as music for church, including choral songs, healing songs which offer a soothing balm, to nurse the wounded heart of human kind.

        There are more than 10,000 items found in their  publication from the world top composers and arrangers that compose of books sheet music and media, performance instruction, method and instruction, guitar method and guitar instruction. These are available at Guitar Center or guitar You can find there a perfect one for you, from their wide selection of music instruction books, instruction video, guitar tabs, and instruction software.

        Among of their best seller books with their corresponding price are the following:

A  Music Learning Theory for Young Children .........................$ 27.95
Teaching Music with Technology ..............................................$ 34.95
Pathways .....................................................................................$ 17.95
Evaluation of Music Aptitude......................................................$ 31.95
Hal Leonard Gibson Guitar Method Book...................................$ 24.99
Method Complete Edition by L. Gibson......................................$ 22.95
All method and instruction books for instruments at affordable price, you can be assured of your complete satisfaction at the lowest available price in gia publications.

Frosty Night

      One night , I experienced an  unusual extreme coolness, even if I wore my sweater coupled with a jacket with a hand glove, still the coolness soothes to my body. I then turn-up our heater, to over come the coolness. That was the coolest time I've ever experienced since I arrived here in Crescent City.

       On the following morning, I was greatly surprised when I opened the window of our house to find out that the rest of the roof of the houses in our village looks like a newly coated with a white paint. These were all covered with frost. One thing I was worried was, almost all my plants and flowers were frosted and weathered.

        According to some residence, those who have resided here for a length of time , that was the coldest time happened here in Crescent City.

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Apps For Real State Agents

Working in customer service is fun; it is not boring, the days go by quickly and being able to help people gives a wonderful feeling. To be in customer service, we can work as a sales associate, a pharmacy technician and or as a real state agent. In real state it is also a fulfilling job which can offer a good money from commission. The real state agents has a new app on the go  which enable them easy to communicate while they are on the go. The real estate crm is an important app to become a more efficient real state agent.

Thanksgiving Days

Thanks giving is always celebrated in United States on the 4th Thursday in November. This year 2013 it falls on November 28. This is a national holiday with religious significance in United States. Almost all people are preparing some special dish on this date. Turkey dinner is the most common preparation.

      What ever how abundance are our food recipes it is important to give more little special in our celebration by saying a little prayer, ( A Grace before meal and a Grace after meal) to express our thank giving for the blessing in our life.

        Thank giving date in United States:
 2011    Thursday    November    24

 2012    Thursday    November    22
 2013    Thursday    November    28
 2014    Thursday    November    27
 2015    Thursday    November    26
 2016    Thursday    November    24     

Wednesday, November 13, 2013


     People are shock of the different calamities that strike in some part of the world today. Earthquake, tsunamis, typhoon and flood had devastated many parts of the world particularly, Philippines, Japan, and Vietnam.
    A year ago, Japan was hit by a strong earthquake and tsunami which cause enormous loss of lives and properties. Another strong earthquake hit the Philippines particularly in Visayas region, in Bohol and Cebu. It damaged several infrastructure such as churches, houses and bridges, crackdown of several roads which cause impassable for land transportation. Landslide were found every where that cause the damaged of crops and even lives of the people. After the earthquake many sink holes were discovered and ground crack down. Just a few days later another calamity strike this region, which is the super typhoon Yolanda. This swept the city of Tacloban, Samar and neighboring provinces, and cities. A mass destruction happened in these place, where thousand of lives were sacrifice. Leaving nothing on their properties.
      Government authorities were sending relief goods to the survivors. Continue rescue operation is still going to search the missing individual. Many countries are sending aides, money and relief goods to the victims.

Friday, November 8, 2013


Band members always take with them their mouth piece in every occasion. To keep this for safety it is best advantage to put this in a mouth piece case. With Cavallaro tuba mouth piece roll, you can assure for your safety and comfortably. This is made of a nylon shell. with a wool's lamb interior to protect your mouthpiece and use a mouthpiece case. They are designed with plenty of rooms for any size tuba mouth piece.  The durability of this case is guaranteed because all the material used is from a high quality, with a strong zipper. Band members has to buy the best quality of mouthpiece because it is part of their music life.

Halloween Party

My life is so busy I wasn't to update all the important activities that happened in my life. Let me start from our Halloween Party. It was pretty much memorable because we had so much fun. I can't believe I was able to pull off that kind of party. I have so many guest and my friends bring lots of good food. Everybody had so much fun. We have costume party for all catagories, toddler boy and girl, big girls and boys and adults. It was fun.
 Although it was a Halloween party, the activities was likely a sort of re-union and acquaintance party. All contributed their favorite dishes, and share it together. A mingle of Mexican, Filipino and American dishes were found there. Which the wide table space was not enough for the varieties of foods.

Musically Inclined

There are schools who are offering scholarships for band member students. In our place, most of our teens joined the band , especially who are from a family who could hardly afford to send them to college.

   With their self and strong determination to pursue and achieve to their chosen carrier, through their unique instrument, 4 valve baritone at musicians friend, they are now successful in their different field of endeavor. We will encourage our kids to get acquainted with musical instrument. Let them discover the value of it , which many have already enjoyed.

      These 4 valve Baritone are usually used in school, in military or marching band. When included in orchestra performance, it is often times used in solo part. This may cost a some amount of money, but the returning benefits may just be monetary, because the joy of music, and the reward is priceless. Its guaranteed durability will enable you to share to your succeeding member of your family or even to your next generation.

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Finally I am a Pharmacy Technician

Last October 25 of this year I passed the Pharmacy Technician Board. I still cannot believe it. I claimed it as a miracle from God. Besides the fact that I am not as ready as I want to be, I also thought that I won't be able to take the test because I wasn't able to put all my names in my application. But I was able to take the test and passed it. I praised God Almighty. He is so good. I am so happy. It's something that I really want to finished so that I will be able to call myself a certified pharmacy technician. As for the moment, I am torn between pursuing this career or staying at my present job. Weird right? Well, there are so many things that happened, that it seems like things are happening to prevent me from working in the pharmacy. Then at my job I might get a PIC ( person in charge) position. To be honest this is quite confusing for me that's why I will just leave everything to God and I will let Him guide me.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013


   In the market today, there are multiple of new products, which are displayed in different stores. If we have lack of knowledge about the real description of these products or to distinguish from the genuine one we might be tempted to buy, because these are being sold at much lower price and looks also similar to the genuine brand.

       But knowledgeable owner of welding shop, knows where and what to buy, the existing brand, that are still the best, no matter of the the different in price, but the quality, the advantages and value of the product is their priority. A product which is built to last, comfortable to use, safe, and durable.

       Harris cutting, apparatus and equipment are already known every where for its quality manufacturing, engineering technology and design. harris torch  is equip with flash guard and check valve for safety. This among the list UL ( approved for safety product). Their torch handles are solid brass with protected torch unions and brazed connection. Also all their cutting attachments have a forged solid brass head. Their genuine model 85 welding torch are available at ATL Welding Also available are Harris torch kit, cutting torch, torch gas regulator, torch handles, cutting attachment, welding mixer, welding tip tubes and Harris machine torch accessories. Shipping is free for order of $ 100. So shop now !!

Stephanie On Her 8th Birthday

      Every time when Steph celebrate her birthday, her parents will prepare some especial foods for her invited visitors and friends. As usual their visitors will also present her  some birthday gifts. They will also prepare a sort of program to high light the event. Her past birthday celebration was always fun and enjoyable.

       But on this her 8th birthday celebration, she she requested her parent to cancel the food preparation, instead she requested an especial gift. An Ipod which she long to have it. With out our expectation, on the day of her birthday, their close friends arrived together with their gifts. They even gave gifts including her brother and sisters. Among of the gift were a beautiful dresses, 6  pair of shoes, sandal,  cash, chocolates. Her grand Ma gave her an ipod. One of her close friend, even if she was far distance, leaving her work just to attend that event. She brought with her many gifts. But for us her presence was more than gifts, the true value of friendship is more important.

        It was at the eleventh hour that they prepared the foods. With the assistance of our close friend, we were able to served our visitors.

Monday, September 2, 2013


       United States of America is called a nation of immigrants because this is the country that we can find different races of people all around the globe. Because of more opportunities in this country more and more people from time to time are migrating to this this place. Legal immigrants have contributed much of the economy to this country, but for those who enter illegally is a treat to our economy, instead of helping the economy to grow they are pulling it backward.

        As of now, there are now 11 million of undocumented immigrants who now staying in USA. The government is trying to make a deal to these people by means of Comprehensive Immigration Reform. There will be one set of rule to follow and this is a give and take solution, so that every qualified individual can enjoy the right and benefits by which the government have provided for. 

       Because the government is tightening about the enforcement of this case, every undocumented immigrant is oblique to apply for immigration, a pathway to US citizenship. Doing this is not a quick process, every individual must passed a background check, before they can earn the Green Card, SSN, and State ID, which is the basic requirement, when we apply for job, medicare, insurance. schoolarship for student, and other benefits. We need somebody who can guide us to do the immigration process. We need a trustworthy and reliable attorney to help us in our document preparation. 

       The immigration lawyers in los angeles is the right office to contact. Their experienced staff is well versed in the preparation of all immigration services, (USCIS), petition, as will as RIR labor certification. They offer quick turn around time. Most petitions are prepared within 10 working days. You can communicate them directly in a four business hours response time to your inquiries. 


I'm surprised I'm not that tired since I worked from 10 am to 11pm last night. The best thing about having my parents here is that they pretty much have pampered me just like when I was a little one. Have a beautiful day everyone. Tomorrow is the first day of school. I'm excited for my Sophia, she's gonna be in preschool.

Tuesday, August 27, 2013


       Usually for budget wise shoppers, will take time, for searching for a best product at the best price. Now is the right time, that they can avail their choose of appeal. Musicians Friend Shop is offering a warehouse sales, for their huge collection of items at very best offer. This is an incredible deal, so take this opportunity. Don't be late, because other items are already sold out. This offer is for a limited time only.

        Including in their special promotion is the versatile rode nt2-a. This is tasted and proven by its quality and performance not just by me but more to the expert in microphones. It is far more better than the other brand. This affordable microphone will match with the other expensive brand.

        Take a look of their discounted price:    MRSP-----------------------$ 699.
                                                      Your saving---------------------------$ 300.
                                                       Actual price--------------------------$ 399.

       So hurry, shop now while stocks are still available.

NIce Hotel

       From the the start of summer season, particularly in the month of June, most of the hotel in Crescent City are always fully book. Even if there are  several hotels in this place, they are always occupied by vacationist and travelers. Especially Super 8 hotel where it is the most accessible for travelers and have a wide parking space for their car and with the accommodation of their pets, this will cater their customers to stay in this hotel. Plus their customer service is satisfactory they have all the coming back customers.

        Because I'm more familiar of this hotel and often come to this place, I always hear the positive comments from the customers regarding this place. Mostly they commented that they like Crescent City because it is peaceful, safe to stay, clean and beautiful. They always said, (I love this place). Every now and then there are vacationist from the nearby state such as from Washington State, Oregon, Nevada,and more and also from nearby cities and county in California, like from Eureka City, Medford, Cosby. Even from other country such as from Canada, Philippines and others want to visit Crescent City, because of the peaceful situation here as will as to observed the beautiful scenery of the city and to visit the world famous Redwood National and State Park.

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Ideal Gift

I got  myself a new couch, so I think it's just fair to get my kids a nice Nord Piano like this one. I really want my kids to enhance their skills in music especially in playing piano. I register Stephanie and Bianca in the piano class last year, but it didn't went through because the teacher quit teaching. It's frustrating because my kids were disappointed about it and now they don't seem to like going back to piano lessons, but I thinking if they got this amazing Nord piano, they will probably change their mind.

Friday, August 2, 2013

Playing Guitar

   In our place there is a group of six children with the age of 8-10 years old. They have the same likes and interest in term of hobby and activities, which is playing guitar. Every week end and after school hour, they'll group together and practice playing guitar.

     The father of the one of the group, who is a guitar player provide them a guitar which is suited for the beginner. the size is ideal for children. This is the martin lxm  (Little Martin Acoustic Guitar ) This is a value guitar, good for practice and beginning student. It has a quality sound , durable, but yet at affordable price.

      As a support for the group we the parents agreed that we will provide an additional units or if possible one for each of them. We have to buy the above mention brand because this is the one that the children preferred.

"You've Got A Friend" Billy Crawford feat. Nikki Gil Music Video

I love watching Nikki and Billy. It's sad that they have to separate.


     We in our Christian Community are planning to buy an amplifier that can be use in our Sunday Liturgical Mass. But we have not yet decided about the brand and model, until one day I attended a choir workshop seminar at our nearby Christian Community. I was so much impressed of their portable amp, which gave a clear sound. It has a very nice digital reverb. Even though that the size is small, but its sound is loud, enough for our Sunday Mass Celebration.

      This is the Fishman Loud box-mini pro-LBX-500-60 W 1 x6.5 acoustic combo amp. I like it aside from its quality sound, it's light in weight and easy to carry. Its weight is less than20 lbs. I browse in my PC about the price . I found out that it is affordable and worth for the price. Fortunately that they are offering a discount price of 35 % with a free shipping. To quote : List------$558.38
                                                                                                                              Saving--   195.43
                                                                                                                        Actual price$ 362.95
    For this price certainly this is a good deal. I'll suggest to my other members.

    There are a huge selection of fishman amplifiers at guitar center , shop now and get their guaranteed lowest price.

Church Time

I'm happy because  was able to go to church today with my parents. It's been a long time that we missed church because we are so busy at work. I feel guilty when I missed going to church because I know that God should be the priority and I know being busy is not an excuse. May God forgive me and still protect me from evil and make me stronger for all my struggles.

Lowest Price

       The advancement of the modern technology in printing is key factor for Zoo Printing to successfully provide and supply the needs of all their clients in printing industry. With their versatile EFI Vutek digital super wide printer which can deliver a quality and high level speed, this increase the capacity, reduce labor, and minimize waste. Almost all the major printing  activities are done by this machine, so that the cost of production is minimized, and that they could offer to their costumers, the lowest possible price with the best and quality products.

     With this integrated system, it enhance their clients for the opportunity to yield a quick return on investment by delivering superior image quality system performance, color management, reliability and durability.

      Zoo Printing is offering the largest selection of offsets and digital products in the market today. BY printing wholesale they provide their costumers more than the lowest price and many different services, such as direct mail, local delivery, services to their loyal costumers, by their discount price offered to them, the more they purchase the more they saved. They have also the reward program, every item there is a point. For every purchase made bring you closer to your reward.

Colon Cleansing

My back has been hurting these past few days and I'm worried that I might have appendicitis or kidney problem. I don't want to go to the doctor because my father has appendicitis and his medical bill is so high and they haven't done any surgery yet. He's feeling better now after he did a complete colon cleansing. I'm hoping that I can do it on my own.

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Life's Money Struggle

         Life is life a rolling wheel, sometimes we'll be at the top then it will goes down to the bottom. Beyond  our struggle to managed and make our life secured, there are events, which beyond our control , it will come to our life with out our expectation. Events such as natural calamities which can damage our properties, including our properties which we get our source of income. Accident also that can lead to loose of every thing. Medical condition is another factor that can drained our saving and income.

         When these happen to any individual, these will cause him / her to not to pay their credit card bill, loans and another unsecured debts. Even if he / she desires to pay, but what can they do when they have nothing to pay instead they have to think of other alternative to quit from their obligation.

          This is a serious problem, it will  give a headache and financial stress. In this situation, we need somebody that can give a probable and council for the best thing to do before we will apply for a bankruptcy or to decide whether a bankruptcy be the right solution to this problem.

           The Bankruptcy  Law Consultation. com offer free consultation bankruptcy . They have licensed bankruptcy attorney available to discuss this case. They will find out if bankruptcy is right for your situation. It's very important to have a licensed bankruptcy lawyer to handle this case for they are the one who knows about the complexity of bankruptcy laws. Filing of bankruptcy takes a long process, lack of knowledge about procedure might create a big mistake and may result of the dismissal of the case by the bankruptcy court. So visit Bankruptcy Law for free consultation.

Clean Your Own Backyard

Some people will come to me and tell the unrighteous things other people did to them; that they don't understand why people hang out with people who are doing evil things. Here I am thinking and realized that this person was doing the same to me before also. They support and talk to this person who hurt me so much in the fast. People have to realized that life is a dejavu. What you do unto others will eventually happen to you.

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Low Price Guarantee

          In examination, matching with the best answer , sometimes become confusing, in the same way in shopping for an item, especially when there are huge selections of the product, might be complicating for our decision. Other shoppers will just go to the old popular brand, even though that their price is much expensive. In this time where continuous invention and innovation of a new product, it must be of certain that the new product must be better in quality and performance and with an affordable price.
         In music industry, there are now new products and accessories, which have more product advantages than the old known brand. These products are being recommended by our closed friends who have tried the different kinds and styles particularly in headphones. This is the beyerdynamic dt 770 pro at wwbw. They felt that this is the best headphone they tried so far. It has have all the product advantages. The sound quality is clear. The padding around the ear cup  is extremely comfortable. It is durable because it is made of robust spring steel head band and gold plated. The long term comfort and accurate performance make the DT 770 Pro excellent monitoring headphone, for recording studio, post production or broadcasting situation.

         Order today with no risk assurance with total satisfaction. With their low price guarantee you can save $ 100. or 33% from the MSRP of $ 299. You will just pay only $ 199.

Friday, June 7, 2013

Pool Heater

       Buying electric pool heater is so challenging, aside from the huge selection of brands and models they varies in price, from cheaper to mid-range and to expensive models. Usually it will come to our mind, that those expensive products might be the best, but there are also cheap model that will give a good performance and a longer service as that of the expensive one. Others prefers the mid-range price pool heater, because it usually do a fine a fine work if they are maintain properly.

        Some recommend Coates 1.5kw to 57kw for its energy efficiency, and for its quality and reliability  in heating equipment. They also likes Ray Pak 5.5 and 11kw unit for small pool spas, especially for salt application, because this a corrosion free, it is 100% copper and bronze water ways. This is proven for its performance and superior in quality.

        The best and safe option to buy electric pool heater is to shop at Pool Supply Unlimited, the dealer of the popular brand electric pool heaters  such as Coates, Ray Pak, Pentair, Hayward, Zodiac, Compo pool, FX, Agua Star and others. They have their excellent customer service as testified by their coming back customers.. Their staffs are very knowledgeable about their products because of the length of experienced in pool heating industry. They are very courteous and helpful and ready to assist you getting the best model that fit to your swimming pool.

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Hydrualic System

       Since hydraulic valve plays very important role in hydraulic system, we should be careful in selecting these device. This need to be water and air tight to function correctly, because even small cracks or leaks can be  disastrous for the system. This valve will open and shut with great precision and hold the liquid pressure with perfect accuracy. This control the flow rate to cylinder and motor and regulate their speed. The reduction in flow will also reduce to speed at the actuator. There are seven main valves type which includes, spool valve, poppet valve, glade, gate valve, needle valve, plug valve, and butterfly valve. Your choose depend upon what will fit to your need.

       If you need hydraulic valve the best and safe way is to shop with confidence at Reid Supply, the one of the largest supplier of industrial supplies. Their you can choose between two different maximum pressure, the 2000 psi and the 5000 psi. These are available in hydraulic valve category.

True Friends

When you tell your friends about the bad things that other people said about them is actually very unfriendly especially if you know it's not true... because even though you make her feel that you're on her side, she's already hurt. I'm blessed because the friends I cherished right now are really protecting me and I should do the same.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013


     ATH-M 50 is designed especially for professional monitoring and mixing. It has an efficient collapsible, design for space saving portability and storage. It is used also in amateur recording, in home studio, in any event and performance.

     Many choose ath-m50 from musicians friend because it is easy to use. Its adjustable padded headband give comfort during long mixing/ recording session. Its sound is clear. It has a light weight and durable. The best thing about this phone is the sound quality, it is smooth and warm. And as they continue to be burned in " they sound quality gets better and better.

      Even though that these phones are made in high quality it remain affordable. It is not expensive. Take a look of their big discount offer; From their MRSP of $ 199--209 it is now sold for $ 159. You can save $ 40. w/ free shipping.



I attended a training about good customer service last week and it is very helpful to me. It makes me realize certain things that I'm not aware. I'm guilty for being bias which means when I saw a customer whom I have a bad experience before, I tend to avoid this person. I assume that this person is already a bad person naturally so I would stay away from her any chance I got. But this doesn't work when we're working in a retail store. We need to overcome that bias feeling and we have to realize that people can change.

Tuesday, May 7, 2013


         The availability of luxurious transportation of a certain place will give a nice image of the state of origin. Their genuine customer service will attract visitors and travelers to visit their place, because they have the confidence of their security and for luxurious travel experience.
        The st pete car and limo service are the pride of Florida in ground transportation and the exclusive Tampa Bay limo service, served throughout the Tampa Bay, Florida. They served their customers with the highest quality services, luxury, and reliability. Their state certified and courteous chauffeur will ensure you that all your transportation needs are comfortable and memorable, and deliver you in safe and timely manner.
        Pure Limousine have a wide variety of clean and the late model transportation option, that will fit to your needs. They have the Hammer Limousine that will accommodate 16-18 passengers, Sub-Urban up to 7 passengers, Shuttle Service Transportation-27 passengers, Strech Limo 10 passengers, and the large Van 15 passengers. What ever your transportation need, they can handle, such as airport transfer, sporting event, convention group, graduation group or just for fun. They will provide you punctual on call service.
         If your destination is for abroad, they have their St. Pt. car who always stay informed on flight information. They will be waiting for you for your arrival. Limo Tampa chauffeur will assist you to take your baggage and have your way in record time. Their price is often lower than a regular taxi-cab. So book now for your reservation.


       Squirrel a small animal- having reddish brown or gray fur and a bushy tail similar to rat, but a little bit larger than rat, They lives in tress and eat mainly nuts. The squirrel got its name from two words meaning " shade tail." The idea is that the tail of this animal is so long and thick that it can be used to hang over and shade its body. These wild and small animal become a center of attraction to kids and even to adults.\
        At point of Georgia before entering the Light House of Crescent City where there is a little park, and people usually visit there because it's a nice place for sight seeing. Right along the benches where there are bushy portion, that is the place for the squirrel hiding ground. When people especially children come over there , these small animals, will promptly come out from their hiding place, as if they are happy and want to greet the visitors. It is amazing for a certain little creatures whose habitat is in the forest and definitely will be scared to see people but here, they are very tamed. They are just our pet dogs and cats. Kids can touch and carry them, they don't run away.

       People who will visit there will bring some foods, especially peanut and bread their favorite food. We will enjoy of feeding them, because as we start feeding one by one they will go near to you until you'll find out that you're already surrounded by many squirrels.

Friday, April 12, 2013

Innovation in Music

Time to time we notice that a number of different products are being featured. Continues innovation and invention in every field 0f industry made our daily activities more efficient, accurate, convenient, and affordable. Through the struggle of our knowledgeable men, with the modern technology, many thing has happened, amazing to our imagination.
Likewise to the music industry, engineer of this chosen field never stop searching new product that will surpass the performance of the presently used product. Their goal is to improve the performance, superior in quality, most efficient, and convenient to use, yet at affordable price.
Now come the exceptional novation launchpad , a portable device hooked up to your computer or iPod via USB. It's fully bus powered and light weight and easy to carry anywhere. This compact Novation Launchpad is designed to give electronic music maker the most inter active experience possible in Ableton. This Launchpad is a dedicated controller for Ableton Live Co. developed by Novation and Ableton. It's a perfect for Djing, performing live or working in the studio..

The Power Of forgiveness

Last Easter Sunday, I attended the Holy Mass at St. Joseph Parish in Crescent City. I was touch and inspired by the eye opener homily of Fr . Adam the parish priest . He came across his testimony about his family life He told that he was from a broken family. His parents was separated by divorced.
Time come when he have succeeded his course in seminary. He was already to received the Holy Sacrament of ordination as a priest. The first move he did was he invited his parent to attend on especial event on his life. At first he invited his father, but he was worried about the response of his
Dad, He answered, ( Will your mom attend? If she will attend I will not come. ) Then he called his mother, he received the same reply from his dad. He discovered that their hot red become stronger. Both of them have pride.
He consulted this problem to his superior. The parish priest of their place invited his parent. Both of them responded his invitation. With prayer and counseling the ego of his parent was touch, suddenly his Dad went near to his Mom with extended hand asking for forgiveness. That was a memorable moment for Fr. Adam, during his ordination as a priest, there was a reconciliation of his
of his parents. When forgiveness surpasses the strength of pride and hot red you'll be full of blissful happiness. That was a great blissing.

Desired Brand

Customers have different personal taste when regards to cigar smoking. Some like the strong blend while other prefer the mild one. In Famous Smoke Shop, the online secure retailer of the finest great cigars cigar has a complete selection of top brand cigar. So that all their customers can avail their desired brand. Their selection varies from inexpensive brand but with a satisfactory flavor to costly smoothest and woodiest flavor. For me, these brand can already satisfy my taste. Its a matter of habitual used.
They have also the humidor for storing cigar. Stored and aged cigar can add its aroma and flavor. They have a broad assortment of humidor, ranging from the capacity of 100--1000 cigars in a several style and finish. The large humidor has a capacity o 100--1000 cigars, medium---50--100 use for semi-regular smokers, small--50 or fewer for the occasional smokers and the next is the traveler humidor, for the on the go smoke. They carries also a complete line of cigar accessories such as ash
tray, cigar cutter, lighter, air purifier, cigar cases, and humidification device. Like cigar and humidor these varies also in price. Costly means the better. It's the preference of the customer, any way this will count to their status symbol.
For budget customer, it's good to grab the opportunity about the $30 off of a purchase of $ 200  or more. So buy now!

Garage Sale

In our place it is a common practice, when somebody move to other location, they will deal their belonging into a garage sale or moving sale. They don't want to hassle themselves looking for rental car to transport their stuffs as well as securing a place for storing it as soon as they reach to their new location. Before the activity they have to post this to the Internet so that on the following day, they interested individual will rush to the said location, to take the advantage of the garage sale price.
For the first time I've attended a garage sale, I was so much surprised to find out that an appliances without any defect was sold at a price a little bit different to a donation or a scrap value. A garden tools worth $28.00 in the market was sold only for .50 cents and others are only for a quarter. Kitchen utensils $1.00 per pack. Garment and apparels are somewhat 98% off from the regular price in the store. Almost every thing were sold at a very low price.
I think , if only these individual have received the right information about self storage and the advantages of dealing with them and the satisfactory services of Affordable Move, they will not be wasting a lot of their belonging by means of the sacrifice price. The value of one or two appliances or equipment could already compensate the services and rental of
truck and storage fee until they could freely settle in there new location.
If you plan to move to other location and take with you all your belonging, just contact affordable They are ready to help you, what ever you need to know about moving anywhere. They will assist you to find the best truck rental and storage space that will fit to your need. Just search their database to keep your belonging safe. You will learn from them on how to choose the best truck
company for your move and also the space saving packing tips and most of all they will help you to create a master plan before you move. Well planned move will give you enjoyment and excitement of making a new start.

Saturday, March 30, 2013

Music Instrument

      There is a  huge stocks of ukuleles with a respective brand like Hohner, Lanikai, Gibson, and Fender in the market today. It's a lot of confusing to select an item when of them are good quality. It is a good advice to put the instrument side by side so that you can easily select the one that best for you. It is safe to shop in the online store, where they offer the lowest price and complete satisfaction guaranteed back to every purchase. Enjoy the convenience of shopping online and have fun choosing your new musical instrument such as ukelele. Get every thing you want at the guaranteed lowest price at your favorite music store. There are stores where you can find a better deal, they will not only match it, but will also give you 50% of the difference toward your next order.

My Boring Life

It's my longest day and night even an hour to stay in a close room without work. To go outside I can not withstand the coolness of the winter. If I wish to go somewhere, there are no available passenger vehicle to ride in. And if I want to buy something, there is no small store or ( sari sari store) as we called there in the Philippines. Every time we have something to buy is we have to go to the super store or mall. Waiting from sun rise to sunset for the next day is too long for me. From my lonely room I'll be imagining my busy moment in my place I began to feel homesick to my family and to my abandoned farm .I can then recollect the happy and sad moments with my friends and my family. Getting together with friends and neighbors and sharing everything of what we have. Attending session in church or in association meeting.
Here in Crescent City ,where I currently living with my daughter's family resident I'm so bored, because I've no work, except a little house hold keeping. I have no friend to deal with because even the border of the next room of our apartment I'm not acquainted. I thought living in a suppose to be a luxurious place, a place where every household work is done by electricity and electronic and eating costly foods is the best place to live but it doesn't apply to me. I felt ashamed to be always relying everything from them. What I want is I can also contribute a little support in term of financial but I'm helpless, my little knowledge is not applicable here. I could compare myself to a monkey inside in a golden cage, provided with all his needs, but still dreaming to go back to the forest which is their habitat .

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Abercrombie Deals

Supersoft, classic logo applique. full-zip closure, soft lined drawstring hood, front pockets, Vintage Abercrombie Wash, Classic Fit, Imported

60% cotton/40% polyester
Supersoft fleece, heritage logo applique, full zipper closure, front pockets, lined drawstring hood, interior neck taping, Vintage Abercrombie Wash, Classic Fit, Imported

60% cotton / 40% polyester

Theresa Hoodie


Supersoft fleece, heritage logo embrodiery, full-zip closure, front pockets, lined drawstring hood, double layer interior neck and hood taping, Vintage Abercrombie Wash, Classic Fit, Imported

60% cotton / 40% polyester

Hadley Hoodie


Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Collecting Coins

Collecting modern world coins is the perfect way to add interesting and unique coins to our collection. At Modern Coin Wholesale Inc. deal in all modern U. S. coins and all modern world coins. They offer United State Mint States, and Proof American Silver Eagle, American Silver Eagle, American Gold Eagle, Platinum Eagle, U. S. Mint Commemorative, Buffalo Gold, and First Spouse Gold. Includes OGP (original government packaging). They have also a collection of modern world coins and international foreign mints such as Australia, Austria, Britain, Canada, China, France, Israel, Mexico, New Zealand, Poland, and South Africa among many others.

If we want to invest in bullion they have plenty of options, they have the silver bullion which includes silver American eagle coin , Canadian Maple leaf coin, Australian Kookaburra coin, Australian Koala coin, Austrian Philaharmonic coins, and Mexican Libertad coins and others. They also sells ungraded coins at a low cost as well as silver bars from Sunshine, Johnson Mathey, and Engelhard, available in weigh of 1-oz., 5-oz, 1o-oz, and 1oo-oz. M. C. W. Inc. has also gold products such as PAMP Suisse, and Perth Mint ingots available in form of coin.
Modern Coin Wholesale Offers many coins that come with the original government packaging. Those are packaged for avid coin collectors. There latest modern coins are the 2013 silver buffalo and the 2013 -w-US American Eagle. The price is for American Eagle 1 oz. pure silver dollar PR-69- $86.95 And the American Eagle pure silver dollar PR 70- $103.95.

For more details browse modern coin wholesale .

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Quarters for Her First Baby Tooth That Fell Out

How exciting, my eldest daughter's baby tooth fell out on New Year. It's not gonna be hard to remember. I'm surprised she started losing baby teeth this early. She's only five years old. I know that usually kids lose their baby teeth when they turned six. Her baby tooth fell off while she's brushing her tooth. There's another one that is already loose too.In fact there are already two new ones that are coming in so she have two rows of teeth. I'm happy that the other one fell off already.I was even planning to bring her to her dentist. The other one is super loose already so I'm not worried about the layers of teeth anymore.
When she lost her tooth she was so excited to show it to us and was so excited to give it to the tooth fairy. She hide it under her pillow that night. Unfortunately, I forgot to put a dollar in her bedside table and she woke up in the following morning, she asked me why the tooth fairy didn't gave her a dollar. I was speechless, good thing that I quickly realized that she left her tooth in our bed. She fall asleep in our room while watching TV with us. When we moved her in her own bed, we didn't bring the tooth with her.So I told her that she should put it in her own bed under her own pillow. So the following night, she make sure that put it under pillow. She even put it in an envelope and wrote a note that it's for the tooth fairy. I waited till she fall asleep till I will put the dollar then I realized I don't have a dollar, good thing that I saw my son's piggy bank and I took 4 quarters from it and I put them in an envelope and wrote a note in it. When she woke up and saw the envelope, she was so happy and jazzed. She showed it to her dad and put it in a mason jar. I don't have a clue why she put it in a mason jar.But I'm happy that she's happy. I'm enjoying this because who knows next year she won't believe in the tooth fairy anymore. I hope not.

* Jan 06, 2011*

Wednesday, March 6, 2013


       My neighbor's son, after he finished his secondary course, want to proceed to college, but his parents could not afford to sent him to school, because they are financially hard up. He was so eager to go to school, so he applied for a scholarship in one of the school in our place. He was advised to joint to the band member and produce his own instrument. For his initiatives he looked for a second hand or used saxophone but in good condition because he could not afford to purchase a brand new unit. He was thankful of his old and used saxophone because of it he was able to pursue his ambition.
       Used Instruments can be helpful in our life  especially when we are badly in need of it , during the time  that we are in tightly budget  because its price is usually much lower or just a bargain price. Usually used instruments are in good quality especially the vintage instruments the are made of better quality materials and produced by skilled craftsmen.

       Now there are already a huge selection of top brand and type of used instruments, sold at a low  price with a big discount. It's just gently used or with just a minor blemishes and scratches and yet the condition is really good. These are available in Used Instrument Warehouse and or in Musician Buy Line  the most popular second hand music site.

Coosbay Trip

    Two days ago my wife and I accompanied our daughter, who took her exam in Southwestern Community College in Brooking, Oregon. We took a ride with her just purchased new car, because Lee her husband replaced her old service car because there already something wrong on its performance.
    We reached her school in Brooking at 2:00 PM. She immediately took her exam. After 30 minutes she finished her examination and returned back to the car. We proceeded to Coos Bay City where the main campus of Southwestern Community College is located, to attend the Pharmacy Class Student Forum and Field Trip. From Brooking to Coos Bay City, we have still to travel for about 100 miles,so we have to drive with the maximum allowed speed limit, to catch up the scheduled time at 5:00 PM.
    That was the first time she visited this place and the first time to drive her new car, these couple of unfamiliarity create a little bit hassled in our part, especially when we were approaching Gold Beach when we passed a certain narrow street where there were snow on the surface of the road ,there was a sudden inclination of the car. She began to be scared, because of the performance of the car. Maybe because this is quite bigger than her old one It differ in the performance from her cute old car which is easy to manipulate, especially in sharp curve. When we reached Gold Beach , we took a rest for 15 minutes to refresh her feeling of unsecured of our travel. She also fixed the site map and the right location of the school campus, so that we will not be lost in our way.
      After 15 minutes , we proceeded our trip, always monitor the time whether we can catch up the scheduled time. Even if , we were a little bit scared about our trip ,I diverse my attention of getting
pictures of the beautiful sceneries of the places which we passed by.
      We were very thankful to our God that we reached our destination safe and in exact in scheduled time. We reached to the main campus almost 5:00 PM. Their campus is so beautiful, with a large buildings, Its surrounding is quiet and peaceful. After their forum and orientation all they graduating pharmacy students proceeded to a tour in Walgreen Pharmacy in Coos Bay City. While they were there in the pharmacy we just stay in the car waiting until they will be through in their discussion about their subject matters. It was already 8:00 PM. when they get out from the pharmacy. We then proceed for home in Crescent City. We advised her to just drive at a minimum speed, anyway we are now going home, we have nothing to worry if we will be delayed in our travel. Its better to be late than sorry. It took us 6 hours to travel , vice versa in a distance of more or less 260 miles. That was our unforgettable experience to travel a distance place in a road test with a new car.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Toyota Parts

In the market today there are many products especially in hardware and auto parts which are copied or imitated appearance to the original one. Some can be tempted to buy this products because it is cheaper than the original brand. These products will not stay long or just cause a damage to our car or appliances. To be assured that we will not be a victim of a fake product, it is good to go to a reputable auto supply store. They will be able to sell us they genuine OEM parts and we can be assured of what we are getting. Online Toyota parts . com offers genuine toyota parts oem at a huge discount price and provide superior customers service. They supply Toyota replacement parts direct from the factory at the lowest possible discount price. Always used genuine Toyota parts for Toyota model car for a long serviceable life of the vehicle. They are built to the highest standard of quality, durability and performance. They are designed to fit your vehicle's exact specification. They have also a complete line of products designed to keep your Toyota looking and running like new. Always used VIN (vehicle identification number ) when we place an order to assure for a correct Toyota parts especially in our first attempt.

Luau Wedding

**My daughter in her Hawaiin dress**
I attended a Luau wedding yesterday. It was beautiful. I was assigned to give Hawaiian leis to the guests. I was having so much fun. The wedding is perfect. Everything is colorful and coordinated. From the wedding invitations, giveaways, the music and the food is all about Hawaii. The bride and groom both love Hawaii. Since they can't have a wedding there so they instead bring it here :-). The wedding was by the beach. It was windy but sunny, so just fair enough. Because our weather here is so unpredictable, even though it's Summer, but it rains and chilly like Winter. Yesterday was a nice one. I'm so happy for the couple. I wish them all the best in life.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013


Marmot's products are usually designed for outdoor activities, such as camping ,mountaineering, fly fishing, ski, snowboard, and other similar activities. They have a complete line and wide selection of men, women, and kids clothing, ski and snowboard clothing, sleeping bags, tents, back packs, jackets, pants, apparel and other marmot gears.
These are all made from highest quality materials which will last for a long time and withstand the worst condition. Their clothing and equipments are made from a high tech product with high fashion to keep warm, dry and comfortable in any environment. They have also a wide selection of 3-4 season sleeping bags from outright model to affordable synthetic.
Now shop the Marmot Sale at Back Country  deals up to 60% off clearance for wide selection of marmot  clothing and gears.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013


When I was in the Philippines. I was a regular cigarette user. I never enjoy the day, without smoking cigarette.When I woke in the morning the first thing I did is to pick up a stick of it .It's already my habit to smoke every now and then.Sometimes this will be the cause of our mis understanding between my wife because she is against in smoking.
When I came here in California I took with me one ream of cigarette. After two weeks this was already exhausted and, so I went to the store to buy for a pack, I was surprised when I ask about the price, because it was too much expensive. It cost $ 12 .00 a pack compared in the Philippines which I just purchase it for 15 pesos a pack. There is a big difference in price. If we will convert the value of dollar to peso it will cost 480 pesos. This is a lot of expense in my part.So immediately I decided to quit on smoking. At the start I felt somewhat un ease but later I've already learned to stop smoking.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Lawyer in San Diego

At present there are several victims of injustice among the ordinary workers and employees who just remain silent, beyond the abuse of their landlords or their employers. They have no courage to face the reality. In the bottom line that they have no or enough money to finance to go to court..
Now there are legal remedies available to end this common problem . San Diego Class Action Lawyer, with their expert knowledge are ready to help and give their detailed advise of such case. Meservy Law P.C. work on contingency basis and receives no money unless you recover the money for your claim. London Meservy will fight aggressively for you , with their length of their experience. They are a trusted and compassionate and successful employment law attorney. With the length of experience they have already recovered over $15 million in their past claim.
Don't hesitate to go to Class Action Law Attorney for advise of what step you need to take. For more details visit San Diego Action Lawyer.

Asbestos is Toxic

Asbestos is a kind of mineral that has been used in many industries because of its ability to withstand heat. It might be popular because of it's resistance and other properties but it caused harmful effects on people who were exposed to this mineral. One effect is the mesothelioma.. It is a cancer in the membranes caused by exposure to asbestos. If you knew anybody who might be contaminated with asbestos please share to them about because there are thousands of new diagnoses of this kind of cancer each year. It's a good thing that they will be given help.

Friday, February 8, 2013

A Trip to the Wood of Giant

        A year ago I've read the article about the biggest, the longest and the oldest trees in the world.I enjoyed reading this article for such reason that I'm a green lovers .I'm the pioneer tree grower in our place. From my planted trees became the source of planting materials in our area. I felt proud of my trees because I have contributed and the world wide campaign of going green and the climate change.
        Visiting the famous giant trees is just a dream before, considering the distance from our place , it takes 20 hours flight to cross the pacific ocean to San Francisco C A  and 10 hours from San Francisco to Crescent City by car. But right now I've reached the famous
Red Wood National Park and the Red Wood State Park by which these fabulous trees are located.
These parks are situated just a few miles away from Crescent City. I've already witness the incredible size of these Redwood trees by which a road is pass through the middle of the trunk of the tree where by the car must go through. It has a height of more than 300 feet with a diameter of 40 feet .
          Red Wood National Park is situated along the coast of North California which has an area of 133,000 acres. This unique park protect the tallest and biggest and oldest trees on earth as will as the indigenous plants and wild life .Touring around the park is very enjoyable. Aside from the amazing trees, there are many wild life that we could personally see in close up, such as the elk, deer, black bear, fox and others. Along the park runs the clear water of Smith river which is the source of the famous fresh water fish the ( salmon and trout ). There are many interesting things inside the parks, that mother nature created that make our mind feel clear and relax .

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Print Software Solution

Through the modern technology, printing industry is made easy, efficiency, accurate, and the production is maximize while the production cost decreased, because there is no need of employing more personnel to do the operation .By the e-commerce [ Electronic Commerce ] and M commerce [Mobile Commerce] through smart phone and computer, right in our web site we can do our online business .
By getting a linked to B2C Print shop a service provider web site we can upload printed products on line We can let our customers to do their ability to design and submit order any time from any computer .In our printing needs such as wedding invitation card post card flyer and other, the web to print software solutions do the work. This made our job easy .
Through B2C and B2B [business to customer and business to business ] online system we can earn or make a profit because of their pricing system .They are giving a privilege to quantity orders .To quote their pricing for postcard, wedding invitation flyer:

200 pcs. $ 79 .00

500 " 99.00

1000 " 149.00

2000" 199 .00

3000" $ 259 .00

So if you are engaged in this business this is a great opportunity .For more details visit or browse web to print software solution .


So I kinda started our tax return..and it's kinda sad coz we end up owing the state a kinda big money and just a little refund from the federal, and I'm kinda confuse because we kinda have lots of kids, and my husband's tax is kinda high. oh well, I'm just whining because I'm not just kinda poor..I am really poor...and it's so now I'm back to check my lotto ticket, maybe tonight I'll be truly rich. ...kinda maybe

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Student Expedition

This is a life time opportunity for interested students to participate to the National Geographic Students Expedition this summer.The National Geographic are inviting students to participate on their 125th anniversary in 2013 expedition.
This is the time that they experience and explore the historical and wonderful places around the world .They can learn and earn many valuable information from the geographical expert with geographical photographer , writers , anthropologist and scientist which will be with them on that event.
There are four type of programs; The expedition field workshop, photography and community service workshop . Their trip range from eleven days to three weeks depending on the assignment project Once they can participate  in these Teen Summer Programs , they are likely supporting to National Geographic mession of Increasing Global Understanding through Exploration Geography Education and Research .
For more detailed information visit or Teen Summer Program BlogSpot.

Winter Time

At 5:00 AM MY usual time to rise up to prepare coffee and breakfast because my daughter will report to her work at 6:00 .This time is still dark and outside we can feel the penetrating coolness of winter .At 7:00 ,this time the surrounding start to become brighter we have to go outside because this is the time that the kids will go to school .This is also the time that we have to start our usual daily work .
Around the apartment that we live , we can't see any people except the close houses and parking cars .There are only few cars running .When we go outside to inhale some fresh air we have to wear a double jackets pants and glove .We could not resist to stay longer outside because of the penetrating coolness .What we always did is to stay daylong inside the house ,watching movies reading some articles or scan our PC .It's so bored to stay always in the house with out physical work , because this is my first experience in winter time .Unlike there in our place in Philippines that I have to do my work outside from dawn to dusk .
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