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Saturday, July 16, 2011

Stingy Buddy

My husband is a Budweiser guy. He never like other beer other than Budweiser. Now that he's retired he keeps buying beer everyday for a pack of six and it's like six dollar something compared to buying a 36 cans of beer that is only $19 something. He's reason is he don't need that much. My reason is you can save money that way. That's why when he's out of beer I buy it myself and just hide it in my car and give him e or 3 cans. That pack of beer is heavy but the supermarkets are already using  laser barcode scanner so I don't need to lift it over and over again. I don't mean to be stingy but it saves me some money. I'm a mom of three and I use coupons all the time. And I'm always happy whenever I get the best deal.

Can't Wait But Nervous

For my upcoming trip going to the Philippines, I am so excited. I don't have the date yet but as soon as my parents got their schedule for their interveiw, I will buy the ticket right away. I'm happy because I will get to see my family again. At the same time sad coz I might not be able to bring my kids because I have a feeling that the interveiw will be in October and it's school time already. I can bring my baby but I don't think my husband will let me knowing that there is a kidnapping incident again in Mindanao. Me myself, I can't risk that. This will not be easy because I haven't been gone without my kids.

What A Bummer!

This doesn't  happen only once. I went to a party and realized that camera's battery is dead. It's a bummer. I end up using my camera phone but picture quality is not as good. So if someone wants to give me something on my birthday or other special occasion I need li ion batteries. Or I can tell my husband to buy it for me. I might buy it myself after work later. I'm just too busy now that I can barely go online. But for today we have a party at my house. I will be very busy for sure but I will be able to pull this together. My friends are helping me anyways. I just have to buy balloons and decorations. I hope that this party will turned out good and successful. After all it's a graduation party. And I made sure already that my battery is charged!

Friday, July 15, 2011

The World According To Paris

After all the scandals that Paris Hilton have been through, it's as if nothing happened and she was able to get back on her feet and now she has her new reality show called " The World According To Paris". I watched it when I'm not busy at all. When I first saw the first episode, I kinda seem to know her as a person. It's pretty much interesting watching how rich people throw parties. It's like they spend money without worrying how much is left for them. It's like they will never run out of money. But knowing that even though they're super rich their lives is always a constant struggle. So I'm happy for the kind of life I have now. I maybe don't have money but at least I can afford to secure my kids such as checking out to buy another life insurance for me so that heaven forbid something happen to me, my family will be secured.


I have accomplished many things to do. I  cleaned some mess in the closet. I packed another bag of clothes for the garage sale. I decided toget rid of the clothes that are too big for my kids. I was gonna keep them till it fit on them but they're taking so much space in the closets so I'm hoping that I will be making money during the garage sale so I can buy clothes that fits them well. I cleaned the couch and the kitchen too. I always like it when I'm able to clean the house. I'm just too busy lately that I can almost not find the time to clean the house. It has been my husband who is doing the household chores. Poor sweetie. I was gonna rearrange the funitures in the living room but I decided to do it tomorrow.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

The Promise Ring

Love is a wonderful thing. It has ups and downs but it's what makes your relationship stronger. Before I married my husband I was wearing the promise ring that he gave me for more than a year. It was kinda different from the usual manner it's suppose to be given because he just sent it via snail mail on my birthday. It was not the most romantic thing but I super love the gesture. I wore it on my left ring finger abiding to promise ring etiquette. It was just so memorable because it fits perfect on my finger. It's a beautiful ring with a big diamond ring in the middle surrounded with ten little diamonds. Now that I'm married I'm still wearing it together with my wedding band. So I have three rings in my left ring finger.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011


It's been two weeks since my rift with my bestfriend, and now it's as if nothing happened. I don't anymore felt the anger and frustration. One thing is certain though. Things will never be the same again. I felt bad for her because I'm her only friend that she can confide with in this town. I felt bad because our kids are bestfriends too. I want to blame her for her immaturity. Because of her childsih attitude she ruined our 6 years of friendship. We didn't even fight. She just thought that since I have new friends I dumped her already. In the first place I never dump her. I was just too busy that I wasn't able to call her in two weeks. And for all the dates she chose my birthday to call me names. I could have forgiven her because her excuse was she had a severe headache but when she involve the rest of my friends and tell lies and gossips against them, That was it. Even we became friends again. I don't think she will be welcome in our group. We'll see, we'll see.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Time Flies

I can't believe it's July already. It's about time to start buying gifts for Christmas and prepare Halloween invitations for the trick or treat party. It's better to be prepared ahead of time as we all know time flies so fast. Just last fourth of July my son turned four and in two weeks my baby girl will turned two. I feel like I'm running out of time. I feel like I don't have enough time to spend with the kids. I have to set my priorities because we never what lies ahead. I need to spend more time with my family before school starts. We need to enjoy Summer together. I'm so happy that my husband is pretty good in taking care of the kids. He goes biking with them. I have to minimize going out with my friends so I can spend more time with my family. Family should always comes first.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Be Careful

So this woman who is such a liar are now befriending the people that she used to badmouthed with. I am so tempted to tell them that they need to be careful with her because this women has hidden desire with one of the ladies' husband. They should not welcome in their group better yet put her in a sex rehab so that she will fantasizing other men behind her husband's back. She cannot be trusted but she will go to a rehab she can still have  a future. We all have a chance to change. I hope this woman will change for her family's sake.

Two Faced

 I'm so disgusted with this two faced Filipina who after all we've done for her she completely turned her just because of jealousy. I don't want to explain anything because I don't care anymore what she think about me. But for her, going out of her way to tell other people what I talked about them is unacceptable. It's unbelievable for her doing such things. I haven't met someone like this who stir shit to get other people's sympathy.
She said  said that I dump her. Dump? that's not the exact word. As I put things back together I realized I was actually distant from her at times. Because I don't agree with some of the things that you've been doing. But hey, am I not allowed to be myself? I just need a space to grasp everytning that I learned from her. When  she told me that her and her husband is using drugs, I was already hesitant to have my kids go over to her house. But because I don't want to hurt herr feelings I still let them to. Then her mom is here. Knowing that she scammed  her own mom and she stole her identity just to get approved with credit cards, I feel guilty everytime I talked to her. But did I tell you that in herr face?i don't know if she notice but sometimes I tell you that consequences of such actions. Hey who cares about that..she's her mom, she can scam her anytime she  want. I just felt responsible to show some concerns. Eventually the truth will prevail as God is watching us all the time.
These things could have been prevented if you just tell me your frustrations in a nicer way. For your information, I am a forgiving person and I am quick to admit my faults if I'm aware of such things. Then anong ginawa mo, gumanti ka at dinamay mo pa ang iba na walang kinalaman. You see jeline, not all people are revengeful. I am not revengeful but if you keep telling lies against me and it will affect my family. Me and Lee will make sure you will spill your dirty secrets. If you want to spill secrets, go ahead..I won't lost anything
I really wish Jeline you didn't do this to me because in some ways it will affect my kids. Was I that bad of a friend that you will ruin me like that. You said your mom told you that I changed when I stared driving. That was like 3 years ago. For those 3 years Jeline, we've been through a lot. We shared lots of stuggles and ups and downs. You were there for me as I was there for you when you need help. I may not be as sweet as you are but I'm doing my best to help you not to be in trouble in any way I could. This is pathetic. You ruin our friendship just because you thought I dump you because I have new friends. The friends that you mentioned were already my friends before I know you well except Tita. I have other bestfriends here in Crescent Citythat I haven't talked to for awhile but they didn't got mad at me. You have to understand that Lee is home all the time already. Did we talked about to refrain calling when the husband is home long time ago? I don't call you when it's your husband's day off (sometimes).
You lied to me many times in the past Jeline, but I didn't dwell on it because it's not a reason enough to ruin a friendship. It's not really fair. We have so much fun on your birthday, your kids' birthday. You made me feel how happy you are because I help you.Then I went to your house looking at your collection. We do workout together. What happened?
Just because I didn't call and those facebook stuffs. Well, with that ngekk word in facebook, I'm sorry about it. That was wrong.
You said that you're the second person that I dumped, if you are a true friend you should know why I stay away from those people. You know very much how they hurt me and my family. How Jenny hurt my daughter's feelings.
You are doing exactly doing the same thing to me now or even worse. You hurt me in any way you can possibly could. Please don't involve my friends and family.
Please Jeline stop strying to get back on me because I will not be affected. But it will just gonna get worse. First I will tell Eric, that Admon Mirza thinks he is a pervert just because the way he looks at the little girls. I didn't told Marie about that b4 because I know what's gonna happen. that's just the start and the rest is even worser. But don't worry it's nothng harmful. It's just something to make you realize that even thou you're such a liar I still stood up for you. Yes you think I'm not a good friend now. I just want to tell you that I was sincere with my friendship with you. I want to make sure that you will be okay. And it hurts that you didn't realize that. But I think this is for my own good. Like I always believe, I can never trust a drug addict. Jeline I really wish you just keep our fight to ourselves coz had I known right away that I offended you, I could have said sorry..Now when people who knows us will ask me why we became enemies.. I would simply says, we can't hang out with you anymore because you both are using drugs. This is how you want it Jeline? I'm a Godfearing person but you think I'm evil so let it be..and I will be to you.
I want you know how bad are the lies and gossip you said to the association. I already know what you said but I just want to confirm it from you if really did it. Coz I still want tobelieve that there will be a little kindness that you have left for me. I want to know if you really said those words against me and against the rest of my friends.
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