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Sunday, November 29, 2009

Stink Free

One of the few things that I really hate is bad odor most specially if it's a body odor. But there's this certain stinking smell that I'm not familiar at first. Once me and my husband visited her daughter's house when she was still living with a guy who smokes a lot besides being an alcoholic. She left him because he's an abuser too. I couldn't stand being in their house because it stinks and everybody didn't seem to notice. Maybe because they're used to that smell but for me who doesn't smoke, it makes me sick. I feel bad because their kids clothes stinks too that I couldn't play with them for so long. I wish people who smoke a lot will find the initiative to just use electronic cigarettes instead because it doesn't stink at all.

On Our 6th Year Wedding Anniversary

Dearest Sweetheart

You're the one who understands

the things I feel and say.

The one whose warm and loving smile

can brighten my day,

You're the one whose warm embrace

can lighten any care,

The one who brings such special joy

to everything we share,

You're the one I think about

whenever we're apart,

The One I need so very much

and love with all my heart.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Thanksgiving Plans

Thanksgiving is my husband's favorite holiday. For me, he makes the best stuffing. So he basically made almost all the preparations for our Thanksgiving dinner. We received some invitations for that day also so what we're going to do is visit friends that day and celebrate with them and also invite them to come over to our house. There's gonna be a lot of food during that day.I think I'll be needing appetite suppressants to the rescue since I'm pretty sure I'll be having a hard resisting the foods. :-)

For A Good Friend

I have this very good friend who's really been there for me all the time. She helped me with my kids. Her son is my daughter's best friend and classmate that's why most of the time she offers to give my kids a ride to school. I tried to give her money for gas but she never accepted it. That's why I'm thinking that I'll just make it up with her this Christmas. She's a shoes kind of girl. She likes wearing Stilettos with at least 4" heel height. She likes the style of Christian Louboutin shoes. So now I have an idea what to give her. She deserves it.

Halloween Pics

I'm busy as a bee that's why I'm always late in uploading pictures. Believe it or not I have more than a hundred of pictures that need to be developed. For now, let me share my kids and their friends pictures during Halloween.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Pratical Gifts

Last night I wrote a list of gifts for my family and friends. I have started buying gifts a couple of months ago especially when I got a good deal. This year most of the stuffs that I will give for my kids are not toys. They already have lots of toys so I will give them something for their room instead. I will give my husband a gift card from his favorite tool store and for my family in the Philippines I will give them cell phones because they need new ones. They don't have a clue yet that's why I'm excited.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Dietary Supplement

The issue about whether to get or not to get swine flu vaccines has been controversial already. I talked to my cousin in BC Canada. She's six months old pregnant.She just got a H1N1 vaccine and she's really worried because of the possible side effects of this vaccine to her baby. I'm glad that she didn't get some allergic reactions from the vaccine. But as we have seen in the news, there are many families who declined getting the swine flu vaccine. They can't afford to take the risk of the side effects. That's why they're using dietary supplements.
In my household, my husband is taking the Respiratory Guard lozenger as part of their feedback campaign to see if it's effective in boosting the immune system. He's taking two lozenges daily. So far, even though he's in the rain most of the time, he's very okay. Some of my friends here in our place got flu already but thanks God none in our household. Therefore, I can honestly say that Respiratory Guard is a good supplement to keep the flu away.

The Good Wife

I'm contemplating lately if I am really a good wife. I have four kids in the house but I'm still able to keep the house clean although a lot of times it's really a mess. It's just annoying because the house is spec and span during the middle of the day but at the time that my husband got home, it's really messy. My husband comes home at 5 in the afternoon and that's the time that I'm busy in the kitchen. In the matter of 30 minutes the kids can really messed up the house and that's the kind of ambiance that mostly greets my husband. He doesn't complain at all but I can see in his face the frustration. He is a neat and organized person. He cleaned the house before he left for work and as soon as he got home from work, he started cleaning already. That's why I feel bad.
So today, I woke up early and cleaned the house. Before he wakes up, the housed is cleaned already. It's really different. I feel refreshed seeing the house cleaned early in the morning. I'm proud of myself now than ever. That's why I will keep on following this schedule and everybody is happy.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Financial Planning

It's holidays again. I love holidays, although it means more spending. I know we're tight on the budget right now but I made some financial planning already so we can still enjoy Christmas even on a tight budget. The best part about Christmas for me is during gift giving. I'm always excited to wrap gifts. That's why I have already started buying gifts couple of months ago already. I know that If I do my gift shopping on December I'll run out of money. This time I make sure that we still have money left for Summer. You know Summer is all about vacation, and it's not cheap, not unless you are able to book in disneyland hotel anaheim which is really a good deal compared to others. But who cares about the expenses anyways. According to my husband as long as I'm happy and our children are happy, it's no big deal. But seriously, we need to live within our means too and that requires financial planning.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Networking Solution

Right now I'm parked in front of our house because my two kids are sleeping in the car. We just got back from picking Bianca from school. When things like this happen, I just let then sleep in the car, then I work on stuffs that I need to do online. I'm so glad that I have a good Linksys router. Whenever I bring my laptop inside the house or in the garage or even in the backyard, I can still get a very good Internet Connection.
So now I'm able to finished my projects online without disturbing my sleeping angels.

How Embarrassing

OMG I'm the worst of the worst when it comes to parallel parking. Just awhile ago I picked up Bianca at school I decided to park in front of the waiting area. It's a parallel parking.I know it's not wide but I just want to give it a try. How embarrassing, I'm driving reverse and forward, I couldn't just make it right. I feel like there are many eyes watching me and wondering what the heck am I doing. So I just went to another parking spot. I feel like an idiot but I just laughed about right now. I really have to practice parallel parking.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Summer Isn't Over Yet

It's sunny today here in our town. I hope this is going to be like this for awhile.When I checked in the weather forecast, it says it will be sunny for three days. Hmm,looks like Summer isn't over yet. Actually I'm just wishing. I know it's not possible since it's already November so it means it's Fall season already. It's just so nice to think about Summer because we can take advantage of
orlando vacations.That would be nice to look forward for next year, a fabulous vacation in Florida. Why not, I'm excited even just thinking about it.I'm crossing my fingers for that.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Good Sam

Do you own an RV? If unfortunately you need an rv repair ,I found about Good Sam Extended Service Plan. It's a plan that will cover the high cost of repair or body works. We know how expensive it is to maintained the good condition of the RV, but thanks to Good Sam they provide help without any hassle. Having a Good Sam Extended Plan is like a good investment.It will not only protect but also your family.Call 1-888-787-7683, to ask for a free quote.

No More HandShaking

I went to Church today with my friend Erin. I didn't bring the kids with me and have Lee take care of them because I want to be able to participate the mass without any disturbance.It's been over three months since I went to church.There's a lot of changes most especially the handshaking when we show the sign of peace. It is just for the protection for everybody because the swine flu is already rampant here in our town. So there's no more holy water outside too.These changes are totally undsertandable but I do wish it will be over soon.
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