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Friday, January 30, 2009

Sunny But Chilly

Everytime me and my girl friends chat, we whine about when is the winter be over? In some ways, I love it when it's winter because my husband usually don't have to work overtime, so we have more time with him. But what I hate about winter is the very cold weather.We have to wear thick clothing even inside the house. One time when summer is almost over, and the weather started to get cold, we decided to turn on the heater. It was awful,because it doesn't work. We don't use our fireplace because of the children. Even though we can get a fence for the fireplace but still I don't to take risks when it comes to my children's safety. Good thing that the heater was fixed by a heating repair right away. We were save from a very chilly night.Now our heater is working perfectly. Even though it's been sunny here lately but the weather is still chilly.

Effects of Crisis

The economic crisis is worldwide. In the Philippines, many companies are closing down. I really feel bad for those employees who were lay-off. Here in the states, even worse because the unemployment rate went up high. Banks are closing. And credit card companies are trying to change their rates. I have a Wamu Mastercard but Washington Mutual is bankrupt already so the J.P Morgan Chase & Co. now owns it. I received a noticed yesterday that starting March 6, 2009 everything will be switch to Chase. Unfortunately there's quite few changes as terms of agreement and services. Looks like they're going to increase the interest rate. I'm worried because my APR was low. And what I was upset about is, there's no more credit score update monthly . I really like it with WaMu because I my credit score is updated monthly. Now, with Chase, there's a fee when you want to know your credit score. I'm still optimistic that this whole crisis situation will be over. I just hope it will be sooner.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Shopping At Victoria Secret

Victoria Secret just had their Annual Clearance so I took advantage of it because the prices are pretty much low already.They're discounted up to 75%. I bought two coats, a few baby dolls, lingerie, sweaters and hoodies. But I was so disappointed with some of the items that I bought especially one of thethe coats. Returning them is really a hassle but some of the items are not really nice, I can't gave it to someone else. So I decided to return 4 items including 1 coat. The coat looked really nice in the picture but looked oldie in the actual. Well, sometimes online shopping is not as satisfying compare to shopping in the stores.

IRS Tax Debt

It's Tax Season again. Have you filed your tax already?The sooner the better, if I were you. But some people can't file sooner than they wanted because of so many many reasons. Maybe their W2s arrive late. Some people get a refund and some even owed irs tax debt instead.Well, it depends on your level of earnings and number of deductions. But if you have an IRS Debt, you really have to take care of this right away because it will give you a lot headaches if you ignore it.


I'm sure many of you here experienced being called by may telemarketers in one day. It's already annoying so we register our phone numbers in the Do Not Call List. It worked for the telemarketers who are based here in America but from the telemarketers from the Philippines, nope because our numbers were given by some of our friends.For me, I appreciate it when friends refer me when they found out good deals. It's just some of these telemarketers who keep on calling us over and over again even we denied their offers already and sometimes they call late at night. Even we have a caller ID, but their phone Number appears anonymous, so I will answer because it might be one of my family or friends abroad. And then it's a telemarketer and some of them don't understand if you'll tell them you're busy. It's just annoying.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

A Big Help

I was so happy when I won a flash drive during a contest sponsored by a mommy blogger. I'm super loving it because it's portable and I can store a lot important files like pictures and videos. Mine have a 8GB capacity so I can transfer all the data in my computer if I want to. You can buy different types of memory devices at at really low prices. I'm going to buy more of these for my siblings. They also need this one too.

We and the Wii

After doing some errands, me and my daughter Steph dropped by at her godmother's house to eat Palabok ( a filipino food), it was really yummy. I ate two plates of those and geez I was so full. My daughter preferred eating strawberries. After eating, 30 minutes later, we played Wii. Wow it was fun although my balance was really bad. That Wii Fit is really good, it's another way of losing weight way in a fun way. Aside from taking weight loss pill which is also effective , you can try the Wii too.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

My Pregnancy Update / Week 13

My first prenatal appointment was last January 22. It turned out great and inspiring. First I was surprised that I'm already 13 weeks pregnant, I thought I was still ten weeks because I'm still suffering from the 1st trimester dilemma just like nausea, dizziness, weird cravings etc. But now I'm over my first trimester already I still have those dilemmas. Oh lala I hope this will not be like through my whole pregnancy. Lord have mercy on me.
So the nurse took my blood pressure and weight. I only gained half a pound. Wow!
Then I met my OB-Gyne again.I was embarrassed because I told him before that I'm done, and here I'm again. But he didn't teased me at all. He's even excited to see me again :-). He doesn't have to go through all my medical and personal details because I'm healthy hihi, anndddd I don't smoke, don't drink alcohol, no allergies, and no medications. After which we talked about how am I doing and he promised me that he will work on inventing something for a totally painless labor. Better than the epidural. With my son, Eric I had an Epidural and it still hurts so much that I scream in three different languages and that includes my Bisayan dialect.
Then I had a pap smear and I hated it. Even though I had this test for many times and Dr. tynes has been the one doing this but I'm still uncomfortable. You know he's a guy and gwapo ah hihi, but seriously, my pap smear turns out good, then he took a sonogram of my baby. He thought it was pretty cool that my husband gave me a laptop just because I'm pregnant. Well, the story was, after 1 week of being delayed with my period I asked my friend to buy me a 1 dollar pregnancy test. And it was positive . I don't want to believe it because it's just a 1 dollar test. But I already have gut feeling that I'm indeed pregnant. So I started being grumpy and mad at my husband. Because before this whole thing happen, we're using a natural method of family planning and he really is very positive about me not being pregnant after that one night that he do something I kinda objected but super So I make a bet, if I'm pregnant he has to buy me a new laptop and he agreed, after my doctor's appointment, it was confirmed, so the following day I got my new laptop. And now I'm pregnant, I'm surely miking on it...jussst kidding..I'm not like that..
Back to the sonogram. My baby was so active, he keeps on moving. Too bad, it's still early to find out his gender. Anyways, it was so amazing because he/she has her moving back and forth as if she/he was waving at me. Right there and then, I'm totally moved. And I completely accept her/him with all my heart and soul and I can't wait to meet him/her soon.
Please check out his or her amazing video.Thank you

Payday Loans No Fax

Payday Loans No Fax is for people who needs money badly because of emergency needs. With the current situation of our economic, it has to be expected that the number of people whose living paycheck to paycheck is growing. Some people I know whose been affected by lay-offs or whose workings hours has been cut off resorted to using their credit cards but at times that they need cash badly, they can use that option I just mentioned.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

First Appointment

Today is my first appointment with Dr. Tynes, my OB-Gyne. That's why I have butterflies in my stomach because the last time we talked, I already told him that I'm not having a baby anymore because I already have a set. But I'm sure he often heard this lines from other mothers too. Although I knew already how far I am right now because I made an appointment with our family doctor but this time it will be confirmed because Dr. Tynes is my OB. I wish I'm not gonna be poked with needles again, but it's one of those things that I don't have a choice. I hate needles!!That's why it took me a long time to schedule this appointment. Because I already know that I'm pregnant when I'm only 1 week delayed. Now I'm almost 3 months preggy. This pregnancy is different from the first two. I always have pain problems, if not with my gums, my head or my constant heartburn. One of my friends told me that maybe the baby felt that he/she was not accepted at first. I feel so bad about it. I feel like I'm the worst mom. It's just all the pains that I went through with the labor is all flashing back. But of course it's not my baby's fault. I realized that she/he is a blessing to us. My husband is so happy when he found out the positive test. He always yearns to have a big family and he feels like it's happening already. But I will be 31 years old already when I gave birth of our 3rd baby so to have another 1 is not safe for me anymore. So I'm sure my hubby will understand. I hope my appointment this afternoon will turned out right. It would be nice if I'll be able to know the baby's gender so that I will know who will won among my friends who are betting with the baby's gender. My husband is betting for a boy. Oh boy, this is exciting.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Get Fit

I used to weight 110 lbs when I was 20 years old. Then after graduation in college I gained 5 lbs. and it got worse when I got married, my weight went up to 125 lbs. and it never went down since then. I'm petite that's why I look shorter if I weighed more that's why after I gave birth I will start using the treadmill so I will lose my excess fats easily and I will be able to toned my body too. When you're fit you're healthy and you always feel great.

For My BFF

Best Friend Forever ( BFF), is already a common term among very good friends. I have a lot of BFFs actually and they came from different places. Even though we haven't seen each other for a long time but we talked on the phone almost everyday. Just like my friend Joan, she lives in Tennessee. We first knew each other when we had a medical examination at St. Luke's Hospital in the Philippines. Since then we consider each other friends.We have a lot of things in common that's why when we talked it would take an hour or more. I like her sense of humor. She always make me laugh. Even though we're far from each other, I feel like she's just so near because she can sense when I'm sad. We both love purses. Most of my favorite branded purse was bought by her. She's super generous to my kids too. She send them gifts often. She's not just thoughtful but one of my many friends that I will keep for my whole lifetime.That's why I'll make
personalized books for her because I know she wanted to make a compilation of her son's wonderful moments. She said that she don't have patience in this kind of stuff but I will love to do it for her.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Happy Toes

Happy Toes is a Pre-dance and Rhythm classes for children ages 2-5 years old. Children will learn skipping, tumbling, and balance. I already heard about it for awhile but for some circumstances like bad weather,busy schedule etc. I wasn't able to go, then finally I decided to check it out.It was okay. My kids are having fun. It's not as what I expected though.It's just typically like an exercise for them. But I'll still bring the kids there next Saturday and give it a try again. I'm still looking for more programs like dancing or swimming lesson for my kids.The problem here in this place is there's not a whole lot of choices and activities mostly starts during summer.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Simple Surgical Procedure

This coming Friday I will accompany my best friend for her first appointment on her planned breast enlargement surgery. I couldn't believe I'm supporting her now because since she started talking about her plans about having her boobs done, I've been opposing her already. I was just worried about her safety. But one time she showed me before and after photos of women who have a breast augmentation surgery from a certain website, I reacted meanly when I saw a woman's breast before the surgery. I told her that I feel sorry for the woman for having a breast like that, then my friend told me that her boob was like that too. I really feel bad. My reaction doesn't helped her at all. It made her desire to have a boob job stronger. Now, I don't have a choice but to help her. So I started making some research about this kind of procedure. And I found out that breast enlargement surgery or also called as breast augmentation is a safe and simple surgical procedure. These kind of procedure is already common among women who wants to gain more self confidence.
Although there are horror stories that resulted from this kind of surgery but this can be prevented when having this done by qualified and known surgeons just in like MYA ( Make Yourself Amazing )company. They have skilled surgeons whose been doing cosmetic surgeries for over 20 years. With their expertise you are assured with your safety.
After knowing all these information I'm excited for my friend already. I know that she's been dreaming to have nicer breasts for a long time.


We have a very nice weather again today, so my and the kids went grocery shopping together. The fruit juices especially our favorite Langers Pineapple juices are on sale so we bought 8, 1/2 gallon of those. We drink a lot of fruit juice so it saves me money when I stack up while they're on sale. After grocery shopping, we went home because Eric fall asleep in the car. After putting up the groceries I took a nap with the kids too. We're suppose to go check something in Walmart but I'm too exhausted to go out again. Then my cousin from Canada called and we chatted for awhile. Then later in the afternoon, my Ate Mendy came by. I cooked Sinigang na Bangus and we ate dinner together. It's a nice day besides being exhausted.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Colorful for the Adorable

It's a nice day today. A little bit chilly but the sun is shining brightly. I'm wishing that winter will be over soon. I like it when there's light coming from the outside, it kinda energized me unlike when it's rainy, all I want to do is lay down and watch TV which in the end gives me a headache. Although it was raining yesterday me, my kids and two of my friends went to the department store to shop. Even though I was planning to check out for curtains and bedding, I end up spending most of my time in the baby department. There's a lot of nice baby clothing but mostly they don't have my children's size. That's why it's disappointing. I have two adorable kids and the little one in my tummy. My eldest is a girl who loves wearing fun Baby Girl Clothes like dresses in pink and purple although she wear clothes that have her favorite designs in it. My second child is a boy who is such a handful and a daddy's boy. He loves to hang out with his dad that's why even if my husband is so tired from work, he still spend time to play with the children. When buying Baby Boy Clothes for my son I choose the one that will match his personality as an active 'lil kiddo. I found colorful clothes at the Polka Dot Patch Boutique which is really amazing because they have a huge collection of unique clothes fit for my adorable children. One of my many favorites is the Little Girls Custom Big Sister Sweater. I love it because it's personalized. There's a lot more that I like and I will be buying them to add colorful clothes in my children's wardrobe.


I wasn't able to play around with our holiday pictures because most of the time I'm not feeling well since last Christmas. The first trimester body pains. Anyways, today while I was able to browse around, thought it would be fun to put some pictures here in my blog when my kids are opening their gifts.
They have a lot of gifts. It took us more than an hour just to open all the gifts. And still they even got more during the New Year's party.Christmas indeed are for children. And I'm happy that my children are fortunate enough to be able to experience these kind of opportunities. Most of our friends and family here and from other places send their gifts for us. I greatly praise God for all the kindness and thoughtfulness we received during the holidays and all the days of our lives.
There are many children in the world who wasn't able to experience opening even a simple gift. I just pray that even though, may God touch their hearts so that experience ultimate happiness, better than receiving material gifts. May God give them more strength to fight the hardships in life. When I was a little child, my parents always make sure that we have a lot of gifts to open during the Noche Buena. And we grew up thinking that Santa Clause was putting money on our socks. Me and my siblings were always excited to check what Santa put in our socks. Even until we discover that it was Papa, who's the Santa Claus in the family, we still keep on doing the " socks in door tradition". I can say that I'm so blessed for having a wonderful childhood. And this is what I want to give to my children.

I have to helped them open their gifts. Lee was helping too while My friend Marie was taking pictures.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Mister Mechanic

Last Sunday, my neighbor's starter didn't turn off when she got back from the store. Bad timing because it happened when my husband went to the store to do some errands for me. It took almost 30 minutes before somebody helped her. I wish Lee, my husband, didn't forgot to bring his cellphone because I could have called him to go home right away or we could have fixed the problem temporarily because leaving the starter like that could possibly caused more damage in the car, we could just disconnect the brake. When my neighbors or our friends got some trouble in their cars they often asked Lee's helped because he is really good in automotive and he has a complete set of tools in his garage like air tools, decoder, charger and many more that's why he can fix automotive problems easily. Besides, he also modified his own truck and enter it in Car Shows. He's my Mister Mechanic.

Sunday, January 4, 2009


The first complain I heard from my husband when we both live in the same house is that I keep on changing the house arrangements. I keep on changing the decorations and rearrange the furnitures which make him unable to find his stuffs right away. But he was able to get used to it as years go by. My friend's husband complained the same thing too. He said that his wife keep rearranging furniture that he had a hard time time looking for his stuff. I guess women are really like that. We're all fickle minded. But I want right now is look for different kinds of tv stands because I want to find something that will match our furniture. I want to replace the old one. I want something new for this New Year.

Our First Sunday of Year 2009

I'm so happy that I feel better today. Since last Thursday I'm nauseated, dizzy, and my gums are aching. The effects of my pregnancy are getting worst. I'm already 2 months and 1 week pregnant. But my tummy still doesn't show, that's why I keep quiet about it for now because I'm pretty sure my Filipino friends here in our place will tease me.
Anyways, we went to church today. Stephanie joined the Children's Liturgy. She's so cute joining other kids who are older than her. I think she's the youngest. As they walked down the aisle she kept on saying to the people.
Then we went grocery shopping at Safeway. They rode in a child's cart with two steering wheels in it which made both of them entertained.
We went home around noon, and I have "dinuguan " for lunch while Lee is cooking Mexican Manudo.
Our first Sunday for this year is pretty much a family time and I wish it will be like this all through the years.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Smile and Happiness

I was surprised when one of my classmates in college commented in my friendster profile about my smile. She said that one thing that she always remember about me is that I'm always wearing that smile that will make other people smile. She said that she always sees me happy. I never though I was like that. She even said that my smile is contagious. It was flattering for me. I know that I don't have that perfect set of teeth. Maybe because I always smile and laugh a lot that's why she described me like that. But it does inspire me take care of my teeth and gums. When you have healthy teeth you are confident to smile. To maintain a good oral hygiene, stay away from eating sweets, brush your teeth every after meal, don't forget the mothwash and floss daily to prevent the build up of plaques. To save money in buying dental product, check out the You can buy oral health products from them at very low prices. They have oral b triumph 9950 for cleaner teeth and healthier gums. They also have products for your pet's dental needs like the Triple Pet dog toothbrush and toothpaste.
Always remember that having friends always start with a great and sincere smile. That's why always keep your teeth, gums and mouth healthy to always have that fresh feeling that keeps you smiling all the time.

Symbol of Hope, Joy and Love

I attended the New Year mass without my husband and kids because they sleep late because we have a New Year's eve party and we went home 12:45 AM already. I was glad that I woke up an hour before the mass even though I was in a hurry. St Joseph Church is not very from us. It will just take me 5 minutes to drive going there. Only few people was in the church. The mass was offered in celebration for the Solemnity of the Blessed Virgin Mary, the Mother of God.

One thing from today's homily too is about the Christmas Tree. Fr. Epperson said that if possible let's not take down our Christmas Tree until January 11. I was even thinking of putting it down on the sixth. January 11 is the Epiphany of God so let's keep our Christmas Tree lighted until that day. Christmas tree is the symbol of hope, joy and love.
*This is our Christmas Tree this year, simple but my kids helped me in putting the ornaments that's why it's special.*

Overcoming The Crises

One of the best weapon that will help us fight the present crises in our economy is by being optimistic. Let's keep on dreaming. The present situations in our country and all over the world affect our financial stability which affected our lifestyle. For some family, they're forced to transfer their children from a private school to public school. Wives need to work because the husbands' income can't sustain their needs. But we have to consider these ordeals as just nightmares and that we can only conquer these by dreaming and work hard to make it happen. Let our dreams conquer our nightmares.
This year 2009, we need to think carefully which way to go that will give us stability. In business industry, there are line of business that won't click anymore because of the financial crises. For example, electronics might be low this year and it's not wise to invest in it because there's a lot of electronics industries that's going down. But when you engage in business like car repair or body shops. People are now buying second hand cars and just bring it to car shops for repair. I once saw in the news recently when a mechanic was interviewed if he was affected by the present economic crises. He said no because his still have customers. So whenever you're planning to venture in business, this is one of the options. It doesn't need a high capital. You can apply for business loans and you can securely pay them soon.

Christmas Lunch at the Teruel’s

Jenny and Tony are my daughter’s god parents. We’re good friends too. But unlike other Filipinos, we rarely go to their house because we don’t belong in their circle of card buddies. Most of the time, they’re playing Tong-its at their house and since I have children I don’t have time to join anymore and most importantly, my mother don’t want me to play card games that involve money. For her, it’s a gamble. But for the Filipinos here, it’s just a past time. They get together, cook and play Tong-its.
Anyways, I’m just flattered because even though we’re not as close to the Teruels as it used to be, they still keep on inviting us on special occasions. In fact, we’re always invited on every special gatherings in their house when only selected people are invited. Sometimes, Filipinos here don’t invite families who have children because you know how children became so noisy and chaotic sometimes. That’s why there are mothers who are furious about this. For me, it’s understandable. I’m not offended when I’m not invited.
So, we have a Christmas lunch at the Teruels. Only 6 people are invited. Jenny cooked a lot so we’re really full. Tony made a gingerbread just for Steph and Eric. After eating, Jenny surprised us with lots of presents, like about 3 gifts for each of us. She’s always like that ever since I met her. She’s one of the super generous persons I ever knew. And she love to give, that’s what matters.
We watched movies afterwards. Me and Lee watched Narnia in their entertainment center. Steph watched Cartoons in their Living room. The rest were just chatting in the dining room.We went home about 5pm. It was a nice Christmas afternoon.

My White Caramel Coffee

We have a lot of coffee shops in our place which are just walking distance, or a mile away.In fact we have the Starbucks just across the corner of the store we usually shop. But I prefer to buy my most favorite white caramel coffee in the store near my husband's office. I got addicted to their coffee the very first time I tasted it. It's really good. That's why I'm happy when my husband is off from work because he can drive me there. I'm scared to drive up there because of the winding road. Now I'm not surprised why these coffee shops are still in business for a long time because people will always love coffee. Businessmen will always buy coffee franchises because it's an income generating business.
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