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Saturday, August 22, 2009

Aspiring Entrepreneur

I'm amazed with these people who amidst the economic situation of our country, they still didn't give up on working and keep on thinking of ideas how to improve their business. A friend of mine who is the owner of the Chomperz Deli here in our town is really doing a good job in her business considering that there's many competitions.I'm an aspiring entrepreneur too and I want to sell things that is saleable in the market that's why I need dependable business plan consultants to help me with the planning.


It's pretty much harmonious in our house this week. Steph and Eric get along well. Bianca is Washington visiting her relatives. When Bianca is here it's a lil bit chaotic because she and Steph are always arguing on almost everything. Then Eric got upset most of the time because Steph don't play with him anymore because she plays with Bianca. Bianca don't like it when Eric plays with them. She has this "Girls only rule", although I don't tolerate it but I have to explain it to her carefully because she came from a different environment before living with us. She use to stay in a reservation, the person who use to take care of her has numerous calls from the CPS. That will picture out what kind of environment that was. That's why Bianca has to make a lot adjustments with us because I have a lot of house rules. But she pretty much adjusted well because she's smart.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

For Your Home and Family

The only certain thing is this world is change. It's exactly true. Thereare a lot changes in my household recently that I never thought would happened to me. It's not really bad, it depends on how one would look at it. We just won in a guardianship battle with my husband's granddaughter. Her mom died in a car accident. Her step dad whose a known alcoholic and depending only on welfare don't want us to see her that's why we bring the fight to the court. After all the hardships, we won. And we are so happy that we're able to save the little girl from a doomed future. With what's happening I realized that I need to protect my family especially my children because I'm not certain what will happen to me in the future. That's why I'll do my best to secure my kids just like getting a mortgage life insurance, college plan and other forms of insurance. In that way I don't have to worry with them in case something happen to me.Of course not forgetting the last will and testament.

Slouchy Chic

I signed for the newsletter that's why I always got the latest updates about their new designs that's not sold in the market yet. The purse in the picture is part of their Brooke collection.I like it. The color is so perfect for fall. I have a purse that almost look like this but it's not from coach but I love it. If you like this one you can buy it at with free shipping.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Bigger Kitchen

One of my favorite place in our home is the kitchen. It is where that I mostly spend my time during the day because I always cook. And I love to cook.When I have visitors we usually hang out in the kitchen especially if they bring foods and we decided to cook more dishes. But I got some problem lately with our kitchen. It's the kitchen sink. It's not as spotless as before that's why I'm hoping we can get a new one. There are a lot of new styles at at very affordable prices. I'll be very happy if we got a new one and if possible a bigger kitchen so that I don't have to be shy when my friends help me in the kitchen. They always help me especially when I just gave birth. They bring me foods and help us with the kids.I'm blessed for having friends like them.

Light in the Night

When we travel at night, one of the things that amazes me is the outdoor lighting of some houses and buildings. That's why I rarely fall asleep during the whole drive. Putting lights in our backyard is really a good idea. It adds beauty to our home and most especially it provides additional security and protection for our family. Putting lights in our outdoors needs a special attention too. It's nice if all the lights are coordinated and matches to the style of the house, in this way people will appreciate your effort and you will gain more compliments.

Friday, August 7, 2009

Good News.. I love Good News

Some people said that there's no news are good news. But when I received a message from my cousin Dina telling me that she's pregnant, and that she was able to hear her baby's heartbeat, I was relieved and thankful. She has a miscarriage with her first pregnancy and it was traumatic for her that's why this time she was scared during the first trimester because she feared the same thing happen again.In fact we didn't tell our family in the Philippines until we're finally sure. When they went to her OB two days ago,she can't help herself from crying seeing her baby in the sonogram and listening to her heartbeat. I'm happy for her. She deserve this kind of blessing.I knew she's going to be a perfect mom and I can't wait to hear from her again.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Low Cost Alternative to Laptop

I have my laptop for awhile now and it's still working great. I use it mostly to communicate with my family in the Philippines and update them through Facebook, friendster or yahoo messenger. Yesterday I was so upset because my two year old son play with it and take the letters in the keyboard. I was able to put them back together but some of them is not put back right. If this gets worse I might buy one of those netbooks that we can buy at It's cheaper alternative to laptop. From now on I need to keep important stuffs away from my toodler's reace because it's not his fault,although I knew he was guilty for what he did because he cried and just stayed in one corner for awhile.
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