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Friday, May 29, 2009

My Future Musician

I would like to introduce my son Eric, my future musician. I thought I lost a copy of this video. This was taken when he turned 1 year old. He'll be turning two years old next month and he still loves playing with his keyboard. I love this video because it showed his high tolerance towards his sister when he was little. But now, a year later he fight back already.

I Love Sony Products

When it comes to electronic products I usually stick to a brand that I've personally tested and proven. My digital camera is from Sony as well as my video camera. I have them for over more than three years now and still in very good condition. My cellphone is from Sony too and amidst the newest phones that are arising in the market, I still want to keep my phone because it's durable and took very good pictures. This coming July I want to buy Sony Vaio for my brother because he needs a laptop for his work. This kind of laptop is perfect for him because it's dependable and will really meet his needs.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Preparing the Patio For Summer

One of my favorite areas in our house during summer is our patio because I love to hangout there when the sun is coming out. It is where I line dry my clothes too. With a glass of smoothie, I hangout in the patio with my children. But we still have to do some renovations there because our plastic tables and chair are already broken so I have to replace another patio sets to give it a more relaxing ambiance. I was thinking of buying a Wicker set because it is more durable and easy to clean. There are a wide selections at Patio Sets Mart and they came in beautiful styles. Right now they offer free shipping and without tax so I think it's a good deal already.

False Labor

Three days after my 30th week doctor's appointment, I experienced severe pain in my body, like having menstrual cramps. I had several contractions in an hour. I was so scared because my baby is only 30 weeks, even though she can survived just in case she will be deliver prematurely but it's my ultimate goal to deliver her on her due date. I really prayed so hard and thanks God it was just a false labor. I think it happened because my body is stressed for too much driving. I've been driving to and from Gasquet during that week and the road there has lots of curves. I drove also when we went to San Francisco for my citizenship interview and it was a long drive. Well, this time I have to be extra careful.

Friday, May 22, 2009

16 Lbs Versus 50 lbs

I'm on my 30th weeks of pregnancy and most of the people whom I've met thought that I'm in my 8th month and even worse some thought that I'll be giving birth in a week or so. Even my friends are teasing me that I look like I'm carrying twins. It alarmed me so bad. I was so worried. But lat Wednesday, during my doctor's appointment I found out that I only gained 16 pounds. My doctor said that the baby is just in the right size and her heartbeat is perfect. It was a relief for me. But what amazes me was when I found out that one of the pregnant ladies who worked in the clinic told me that she gained 50 lbs. already and she will be due next month and she didn't worry about it because it has been like it even with her past pregnancies. She had normal deliveries and her babies are healthy. She even don't have a hard time losing all those extra weight.Wow she must be using the best diet pill ever. Well, as long as the baby is delivered healthy osing those extra weight will be the least of my concern.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Living Within Your Means

Some of my schoolmates whose now working here in the states told me how the recent economy situation affected them and their work hours which means they don't have much overtime as they used to have. I understand what they've been through but this is part of life that we just just have to deal with positively. I know it's hard because our basic expenses and utilities went up high too and the salaries are still the same.
One good thing in order to survive is to live within our income. Don't live beyond our means. Avoid debt and most importantly be satisfied with what we have.

"Stupid people spend their money as fast as they get it" (Proverbs 21:20 TEV).

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Blemish Free Skin

When I was in my adolescent stage, I have a terrible skin facial problems. My pimples are worse that's why I'm embarrassed to mingle with other people. I thought it's just part of my adolescence period that's why I didn't exert a lot of effort to cure it. But then I realized that there's more other factors that causes acne such as dust, diet and stress. I used to sleep late at night and I ate greasy foods often. When I entered college my mom decided to let me use an acne treatment so that I won't be intimidated to mingle with other people. And it does worked. I gained self confidence and from that time on I don't have those ugly pimples anymore and I was able to maintain a blemish free skin.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Pink Daisy Night Light

"Patience is a virtue", this saying is really true. For couple of months I've been looking for kids nightlights for my daughter's bedroom. When we went to some department stores here in our place, I couldn't find any lamp that would match in my daughter's bedroom. I almost buy an ordinary lamp but I hold on to my instinct that I can still find that perfect light that is ideal for my daughter's room. Well, my patience was paid off. I finally found a night light that will really amazed my 3 year old daughter. It's a Pink Daisy Night Light in Sepia Tone as shown in the pictures above. It's really pretty. During the day, it adds a touch of nature in the room and when it's lighted at night, it provides a calm and serene ventilation in the room.

This nightlight has long lasting bulbs and it's base swivel to fit any plug. I like its on/off switch because it's durable and sturdy, I don't have to worry if my daughter will turn it on and off many times. But I'm happy that she don't do that though because she knows that she can't touch the lights because she's still young. But if ever she do that, I'm secure that it won't be damaged because it's very durable.
This night light is great for gift giving too because it arrives in a beautiful gift box. There are many more designs to choose from, just head over to

Update on My 28th week Docotor's Appointment

This is one of my worst doctor's appointments. The weather was very nasty and I have to call my friend Beth at the last minute because my son fell asleep in the car so I have to drop him off at Beth's house while my daughter went with me in the clinic. Two vials of blood was drawn from me for the Glucose Tolerance Test. I'm upset because the medical assistant has to poked me twice because she wasn't able to draw blood for the first try because she was so tensed. I was so close to walk out in the clinic because her attitude was so annoying. She wasn't really the medical assistant of my doctor. My doctor's assistant took a day-off. And this lady who relieve her looks like she doesn't know what she's doing. She's tense, she has to take a deep breath in front of me to calm herself. She admitted that she's stressed because she has to draw blood from me quickly for the Glucose Test. She failed the first draw because she used the wrong needle, and it's bigger than the one that they usually used but she can't find where they are. Good thing that her second try wasn't painful. So I hope that I passed the Glucose Test.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Doctor's Appointment This Afternoon

I have a doctor's appointment this afternoon. I'm curious how much I gained. My weighing scale here at home doesn't read well so I don't depend on it. But I know I'm so huge already. I believed I'm bigger now compare to my other two pregnancies. Lately, I've been eating doughnuts and soda. Oh I'm so bad. I'm going to have a diabetic testing today. I'm keeping my fingers crossed on that. Some moms are actually bigger than me and we almost have the same due date. They're not worrying about being huge. I think I'm just whiny. I'm just scared having a C section delivery. They don't worry about it actually. They're just thinking about best diet pills
to take after giving birth. Oh well, I don't worry about losing weight. I have two active toddlers, they're such a handful so I think they will help me lose weight quickly.

Sunday, May 3, 2009


My Mommy Dearest, a SuperMOM. She takes all my worries away. Yesterday, we talked for more than an hour over the phone . I wished I can bring her and my Papa here in the states soon.
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