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Tuesday, October 21, 2014


So I was given the task to be the ambassador of med part d in our store and I have a goal to schedule at least 10 people. I was so stressed and was trying to call in sick coz I find it really hard coz the last time we had a conference with all other stores, seems like a big for 3 hours I only have 4 people. I'm feeling so upset and getting depress.Right before lunch my bosses told me that I did a good job because only 5 stores and that's more than 15 stores in our region had people signed up.. My point is, as long as we put our hearts in what we do, we will be noticed even if we're half way to our goal.We'll the day is not over yet. All the 65ers come visit me in Walgreens in the corner of happy and healthy .Have a good day everyone...

Sunday, March 2, 2014

February Birthday

After my mom's birthday party, it's her boss' birthday again today in the same venue. I just feel bad because I'm working from 1 to 10pm. I wish I know about this I would have requested for an off for this day too. I just bring a cake and gifts for her before I went to work instead. I got her a nice winter boots and a chocolate package. If I only have enough money I would get a music instrument because right now I can save on mackie dj mixers because this is such a good too hard to pass. Well, she had a great birthday and some of our friends came.

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Crazy Day

It's such a hectic day at work today. I worked from 1 to 10 in the evening. As soon as I got in the store, I helped in the shoes department right away. I put out a U Boat full of RMS then I put away boxes of shoes that are featured in the ad tomorrow. Being the PIC is very challenging because I have to make sure that everything is taken cared of. What makes it harder is that I have to help in the front end too. Thankfully, I'm blessed with good coworkers, especially Angel. She's such a big help. She pretty recover all the department that I need to recover. I feel so blessed.

Friday, February 28, 2014

Person iN Charge Day 2

Today is my second day of being in charge for this week. I work from 1 to 10 again. I like this schedule because it's a full day shift. I finish the markdown in the shoes department and also help in the markdown in the men's department. It's such a busy day because I check all the time. I'm so lucky that my coworkers are very responsible too. I bought 2 Carthartt jackets for my husband which cost me a little over $80. I also have to buy lyre at wwbw for my daughter who participates in the band.

New Job

I feel so blessed today because I am finally hired in Walgreens. It is just a part time position which works great because I am getting more hours in Fred Meyer. I'm happy because they didn't ask me to quit Fred Meyer because when I applied in Rite Aid before, they asked me to quit Fred Meyer because of conflict of interest. At least Walgreens did not ask me to. I will be working in the front end at first then will work my way towards the pharmacy. I'm thankful and I am praying that this will be the start of my financial freedom.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014


  Life is precious, it the wonderful gift from our creator to mankind, so we should take care of it . When ever happened to our member of our family as a victim of alcohol or drug addiction, before its too late, don't  hesitate to bring him/her to rapid detox for oxycontin. It is important that he/she must be treated accordingly with counselling so that he can overcome physical and psychological on alcohol or drug addiction.

        Victim of drug addiction, have ruined their lives, because the central nervous system is being affected by this drug. So don't let this happen to your love one. But in case  this happen to someone and become dependent upon on oxycontin, entrust their detox to a qualified addiction specialist. At 8 Hour rapid detox for oxycontin  helps people with addiction to oxycontin, heroin, lortab , hydrocodone, methadone, subutex, morphine etc. After the rapid detox, they have an extended psychological counselling to treat the mental aspect of addiction so that their patient will go back totally to a normal life. Dr. Yee of Rapid Detox Medical Clinic, cares for them. With his length of experienced, and  amazing procedure in treating drug addiction, many individual who were victim of drug addiction have now come back to their normal life.

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Push Display

Be the one of those who have enjoyed the unique performance of this amazing software, which has the power to record, mix, and perform your music live in one package. This is very easy to use, with amazing sound and has a lot of cool features.  Ableton  Live 9 Controller is the latest iteration of one of the best performance based DAW's available on the market today. It has a complete integrated version with all of the feature this software has to offer, plus some additional effect and sound, and when incorporate to Push in the equation, you have instant hands-on control. All of your sound are ready to be played, tweaked, and personalized. Fine tune parameter in your instrument and effect using Push's touch sensitive encoder, and see every thing from Push display.

 To quote their top rated and best seller products are as follows :
Ableton Push with 9 Suite.............................................................$ 1,198.00
Ableton Software Controller Instrument ( new)...........................$     599.00
New Arrival :
Ableton Live 9 Standard Up grade for Live Life.........................$     379.00
Ableton Live 9 Suite Upgrade for Live Life................................$     649.00
Ableton Live 9 Suite Upgrade Intro.............................................$     599.00
Ableton Live 9 Standard Upgrade for Live Intro.........................$     349.00

        The  cool ableton live 9 controller at guitar center is available at Guitar With their guaranteed lowest price, you can be assured of your complete satisfaction at the lowest available price, or your money back.

Monday, February 3, 2014


I have too many email subscriptions from different websites and I it has become overwhelming already. I decided to unsubscribe from their mailings. This decision helped me focus on much better emails. Another thing also is that it helps me avoid seeing those deals that tempted to shop. I have to save money because it is very hard to live life without money that's why it's about time to seriously save.

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Bracelet Charms

Count your special moments in life with the charms in your bracelet or necklace.
Let the beads of the precious stones remind you of the memories of the wonderful events, with the special people in your life. By the earring that you wear, might refresh you the calls and whispers of your love one, which might be now in a far distance from you. The beautiful watch in your hand , will remind you of the hour and the happy moment together with your beloved.

       These are the beautiful gifts that one will treasure in a life time. At Reeds Jeweler, you can find a huge selection for Pandora beads Pandora products, which are a high quality, hand finished, modern, and genuine jewelries at affordable price. They have a different types of jewelry at affordable price. Among them are rings, earring, necklaces, bracelets, charms. They have also their beautiful watches. For bracelet, they have 118 styles and charm 758 styles. Because of the huge selection of their jewelries you can be assured that you can find the best for you.

       But if you think you are not completely satisfied, feel free to exchange it for something you truly love or return it for a full refund. There are now new arrival of Pandora products, so visit now at Reeds Jewelers for your complete satisfaction.

Career Options

I have been working in my present employer for more than 2 years and I only need 1000 more hours to get a raise. I am just permanent part time that's why I don't have regular hours although I always have the minimum 24 hours. That's why I'm trying to look for another job. I want to work two jobs. Today I was called for an interview tomorrow with Rite Aid. I'm hoping that they will not ask me to quit Fred Meyer. I ask God's guidance because I am again confused again.

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Budget Wise Customers

In buying a valued item, it is important that we have a right information about the product that we are going to get. Referring to our close friend, who have a knowledge about the certain product, is one option. Another is to go with the top rated or to the top selling brand, for this is the basis that many customers liked that particular product because of the product advantage compared to other brand or model.

        Likewise in looking for a banjo at Musicians friend there are a huge selection of banjo of different type, model and brand. To save our time, and to avoid confusion in selecting for the best is to go to the top rated or best selling brand.

        In top rated in higher price category, we found the Gold Tone EBM 5 electric banjo, it has a super in sound and performance with a tag price of $ 1,110.00, Deering Sierra 5 string banjo: durable, with quality tone and easy to play, price $ 2,689.00, Wash Burn B- 17Sunburst 5 string banjo $ 999.00. For medium price range category, we found, Deering Good Time Banjo. This is among the lowest priced American made banjo. It is so good that many professional have it. These are the fallowing price tag:
Deering Good Time Banjo..............................$ 399.00
Deering Good Time Banjo 5 string- (new)     $ 399.00
Deering Good Time w/ resonator,..................$ 549.00
Deering Good Time 25 string banjo...............$ 549.00
These banjos are easy playability, fine and high quality, in expensive. Best for practicing.

        For budget wise customers who want saving we found Roque brand. The Roque B-30, Deluxe 2-30 Bracket Banjo w/ aluminum rim for only $ 149.00, 4 used but in good condition for only $ 63.00, Roque Travel/ Starter Banjo $ 124.99, 2 used ( good condition) only $ 52.00. These banjos are best for practicing. For more details visit Musician's Friends .com.


How disappointing we are only getting a very little tax return this year compared last year. The difference is almost six thousand dollar.  I hope I am just missing something. I'm really sad about this because I am hoping we can pay some bills :-(. I'm gonna try the H&R block instead of the turbo tax. I hope there will be a big difference.


Through modern innovation in musical product, comes the best, and becoming the top choose of many musicians and collectors. The G&L bass guitar is the newest innovation, made by mastered craftsman, Leo Finder is now on the top of the line in quality and beyond the standard in  performance.

         As testified by an expert guitarist , this is the best bass you can get. It has the best sound with a very clear and punchy and a of variety in tone. It is smooth solid build and a great finish. In Guitar Center you can find a huge selection of G&L Bass brand with a guaranteed lowest price with free shipping. You can be assured of your complete satisfaction with their lowest available price.

        To quote the best selling and rated g&l bass at guitar center with their current price are as follows:
G&L Tribute M 2000 4 string electric bass guitar (new)...............$ 679.99
G&L Tribute L 2000 electric bass guitar (new).............................$ 629.99
G&L Tribute M 2500 5 string electric bass guitar.........................$  729.99
G&L Tribute JB2 4 string electric bass guitar ...............................$ 499.99

        Shop now at Guitar Center and get the best for you.

Altar Server

St. Joseph, parish council in Crescent City, is inviting their Sunday School pupil to join to the altar server. They will train young boys and girls to serve during Holy Mass on Sunday and Holy days.

     Stephanie my daughter, is one of the member of the Sunday school class. She is the one nominated by her teacher to join in the altar server. I encourage her to join, so that she will be acquainted about the church activities, and to learn about the moral aspect about the church teaching and policies.

      At the beginning, she was somewhat reluctant to accept the offer. Time to time , I'm trying to convince her. I gave and offered her the things she like. One time I brought her to a dinner place and served her with her favorite dish. With our conversation, I found out that there was something that made her in secured. I guess, it was her too long hair, so I invited her to a beauty parlor, for a hair style, thanks that after the hair style was done, she volunteered, that she is willing to join the altar server. She is the youngest among the member.
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