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Sunday, May 30, 2010

Reading Picnic Time

Last May 24,was the Reading Picnic Day at my daughter's school. It's an annual activity at Joe Hamilton where the children and their families gathered in the playground and read books and have a picnic. It was so memorable because hubby was able to spent  time with us. Because of his job, he can't always join us with activities like these. Most of time he's at work or was dispatched to a different place. Like he always said, he's missing a lot . But last Monday, he enjoyed it a lot. He grilled some tri tip and we share it . The kids were having a good time. Daddy was reading a book for them.

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Sweet Home Alabama

This is the nth time I have watched this movie, and I can't still passed it even though I'm already sleepy. It's a romance and comedy mixed together.It's a story of a girl from Alabama named Melanie Carmichael who went to New York and became an up and rising fashion designer. She basically have a good life there already most especially that she's soon to be married to the son of the Mayor. But she has to go back in her hometown to finish some loose ends with her previous marriage and she has to see her husband again. Basically this is a happy ending story that proves that first love never dies. I can watch this movie over and over again  even if I have to take acne pills to cure all my pimples that are popping out for lack of sleep. This movie can make you fall in love over and over again. Besides, I like Resse Witherspoon, she's so cute and such a sweetheart. Josh Lucas is a very good actor too. Sweet Home Alabama is a movie that I can keep for my collection of love story movies.

Early Shopper

I realized that when I buy ahead of time, the less stress I will get. I'm talking about buying stuffs such as clothes, party supplies or gifts two to three months in advance. For example for the coming Father's day, I already bought a nice shirt of my husband. It's really nice and I'm pretty sure he will like it. And I bought it for a cheaper price. I bought it when I got a coupon to one of my favorite brand in men's clothing. It was such a good deal so I took advantage of the offer. I shop when it's a holiday because there's plenty of good offerrs. During the month of July, I will have two parties, for my son's 3rd birthday and my youngest's first birthday. So today, I already reserved two pinatas and I got it for only $20. And I will start shopping for party supplies on Monday so I will not be rushed when I only have few more days before the party.

Friday, May 21, 2010


Last May 8,2010, Saturday, was B's schedule to visit her sister. Her sister lives at her grandma's house together with her father. When she came home the following day, that was Sunday the 9th of May, I noticed a bruised in her right arm as shown in the picture. When I asked her about it. She said her stepsister's father tickled her too hard and leaved a bruise in her arm. She said it doesn't hurt. I was worried but I can tell that she wasn't lying. But on Tuesday, the 10th, Mrs.Matzz, B's teacher asked me about the bruise and I told her what B told me. She told me to document it that's why I am writing it here. Mrs.Mattz, already called the CPS for this matter. I hope this guy will finally pay for his actions soon.He has numerous CPS reports already but nothing was taken seriously. :-( 

By the way B is my husband's granddaughter. We became her legal guardian when her mom passed away.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

My Beautiful Sophia

She's growing so fast! She's nine months old now. Everybody are saying that she looks exactly like her sister Stephanie. We just said that they're twins but different years. As their mom, they have similiarities but they don't look exactly the same. I'm just thankful to God for giving me such wonderful babies. My family in the Philippines are so proud of them especially my parents. That's the reason I always take pictures and video of them so I can update them how they look like. Besides I'm using these pictures for cards, personalized invitations, photo birth announcements or baby books. My parents missed them so much that's  why I'm currently petitioning them to be an immigrant here in the states. May God help us through the processing of their paper works. He knows how much my parents miss my children. God is good all the time!

Monday, May 17, 2010

Laundry Everyday

It's a wonderful Saturday for me. I was able to do household chores most especially the clothes. I'm extra particular when it comes to our clothes. I want them clean all the time. That's why I'm doing landry almost everyday. Beleieve it or not I love folding or hanging and ironing clothes. It gives me a peaceful feeling when they're all neatly filed in the drawers or hanging in the closet. For me, what you are in the outside will also reflect what you are in the inside. I'm referring about cleanliness. If you wear clean clothes, you are a neat person. That's why I make sure my kids are wearing clean clothes, stained free and of course no bad odors.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Unselfish Love

It's amazing how motherhood can changed my lifestyle. Last Thursday, I was shopping online as a treat for myself. I was browsing from one site to another. I always take time when shopping because I want to make sure I got the best buy. From my experiences with shopping, I often got carried away, I ended up buying stuffs that I don't really need. But with my latest shopping, I ended up buying for my kids and husband instead. And I have set my budget. If I have to buy for myself, I will go over my limit. Besides , I still have a lot of clothes that I haven't worn yet. Indeed, motherhood helped me to be thrifty and unselfish.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

The Bad Side

I'm hesitant about taking any kind of medication. When I was pregnant, I had a tooth and gum problem so I went to my dentist.With my OB's approval she prescribed a pain reliever for me. I didn't take them all because I'm worried about the baby in my tummy. After I had my baby, I had my teeth taken cared of. And last week was my annual check-up. My OB discussed about my family planning. I choosed IUD because I don't like taking pills because I'm worried about the side effects just like what happened to my friend whose taking slimming pills. The diet pill side effects on her is having  a bad skin problem. I'm worried that it will happened to me because I'm so particular about my skin complexion especially in my face.As much as possible I avoid taking pills.

Friday, May 14, 2010

That's What Drugs Can Do

There's this woman I know for over five years already. She's beautiful and sexy but she don't socialize often. She don't like going to parties. Her husband don't want her to go out by herself. He don't trust her. He thinks that he's sleeping around with men. He's an abuser but she can't leave him. I can't comprehend how come she let him do this to her...until recently. I found out that they're both taking drugs. Disgusting! No wonder her skin is not that good. She keeps on using an acne treatment but still her pimples are showing all the time. And that is why she tolerated all his abuse because both of them are using drugs illegally. Even though, I'm not taking actions for what I discovered, but I'm leaving it all up to God and if their kids are affected already, I will be forced to call the CPS.

Bowling Like A Pro


I remember a saying about honesty which says, “Integrity is telling myself the truth. And honesty is telling the truth to other people.”
Isn't life be simpler if everybody is honest? Once I've met this man, he always have nothing nice to say to anybody. It's as if he's the only perfect guy in this world. Be belittle other people.He embarrassed people. I got fed up with his attitude that I finally told what he's been telling to this person who is close to me. It was a nightmare. He denied everything. I regretted it. I wished I just keep it to myself because what he did is he went out in his way to clean his acts and put the blame on me. I should have just stayed away quietly. I even can't believe that the person who can testify against him denied it too. She was there when he was telling these stuffs. But I don't care anymore. God knows the truth. What matters to me is what God thinks about me. I know God loves me. I'm so blessed.
It's just disgusting that people use God's name for their excuses. That's why I was thinking that these kind of people have some kind of problem within themselves, as in psychologically. They lied a lot. They're in denial. Worst, they have a severe case of paranoia.
People lied and they don't care what is Integrity is all about. 

Tons and Tons of Pictures

I can't imagine how many pictures I have taken already for my three kids. Thanks to the convenience of memory cards, I can just take pictures as much as I want and delete them once I've downloaded them in my computer. Although, I prefer buying a new one instead of deleting them. I love taking pictures of my kids in every stages of their lives. From their first teeth, first haircut, and birthdays. I made a slideshow out of them and share them to my friends and family. I have a baby book for the three of them. And it's amazing how they gow so fast just by looking at the pictures. Even though I'm busy, I always take time to do all these stuffs because it's something that we can cherish forever through the generations.

Early Morning Shopping

Next month is Sarah's wedding. She's the daughter of my very good friend Erin. It's a wedding by the beach and I'm the usherette. It's Hawaiian themed so I'm searching for Hawaiian Dress online. I woke up early this morning while Sophia is still sleeping. I found some dresses but I haven't bought them yet because I will go to FredMeyer next week to check for dresses there too. Buying online has pros and cons. You get to do it in the convenience of your own home but sometimes the stuffs you bought don't look exactly as shown in their website. It's  not as easy as finding a cheap auto insurance because all you need to do is read the policy carefully. Unlike with clothes, there are times, they get too tight or snuggy on you. In fairness though, I always get good deals with my online shopping. Just like yesterday, I save over $60 with my shopping in and I bought hoodies. tights and clothes for my kids. I like Gap clothing.I just we have a  Gap store here in our place.

Monday, May 10, 2010

More Important Things to Get Busy

I realized that these past few days, there are few things that diverted my attention from doing more important stuffs. Last week, I got involved with my friend's problem and it stressed me. Her husband is an abuser. He's some kind of a psycho, that all of a sudden he will find reasons against his wife for him to be able to abuse her.He call her all sorts of names. He won't let her go out by herself. He believe that my friend is a whore and that she is having an affair which is not true. And then he found out that I knew about his trust issue, he got furious. When he found out that I'm favoring his wife, he told his wife not to talk to me anymore and threaten to break her jaw and called us f****kn whores. My friend didn't even defended me. Nobody has said to me that before.I'm not a whore. I feel bad for my friend. But this whole thing is really all up to her. She has to defend herself. But like they said Love is Blind. I'm sad for her because she got into this kind of relationship. I'm so thankful to God for giving me a good husband not like hers.
I'm still here for my friend, but I'm not gonna let myself carried for their situation. When he abused her, we talked in the phone all the time to comfort and her then last week, she wasn't allowed to use the phone so what I did, I checked on her in their house to make sure she's still okay. It basically take much of my time. I'm annoyed because she let him abuse her. I'm affected because I care for her and her kids whose been affected by their situation.
I don't want to talk about it anymore. I have to divert my thoughts. I pray. I updated my facebook. I will researh for good resumes for me and my husband because he's retiring with his current job but he will look for another job right away.For me, I will look for a job as soon as my parents will arrive from the Philippines.
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