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Friday, January 29, 2010

Satisfaction Guaranteed

I love my country so much that's why me and my husband will retire there someday. It is where we plan to settle down and build our dream house. We want to build our house in the middle of a farm. And we want some of the features to be just like what we have here in the states. For example, in the bathroom, we want it to have a bath tub and shower without any problem with the pressure and heater. You see, in my parent's house we weren't able to use the bath and shower because there's no enough pressure to push the water. I think there's problem with
plumbing fixtures there unlike here in the states they're all satisfaction guaranteed.

Friends Episode

“To be trusted is a greater compliment than being loved.”

I'm glad that my friend T is now communicating with me at least in Facebook. All I need for her is to trust me. Even though I talked to her enemy that doesn't mean that I will betray her. It's not like that. They just have to trust me. I valued my friends but that doesn't mean that I will be rude to the people that they hated because these people were trying to be civil to me. As a mature person I have to act like one.

Friends Episode

“To be trusted is a greater compliment than being loved.”

I'm glad that my friend T is now communicating with me at least in Facebook. All I need for her is to trust me. Even though I talked to her enemy that doesn't mean that I will betray her. It's not like that. They just have to trust me. I valued my friends but that doesn't mean that I will be rude to the people that they hated because these people were trying to be civil to me. As a mature person I have to act like one.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Comprehensive Addiction Rehabilitation Education

Drug addiction has been very rampant already. As years go by, it is actually getting worst. One of my classmates die due to drug overdose. It's saddening especially for the parents. You know, as parents we tried so hard to mold the best character for our children and guide them not to walk astray. But there are other factors that could influence them to get involved with drugs abuse. One is curiosity and peer pressure. That's why as parents, we need to constantly monitor our kids and assure them that they always have a family to hold on to just in case they're in desperate situations. Kids who are hooked on drugs are put by their parents in a drug rehab. But, parents make sure also that they get the right treatment. Look for facilities that can offer comprehensive programs for your kids' recovery. Try C.A.R.E. (Comprehensive Addiction Rehabilitation Education) , because they even give scholarships or grants and special financing options too.


For awhile now, every time I call my friend Tess, I always teased and called her Tess Testosterone. So my friends wonder. Well, it's just because it kinda rhymes with her name. But it encourage me to research about Testosterone because I've been using that word but I don't completely know everything about it. Testosterone plays an important role in men to help them prevent osteoporosis. Some men use testosterone boosters to gain more strength and stamina. Very interesting!

Just Super Cute

Here's my little Man, Eric. He adored his younger sister so much that he wants to hang out with her all he time even at her playpen. The problem is he's already too heavy for the the playpen. He's quite a handful right now and very mischievous too. But every time he's doing silly stuffs, we have hard time disciplining him because he's just way too when he's doing it. But me and my husband know that we can't just tolerate him all the time.


Today, I have another new blouse. It's pretty and flowery, so perfect for Spring. If I remember it right, I have more than 10 new blouses and pants given by my best friend for this month alone. She's a shopaholic. She's shopping online everytime there's on sale. And then if there's something that make her look big, she will give it to me. She's so obsessed about being slim. She's already size 3 but she wants to be smaller. She will buy diet pills whenever she gain weight. She's so beautiful but she doesn't believe it.I guess being slim or skinny will make her feel beautiful.

Skin Solution

Being a full time mom is not so easy task. Although, I couldn't exchange it for the world but sometimes I'm super busy that I almost don't have time for myself. Before, I don't have anymore time to use toner for my face that's why I end up having nasty acne in my face. Then, I found out about those skin id reviews, now I already find ways how to take care of my skin. Now, even though I have a very hectic schedule, I never go out looking haggard. All I do is cleanse,tone and moisturize my skin plus I use my favorite mineral make-up and I'm set for the whole day.

Thursday, January 21, 2010


I'm super tired lately. I feel like I'm losing all my energy. Then, I realized that I haven't taken my prenatal pills for awhile now. Even though I'm not pregnant anymore, I'm still taking prenatal pills because I'm breastfeeding. As we go grow older, we need to take vitamins seriously especially joint health supplement because our bones and joints will deteriorate over a number of years. But they can be protected by staying healthy and of course by taking supplements.


Some people have almost have it all, but they're not still contented. The craving for more than what they have,more than what they possess is unstoppable. Is it because we're just human?
Someone dreamed of having a simple, nice house, but when she got it already, she want to have a mansion. One just dream of having a vehicle for work, but when she have it already she wished having a corvette. From simple things to complicated. Why is that people can't just be satisfied with simple things?

There are times that life became so comfortable for us, we forgot the real meaning of happiness. We thought we are happy when we are able to buy the latest designer clothes, the nicest shoes ever or the most expensive purse. Real happiness is when you are able to help somebody who are in need. When we help somebody without asking in return or even sharing our blessings without broadcasting it. Now if we do that, that's the time we can feel the real happiness. When we are truly happy we are contented.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Happiness Comes From Within

I'm a stay at home mom with four kids. I'm already thirty one years old. I can say that I have everything that I can wish for. My husband is very responsible, caring, hardworking and loving. I'm happy. But, there are also times that I'm depressed.It's because I missed my family in the Philippines. I came from a big family. We're also close to each other. Here I don't have other families except my husband and kids. Although I'm blessed with nice friends, but still I really miss my home. When other people suffers from emotional problem they seek depression treatment right away which is a good thing because you don't want it to get worse. For me, I will just contemplate and try to find my inner peace and it help me realized how blessed am I.

Showing Signs of Aging

I have friends here who are over sixty years old but look like they're just in their 40s. I would love to think that it's because our weather in Crescent City is super fresh and clean. We don't have air pollution. I believe if we have a healthy lifestyle, we eat healthy and we live in a healthy environment we don't grow old fast. Well, some people who can't really hide those unstoppable signs of aging, they use the best age spot remover to keep their skin younger looking. There's nothing wrong with that. We are all entitled to find ways how to feel good about ourselves.

What's After Retiring

Retirement is a very sweet word for other people. But for my husband it's not. My husband is " a bit older than me :-). We got married when he's 50 and now we're blessed with three children. Next year, he's retiring from his present job. But it doesn't mean he will totally stop from working because as soon as he retire from his old job he will start working with his new job. Since last year he's been doing some job search already. If I were to choose I want him to relax for bit. He's been working hard all through his life.In fact this is going to be his third career.He worked for more than 30 years. But he already planned on working till he's 65. Well,that's how he is. He's just a hardworking man. And I'm so proud of him.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Surprise Surprise

Last Sunday was my friend Beth's birthday but we gave her a surprise party the day before. It was just funny how it worked out. First, me and my daughter were just supposedly visit her on her birthday, then when Marie knew about, she decided to go with me and then we came up with the idea of surprising her by just showing up in her house with our gifts. But when Gina W, found out it about she offered her house to where we can held the party. So Marie informed Beth's hubby about our plan, he was ecstatic about it. It was really perfect because everybody cooperated. Gina W's hubby even came up the idea of parking our cars somewhere where Beth can't see it when she's on her way to Gina W's house. So everytime guests arrived, he reparked their cars to another location. Gina W's son invited Beth's son to hang-out at their house.That is so that Beth will have the reason to drop by at their house. It was so perfect. Beth really cried. Everybody were crying for joy for a minute. Goodness gracious, there was so much love in the air that time. I was touched when Beth's mom cried, telling us that she couldn't believe that we love her daughter that much. For me, it was so memorable. We really love Beth. She's nice to everybody. For me, she's a sincere and good friend. She will stand up for you but she will let you know if you're wrong. I'm so lucky for having her as my friend.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Can't Wait For Summer

Today is cold here in Crescent City. They said there might be back to back storms tomorrow. Oh well,storms during the weekends. We'll be stack in the house. I just hope that the Internet connection won't be lost or else I'll be cranky :-).I just can't wait for Summer, when we can just do outdoor activities with the kids or even just staying in the patio while watching the kids play. But Summer will be here sooner or later, might as well prepare the patio. I found these patio cushions at They're really nice. I would love to have one.

Panama Pamana

Pamana is a tagalog word for inheritance while Panama is a beautiful place in Florida. So I will never forget Panama City since it sounds like a Tagalog word to me.But who will ever forget about this place. For me, it's one of the most pleasant places in the United States that I would love to stay for good. It's nice, peaceful and livable. The condos in panama city beach fl are pretty much affordable too and even the houses are not expensive. Most importantly, their weather is the best.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Staying Fit

When I visited my husband at his office two days, his top uniform was all wet. I was surprise because I thought he ran even it it's raining. Being a firefighter, he keeps himself fit by running from five to ten miles daily. I found out that even on rainy days they still do their physical trainings by using their fitness equipment in their exercise room.Well, I'm relieved because I don't want him to get sick for running in the rain. He's really good in keeping himself fit.


Jeline gave my kids a ride to and from school yesterday and today.I'm happy because I'm able to relax. Too much driving really makes me exhausted. Jeline really helped me a lot in so many ways. I'm just so blessed with a good family and kind friends. So today, I'm just relaxing. I cleaned the house, watched TV,surfed online and played with Sophie and Eric. Steph and Bianca hang out at Jeline's room until 5pm. I just wished Eric will not wake up Sophie everytime she sleeps. He's quite a handful already but he's our 'lil man. He gave us so much joy even though he stress me sometimes.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Designer Inspired

Someday, hopefully sooner I'll be able to buy my dream house in Bohol. My idea of a dream house is a 5 bedroom, two storey house located in the middle of a flower garden designed by my mom. My mom is really good in putting up design furniture to enhance a modern designer inspired home. You can also get some tips at and use their tools to design your own home plus they have a wide selections of beautiful furniture that can be customized to suit your taste. When you build your home, build it with creativity and careful planning because it will reflect right back at you.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

2010 Shopping

Today is my first time shopping for the year 2010. Even though I got lots of coupons emailed to me by my favorite stores but I didn't take advantage of them because I promised myself to be more financially responsible this year. So my first buy for this year is a Barbie doll for my eldest daughter and Gum Ball Machine for my son and I realized it's a bad a idea because he never stop eating gum ball for 30 minutes. I will hide it and just use it when I have a kid's party. The sale after holiday is almost as good as the after Thanksgiving sale. For instance you can buy Acer Aspire for less than $320 at Deals like that is really hard to resist.


One more day and it's Friday. I just can't wait. This driving back and forth really makes me so tired most especially that the weather is not that good. But I'm not too whiny about it. In fact I'm excited about how days went by quickly. It's strange when how I accomplished more projects when my time is so squeezed as compared to when I have a lot time during the days because I end up being lazy and haven't accomplished anything.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Surveys and Paid Emails

I used to be so crazy about Farm Town or Farmville and Yoville at Facebook. But then I realized that it took so much of my time already without even earning anything. You see I've been earning online through blogging, doing surveys and reading paid emails. It's not much but at least I'm able to splurge sometimes with my own money. Right now I'm searching for insurance quote for multiple cars because I will encourage Lee to buy another car without trading the one we got.

Back To Diet

Wow, I think most days of the holidays were spent on splurging on good foods. There were party invitations everywhere. Even at home I keep on cooking also because my husband can watch the kids.That's why right now I gained too much wait that I need the best diet supplement to at least go back to my desired figure. It would be nice that I'll be able to enjoy wearing those clothes that I got during Christmas. My friends gave me smaller size clothes so that I'll be determined to lose weight.
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