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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Shop KNeff At Smallflower

I've just arrived here in Crescent City from the Philippines. Because I'm not used to this place, I felt severe coldness. I'm looking for a massage oil or gel for joint and muscles to ease my feeling of coldness. Somebody told me, that kneipp brand at smallflower  is really god and affordable. So I went in there website and I found out that they have a wide range of Herbal product by Kneiff. This is the kind of product that I'm looking for. I'm thankful for this information.


I feel bad seeing my parents because they feel homesick. They miss our family in the Philippines. They've been here in the states for 1 week now. The kids keep them occupied but when they are not busy my mama is crying. I can't blame them because I feel that feeling of homesickness once in awhile. It's hard to live in a place that s thousand miles away. I pray that will be okay.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012


I am watching my two girls right now and it really makes me realize that despite the fact that I am so down right now because I just turned down a promising job because I am so worried to leave my boss, I'm still proud of myself for having wonderful kids. My son is already sleeping and my two girls are still playing and talking to each other. They look so cute. I'm happy when they get along well.


When we are planning to purchased an item, the first thing to consider is the brand name by which we trust. Regarding purchasing nursing uniforms, it's preferably to go to Marcus Trusted distributor of a varieties of uniform. There you can assure that you can get the items at the affordable price. Its easy to order and their shipping is fast. They yearn nursing scrub brand, Which includes Cherokee work wear, Dickies, White Swan fundamental and many more. They a have huge selection of medical and nursing scrubs top and pants. They are always willing to assist you in choosing a colour for your facility.


I just turned down a job offer..Im kinda down coz it's a good opportunity for me because its related to what I go to school for but I have such a nice boss that it's so hard to leave. I want to take the opportunity but I am happy for where I am at now. I just need God's guidance to please help me decide and guide the people to decide for my future. I know that it's all up to me but right now I need help to decide.

Monday, September 17, 2012

Good Deals

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