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Tuesday, August 27, 2013


       Usually for budget wise shoppers, will take time, for searching for a best product at the best price. Now is the right time, that they can avail their choose of appeal. Musicians Friend Shop is offering a warehouse sales, for their huge collection of items at very best offer. This is an incredible deal, so take this opportunity. Don't be late, because other items are already sold out. This offer is for a limited time only.

        Including in their special promotion is the versatile rode nt2-a. This is tasted and proven by its quality and performance not just by me but more to the expert in microphones. It is far more better than the other brand. This affordable microphone will match with the other expensive brand.

        Take a look of their discounted price:    MRSP-----------------------$ 699.
                                                      Your saving---------------------------$ 300.
                                                       Actual price--------------------------$ 399.

       So hurry, shop now while stocks are still available.

NIce Hotel

       From the the start of summer season, particularly in the month of June, most of the hotel in Crescent City are always fully book. Even if there are  several hotels in this place, they are always occupied by vacationist and travelers. Especially Super 8 hotel where it is the most accessible for travelers and have a wide parking space for their car and with the accommodation of their pets, this will cater their customers to stay in this hotel. Plus their customer service is satisfactory they have all the coming back customers.

        Because I'm more familiar of this hotel and often come to this place, I always hear the positive comments from the customers regarding this place. Mostly they commented that they like Crescent City because it is peaceful, safe to stay, clean and beautiful. They always said, (I love this place). Every now and then there are vacationist from the nearby state such as from Washington State, Oregon, Nevada,and more and also from nearby cities and county in California, like from Eureka City, Medford, Cosby. Even from other country such as from Canada, Philippines and others want to visit Crescent City, because of the peaceful situation here as will as to observed the beautiful scenery of the city and to visit the world famous Redwood National and State Park.

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Ideal Gift

I got  myself a new couch, so I think it's just fair to get my kids a nice Nord Piano like this one. I really want my kids to enhance their skills in music especially in playing piano. I register Stephanie and Bianca in the piano class last year, but it didn't went through because the teacher quit teaching. It's frustrating because my kids were disappointed about it and now they don't seem to like going back to piano lessons, but I thinking if they got this amazing Nord piano, they will probably change their mind.

Friday, August 2, 2013

Playing Guitar

   In our place there is a group of six children with the age of 8-10 years old. They have the same likes and interest in term of hobby and activities, which is playing guitar. Every week end and after school hour, they'll group together and practice playing guitar.

     The father of the one of the group, who is a guitar player provide them a guitar which is suited for the beginner. the size is ideal for children. This is the martin lxm  (Little Martin Acoustic Guitar ) This is a value guitar, good for practice and beginning student. It has a quality sound , durable, but yet at affordable price.

      As a support for the group we the parents agreed that we will provide an additional units or if possible one for each of them. We have to buy the above mention brand because this is the one that the children preferred.

"You've Got A Friend" Billy Crawford feat. Nikki Gil Music Video

I love watching Nikki and Billy. It's sad that they have to separate.


     We in our Christian Community are planning to buy an amplifier that can be use in our Sunday Liturgical Mass. But we have not yet decided about the brand and model, until one day I attended a choir workshop seminar at our nearby Christian Community. I was so much impressed of their portable amp, which gave a clear sound. It has a very nice digital reverb. Even though that the size is small, but its sound is loud, enough for our Sunday Mass Celebration.

      This is the Fishman Loud box-mini pro-LBX-500-60 W 1 x6.5 acoustic combo amp. I like it aside from its quality sound, it's light in weight and easy to carry. Its weight is less than20 lbs. I browse in my PC about the price . I found out that it is affordable and worth for the price. Fortunately that they are offering a discount price of 35 % with a free shipping. To quote : List------$558.38
                                                                                                                              Saving--   195.43
                                                                                                                        Actual price$ 362.95
    For this price certainly this is a good deal. I'll suggest to my other members.

    There are a huge selection of fishman amplifiers at guitar center , shop now and get their guaranteed lowest price.

Church Time

I'm happy because  was able to go to church today with my parents. It's been a long time that we missed church because we are so busy at work. I feel guilty when I missed going to church because I know that God should be the priority and I know being busy is not an excuse. May God forgive me and still protect me from evil and make me stronger for all my struggles.

Lowest Price

       The advancement of the modern technology in printing is key factor for Zoo Printing to successfully provide and supply the needs of all their clients in printing industry. With their versatile EFI Vutek digital super wide printer which can deliver a quality and high level speed, this increase the capacity, reduce labor, and minimize waste. Almost all the major printing  activities are done by this machine, so that the cost of production is minimized, and that they could offer to their costumers, the lowest possible price with the best and quality products.

     With this integrated system, it enhance their clients for the opportunity to yield a quick return on investment by delivering superior image quality system performance, color management, reliability and durability.

      Zoo Printing is offering the largest selection of offsets and digital products in the market today. BY printing wholesale they provide their costumers more than the lowest price and many different services, such as direct mail, local delivery, services to their loyal costumers, by their discount price offered to them, the more they purchase the more they saved. They have also the reward program, every item there is a point. For every purchase made bring you closer to your reward.

Colon Cleansing

My back has been hurting these past few days and I'm worried that I might have appendicitis or kidney problem. I don't want to go to the doctor because my father has appendicitis and his medical bill is so high and they haven't done any surgery yet. He's feeling better now after he did a complete colon cleansing. I'm hoping that I can do it on my own.
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