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Thursday, March 22, 2012


 This year is quite in contrast with last year. First of all, last year me and my friends are not so busy because we didn't work fulltime. This year, all of us are working. Therefore we barely got the chance to get together like we used to. I'm just thankful that we understand each other situation. There were times that we haven't talked for a long time but not of all us complained about it. There's one who whine about it but she's not a real friend.So, today I talked to one of my friend and we spoke for almost an hour. We just talked about our kids and our shopping habits. Today I bought new shoes for and she bought new uniforms for her which I hope she bought  dickies scrubs because those are good brands of clothing. If we buy something that we will wear for work it should be of good quality and durable.

Green Thumb

My uncle really loves gardening. He has this so called "green thumb" for whatever plants he planted, it will really grow. The problem is there are no more enough space for his plants. My aunt  kept on complaining since his plants were not planted in proper place. I suggested what if they would buy a planter box. Planter boxes offer some advantages over ground planting, including the ability to better regulate the soil nutrients and water, as well as to be able to move the planters as needed. Planter box can simply add beauty to our patio or deck. We can even make our own planter box if we want too.


I'm glad that me and the kids can go to a party this Saturday without seeing the woman who I don't want to see. It's not that I'm hateful but, I just can't stand the site of an evil person who lied about me. Oh well, she's been forgotten so as much as possible no more recollections of her. Anyways, I am glad that I've been to another party too. Eventhough I'm not a member of the their association but I appreciate it when they called so I will go for a few minutes to greet the celebrant and go to work. I hope it will be a beautiful day too.

Monday, March 19, 2012

Cutting Back

This guest post from Doris Dillon

My budget has been tight lately, so I have had to cut out some of the extras like cable and internet. My boss had to cut everyone’s hours at work, which means we get paid less. I didn’t want to move back in with my parents, so that meant I had to make some tough decisions. I also started clipping coupons and driving around less so that I spend less on gas. So far I’m doing well and haven’t had to ask my parents for any cash. My boyfriend felt bad for me since I am so bored when I am at home, so he decided to surprise me with clear 4g internet for my birthday. It works out perfectly since now I can download movies and TV shows to watch, so I’m not missing my cable too much. I didn’t realize how much I depended on the internet for entertainment before I had to do without it. I am so grateful that my boyfriend saved the day. I hope I can come up with a great birthday gift for him next month. I would feel terrible if I couldn’t think of something as thoughtful as his gift was.

Saturday, March 10, 2012


I checked my weight this morning and it's frustrating because I gained back the weight that I lost last month. Well, I'm the one to be blamed because I eat a lot on my days off. And everytime I got home from work, I sat down and eat sweets just like ice cream and cakes or pie. If I don't know  apidextra side effects, I'm already taking diet pills. But you know it's all about self- discipline. Maybe, I should start restricting myself from eating fattening foods, so that I will not be whining all the time.


Ugh, my brain is rusted. I'm feeling old and insecure because I'm starting over but still the same thing I don't know a lot of things..i think it's dumb when you learned it already but still took you forever to figure it out..but the thing is at school (now) they think I'm smart becauase my score in the assessment was so high, but dang, all I'm good at is the what you call process of elimination...( & of coz, I took these subjects already 10 yrs ago)embarrassing!!!...right now I'm not so in love with myself.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

In The World Of Online Marketing

Because of the social networking sites such as facebook I got updated with what what's going with all the people that I knew and met. I noticed that many of them are engaged in online businesses. So far, most of them are doing good with. It's amazing how people can be creative and resourceful. Some of my friends had a hard time finding a job that's why they started their own website and sell their own crafts. Actually, when you venture in a business, you need to have an excellent software promotion to get more traffic in your website.

Awesome Teachers

For all my schooling years, I've met so many teachers with different attitudes and characters. I must say that the teacher that I have now, is the most awesome teacher that I've ever met. her name is Miss Marta. She is ver helpful. Just like in our paragraps and essays, she took time and extra and go through with our essays and correct it throughly. Another thing also, she is very approachable. She is always willing to help us if we need help with our subjects. I feel so blessed for having a teacher like her.
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