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Tuesday, May 8, 2012


It's amazing how events organizer can pull off a simple location turned into a grandiose place for some interesting events such as high school events. They can actually put a VIP suite or sky box to a grandstand by using modular press box. The supplier for this kind of press box is the American Press Box. They designed their press box to be very functional because it includes everything we need such as  a finished interior, electric, heating, and counter tops. More options include turning  a standard design into a customized facility meeting however the organizers wished it to be.


We're currently watching the latest episodes of NCIS, while my youngest daughter kept bugging me while I'm updating my blog. I just record the show, since I cannot really concentrate watching it. She's just so rambunctious today, but she's my little tough munckin. I'm glad though that my husband was able to watch this episode because he missed this so many times already.


Today is a busy day, but it seems that I haven't accomplished anything. I am so tired and exhausted. I was able to sealed my package for my family in the Philippines tho, so I guess that is important. I've been wanting to finish this for a long time.Literally, I have this package in my laundry room since last year. Now that it's sealed, all I need to do is deliver it to my friend who's going to bring it in Portland.I'll be very glad when it's finally shipped because I have stuffs there that are very essential for my home in the Philippines. For my next package I'm going to send my brother spring clamps because it is important for his motorcycle and other mechanical jobs.

Baby Shower

I went to my friend's baby shower last Saturday, it was short and sweet. I was kinda out of place for a little bit because I only know one person, good thing my friends arrived just late. Next time, I will not go to a baby shower super early. I like the way they decorate the party. It gave me an idea when I will gave a baby shower in the future. It was really nice and I got the chance to meet new mom in our neighborhood.
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