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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Pizza Party

This is a funny picture of me and my bestfriend at the Pizza Party. We were so full and we tried to hide our bulging belly that we didn't realize our nose are opening wide. This was after we went to the skating rink. We were starving that I ate four slices of pizza. I ate so much that I have a hard time getting up. My best friend is so conscious about her calorie intake but she can't help to eat too much pizza also. But she don't have to worry about it because she's skinny. Me, I probably have to take nuphedragen to be skinny like her. It's hard to follow her diet routine because she don't eat rice. She do cleansing diet and exercise everyday. I promised her that we will exercise together after my husband's retirement party.

Roller Skating

We were invited to a birthday party last Saturday and it was held in the Del Norte Fairgrounds. The kids were having so much fun. And the can't wait to go back there. My son tried the roller skates for beginners. At first he liked it but then he got bored and want to use the regular ones. Good thing his daddy was there to help him. He wants a challenge that's why he doesn't like the beginner skates! Then Bianca and Stephanie were having a problem with their balance at first but was able to manage it well, after awhile. And my baby Sophia was just playing with the scooter for little girls. I will buy her own little scooter next week.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Today's Shopping, Blac Label Crew Neck

I can't help but really like the shirt that this guy is wearing. It says, " Two kinds of men: The righteous who believe they are sinners, The sinners who believe they are righteous".I love the saying and I can't wait to buy this shirt. This is from blac label clothing. It has contrasting stitching and 100% cotton. It says that the sizing is true to size. This is a unique gifts for husbands or uncles and friends. This is the reason why I don't shop a lot in stores because I know you can find unique clothing online. My husband is too picky when it comes to crew neck. He doesn't want to wear something that has a logo of the brand in it. He likes shirts like this. It has a unique caption and it's color black.

Firefighter Stool

I found this kid's stool online and I really want to buy it for my son. He's three years old and very independent too. He's not tall enough to reach the sink though when he brushes his teeth. We have a stool in their bathroom but he don't like it. It's just made of plastic that's why.This step stool will just amazed him because he's all about firefighter too since his daddy is a firefighter. I can't just imagine how happy he is once we got this from Step Stool Supply. I'm planning to get a medical step stool  also for the house too because it has a rubber tread top that will prevent accidental slips. Anyways my son is so cute because when sees this firefighter step stool, he asked me to buy it for him so he can reach his toys that I put in the upper shelf of his closet. I think that was too cute for him thinking where to use this stool. This stool is much even better because it has a storage under the top step. I might end up getting two of these.

Bonding Picture For The Day

My two girls. This is taken after Stephanie finished her homework. How time flies so fast.She is now in Kindergarten but doing 1st Grade Math. And my baby Sophia is growing like a weed too. She's very independent too. She wants to climb the stairs by herself. I'm so blessed for having such beautiful daughters. They're beautiful inside and out.

Friday, March 11, 2011

8.9 Magnitude Earthquake in Japan

I feel bad for my friends who are in Japan right now. They suffer a high magnitude earthquake yesterday at around 2pm Tokyo time. As seen in the news, the damage is very huge.I have relatives and friends who live in Japan and they told me that they're getting dizzy due to the severe earthquake. One of my friends is worried because until now she can't get hold of her husband because they don't have phone signal. She's at home with her daughter while her husband was at their store. Their stores was hit by the earthquake and her husband was probably there. I'm just praying that he's safe. I'm praying they are all safe and that with this catastrophic event they will hold on to God to protect them. I know God will shield them with His loving arms.

Thursday, March 10, 2011


When I was in college and still learning about computer programming, I was really amazed with my classmates who are so good in programming. It was really hard for me that's why I just asked for their help with my projects. But thanks to Internet, you can have an easy access to the best web site builders there is.
Let me focus to this website builder called WebDeva.
WebDeva was founded in 2007 and they already more or less 200 customers. And it's great because when you do business with them, they can focused on your specific needs that you wanted for your website. They are easily to reach for support. They provide easy to us web building and web marketing tools which is helpful for most people who are not so expert in the technical aspect of website building. 
In WebDeva, it's easy to set-up . They have a wide variety of designs to choose from. They are one of the top scorers compared to their competition when it comes to marketing, range of functionality, e-commerce support , seo and back office support.
In choosing for the best website builder WebDeva is the one to be considered first.

Money Or Reputation

I was stunned when I know how much these celebrities like Maria Carey, Beyonce, and Usher earned by performing in countries such as Libya. A spanking $1M dollars! Wow that's a lot of money. For some people it is a whole retirement already. The average people earned much lower than that. The unlucky ones even only saved less than $100,000 for their whole working days..But like what I said we are just ordinary people. For the celebrities it's just nothing. I just can't believe these Libyan high ranking officials will spend these much money when their people are suffering. As for the celebrities, they might have cashed out big bucks but they didn't realized how would it hurt their image. But you see, they just perform, they just follow what talent managers are asking them to do. What I'm saying now, before we commit something for money, make sure that it won't hurt your reputation in the future.

Friday, March 4, 2011

Big Time Rush

This is the Big Time Rush Band. From left to right,Kendall, Logan, James and Carlos. They are my kids' favorite band. They love to watch their shows at Nickelodeon.In fairness, they have nice choice of music. And I don't mind playing it on my car over and over again. It's remarkable how they influenced the kids. My best friend has 3 three sons and they always copy this band's style, from the style of clothing,type of hairstyles and choice of outfit.I remember when they start wearing Fedora Hat, the kids ask me to buy the same for them as my Christmas gifts for him.  Even at school you can see the kids wearing this kind of hat.I just hope that they will not be lured by fame and money so that they will be able to stay in the music industry for a long time.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Today's Wishlist

Shopping is a habit that is so hard to stop.It's something that will satisfy our cravings for something. I can say that I'm not a shopaholic because I can pretty much control myself from shopping as compare to my best friend who shops many times in one month. Promise, I'm not kidding. Everytme she's stressed she shops. It doesn't matter which store and what brand. I, on the other hand is brand conscious. I have certain brands that I have proven to have good quality products such as Franco Sarto, Guess and Levis. I love Abercrombie and Hollister too.
Anyways, here I'm an again, on my shopping mood. My husband told me that I look good on a cowboy boots or western boots. He said I will look hot if I pair it with denim. That's why here I am on a lookout for a cowgirl boots. He wants me to get something like he have, an authentic one. But no way, they're like over a hundred dollars. I can find cheaper one. That's why I'm looking around. I have found some already and I'm just waiting till the prices will be marked down. I'm such a cheap shopper :-).

This is my favorite but it's of stock already.I'm looking for something like this.

This is my second favorite..if the price will go down I might buy this one.

Express Your Thoughtfulness For Less

On every special occasions such as Valentine's Day, Birthdays, Anniversaries, and Mother's day, my husband never fail to give me flowers. Sometimes, he gave me orchids, roses and sometimes a bouquet of different flower combinations. I felt special every time he does that.I think it's so sweet. That's why I'm doing the same way when I show my thoughtfulness to my friends. Thanks to coupons, I can get a cheaper deal on flower bouquets that I want to be deliver to my friends who are living from out of state. I have friends in Nevada, Tennessee and in South California. They're living in a place where there's  a lot of shopping malls so sending them clothes or shoes is not that meaningful anymore because they have tons of clothes already. Although it's the thought that counts. But every time they received flowers from me, they are so emotional and it means a lot to them.

Serena William's Health Problem

I just saw in the CNN news this morning about Serena William's health problem. She have a blood clot in her lung. Serena is only 29n years old and the reigning champion in singles in Wimbledon and in women's double in French Open. With her health condition she might not be able to depend her title on June 20. For such a young age, she have accomplished so much not only in sports but also in fashion and charity works. Because of this, it made me about life's surprises. There's nothing certain in life but change. We don't really know what lies ahead. And then I realized, I should be ready all the time. What I'm saying is, I will take care of my children's future just in case something like this happen to me. One way to secure their future is applying for life insurance, buying properties that they can inherit, open a savings fund for them. Yesterday, I actually started looking for term life insurance quotes. Today, I'm waiting for a call from our local insurance agent to wok with me in finding the best insurance that I can afford to pay. I thought I'm still young to even worry about this but once you became a mom, the sooner to take care of these stuffs the better it is.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Wordless Wednesday/Tutu Too Cute

This was during her doctor's appointment last Friday for her Hepa A immunization shot. She's having too much fun with her tutu that she didn't even cry when she got the shot. I think she was destructed. The nurses and doctors were having fun talking to her. She's too cute with her tutu. I'm so glad I got her this tutu. I bought this tutu at Zuilly's.
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