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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Savings, Savings, Savings!

I'm the kind of person who wants to make the most out of my money. I want to stretch it as far as it can goes. But I'm not stingy. All I want to do is making sure that I didn't waste the hard earned money of my husband. So I used coupons and take advantage on sale products and I basically buy clearance only clothing. Once in awhile I splurge but like I said just once in awhile. This year I need to be strict to myself and stick to my budget to avoid overspending because I'm planning to put more money in my husband's retirement plan. Yo know, taking advantage of the employer's match up contribution. That's a big help for our future too. Another money saving idea too is buying a house this year and shop around for
home insurance quotes before purchasing one. If I'm not mistaken you can still get a tax credit for that.There are so many ways to save. And it feels good when you are able to save.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Spring Break!

It's the start of the Spring break, I should be very happy. But, hubby is out of town. He's going to do an equipment inspection up there in Willits. He'll be gone fo 6 days. It's no fun. Oh well, life must go on. And great, it's been raining the whole day, so we are all stuck in the house. Good thing that Marie visited us, so I was able to go to the store to buy bathroom tissue. We're down to the last three rolls for the three bathrooms so I took advantage of going to the store while Marie can babysit the kids. I don't want to drag the kids in this nasty weather. She went home at around 5 p.m. And she she said she will be back on Friday. And I have sniffles too huhuhu.what a day!.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Another Depressing Weather

It's another chilly day.The sun is completely hiding. It's a gloomy day outside. So we didn't got out except when I picked up the kids from school. While the kids are sleeping I was able to browse online and end up buying a dress and coat. I got a pretty good deal with it. I'm just worried about the coat because I ordered a medium size, I hope it won't be big for me. When it comes to coat, I want it  kinda tight. I just can't believe it took me almost an hour to shop online.I'm tight on my budget that I don't want to splurge. My eyes hurt and it's getting puffy. I need under eye creams to hide those dark circles. Next time, I have to avoid these online shopping because it distructs me from doing what is more important.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Cause and Effect

I don't have enough sleep because my baby is teething that's why I keep on drinking soda during the day so I won't be sleepy. And guess what?, my tummy is getting big. I can feel that I'm gaining weight too. I drink  2 to 3 cans of soda a day. I know it's not good. I can feel that my teeth are afected already too. My friend is taking diet pills but I noticed that her pimples are increasing each day. I think it's called cause and effect. In everything that we do, there's always a consequence. It's up to us if we can take it. You can be skinny but your suffering from acne. You just have to figure out your prorities.

Not A Bad Day

I woke at 6:30 AM. I'm not stressing out myself today. Probably becaause it was payday yesterday hehe. After dropping off Lee at worked (hopefully his truck will be running already next month), me and the kids bought a breakfast meal at Burher King. I'm annoyed though because they overcharged me. I just kept the receipt so that I will show it to them next time we'll buy there. And as usual we went to Steph's school early.I intentionally do this so that Eric can joy Steph with their playtime. He's so cute because he helped them in the cleaned and he copy the preschoolers too. I can tell that he's ready for preschool.I also took pictures of my friend Jelay.She has cute outfit each day. I picked up Bianca too since Jelay is busy giving her husband a ride.Erin babysit Bianca. I can't wait till Lee got his truck. I'm tired of asking favors from other people. Although they're so sincere in helping me but I am shy sometimes.Anyways, we have chiken canilloni for dinner. The kids don't like but at least hubby does. Right now I'm watching Miting de Advance in ANC.

Sleepy Full Time Mom

I'm a stay at home mom but I it's as if I also work work full time. Being a full time mother is also like working 24/7. It's exhausting and stressing. I don't have enough sleep.My eyes are reddish sometimes because I don't have enough sleep. I can see dark circles around my eyes already. I need the best eye cream to get rid of my eye problem. Our eyes are very important also. That's why whenever I got the chance to get a good sleep, I took advantage of it. I woke up at around 6:00 AM to get ready for the kids' class and I go to sleep at around 10 P.M. That's why I can't wait till my parents  get their immigration visa so that I can take a break from my busy life.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

It worked!

Losing  ten pounds of weight doesn't happen overnight. For my friend Jel, it took her nearly two months. From size 5 now she's size 3. I'm lucky because she's going to give her clothes to me. I'm size 5, I think I'm going to stay like this for awhile :-).Anyways, I'm glad that Jel finally found the diets that work for her. She's been experimenting a lot of diet pills but nothing has been effective. So she read and search the online reviews about diet pills and try the one that was recommend by many. And it worked! Now she's getting slimmer. She looks great.


If there's one thing that puts me in trouble all the time is my being tackless. Every morning, I always pray to God to guide me. To help me watch my actions and every words that come out in my mouth so that I can't offend anybody. I'm really tackless. Some of my friends enjoyed it ( I guess???They said I'm just being truthful.) But knowing that there are some people who were hurt for what I have said made me feel uneasy. I feel guilty. I don't want to be tackless. I want to make friends not enemies. I'm trying and I hope sooner or later it wouldn't be that hard anymore. I apologize to those people whom I have offended.

Too Good Too Expensive

My husband and I are just discussing about the difference of cigars and cigarettes. We have a very ineteristing discussion about it since I've been persuading him to quit smoking. I never tried smoking even once in my lifetime and husband started smoking since he was 15 years old. That's why I'm quite curious what's in the mind of people who smoke cigrs and cigarettes. My husband said cigars are good but they're just expensive especially if they came from Cuba. One of the famous cigars is the opus x , it has an aromatic and taste to it. According to my husband, cigars take much of your time unlike the cigarettes, all he needs is 5 minutes or less and he's done. In other words cigars just doesn't fi his lifestyle and I just wish cigarettes will not fit his lifestyle either.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Search It, Read It, Use It

I remember this gal who taught me how to drive before. She told me that I have to treat my car like a baby and in fact treat it my second home. Wow, second home, first time I've heard of that. Actually, many people actually ate and slept in their cars. Treating our car like a baby means protecting it also like a baby. I'm talking about having it insured in the best insurance company.There are like about 30 insurance companies available nationwide. All of them have sweet promises, good deals and competitive prices. Don't be fooled with the amoount of the premium though. It is very important to read the auto insurance reviews first.Make sure that all the terms and conditions will meet your needs and will protect your car in the future.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

The Eight Commandment

" Remember to keep holy the Sabbath Day".
I grew up in a very religious family. My mama and papa are active members in our parish. I studied in a Catholic School. Basically, I'm well aware about the Bible and my responsibility as a Christian. When I was in the Philippines, I rarely miss going to church every Sunday. In fact I even go to chuch on weekdays. It somehow completes my day everytime I go to church. My guide in my life is the Ten Commandments of God. Sadly, since I got here in the states I often break the 8th Commandment of God which is " to keep holy the Sabbath day". I can't go to church during Sundays especially when we go out of town, or if hubby is working or if it's raining. I could keep it holy even if I'm just staying at home but there are so many things that I need to do during weekends. It's just hard to strictly follow God's commands. But I believe that God is an understanding God. He is forgiving and He always give me a second chance.Praise to you O God.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Spring Time Is Here

Finally Spring is here. The sun is out at around eight o'clock this morning. The wind is not that chilly anymore. The kids go out without being bundled up. After dropping the girls to school, I went to the store to buy Spring clothes. The girls love to wear skirts but I wasn't able to buy because I didn't find anything nice. Instead I end up buying jeans for them.I didn't buy anything for my son either.I  am looking for an outfit that will match in one of his bow ties that is perfect for the Spring picture. I will have him joined the picture taking at his sister's school. Their pictures last Winter's picture taking turned out great so I'm excited for this time.  I didn't go to the studios anymore because they're way more expensive plus you have to pay for sitting fees too. This year I always make sure that I'm spending our money wisely.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Stress Free

It's a slow and stress free day. B visited her sister. Steph and Eric went with their dad in the car wash after he dropped B at Jet's house. Then at around ten they played soccer just by the garage. I cleaned the kitchen at living room while Sophie is in her walker. She's so cute she followed wherever I go. At around 2 p.m,. we went to Wild River's pizza for Andi's birthday party. We went home by 5 p.m. Lee was invited by our son's godparents to watch Pacquiao's fight. I'm glad that he went because it's been awhile since he haven't hang out with his buddies. I hope Pacquiao will win again. Right now me and my kids are watching Spongebob. Today is a nice day.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Sweet Mommy

My mother is the most unselfish person I've ever known. She often forget about herself just to help others especially those in need. When we're financially stable she helped many of my cousins with their education expenses but even now that we're struggling financially she still help whenever she got the chance. She's such a very responsible mom. She bought us educational plan so that we will be able to finished college.This morning she told me that she's buying life insuranc. She don't want us to worry when she's gone, heaven forbids.I know her intentions. That's why I started looking for a term life insurance quote for myself too. We don't know when is our time but it's better to be prepared at all times.


When it comes to my simple abode, I do most all the furniture arrangement. But I asked my husband opinions. He's very good in matching colors. And we both love contemporary furniture . It is simple but elegant.Our home is plain but exciting. What I mean is we don't have a lot of stuffs, we only have what we really need.We only have two television. We don't provide TVs in our kids room. Most of our decorations are gifts from friends. I took care of them because it reminds me of them and their importance in our lives. I rearrange my house arrangments almost every month. I got bored easily. It bothered my husband at first but now he's used to it :-).  Every special occasion like anniversaries , mother's day I buy something new for the house. Last Valentine's Day I got a new rug for our living room. My home and my life is simple but it's full of color.

Famous Coach

After having two Coach purses,I didn't aspire to buy more. I would rather buy a Louis Vuitton instead but not in the near future, when I have my own job probably.Right now my priorities are my kids, my family in the Philippines and my husband,of course. But recently, Coach has new glam purses in a very beautiful design.My friend was gonna buy one, but the GRAFFITI APPLIQUÉ GLAM TOTE that she's been wanting to buy is out of stock online. I can't believe that will run out of stock. And we don't have Coach stores nearby so Jelay was so devastated and she even cried. I teased her but she was serious about her crying.Wow, it's amazing how a purse can break someone's heart.

Thursday, March 11, 2010


My kids' aunt Marie visit them last night and as usual she brought toys for the kids. She's spoiling them. Last Saturday when we visited her, the kids went home with a bunch of stuffs from her. That's why they're always excited everytime their Tita Marie visits them. I'm happy that many many people love my kids. Who wouldn't? They're respectful and well behave besides from being cute and smart. I know I'm such a conceited mother. But I'm just proud of them. I am always thankful to God for having them in my life. They're the best thing that ever happened to me.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010


Me and my husband are interested in buying an RV in the future. Since our family is growing, it is a good idea to own one instead of staying in hotels. Right now we have four kids and then my parents will be here soon. They will come all the way from the Philippines.I'm sure when they get here,they want to visit different tourist spots here in America. So I'm checking out the They offer RV and boat financing.They have low fixed rates which is my favorite option, you know how the economic situation can change the APRs lately. I'm interested because they have fast and easy approval and no payment for 90 days.


I don't understand why some men are so abusive. I've been having this ordeal with  these past few weeks with my friend. Her husband is so verbally abusive of her. I mean all the signs of an abusive husband fit on his character already. My friend can't talk to any other man whoever it is.He call her all sorts of bad names. He treated her like a slave. So sad because my friend came from a rich and prominent family and this guy is just a nobody who came from a place who nobody wants to live, somewhere in middle east where women are treated as nobody. I don't know how long my friend can take all her suffering.
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