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Saturday, December 25, 2010

Smart Bloggers Christmas Parade

Wishing you joys that shine all through the season-
all through the year!!
Merry Christmas Everyone!

Christmas Shopping With Children

Guest post of the week by Val Flores

It's that time of year again where everyone is trying to get the perfect gift for everyone on their list. Santa is visiting the stores, Christmas trees and decorations line the streets. For my children and I, this is the time of year when each child gets their own shopping trip with mom to the store to buy all of the gifts for everyone on their list.

For my youngest and I, we usually can find everything she is looking for at one store. One aisle for the brothers and dad and then one aisle for her older sisters. We prefer to shop in the mornings when there are less people and a better selection of gifts. This year, we're breaking our shopping trips up into buying for dad and brothers first, then later going to a different store for the older sisters.

Shopping with my boys is a more difficult task. They know where the presents that they want for themselves are and they know what they want to get each other. Pointing them in the right direction for the girls is difficult. Boys do not want to be caught shopping in girls clothing or make up!

Regardless of which child I am taking shopping, I always make a point to set the security alarm ( at home before we leave. It would be very bad indeed to come home to find our house broken into and Christmas gifts missing!

Nickelodeon Has Family Friendly Programming

Thanks for the post, Lorraine Gregory

As a mom of three kids under the age of ten, I certainly get my fair amount of exposure to children's television channels. It's hard to find good programming that is age appropriate, which is why Nickelodeon is my favorite network for them to watch. Though they love the Disney channel, there are only a few shows that I can really let them watch that they're interested in. I try to keep them away from the pop Disney stars, which makes programming choices there a bit difficult.

However, Nickelodeon has many great choices that I feel good about them watching. They are able to watch Nickelodeon on our directv channels and they get several of the channels in addition to their other favorites, like Cartoon Network. My two boys love watching Avatar: The Last Airbender, while my daughter is a big fan of iCarly. All of the kids can also agree on watching The Penguins of Madagascar and The Fairly Oddparents.

Though I think it's important to expose them to the different types of television that are on so that they can stay informed about current issues and what's going on in the world, I like to take the opportunity to talk to them about important elements of the shows and what they mean. All of the shows definitely provide us with good conversation opportunities.

Merry Christmas Everyone!

The Peters Family wished everyone the best Christmas ever. Let us all remember that this is a joyful celebration for the birthday of our dear Lord Jesus Christmas. May we always share our love and kindness to everybody just like the way Jesus shows it to us. Have a blessed Christmas everyone.

After Christmas Shopping

I'm proud of myself because I don't overspend this year's holiday.  I wasn't stressed compared to last year. Last year was crazy because I do last minute shopping using credit cards. I must say, this year is not as bad. In fact, I have lots of extra gifts to whoever I missed to give. I just realized that last year, I overspend on buying gifts for the kids. This year I minimized buying for them because they got gifts from their relatives and godparents anyway. I'm quite happy that I still have some little money to shop for prom dresses for my nieces in the Philippines. Proms are celebrated on February so I still have time to buy and ship it.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Total Cleaning

Having toddlers and a baby in the house, I always want to make sure that the house is perfectly clean. When I say perfectly clean, it means no dust, virus, molds and bacteria that are floating in any corners of my house.Specifically, I want the floor to be free from all dirt. That's why I've been using a steam cleaner for awhile already because that's the only way I can achieve this total cleaning.
In the beautiful place of Austin, Texas, they're lucky to have a reliable steam cleaner Austin who have worked in the Austin area for over 20 years. People count on them to keep their house clean in preparation for the holidays.
The Steam Team not only specialize in cleaning the house. They also have car carpet cleaner Austin. You know how hard it is to clean our car when we are super busy. Being a mother of two, I think I haven't cleaned my car for awhile already. This morning, when I checked there are molds already under the car seat.yuck! And you know that this is one of the causes why our kids got colds. It's the allergies from the molds. That's why steam cleaning is the solution to my problem for my car.
If ever you have pets like a cute puppy or  sweet dog, we can't deny that they odor sometimes and they stick in our couches. No worries the odor removal Austin will come to the rescue. You don't want those foul odor meet your visitors. Free your mind from worries, the Steam clean will do that for you. And don't worry about the charge because they are affordable and it's all worth it. Always remember cleanliness is next to godliness.

4 Week Treatment

I'm on a 4 week , three times treatment in the Chiropractor. My spine needs an adjustment because my lower back is dis-align. I am just on my 3rd time treatment. I'm hoping that this will be over soon.The therapy isn't that long but it feels good. It's just so annoying because my neck and back still hurts and I'm always congested in the morning.But life most go on. I will just keep on taking my vitamins. That is my best defense.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Movie Time

Me, my husband and the kids watched the movie Greenzone movie last weekend. It's a pretty good movie. It doesn't have too much violence that will scare the kids. Me and my husband always like watching Matt Damon's movies. We have watched all his Borne Ultimatum and Borne Supremacy movies may times. Green Zone has a complete different theme from his previous movies. It has more realistic situations in it that we can relate to the present situation of the countries at war. It was fun watching it with the entire family especially that we just got a new  LG 42 Inch 1080 LCD HDTV. Just like the samsung lcd screens, the pictures are crystal clear which made our movie time a wonderful experience and bonding moment for all us.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Active Lifestyle

My husband will retire next year. He is excited and so am I. He's been working as a firefighter for more than 20 years. He didn't retire because he want to. It's a mandatory retirement. There's an age limit for a firefighter to work which is very understandable. It's a very tough job that requires hard work. But even though my husband is over 50 years old already, he still look young. He's physically built.He has a very active lifestyle. He run a minimum of 5 miles per day. That's why we don't worry about those male enhancement because he don't need it. Besides, I'm aware about those extenze side effects that's why if ever he needs it, I won't let him use it. Thankfully he don't need at all. Even though you're a senior citizen already, you still have to be physically active so that you can keep yoyourself healthy.

Could Be Worser

This quote has touched my soul this morning. Sometimes I whine about other people's attitude.Why they're mean and rude? Why they lie over and over again. I have a hard time dealing with those kind of people. I want to correct them. But I don't have the right because they're not my parents nor my kids. But then we have to realize that we just have to be thankful that we know what is right and wrong. Pity those people who don't know what they're doing.

Remember this "
Should you find yourself the victim of other people's bitterness, ignorance, smallness or insecurities; remember, things could be worse. You could be one of them!

Perfectly Fine

Four days after we got rear-ended, we brought my baby Sophia to her doctor in Brookings to make sure she's perfectly fine. I feel bad because I didn't bring her right away. It makes me sad when some of my friends asked me why? Well, she's really okay. She was not fussy. In fact, she was as bubbly as she was. I'm the one who feels miserable because my neck and back is aching plus I have a fever due to my tonsillitis.But my doctor will not see me until Wednesday but I have an appointment already for the Chiropractor the following day. I'm just glad that my insurance and the insurance of the other party didn't gave me hard time. In fact, they are very concerned about me. It's really very important that you have car insurance. It covers you from stress just in case accidents happened. Go ahead and get car insurance quotes for your protection and for your peace of mind.And I am thankful when the doctor confirmed that my baby is perfectly fine. Praise God!

Saturday, December 11, 2010


When my brother introduced me his favorite brand of clothing which is North Face, I got interested with it right away. The first North Face products that I bought is a couple of tshirts for my brother. And then I bought a North Face hiking shoes for my husband. I was so impressed about it because he has been using it for over two years already and it's still in good condition. It is of course dirty but it don't have tears. My husband is a firefighter and he used it at work everyday. Since then I decide to keep North Face as the number one brand for my family.
This morning I was very surprised when I read in the news that North Face is one of the most counterfeited brands of the season. It's disappointing that there are North Face products out there in the market that are fake. That's why we have to be careful with our online shopping. Shop at
Zappos and you are assured that you get the authentic and genuine products. Zappos carries all our favorite designer brands such UGG Australia , Guess, Dooney and Bourke, Anne Klein, you name it, they have it. And guess what they offer free shipping both ways.
I must say Zappos is our one stop destination for all our shopping needs.


Last Monday I suffered from Tonsillitis. I got a fever of 101 degree Fahrenheit and it's so hard to swallow. I was so miserable. Tonsillitis is an inflammation of the tonsils. This happen to me when I cough all the time or when I ate too much chocolate. I took Ibuprofen to at least ease the pain but it doesn't work. My husband thought that it was just a sore throat but when he look at my throat he realized how bad it is .That's why he realized how come I'm so cranky.

Peace of Mind

Everytime I think of that accident that I encountered last Thursday,I realized that accidents happened in an unexpected ways. I can never believe that I got rear ended on a red light. The impact was so hard that I thought my car was totalled and I thought my baby was hurt. It was such a big relief for me when my baby didn't even cry. Knowing how accidents happen unexpectedly, I am now convinced to check on to check for a good life insurance. I want to secure my family at least financially just in case (heaven forbids) something bad happen to me. This will give me peace of mind when I got on for myself. You should get one if you don't have one yet.

Over Saving

This Holiday season is the shopping season for everybody. Rich or poor, we still shop because Christmas time is the season of giving. So, even though we're short on budget we still manage to buy gifts for the children. As for me I do my shopping  online mostly. Having 4 kids in the house, shopping in the store is more stressful than fun.Although my husband is willing to keep an eye on them but still I have to bring my baby. I'm not so comfortable without her at my sight especially now that she's very adventurous. With my online shopping, I save time and gas and I save a lot of money too. Before you shop try comparison shopping at They also have hot deals that will help you save a lot of money.
When you do comparison shopping first, it gives you an idea which store has the best deals in the web. For example, I just checked beach cabana tent and it showed different prices from the lowest to highest. It helps you save time from browsing from one store to another. And not just that,, gives you guides in buying that certain item you're trying to buy. For instance if you buy foam pool floats ,( hey even it's Winter, we can still enjoy our swimming in our indoor pool. Luckily we have one here in our village.)they gave you an idea which one is better for a certain size of pool or location. I found  nice and cheap inflatable water floats that are not available in our stores here. Sometimes we look for certain products here and there and we almost lost hope in finding it because it's always out of stock or not available anymore. Try, who know you will be able to find that perfect agio outdoor furniture that you've been waiting for. Enjoy ad have fun shopping.

3rd Day Of Recuperation

Like I said, since the accident I am so depressed that's why even though I'm not feeling well, me and my daughter went to church because it's Sunday. I was hoping that by going to church all my worries will be put to peace. I'm just depressed because I felt like my husband don't believe that I'm not really feeling good.I feel like he don't care for me. But you know I'm really like this when I'm sick, all I really wanted is my mom and since I wasn't able to get hold of her, I feel so down. In the church, I found out that the lady who's giving the Body of Christ is the one who rear-ended my car. This is really such a small town. She was kinda shocked when I was in her line during the Communion. But I'm not really sure yet if that was her. I tried to follow her and saw her driving a charcoal colored car so I thought I must be mistaken. Oh well.

Christmas Party/ Dinner

Today is the Christmas Party of the Filipino -American Association here in Crescent City. I was invited but I didn't go. I still have to call Kuya Al and Ate Josie to tell them I'm not going. I'm just shy to call because they're very nice couple and for rejecting their invitation is so hard. I am already committed to go to a Christmas dinner with some Fil-Am families too. But it's not as big as the association. We're just a circle  of friendswho are mostly not members of the association. We prefer something less crowded because we have kids. Right now I'm ready for the Christmas dresses for the kids. I still have to choose some mens ties for my husband and for my son. I want them to wear similar attire.I'm excited.

Importance Of Reviews

The advantage of online shopping versus traditional shopping is the convenience of picking the right choice at our own comfort and time. Even though, in traditional shopping we can see the item right away but mostly that I have observed, good products run out of stock quickly. That's why we better shop online. It's not hard anymore to distinguish the real condition of the products because there are sites that gave their honest and helpful reviews for the consumers. That's why as we noticed, when we researched a certain product, it came out to a number of reviews. And not just products but even with the online dating, we can already find the dating site reviews. To me this is such a big help. provide an honest an thorough analyses of product features. When I shop online I make sure that I read on every details first. Sometimes, the prices seems too good to be true.But when you look at the reviews, you will find out why or sometimes it is really a good deal. Being aware of the ranking and feedback of a certain product and service give us the confidence to buy. So when you buy something online check the product at the if you made the smarter choice.

Friday, December 10, 2010


On the second day after the accident, I started to have some whiplash. My neck is hurting as well as my back. And for some reason I was sad and depressed. I feel like going home to the Philippines. My husband got hold of our insurance company and Mrs. Rdl insurance. Luckily we both have AAA. We are advised to bring my car in the auto body shop. My husband thought that my car don't have a bad damage but as the mechanic in Howard's auto body checked it, it was badly damaged at the rear. My insurance assessor and Mrs Rdl assessor's talked to me and they're so nice to explained to me what I need to do. I am just thankful to God because amidst the hardships, the people we are dealing with are kind an understanding.

Fashion For Gratification

This Friday is the graduation of a good friend of mine from the LVN program in the College of the Redwoods. Her mom and I are confused what to give her. Tomorrow ,we're planning to go to a store to pick some dresses for her or some things for the kitchen and then we realized that she have lots of dresses already. Thankfully, I came across with Blue Sky Scrubs website. They have fashionable and designer style nursing scrubs which is just perfect for her because she's going to work right after she graduated. Knowing that we only have two stores here that are selling uniforms which means se will be wearing the same as many others. At Blue Sky Scrubs, you can customized your scrub tops and scrub pants.
Since the graduation is on Friday already, I will just suggest to her mom that we will just purchased a gift certificate for her. And they will just email it to her when we're done paying. I couldn't think of a better idea than this. She needs nursing uniform and with this gift certificate, she will be able to buy the scrubs that suits her taste. Her achievement gratified us. Hopefully our gift of fashion will gratify her.


It's Been A Week

I can't believe it's been a week since I got into accident. Time flies  real fast. I feel a lot better now. My back and neck pains are more tolerable than it used to be. I just can't believe it happened to me. I am a very defensive driver. I always pay attention when I'm driving. Last Thursday was like a nightmare that I wished it didn't happened. But it's not my fault. I was on my way home from a long drive. I wet to Eureka with my baby Sophia and friend Jeline. Our trip to and from there was very smooth until we reached in Washington Blvd. which is like about 2 miles away from my house. I was slowing down getting ready to stop on a red light at the traffic light by the Del Norte High School. There were four cars in front of me but I the distance between me and the car in front of me is like about 2 cars. I came to a complete stop to give way to a truck that's about to cross but he decided to wait till I pass, so I just slowly drive getting ready to accelerate for the green light, when all of a sudden a car rear-ended me. I was shocked. I checked  on my baby right away who was sitting at the back. I was relieved when I found she's okay. My friend checked the condition of my car and what really happened. I was so scared to look at the damage. Thankfully, it wasn't as bad as I thought. And the woman who hit us was very polite and kind. After we exchange information, we went home and I realized we didn't report it to the police. But I am confident that Ms Rdl, is honest with us.

Finding the Best Repair Shop For Your Needs

Owning a vehicle requires more responsibility than just driving it. Just like our body it also wear and tear that's why it needs to be checked regularly. My husband is mechanically inclined so he knows how important it is to have our cars checked for maintenance. But since he's busy for work he don't always have the time to do all this inspection for our two vehicles. Sometimes I already saw my engine light because the oil needs to be change. But then last Thursday, I was rear-ended in a red light so my ear was dented, so he could have fix it but he don't  have the tools. That is why we have to bring my car in the shop to be fixed.
Knowing and finding the right repair shop is really important. Because we personally experienced dealing a scam repairman and it's a headache. That's is why you have to know the individual running the shop, his skill level and service awards. Ask for references from former customers and even current customers who keep coming on the shop. If you are in the L.A. area , you can find the top rated  Los Angeles auto repair  through can find for their personal experiences with the shop and it helps you pick the right one. Other than that you can also find reviews of different cars and models such as  Honda Civic  or Dodge Intrepid. You will find the problem reports of the owners about their cars. It will give you something to think about. So have you car checked because it might need a  head gasket replacement, change oil or tire replacements. Anything that will give us peace of mind with our driving.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Relentless Innovation

When I took Electronics and Communication Engineering in college, I was all excited not knowing how tough it is when you get into the major subjects. Then, I realized I'm not really good at it. But I have to finished what I started for the sake of my parents. I don't have regrets because the hardships that I've been through in getting this degree taught me a lot in life. What inspired me to take this course, is my amazement with the relentless innovation in our technologies today. It's very overwhelming how people manage to brought all these amazing ideas.Let me give you an example, The Core Systems Company. This company is the premier provider of industry leading solutions such as rack mount LCD's, 1U lcd , and embedded computer systems. They are the most trusted industrial computer manufacturer in the industry. We should be thankful that we have companies like them who never stop pursuing relentless innovation.

Wordless Wenesday/ Seven Years and Counting

On our wedding day. Nov 29,2003

Blessed with 3 lovely kids

There are so many things I love about You

I love the way your face lights up when you laugh.
I love knowing that I can still make you smile.
I love how you really care about other people's feelings.
I love the way you care for me.

I love your honesty and support.
I know I can tell you anything and trust that you'll find me find the right answers.
I love the way you bring out the best in me and won't let me settle for anything less.
I love the gentle ways you have of smoothing out a long day's rough edges.
I love the feeling of contentment that comes from beginning and ending each day with you.

Everything you do..everything you are..everything we have together. That's what I and always


Thursday, December 2, 2010

Dr. Mohammad

Dr. Mohammad is a known psychiatrist who is an expert in dual diagnosis. He is  certified in Addiction Medicine by the American Society of Addiction Medicine and board certified in Neurology. He is the Assistant Clinical Professor Psychiatry and the Behavioral Sciences at the University of Southern California. When you know anybody who's going to depression, bipolar and mental problems, ask them to go to Malibu Horizon because you are assured that you will be taken cared of by highly skilled professionals like Dr.Mohammad.

Turning Forty

My friend just turned forty last month and she had a huge and extravagant party. I attended and I had fun. Now that she turned forty she wants to keep updated with to find help about how to deal with wrinkles. When she turned 28, she noticed that there are laugh lines appearing in her face and now anticipate that sooner or later she will wrinkles too. She wants to be prepared by educating herself with the pros and cons for some anti wrinkle products. When you turned forty, you have to be prepare and feel young. Stay happy and keep yourself stress free.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Watching OC

While it was raining outside, I just stayed home and watch a show in Discovery Channel with my husband. He loves watching Discovery and History while I instead prefer USA network. But this morning I watch with him because it features the Orange County Choppers. In today's episode the son build a bike for John Lennon. I'm always impressed with these guys who made bikes because it's an amazing talent. Besides they're not just talent, they also have the looks and physique. It's as if they use the best muscle building supplements because they are well built and very good looking. I enjoy watching the father and son argued. The father is a butt but he's cool.I'm pretty sure he's proud of his son.

Healthy and Safety Tips

Here's some safety and healthy tips that we can apply in our daily lives.

* Please don't turn on A/C as soon as you enter the car. According to research , the car dashboard, sofa, air freshener emit Benzene. Benzene is a Cancer causing toxin. It poisons our bones, causes anemia and reduces whilte blood cells. Prolonged ezposure with Bnezene will cause Leukemia which increses the risk of cancer and could also caused misscarrage.
Acceptable Bn3zene level indoors is 50 mg per sq ft.
a car parked indoors with windows closed will contain 400-8-- mg of Benzene.
If parked outdoors under the sun at a temperature above 60 degrees F. People who get into the car keeping the windows closed will inevitably inhale, in quick succession excessive amounts of the toxin.
Benzene is a toxin that afcets your kidney and liver.
From now on. I will open the windows and door of my car to give time for interior to air out- and dispel the deadly stuff before we enter.

The Victoria Secret Fashion Show

I stayed up late just to watch the Victoria Fashion Show. It is a fabulous show. It is very exciting and fun. The models are all great. I was really starstruck while watching the show. I saw Paris and Nikki Hilton and other celebrities. Everybody did very great. Katy Perry and Akon performances were awesome.And even the dancers who are all well built did a fantastic job in their dance numbers. They all look sexy. The men probably found the best creatine powder to used because their abs looks really really good. I even saw Gerald Butler in the audience. And he obviously was having so much fun. My favorite models in the show are Rosie, Adriana and Alessandra. I will watch a replay of the show again when my friends came over.
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