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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Live From The North Pole

I just want to let you know guys that my children was able to talk to Santa Claus last December 18, live from the North Pole (at least that's what my kids thought).It's actually sponsored by the Crescent City Jaycees. I think it was pretty cool how how happy my kids are when they thought they actually talked to Mr. and Mrs Clause.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Holidays ( Lots of Food Lots of Gain)

One thing about holidays is non stop eating because it's a non stop party. In my home, I do a lot of cooking too because my hubby is on vacation using his use or lose hours. That's I why I got free time to cook a lot and visit friends. You know how it is when friends get together, talking and eating for sure. The holiday isn't over yet but I already gained so much weight. Oh well, ellipticals to the rescue. That's gonna be one of my New Year's resolution, exercise everyday.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Christmas Party

Our Christmas Party was a success! People we invited and expected to come came. There's a lot of kids. Oh boy, my kids were just occupying the dance floor most of the time, most especially my 'lil man. He was just rockin' out there. Lee couldn't be prouder of his son. The guests adored how my kids danced and I'm so humbled. It's heartwarming when people showered you with compliments. I was overwhelmed when Dr.Gray asked me if Stephanie was the baby me and Lee were holding when we were dancing the very first Christmas party we met, and that was four years ago. He and his wife can't believe how big is Stephanie now.

That is why I love our yearly Christmas Party. We are able to catch up with friends who we haven't met for awhile. This year's party is my most favorite because it's very private, and intimate. My whole Peters family was there.It's basically a family affair, although some of my friends invited people that I haven't met before but it was cool because we were able to mingle. It's always nice to meet beautiful people.

Anyways, the party stared at 5:30and we went home a lil after ten. Some of them stayed to continue dancing but my kids were sleepy already so we need to leave.

Once again, we have proven, there's unity in friendship. This holiday season strengthened our bond ,not just as friends but as family as well.

Thank you very much to Marie for the venue,Leny for the drinks, to Nette, my BFF Jeline,Tita Maria, Tess Soule, Gina Wells for the food, to Hugh Soule and Gina Wells for the music, Ms.Ellie, Mr. Jay, Dr. Gray and Ms Fay( Gray Chiropractic) for monetary support,Erin and Mario for being there for my kids and all my friends and family who make this event a memorable one. Till next year. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Crescent City

I live here in Crescent City Ca. Right now our weather is partly cloudy with a High 50F . It's cold and gloomy.It's been like this especially during Winter City but I do love it here mostly because I have nice friends here. Anyways,there's a place in Louisiana which is also called"Crescent City". The New Orleans. When I hear about this place I can picture the nice food that are featured in the Food Channel Network. It must be nice to visit there. The hotels in new orleans are affordable and there's festivities everywhere.It's one of the Crescent Cities that I love to check out too.

Less Spending Habits

Yesterday it was crazy out there in Fred Meyer because they're having door busters sale and you can get the best deals on everything. For example, my friend was able two Nike shoes for only $30 because it's buy one take one plus 25%off. Sounds really great but I have to stick to my plan to not overspend this holiday not to forget that there still more activities after the holidays like family vacations and being able to enjoy the nice Outer Banks vacation homes and the upcoming birthdays for the kids.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Cold Weather Gives Me Skin Problem

It's super cold now. Four days ago, it was sunny here but it's chilly. Today it's raining already and the temperature is 34 degree Fahrenheit.That's why most of us are having congestion, especially my baby Sophia. This cold weather gives me skin problem too like rashes, dry skin and itchy scalp. And then next Saturday is our party so I need acne treatment so bad. I want to get of my nasty blackheads in my nose. It's irritating when sometimes my foundation can't just hide them.

Happier Than Ever

I was surprised when A called me yesterday asking for B's number where in fact she could ask from her group of friends. What happened was, an association was established here in my place and I didn't joined for the simple reason that I just don't feel like joining. Some blew it out of proportion and started making speculations. I heard comments which irritated me , so I told one of the Association's advisers that if they have problem with me they can invite me to one of their meetings so I can answer their worries in person but never they never did. Instead some of them keep on talking against my group of friends from behind.My feeling is they're so chicken about personal confrontation because probably they're scared of something that we can exposed. For sure we have a lot of things to tell, I personally, because I witnessed it and someone from them threatened me.She warned me that I will be in big trouble if I continue to help this woman that according to them is the cause of this division. I hated it when they portray as innocent that they haven't done anything wrong but on my point of view, they caused my friends so much pain that's why I wished they will invite me to one of their meetings. But then continuously until now , they can't stop gossiping. And what makes me feel relieved is by writing it here. And when these people found out about my blog, then and again they misinterpreted everything. Some of them think of my blog as stupid. And someone actually bully me on the phone. So I did stop outpouring my emotions here for awhile. Then yesterday, A called, telling me stuffs that I don't need to hear My feeling was she probably thought that I'm miserable right now. Oh my, I swear I've never been better because I'm in the right circle of friends and to top that I have a wonderful family. But in fairness a is really nice to my family.She just probably missed me. I just don't like it when she makes unsolicited advise that don't make sense to me. And besides it's disappointing also when they stand up to something that is not real. It makes me puke when she's supporting this person who keeps on stabbing her on the back.
This is my blog. Like I said if you don't like what I wrote here please just move on.. don't read. I can't help it , I'm just slightly opinionated.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Build to Last

I just finished cleaning the kitchen. My toddler helped me. He vacuumed the carpet and it turned out great. Then we watched TV, while I'm also browsing in the Internet. My laptop is one of the things that is really important to me, because most of my personal stuffs and tasks are compiled in my yahoo account. I just wished my laptop is build to last. Everytime I watch military channel or even CSI or NCIS, I'm amazed how advanced their computer systems are, from rackmount lcd to other computer peripherals. they are definitely build to last.

Monday, December 7, 2009

Sophia at Four Months

I can't believe she's four months old now. Last week she got another shot of vaccines. The doctor said she's a healthy baby and chubby too. She's quite heavy . But I don't mind holding her whenever chance I got. During school days, she's mostly in the car seat because we're always driving around giving Steph and Bianca rides to school.That's why I always spend quality time with her any chance I got.

Friday, December 4, 2009

Quality Comes First

Isn't it frustrating when the structure such as your home or store that you built with your sweat and brow will just be gone in just one natural disaster such as typhoon or hurricane? I bet it is and the feeling could be worse. That's why when you build a building make sure that quality comes first and use metal buildings. Don't just settle for less. It's a very big investment when the building you built can stand the high level hurricane or storm.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Stink Free

One of the few things that I really hate is bad odor most specially if it's a body odor. But there's this certain stinking smell that I'm not familiar at first. Once me and my husband visited her daughter's house when she was still living with a guy who smokes a lot besides being an alcoholic. She left him because he's an abuser too. I couldn't stand being in their house because it stinks and everybody didn't seem to notice. Maybe because they're used to that smell but for me who doesn't smoke, it makes me sick. I feel bad because their kids clothes stinks too that I couldn't play with them for so long. I wish people who smoke a lot will find the initiative to just use electronic cigarettes instead because it doesn't stink at all.

On Our 6th Year Wedding Anniversary

Dearest Sweetheart

You're the one who understands

the things I feel and say.

The one whose warm and loving smile

can brighten my day,

You're the one whose warm embrace

can lighten any care,

The one who brings such special joy

to everything we share,

You're the one I think about

whenever we're apart,

The One I need so very much

and love with all my heart.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Thanksgiving Plans

Thanksgiving is my husband's favorite holiday. For me, he makes the best stuffing. So he basically made almost all the preparations for our Thanksgiving dinner. We received some invitations for that day also so what we're going to do is visit friends that day and celebrate with them and also invite them to come over to our house. There's gonna be a lot of food during that day.I think I'll be needing appetite suppressants to the rescue since I'm pretty sure I'll be having a hard resisting the foods. :-)

For A Good Friend

I have this very good friend who's really been there for me all the time. She helped me with my kids. Her son is my daughter's best friend and classmate that's why most of the time she offers to give my kids a ride to school. I tried to give her money for gas but she never accepted it. That's why I'm thinking that I'll just make it up with her this Christmas. She's a shoes kind of girl. She likes wearing Stilettos with at least 4" heel height. She likes the style of Christian Louboutin shoes. So now I have an idea what to give her. She deserves it.

Halloween Pics

I'm busy as a bee that's why I'm always late in uploading pictures. Believe it or not I have more than a hundred of pictures that need to be developed. For now, let me share my kids and their friends pictures during Halloween.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Pratical Gifts

Last night I wrote a list of gifts for my family and friends. I have started buying gifts a couple of months ago especially when I got a good deal. This year most of the stuffs that I will give for my kids are not toys. They already have lots of toys so I will give them something for their room instead. I will give my husband a gift card from his favorite tool store and for my family in the Philippines I will give them cell phones because they need new ones. They don't have a clue yet that's why I'm excited.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Dietary Supplement

The issue about whether to get or not to get swine flu vaccines has been controversial already. I talked to my cousin in BC Canada. She's six months old pregnant.She just got a H1N1 vaccine and she's really worried because of the possible side effects of this vaccine to her baby. I'm glad that she didn't get some allergic reactions from the vaccine. But as we have seen in the news, there are many families who declined getting the swine flu vaccine. They can't afford to take the risk of the side effects. That's why they're using dietary supplements.
In my household, my husband is taking the Respiratory Guard lozenger as part of their feedback campaign to see if it's effective in boosting the immune system. He's taking two lozenges daily. So far, even though he's in the rain most of the time, he's very okay. Some of my friends here in our place got flu already but thanks God none in our household. Therefore, I can honestly say that Respiratory Guard is a good supplement to keep the flu away.

The Good Wife

I'm contemplating lately if I am really a good wife. I have four kids in the house but I'm still able to keep the house clean although a lot of times it's really a mess. It's just annoying because the house is spec and span during the middle of the day but at the time that my husband got home, it's really messy. My husband comes home at 5 in the afternoon and that's the time that I'm busy in the kitchen. In the matter of 30 minutes the kids can really messed up the house and that's the kind of ambiance that mostly greets my husband. He doesn't complain at all but I can see in his face the frustration. He is a neat and organized person. He cleaned the house before he left for work and as soon as he got home from work, he started cleaning already. That's why I feel bad.
So today, I woke up early and cleaned the house. Before he wakes up, the housed is cleaned already. It's really different. I feel refreshed seeing the house cleaned early in the morning. I'm proud of myself now than ever. That's why I will keep on following this schedule and everybody is happy.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Financial Planning

It's holidays again. I love holidays, although it means more spending. I know we're tight on the budget right now but I made some financial planning already so we can still enjoy Christmas even on a tight budget. The best part about Christmas for me is during gift giving. I'm always excited to wrap gifts. That's why I have already started buying gifts couple of months ago already. I know that If I do my gift shopping on December I'll run out of money. This time I make sure that we still have money left for Summer. You know Summer is all about vacation, and it's not cheap, not unless you are able to book in disneyland hotel anaheim which is really a good deal compared to others. But who cares about the expenses anyways. According to my husband as long as I'm happy and our children are happy, it's no big deal. But seriously, we need to live within our means too and that requires financial planning.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Networking Solution

Right now I'm parked in front of our house because my two kids are sleeping in the car. We just got back from picking Bianca from school. When things like this happen, I just let then sleep in the car, then I work on stuffs that I need to do online. I'm so glad that I have a good Linksys router. Whenever I bring my laptop inside the house or in the garage or even in the backyard, I can still get a very good Internet Connection.
So now I'm able to finished my projects online without disturbing my sleeping angels.

How Embarrassing

OMG I'm the worst of the worst when it comes to parallel parking. Just awhile ago I picked up Bianca at school I decided to park in front of the waiting area. It's a parallel parking.I know it's not wide but I just want to give it a try. How embarrassing, I'm driving reverse and forward, I couldn't just make it right. I feel like there are many eyes watching me and wondering what the heck am I doing. So I just went to another parking spot. I feel like an idiot but I just laughed about right now. I really have to practice parallel parking.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Summer Isn't Over Yet

It's sunny today here in our town. I hope this is going to be like this for awhile.When I checked in the weather forecast, it says it will be sunny for three days. Hmm,looks like Summer isn't over yet. Actually I'm just wishing. I know it's not possible since it's already November so it means it's Fall season already. It's just so nice to think about Summer because we can take advantage of
orlando vacations.That would be nice to look forward for next year, a fabulous vacation in Florida. Why not, I'm excited even just thinking about it.I'm crossing my fingers for that.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Good Sam

Do you own an RV? If unfortunately you need an rv repair ,I found about Good Sam Extended Service Plan. It's a plan that will cover the high cost of repair or body works. We know how expensive it is to maintained the good condition of the RV, but thanks to Good Sam they provide help without any hassle. Having a Good Sam Extended Plan is like a good investment.It will not only protect but also your family.Call 1-888-787-7683, to ask for a free quote.

No More HandShaking

I went to Church today with my friend Erin. I didn't bring the kids with me and have Lee take care of them because I want to be able to participate the mass without any disturbance.It's been over three months since I went to church.There's a lot of changes most especially the handshaking when we show the sign of peace. It is just for the protection for everybody because the swine flu is already rampant here in our town. So there's no more holy water outside too.These changes are totally undsertandable but I do wish it will be over soon.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Gift Giving

Today I'm making a list of stuff to give this Christmas. I'm also saving money each payday to be used when I shop for gifts. I plan to buy gifts during the thanksgiving sale. I plan to buy
digital frame for my parents in the Philippines. I've been sending them pictures of my children and they love it so much that if they could just put them all in the frames, they will do it. I believe that if they will go digital, they will have a blast with the pictures.

Saved By My Angel

While I was brushing my teeth in our bedroom bathroom, all of sudden the light bulb fell right in front of me and it got stuck in the faucet. I was so scared and ran away from the sink. I was worried the other light bulb might fell too.I called my husband to check it out. He checked it out but we haven't replaced it yet since I decided to upgrade our bathroom lighting. I shop around and found some that are really nice at LightOutlet. As soon as my husband got a day off we will take care of this. I don't want that incident to happen again. I was just saved by my angel that time. It just horrified me to think what if the bulb exploded in my face.

Christmas Party

Our yearly Christmas party will be on December 19, 2009 at the Del Norte Fairground, Arts and Crafts Bldg. The Filipinos with their family and friend get together to celebrate the spirit of the holiday season. We have programs, games and entertainments provided by one of the best DJ here in town. You can wear semi-formal or casual attire. Last year, my husband wore a Filipino Barong and he won as the gentleman of the night. Some of my friends are planning to wear gowns, tuxedos and barong this year. So I'm sure it's gonna be fun and festive.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

I hope the weather today is not as bad as yesterday. It really saddens me when I have to bring Sophie and Eric with when I drop and pick-up Steph and Bianca to and from school especially in a bad weather. I just don't have other options. My friends are always telling me to just call them if I need help but I'm just so shy. If I can do it on my own I will do it. If I don't have no choice that's the time I'll be asking for help.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Calm And Quiet

This is the result of the character test I took in facebook.

calm and quiet

you are the sort of person who likes to take life slowly... just one day at a time.. you usually know the difference between right and wrong. you believe in yourself. you put yourself in other peoples shoes and see how it feels to be them and then handle a situation accordingly.your attitude towards life is very positive.... you are liked by all and are a great friend.the flip side is that sometimes you care too much about other people and don't do what you really wanna do..

I'm sure my husband will beg to disagree :-)

Friday, October 16, 2009

Travel Deals

Is Summer really over?Sadly, it is here in our place because it's been raining and storming lately. We don't even get the chance to have a real vacation like going to Disneyland.We're just a have a lot things going on; new baby, moving and many more things. But still I keep on checking out on some travel deals for my friends. They're just so busy too that they have time to browse in the Internet. Well, for some who still plans to have a vacation before the year ends, how about going to Univerlsal Orlando because right now you can save on your logging because there are cheap hotels orlando available that can save you big bucks. It's worth checking out.

Lack Of Sleep More Pimples

I noticed when I don't have enough sleep for a couple of days, pimples start showing up in my face. They are irritating. That's why I immediately apply acne treatments to prevent them from getting worst. My face is so sensitive. When I was just a teenager, I'm suffering from severe pimples and it's embarrassing. I don't want it to happen again. When I saw signs of acne I treated them immediately and thankfully they disappear in just a matter of time. Taking care of our skin is really important because if you know how to take care of yourself that means you know how to take care of other people.

Dental Appointment

***at the doctor's office waiting area**
Today is Steph and Eric's dental appointment. It's been six months since their last appointment. Steph was really good because she loves going to the dentist. And I'm so proud because she don't have cavities and according the dentist she has perfect teeth. With Eric, the dental assistant wasn't able to take an Xray of his teeth because he cried and she don't want to traumatized him. But she was able to clean his teeth and the dentist put fluoride in his teeth because there are signs of thinning of the enamel in his front teeth. I was advised not to give him a lot of juices. I didn't tell them that I'm also giving him soda but that has to stop because I don't want him to suffer from toothache.


A conversationalist is a person who is good in talking or who enjoy talking. I love to talk and I can tell that people enjoy listening to me or maybe sometimes...but in my own language or mix Taglish, meaning Tagalog and English. I'm not very fluent in English. If I am, I would venture in
insurance marketing because it's a fun carrier. You get to talk to people who can be annoying or attentive in listening to you. Then it's a great accomplishment when you're able to close a deal. This is the kind of job that doesn't require much effort other than honesty and talent in conversing.

Uniquely Crafted

We went to Hiouchi last Wednesday to visit my Ate Rowena. She has a very nice house up in the mountain. It's ten minutes drive from Crescent City although the road going has lots of curves and narrow but still it's worth the drive because you can see the beautiful Redwood trees. The main reason I visited her because I want to see her projects like quilts, bonnets, scarves and a lot more. They are so nice. In fact she's going to exhibit them next week in a craft show here in our town. I really like her handmade projects, very nice for gift giving. In fact, I'm gonna make her own website where she can post her finished products so people can see them and hopefully will buy too. I'm hoping to finish the website soon so I can submit it to a directory listing to boost the traffic. I really want to do this for her because she's a nice lady and always willing to help. So hopefully next week when I got an ample time I will take pictures of her finished projects.

No Electricity No Internet

It's been raining here since Sunday. The wind has blown a lot of leaves and you can see debris everywhere. When I dropped Bianca off in the school last Tuesday, I was driving so slow because I couldn't barely see the road. I don't really hate the rain and storm, it's just that when I got home there was no electricity and there's no Internet. It's worst when the Internet is out especially to me that I spend most of my free time online doing Farmtown, doing comparison shopping for products that we need in the house, looking for insurance online for my friends who don't have insurance , and keeping in touch with families and friends. I hope that during Winter Internet won't be out all the time.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Korean Dresses

It's been awhile that I haven't shop for myself. I'm trying to save money for the Thanksgiving sale. Having 4 kids in the house, encourages me to be practical and think twice first before spending.But when I saw these clothes in the multiply site of my friend Rose, I can't resist from buying because they're so cute and unique. I can't wait till my orders will be here next week. I hope that the dresses are as nice as in the pictures.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Slowing Down

I feel bad because I haven't visited my favorite blogger' site. I just got so very busy. I almost don't have time to turn on my laptop.But I need to keep my blog moving because I want to keep it active. I love my blog. I will always update this although not as often as before. I'm happy because even though I'm not super active,my google rank is still fine. The traffic is not slowing down pretty bad. I'm planning to have my website register in a free directory so that I'll be getting more traffic.
Today is Bianca's birthday party so I'm very busy because we have a party for her. She wanted it to be a custom party that's why she's wearing the Wonder girl custom that I bought for her that she's suppose on Halloween. But oh well it's her birthday so she can do whatever she wanted.The party went great. She got tons of toys but of course the best gift is from her grandpa, a nice BMX bike. She told me that it's the best party ever.I'm happy to hear that.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Clean Up Time

Today, we spent most of our time cleaning the house.My husband was cleaning and waxing the furniture. And I cleaned the bedrooms. Eric got his new bed. We moved his toddler bed to our bedroom because until now he still sleep with us. I'm hoping that now that he have a twin bed he will finally decide to sleep in his own bedroom. After cleaning the bedrooms I cleaned our kitchen which is not that hard because our counter top are made of tile and they are not hard to clean. So today is a productive day for all of us because we have accomplished what we have planned to do.

Saturday, October 3, 2009



Some people have almost have it all, but they're not still contented. The craving for more than what they have,more than what they possess is unstoppable. Is it because we're just human?
One dream of having a simple, nice house, but when she got it already, she want to have a mansion. One just dream of having a vehicle for work, but when she have already she ambitioned to have a corvette. From simple things to complicated. Why is that sometimes people who just dream of achieving the things that can provide their necessities turns out to become a luxurious one.?

There are times that life became so comfortable for us, we forgot the real meaning of happiness. We thought we are happy when we are able to buy the latest designer clothes, the nicest shoes ever or the most expensive purse. Real happiness is when you are able to help somebody who are in need. When we help somebody without asking in return or even sharing our blessings in silence. Now if we do that, that's the time can feel the real happiness. When we are truly happy we are contented.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Food Business

Since Sept. 1, I haven't really got the chance to cook Filipino foods because I'm too busy. When I'm hungry I just eat whatever is available in the fridge. I couldn't believe that I can actually last a day without eating rice. I always eat rice everyday. But now that I'm too busy it doesn't bother me anymore. When I'm starving during lunch I just go to Chomper's Deli and eat Pastrani Sandwich. Chomper's is own by my friend Celly. She started this business for couple of years already and she's doing really great. Food business is a really good source of income.Just put your heart in it, make your place inviting and clean. Use POS systems. And of course, offer the best food.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

The Holiday Season Is Coming

It's September already, it means it's the holiday season. In the Philippines the people starts decorating already and you can the Christmas song played mostly in every household. Time does flies so fast that's why right now I started buying Christmas gifts already so I won't be pressured by the holiday rush. And I'm also saving money so that I'll have enough money this coming December. I have to make a list of my friends and their addresses so I can send them photo holiday cards. I like it because it's more personal. I've been doing this already before and my family and friends love it.

New Haircut New Look

I've been active in Facebook for awhile now especially because of Farmtown. Once in awhile I write something in my wall. Just recently I've been whining about my busy life, about my moods and about anything. So one of my friends in facebook heard me and offer to babysit my kids so I can go to the salon and pamper myself. So today I went to the salon and have a haircut. I have a very long hair, almost to my butt but now it's above the shoulder. I wonder how will my husband react once he saw my new haircut and new look. Hmm we'll see....

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

It Coudn't Be More Fun Than This

Last year was Steph and Eric's first appointment to the dentist. Steph was three years old and Eric was one.I was nervous because they might have cavities since I always gave them juice instead of water. My friend's son got cavities for drinking too much juice. According to the dentist it would cause cavities to the teeth if you drink too much juice.But I'm so happy because both of them don't have teeth problems. They both receive goodies from the dentist too like toothbrush with Disney character designs, toothpaste and kids floss .My kids brush their teeth very well already although when it comes to flossing, they're still in the process of learning how to use it. I find a very easy to use floss for the kids and they come in different colors which make flossing more fun.
Here's a video of my kids having a good time while flossing.

OB Visit

Tomorrow is my first OB visit after I gave birth. I'm planning to bring Sophie so Dr. Tynes and his staff can see her but I'm still thinking about it because I'm worried about bringing her in a clinic where she might catch some virus from other patients, besides Dr. Tynes will probably check my stitches so it might take awhile. We might also have to discuss about family planning which I haven't decided yet. Many suggested IUD but my husband don't like it. He prefers pills but I don't like it.Oh well I wish it's just as easy as choosing the right diet pills in the market because you just have to read reviews about them online. I wish tomorrow I can finally decide which birth control plan I have to use.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Poor Baby

It was such a challenge for me yesterday because Eric got a fever and he was very whiny and clingy. He was really hot but he don't like taking medicine. I'm trying to give him Infant Tylenol. We have to force him take it. The reason for his fever is because he has colds. His condition got worse when he stayed late outside playing with his friends last Saturday when our friends visited us. I wish he will get better soon. I need to get a new humidifier and replace our AC filters so that Eric will be able to breath comfortably. And it was really hot lately that's why we need to use our air condition. We don't get to use it often because it doesn't get really hot here in Crescentt City.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

While Waiting

My kids take a nap everyday especially Eric. Their nap time is between 1:00PM and 3:00 PM. But it changes when school began. Most of the time, Eric just fall asleep in the car when we pick up Bianca at 1:40 then I'll just let him sleep their until we pick up Steph. I'll just park outside our house, leave the car doors open and do my tasks online or sometimes I wash the car because one time I found out that Eric draw in my car using crayons. I just used baby wipes to wipe them off and it worked. It's hard when you have kids riding in the car. They can come up with ideas how to make a mess. Oh I love my car mats because even though my kids spill chocolate milk on it, I can take the stain off easily. I just spray water on them and all the mess are gone. Anyways, wish I can take a nap while waiting but I'm not comfortable sleeping in the car with my kids outside the house.

Driving is Exhausting

When the school hasn't started yet, I keep on wishing it's school time already so that I can take a break from the kids for at least 3 to 5 hours a day. I thought I will have more free time but I was wrong. I'm even more exhausted because of the driving. I have to wake up at 5 in the morning to drop Bianca at school then Steph at 11:45 then pick them up 1:40 and 2:45 P.M. respectively. The driving around really me drains my energy.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Gavin's Party

Gavin is one of Steph's classmate and it was his birthday party yesterday. I was not in the mood to go because they live in the far end of town. But, Steph was all excited about this party so I don't have no choice because I don't want to disappoint her. So we all go. Good thing that my friend Jeline whose son, Adam who is also Steph's classmate went there. At least I have someone to chat with. I' concern about being alone there because I didn't really know the people whose at the party but it turns out all right because they're all nice. We talked about our children, beauty and fashion while the kids are playing. I need to read more about diet pill review so I can share more ideas about losing weight since some mothers just gave birth too and they want to know which diet is better. It would be nice if I can share my idea.

Friday, September 11, 2009


Oh my God! Last Tuesday when I sent my daughter to school, there was a lock down, just as I entered to the classroom,Mrs.Hughes, Steph's teacher ask everybody to hide under the table, so I immediately went back to my car because Eric and Sophie are there. Eric was sleeping so I just asked my friend to watched for them while I signed in for Steph. But, I forgot to signed so I just waited till they open then the classroom. Since,it was just 11:30,some parents were wondering what's going. They said police cars are everywhere then I got so scared because my Stephie was there and I'm outside in the car with my other children,that's why I didn't leave.Thanks God the lock down was over after 20 minutes. There's a hearesy that there's a kid in the high school who shoot her mom. Very sad if it's true. Oh well I never got the chance to read the news.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Losing Weight

I'm lucky that I'm early bird because I don't have a hard time adjusting my time this school time. I have to wake up early because Bianca goes to school at 7:45 in the morning and I have to give her a ride in going to school. Now that my husband is off on a fire assignment I do all the driving. I have to drive four times because Steph went to a different school. It's very exhausting and and at the end of the day, I am so tired already. On the plus side I'm losing weight quickly.Now I am already wearing my pre pregnancy clothes. By the way, if you want to lose weight badly, try austin weight loss so that you can enjoy wearing small size clothing like I do now.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Next Vacation

My typical day includes chatting on the phone with my friend Joan in Tennessee. That was before our children enrolled in the preschool. Now that her son Jaden and my daughter Steph go to school already we barely call each other. We're both very busy already. She's really my good friend since 2005. We met in the Philippines during our medical examination in St. Luke's Hospital, since then we never forget each other. I hope on the next Spring vacation we can at least book on one of those beautiful Gatlinburg vacations so I can see Joan again after four years.

School Time

Wow how time flies so fast, Steph is now in preschool. I'm so teary eyed when I dropped her off at school, she's so excited. Most of the kids there are crying, Steph is so behave. I'm so proud of her. It's just a three hour class. Her class starts at 11:45 until 2:45. I dropped her off early so I can take the closest parking space because I have Sophia and Eric too. Sometimes Eric accompany Steph in the classroom for about 10 minutes. Eric is so behave too and of course my Sophia, she just sleep most of the times. I'm exhausted at the end of the day but it's all worth it. On the other hand, Bianca went to a different school since she's already in the first grade already. I'm blessed because one of our friends offered to give her a ride to and from the school in that way I don't need to wake too early and drag baby Sophia too early in the morning because Bianca's school starts at 7:45.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Aspiring Entrepreneur

I'm amazed with these people who amidst the economic situation of our country, they still didn't give up on working and keep on thinking of ideas how to improve their business. A friend of mine who is the owner of the Chomperz Deli here in our town is really doing a good job in her business considering that there's many competitions.I'm an aspiring entrepreneur too and I want to sell things that is saleable in the market that's why I need dependable business plan consultants to help me with the planning.


It's pretty much harmonious in our house this week. Steph and Eric get along well. Bianca is Washington visiting her relatives. When Bianca is here it's a lil bit chaotic because she and Steph are always arguing on almost everything. Then Eric got upset most of the time because Steph don't play with him anymore because she plays with Bianca. Bianca don't like it when Eric plays with them. She has this "Girls only rule", although I don't tolerate it but I have to explain it to her carefully because she came from a different environment before living with us. She use to stay in a reservation, the person who use to take care of her has numerous calls from the CPS. That will picture out what kind of environment that was. That's why Bianca has to make a lot adjustments with us because I have a lot of house rules. But she pretty much adjusted well because she's smart.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

For Your Home and Family

The only certain thing is this world is change. It's exactly true. Thereare a lot changes in my household recently that I never thought would happened to me. It's not really bad, it depends on how one would look at it. We just won in a guardianship battle with my husband's granddaughter. Her mom died in a car accident. Her step dad whose a known alcoholic and depending only on welfare don't want us to see her that's why we bring the fight to the court. After all the hardships, we won. And we are so happy that we're able to save the little girl from a doomed future. With what's happening I realized that I need to protect my family especially my children because I'm not certain what will happen to me in the future. That's why I'll do my best to secure my kids just like getting a mortgage life insurance, college plan and other forms of insurance. In that way I don't have to worry with them in case something happen to me.Of course not forgetting the last will and testament.

Slouchy Chic

I signed for the newsletter that's why I always got the latest updates about their new designs that's not sold in the market yet. The purse in the picture is part of their Brooke collection.I like it. The color is so perfect for fall. I have a purse that almost look like this but it's not from coach but I love it. If you like this one you can buy it at with free shipping.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Bigger Kitchen

One of my favorite place in our home is the kitchen. It is where that I mostly spend my time during the day because I always cook. And I love to cook.When I have visitors we usually hang out in the kitchen especially if they bring foods and we decided to cook more dishes. But I got some problem lately with our kitchen. It's the kitchen sink. It's not as spotless as before that's why I'm hoping we can get a new one. There are a lot of new styles at at very affordable prices. I'll be very happy if we got a new one and if possible a bigger kitchen so that I don't have to be shy when my friends help me in the kitchen. They always help me especially when I just gave birth. They bring me foods and help us with the kids.I'm blessed for having friends like them.

Light in the Night

When we travel at night, one of the things that amazes me is the outdoor lighting of some houses and buildings. That's why I rarely fall asleep during the whole drive. Putting lights in our backyard is really a good idea. It adds beauty to our home and most especially it provides additional security and protection for our family. Putting lights in our outdoors needs a special attention too. It's nice if all the lights are coordinated and matches to the style of the house, in this way people will appreciate your effort and you will gain more compliments.

Friday, August 7, 2009

Good News.. I love Good News

Some people said that there's no news are good news. But when I received a message from my cousin Dina telling me that she's pregnant, and that she was able to hear her baby's heartbeat, I was relieved and thankful. She has a miscarriage with her first pregnancy and it was traumatic for her that's why this time she was scared during the first trimester because she feared the same thing happen again.In fact we didn't tell our family in the Philippines until we're finally sure. When they went to her OB two days ago,she can't help herself from crying seeing her baby in the sonogram and listening to her heartbeat. I'm happy for her. She deserve this kind of blessing.I knew she's going to be a perfect mom and I can't wait to hear from her again.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Low Cost Alternative to Laptop

I have my laptop for awhile now and it's still working great. I use it mostly to communicate with my family in the Philippines and update them through Facebook, friendster or yahoo messenger. Yesterday I was so upset because my two year old son play with it and take the letters in the keyboard. I was able to put them back together but some of them is not put back right. If this gets worse I might buy one of those netbooks that we can buy at It's cheaper alternative to laptop. From now on I need to keep important stuffs away from my toodler's reace because it's not his fault,although I knew he was guilty for what he did because he cried and just stayed in one corner for awhile.

Friday, July 31, 2009


Wow I have a pretty good nap again today. Baby Sophia is sleeping most of the day too. She woke and eat then I talk to her for awhile then she fall back to sleep. Everytime I talk to her, she smile back at me. The look in her eyes filled me with love. I'm so in love again.
And today is Friday, we're having pizza so we don't have to cook dinner. And the house is well cleaned, thanks to my husband. This is a perfect day.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

What Just Happened in Farm Town?

Last week just before I went to the hospital there's some problem in Farm Town. Farm Town is a is a social utility that connects people with friends and others who work, study and live around them in Facebook. It's really fun. It's recommended to me by my friend Tess and Anj. I was able to get through half of my active labor while playing in Farm town until I can't talk and almost unable to walk. When I arrive in the hospital I'm 8cm dilated already, imagine that:-). One of my friends' complained because her computer's speed slowed down so I told her that she can install an external hard drive to her PC to maximize its performance and it probably work well now since I saw her playing in Farm Town everyday.

Welcome to my Very Own Sophia

She's born last July 24,weighing 8lbs 6.2 oz. Everytime I look at her, all my worries fade away. She brings more joy to our lovely family. Her sister Stephie, brother Eric and Bianca adores her so much. Her dad's eyes sparkle every he hold her in his arms. She means so much to us and I thank God with all my heart and soul for her. I am so blessed.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Organizational Leadership

Me and my hubby love to watch CNN shows especially if they feature the different leaders of the world. Some of these leaders has inspiring and humble beginnings. Being a leader is an inborn talent but not all the time. It's a skill that needs to be developed and enhanced. There are many online schools like the Gonzaga University that offers courses that help us developed our leadership skills. For example; Masters in organizational development. People whose taking this course has a better opportunities in advancing their careers. In the corporate world,there's a lot competition and it's always an advantage that you have something that will put you ahead from the rest. That's why I really believe that leadership is a continuous learning process and we should always prepare ourselves to any factors that will challenge our skills

Friday, July 24, 2009

Insurance Companies Comparison

There's a lot of insurance companies nowadays, and each has each own promises in the commercials, too good to be true sometimes. For me, I ask around and I like our insurance company because we got added benefits and their prompt with answering to our claims too. If you don't have a car insurance right now,it's wiser to shop around and ask for auto insurance quote so that you will be able to compare prices. With the economic situation we have today, every penny that we saves means a lot.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

38th Week Doctor's Appointment

Last Monday was my 38th week doctor's appointment. I weigh 150.5 lbs. I really didn't gain so much. Even though I eat a lot but I'm always physically active especially that I have active munchkins. In fact, I might give birth sooner than my due date because I'm having contractions already and I'm 2 cm. dilated already so I'm pretty close for the real labor. I'm excited but I'm scared.
I also went to the Sutter Coast to be pre admitted and they gave me my yellow card for my easy admission on my delivery date. My next appointment will be on the 23rd. But I might give birth before that. We'll see.

Worth A Try

Some people have a hard time losing weight. In fact it's easy to gain weight and very hard to lose it. There are foods that are really delicious but are not good for our health. This afternoon, my friend informed me that rice is very high in carbohydrates, since she knew that I ate rice almost every meal. Maybe that's why I never lose weight before I got pregnant. For people who are really desperate to lose weight Stimerex ES is worth a try. It has a unique formula that makes it as the strongest fat burner and it can be bought over the counter without prescription.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Increase Your Buyers

People right now are earning more money online. Well, they're looking for ways how to overcome the financial crisis in our society today. Some of my friends who work in the state are complaining because they don't have overtime anymore and there are some cut off from their salaries. So that's why people find ways online since most consumers are already buying stuffs in the Internet. In order to be ahead with your competitor consider web directory submission, this will help increase the traffic of your website. Give it a try and see the difference.

Impulse Buying

I went to Walmart today to buy batteries for my watches when I found out that there's an AT&T kiosk there. I'm aware that we're qualified for phone upgrade and free phones so I check it out. I found phones that are really appealing that's why I'm tempted to buy them. I paid extra because I don't like the free phones. So I wasn't able to get away with my impulse buying even though I was really hoping to save money. But I don't have any regrets because I got a good deal.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Injury Lawyers

Accidents happened in unexpected moments. One morning my friend sent her kids to school when all of a sudden they felt a great impact in the back of their car. Someone didn't stop on a controlled intersection and t bone them. Good thing that they were not badly hurt even though their car was totalled. It's been two months but their still fighting with the insurance companies. That's why hiring a good lawyer is very important.In Tennessee, you can find a family of lawyers whose been helping the people in need for generations. The Terry,Terry and Stapleton Group of Lawyers. So if you're suffering from personal injuries, don't hesitate to contact a Morristown personal injury lawyer and you'll be taken care of.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Ladies and Diamonds

This is a 1 ct. Diamond Stud Earring in 2cctw Platinum that I found at This is just one of the breathtaking treasures we can find at their site. They have rings, necklaces and other kinds of jewelries to enhance your entire wardrobe. But let me tell you more about my fascination of Bella True. is a website build by guys in order to help their fellow men out there who don't have all the clue how to tickle their ladies' hearts. Frankly speaking many men out there always have a hard time choosing gifts for birthdays, anniversaries and even when choosing engagement and wedding rings. Bella True gives you a very honest tips and guides from choosing the right jewelries and even when what to do on moments that you're in trouble with your sweethearts. Gentlemen where else you can get the best advice but from your fellow men whose been there in that situation before.


These past few days, our weather has been very good, mostly 75 degree Fahrenheit. The bad thing of it though is that it's super windy most of the day. That's why me and the kids are having slight allergies because we've been sneezing since yesterday and we're congested during the night. It sucks because it's no fun but still my kids wants to play outside and didn't mind their condition. This morning they went to church with Lee. I just stayed at home because I'm not feeling well then just two hours ago, they're playing bubbles. I just wish our allergies will pass by quickly so all of us can enjoy playing outdoor completely.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Vacation Rental

We live close to the beach that's why I love driving by the beach where I see beautiful houses that come in different designs and sizes. But recently I noticed that these houses were turned into vacation rentals which I think is a smart idea. There are also nice vacation rentals in Outer Banks which I've seen in my friend's multiply page when they had a vacation there. The place is really fantastic and I would love to spent vacation there too. I think that renting vacation rental will give us the convenience and peace of mind while we're on a vacation.

Dance and Music

Here's my daughter Stephie always exited to join the Movement and Music at the Family Resource Center, one of the firs five programs. She likes going there because she gets to meet other kids, and being able to dance with them. I'm so proud of her because she's friendly and always excited to participate. We have other dance school here in town but I'll wait till she's 5 years old to enroll her there. She's turning four this coming September. How time flies so fast.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Barbecue Time

When it's Summer time we often have barbecue almost every weekend. It's so nice relaxing in the patio with friends. I'm so thankful because my husband bought me a nice grill which really comes in handy when I have friends coming over. I usually have marinated meat always ready for visitors then throw some corn cobs in the grill, I already have a good lunch for my friends. I know how inconvenient it would be without my grill that's why I really took good care of it. I always make it's clean and it's covered when it's not in use.I'm amazed we can actually buy at very affordable patio furniture covers. Nowadays, the cheaper the better but of course without ignoring the quality.


I'm surprised I'm not that tired today as compared last week even though I'm super busy from morning till afternoon. Because of the sunny weather my kids want to do a lot of outdoor activities. At 10:00 AM we went to the park, 30 minutes later we visited my friend Jeline and her kids then by 3:00 PM we went swimming in the pool. We went home by 4:30pm. It was a fun day.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

A Very Long Week

I haven't been able to spend much time online lately because last week I've been having false labor which includes cramping and painful contraction. I'm happy that I feel a lot better now. This week we have visitors from the state of Washington and from Eureka. They arrived last Monday and went home today.I'm so glad that they enjoyed their visit and they love the foods that I prepared for them. They're worried that they might gain a lot of weight so I suggested taking Phenphedrine to ease their worries. I already miss them but they promised that they will visit us again in two months.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Health Info Part 2

You probably heard about mesothelioma over and over again in the Television commercials. But, a more detailed information about it is not really showned. It is important to know a more detailed facts about it which includes the causes, and effects and how to prevent or cure it. The important factor that can distinguished with this kind of cancer is the Asbestos. So if you know someone who are sick and been around with asbestos related products, you can ask for a free information packet at .

Tuesday, June 9, 2009


Auctions has been very well known for many years. Many people like going to auctions because it's fun, exciting and money saving as well. A couple of months ago my cousin won many boxes of goodies for only $50. Inside the boxes were curtains, kitchen utensils and many more. In fact I'm excited because she's going to send me sets of curtains. Going to auctions is also good for business because you can resell the stuff at a higher prices. For example, you can win wholesale computers at very low price then when you resell them, you will gain more than 50%. We just have to be innovative to make our money grow.

Bed Rest

After our long trip in Oakland because of my oath taking, I got so sick. I was even scared because I might give birth sooner than my due date. Thanks God I'm doing alot better now. Yesterday was terrible, I'm crying most of the times. The pain was all over, from my gums because my son accidentally hit his head in my mouth, then my back hurts so bad plus my legs was cramping. The doctor said I can take Tylenol but I tried to refrain from taking pain medication as much as possible. Today as soon as I feel a little pain, I apply cold compress and it helped. I wish I will completely recover sooner.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Health Info

Do you that if you reach the age 50, you are at risk in developing a colon cancer? A colon cancer is the third most common form of cancer and I just read in wikipedia that it is the second leading cause of cancer-related death in the Western world. That's why that we all need to be aware with the causes and symptoms of this form of cancer. Take care of your digestive system by start taking colon cleansers which are available in many retailers. But before you start using it, it would be safer of you check out the to find out the most recommended cleanser by the experts.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Operation Aborted

As much as I want to to leave messages to my fellow blogger, but some of the sites I can't even finish reading them because there's a note from the Internet explorer and that the operation has to be aborted. I don't know if the problem is on my end but if ever I really apologized guys if I can't even drop some lines. I'm here in Oakland right now, for my oath taking tomorrow so I'm so excited. Finally, I'm a citizen of the United States of America. Thank you so much Father God.

Friday, May 29, 2009

My Future Musician

I would like to introduce my son Eric, my future musician. I thought I lost a copy of this video. This was taken when he turned 1 year old. He'll be turning two years old next month and he still loves playing with his keyboard. I love this video because it showed his high tolerance towards his sister when he was little. But now, a year later he fight back already.

I Love Sony Products

When it comes to electronic products I usually stick to a brand that I've personally tested and proven. My digital camera is from Sony as well as my video camera. I have them for over more than three years now and still in very good condition. My cellphone is from Sony too and amidst the newest phones that are arising in the market, I still want to keep my phone because it's durable and took very good pictures. This coming July I want to buy Sony Vaio for my brother because he needs a laptop for his work. This kind of laptop is perfect for him because it's dependable and will really meet his needs.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Preparing the Patio For Summer

One of my favorite areas in our house during summer is our patio because I love to hangout there when the sun is coming out. It is where I line dry my clothes too. With a glass of smoothie, I hangout in the patio with my children. But we still have to do some renovations there because our plastic tables and chair are already broken so I have to replace another patio sets to give it a more relaxing ambiance. I was thinking of buying a Wicker set because it is more durable and easy to clean. There are a wide selections at Patio Sets Mart and they came in beautiful styles. Right now they offer free shipping and without tax so I think it's a good deal already.

False Labor

Three days after my 30th week doctor's appointment, I experienced severe pain in my body, like having menstrual cramps. I had several contractions in an hour. I was so scared because my baby is only 30 weeks, even though she can survived just in case she will be deliver prematurely but it's my ultimate goal to deliver her on her due date. I really prayed so hard and thanks God it was just a false labor. I think it happened because my body is stressed for too much driving. I've been driving to and from Gasquet during that week and the road there has lots of curves. I drove also when we went to San Francisco for my citizenship interview and it was a long drive. Well, this time I have to be extra careful.

Friday, May 22, 2009

16 Lbs Versus 50 lbs

I'm on my 30th weeks of pregnancy and most of the people whom I've met thought that I'm in my 8th month and even worse some thought that I'll be giving birth in a week or so. Even my friends are teasing me that I look like I'm carrying twins. It alarmed me so bad. I was so worried. But lat Wednesday, during my doctor's appointment I found out that I only gained 16 pounds. My doctor said that the baby is just in the right size and her heartbeat is perfect. It was a relief for me. But what amazes me was when I found out that one of the pregnant ladies who worked in the clinic told me that she gained 50 lbs. already and she will be due next month and she didn't worry about it because it has been like it even with her past pregnancies. She had normal deliveries and her babies are healthy. She even don't have a hard time losing all those extra weight.Wow she must be using the best diet pill ever. Well, as long as the baby is delivered healthy osing those extra weight will be the least of my concern.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Living Within Your Means

Some of my schoolmates whose now working here in the states told me how the recent economy situation affected them and their work hours which means they don't have much overtime as they used to have. I understand what they've been through but this is part of life that we just just have to deal with positively. I know it's hard because our basic expenses and utilities went up high too and the salaries are still the same.
One good thing in order to survive is to live within our income. Don't live beyond our means. Avoid debt and most importantly be satisfied with what we have.

"Stupid people spend their money as fast as they get it" (Proverbs 21:20 TEV).

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Blemish Free Skin

When I was in my adolescent stage, I have a terrible skin facial problems. My pimples are worse that's why I'm embarrassed to mingle with other people. I thought it's just part of my adolescence period that's why I didn't exert a lot of effort to cure it. But then I realized that there's more other factors that causes acne such as dust, diet and stress. I used to sleep late at night and I ate greasy foods often. When I entered college my mom decided to let me use an acne treatment so that I won't be intimidated to mingle with other people. And it does worked. I gained self confidence and from that time on I don't have those ugly pimples anymore and I was able to maintain a blemish free skin.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Pink Daisy Night Light

"Patience is a virtue", this saying is really true. For couple of months I've been looking for kids nightlights for my daughter's bedroom. When we went to some department stores here in our place, I couldn't find any lamp that would match in my daughter's bedroom. I almost buy an ordinary lamp but I hold on to my instinct that I can still find that perfect light that is ideal for my daughter's room. Well, my patience was paid off. I finally found a night light that will really amazed my 3 year old daughter. It's a Pink Daisy Night Light in Sepia Tone as shown in the pictures above. It's really pretty. During the day, it adds a touch of nature in the room and when it's lighted at night, it provides a calm and serene ventilation in the room.

This nightlight has long lasting bulbs and it's base swivel to fit any plug. I like its on/off switch because it's durable and sturdy, I don't have to worry if my daughter will turn it on and off many times. But I'm happy that she don't do that though because she knows that she can't touch the lights because she's still young. But if ever she do that, I'm secure that it won't be damaged because it's very durable.
This night light is great for gift giving too because it arrives in a beautiful gift box. There are many more designs to choose from, just head over to

Update on My 28th week Docotor's Appointment

This is one of my worst doctor's appointments. The weather was very nasty and I have to call my friend Beth at the last minute because my son fell asleep in the car so I have to drop him off at Beth's house while my daughter went with me in the clinic. Two vials of blood was drawn from me for the Glucose Tolerance Test. I'm upset because the medical assistant has to poked me twice because she wasn't able to draw blood for the first try because she was so tensed. I was so close to walk out in the clinic because her attitude was so annoying. She wasn't really the medical assistant of my doctor. My doctor's assistant took a day-off. And this lady who relieve her looks like she doesn't know what she's doing. She's tense, she has to take a deep breath in front of me to calm herself. She admitted that she's stressed because she has to draw blood from me quickly for the Glucose Test. She failed the first draw because she used the wrong needle, and it's bigger than the one that they usually used but she can't find where they are. Good thing that her second try wasn't painful. So I hope that I passed the Glucose Test.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Doctor's Appointment This Afternoon

I have a doctor's appointment this afternoon. I'm curious how much I gained. My weighing scale here at home doesn't read well so I don't depend on it. But I know I'm so huge already. I believed I'm bigger now compare to my other two pregnancies. Lately, I've been eating doughnuts and soda. Oh I'm so bad. I'm going to have a diabetic testing today. I'm keeping my fingers crossed on that. Some moms are actually bigger than me and we almost have the same due date. They're not worrying about being huge. I think I'm just whiny. I'm just scared having a C section delivery. They don't worry about it actually. They're just thinking about best diet pills
to take after giving birth. Oh well, I don't worry about losing weight. I have two active toddlers, they're such a handful so I think they will help me lose weight quickly.

Sunday, May 3, 2009


My Mommy Dearest, a SuperMOM. She takes all my worries away. Yesterday, we talked for more than an hour over the phone . I wished I can bring her and my Papa here in the states soon.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Yummy Mango

I came from Davao City, where we can find the sweetest kind of Mango. When I went home there couple of years ago, I ate Mango almost everyday. Yesterday, my Ate Helen gave me 3 Champagne Mangoes that she bought from San Jose. They're so good that I ate them all in one day.And I'm still craving for more.Do I have to blame it for my being pregnant? Then, this morning, my dear husband bought 15 Mangoes for me before he went to work. He's really a sweetheart. He never seized to amazed me. Seeing the mangoes is almost the same as looking at sets of engagement rings that are sparkling right before my eyes. This is perfect because tomorrow, my friend Nancy who's also pregnant will visit me, then I can share her some.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Boring..Read At Your Own Risk title is intriguing ha..but it's just because,..because I can't think of any.oh my goodness gracious..I've written already One thousand fifty eight posts in my blog, oh well in my 3 blog, the PureLove which tackles about my life as a mom, Pampered which is just about everything that I want to write, HappyHeart which is about friends,issues etc., Wow 1058 posts, actually only 25% of those are interesting.
Like I said I love to write journals, before this web blogging, I already have a diary since I was in elementary, those times na all about crushes pa. This is just my outlet. This is part of my personality that nobody can change. I'm not really good orally ay I mean verbally (more appropriate :-) ), Many times that I went into an argument/confrontation, I end up being stressed because I don't know how to express what I want to say. I end up crying, especially if someone accused me of something that I never did. If that someone matters to me, I confront her right away, if she don't matter to me, she's on my shit list. The hell with what she said about me.Backstabbers are boneless, they will deny to death when confronted.
Oh well,I'm thankful with web blogging actually, because here I can express my thoughts then I can gather opinions. In fairness, it's not always about gossip. Read at your own risk..if you can't relate then move on.


Yesterday was one of kind, it's just about my daughter Stephie.
My family was supposed to attend a birthday party at 3PM. But Eric was still sleeping so Lee have to stay with him. Steph was playing with her bestfriend Haley.When I asked her to go with me, she just said " Bye Mama, just go", I said" Steph, I'm going to a birthday party." , she said " Go mama go, byeeeeeeeee". That was the first time, she don't want to go with me. So I was all alone. It was a different feeling being by myself in the car, without noisy kids in the backseat. Once in awhile I'm driving alone but mostly it's when I do my grocery shopping early morning. But on a sunny afternoon like yesterday, I always have them with me, Steph will always tell me to play the Gary V CD, oh my goodness, she could sing some of the lines of the "Anak" song already, and Eric will join her too with his own lyrics. Cute!!!!
Then I pick up Ate Neng, oh my goodness gracious Ate Neng, one time as I was approaching to their driveway, I hit the curve because she was dirty dancing in front of Her husband ( which I think is cute). I saw her from afar, that's why I was laughing so hard that I wasn't paying attention with my driving. Oh well, I love her.
The party went great, I ate too much chicken, goodness gracious, I joke about laying eggs the following day because I ate like about 12 pcs of chicken wings. It was fun hanging out with friends, and being able to meet new friends.
Before going home I buy goodies for my kids and hubby and then one pair of pregnancy shoes and 1 pair of sandal for Stephie. That "pregnancy shoes", they laugh when I said that. It's my term for shoes that pregnant women wear. there's a difference. I end up buying a high heeled shoes instead of buying flat shoes which was my first plan. But my Stephie, she was so happy with her new sandal.
Today, it's gonna be a busy day, Lee called it "Preggy Women Day" because he will cook Mexican foods for me and the wives of his co-worker who are preggy. But we also invited friends and neighbors who like Mexican foods to come over.So we have visitors today. Why Mexican foods?that's my recent craving :-). I tell you, I gained over nine pounds in just 1 month that's why now I look like I'm carrying a huge watermelon in my tummy. Guess what it is ?girl or a boy I will tell you later.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Nine Pounds in a month

My brother sent me my favorite type of corned beef from the Philippines. I haven't seen those type kind in the our Asian Store here. Since I got it last Sunday, I've been eating it almost everyday. Plus I have these wild cravings of Mexican foods so I'm switching from Asian to Mexican delicacies every other day. These past few weeks I'm always hungry. My hubby always surprised with different kind of desserts or fruits that are not common in the market but are my favorite. So I end up eating a lot. With I weigh myself last week, I gained 9 months. My goodness!! I told my hubby to buy me an appetite suppressant if he keeps on bringing me all these goodies.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Wordless Wednesday/ Fearless

This is quite a big deal for me because my son was really scared with swings but couple of weeks ago when we brought him in the Kidztown and force him to ride in the swing, the transition from fearful to fearless was instant. Forcing him was a risky move for me, but I was lucky that it turns out as I wish it he would be.


Monday, April 20, 2009

Keep It Green

Our Walmart store here is renovating, they're going to change it into a Super Walmart. When we went there last Friday, me and Lee we're kinda lost because they rearranged almost everything. I'm happy to see that they add another brand of jeans. I just wish they could add more branded clothing especially for the kids. I feel silly wishing they would put Old Navy or Gap dresses there. I know it's impossible :-). But I am really excited that they displayed all natural or organic products, from baby's dresses to cleaning materials. Yeah, just a month ago, I switch into Green Works natural all-purpose cleaner. I called it my favorite buddy, because it's very good in helping me clean after the children's mess. I like it because it doesn't have a harsh chemical scent in it. I will really have to dedicate myself in using organic products. That's why I remember that today is payday, meaning I have to pay bills. There are bills that I can't pay online that's why I'm using stamps and labels. It's really convenient when you use custom rubber stamps. Talking about keeping it Green, you can also buy a Cosco® GLP20 Green Line Self-Inking Stamp at It's made of environment friendly water based inks and you can customized it too. You see we can really go for Green in anyways.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Missed The Church

I was so lazy ysterday. I'm so tired because I woke up at 2 A.M, I have to go to the bathroom. Then I wasn't able to go back to sleep until 4 A.M. I woke at about 7 A.M. My husband brought the children to the store with him so I could get more sleep but I took a shower instead. I thought I will be energized after taking the shower, but I was still exhausted so we decided to skip going to church.

Smock Dress For Me

I'm 26 weeks pregnant already but I only have few pregnancy clothes because I prefer buying clothes that I can still use after I gave birth just like babydolls, yoga pants, leggings and smock dresses. Those types of clothing are still expensive because Summer time is coming but when I looked online I found a full tilt smock trim dress that is on sale at It's really pretty and the price is cheaper compared to the ones I found in other specialty stores. At, you can really find products that are sold on a very reasonable price. When you find something nice, you gonna buy it right away though because they are immediately sold out.

Fab Birthday Bash

Filipina blogger's birthday contest

I'm really proud of these bloggers who are super generous during their birthdays and any other special occasions in the lives. I think it's their way of giving back the blessings that they received. Instead of us giving them gifts, it's them giving us a chance to win unbelievable prizes with their party giveaways.

Now I'm joining another birthday celebration with super fabulous prices. The Filipina Blogger 's
Birthday Celebration. , Jade,the birthday celebrant is giving away these fabulous prices:

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Anybody who has a blog that is at least one month old with at least 15 posts. To know more on how to Join Please head over HERE!!!!.

Belated Happy Birthday Miss Jade!!

Note: Do you know that you can cash your EC now? So grab this chance to win a lot of Entrecard Credits, join the party. Good luck to all of us.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Lawyers Are Not All Bad

A good friend of mine was going through a custody battle. She has a good chance of getting the children. It's just that two months before the trial, she got a letter from her lawyer's office which states about the expenses and that she has to provide retainer fees and half of the calculated expenses before a certain date. She can't provide the money so she wrote a letter back to the lawyer. A month later, she got a reply from her lawyer asking her to drop by in their office. She couldn't believe what happened next. The lawyer, promised to help her all throughout the case,and assuring her not to worry about the expenses. There are legal factors that are involved which primarily includes insurance claims. What is it all about I cannot disclose. All I know that there are still many good lawyers around.You just have to be honest with your situation and they will work with you. Whether it's a custody battle or filing claims from an accident, it's better to get a lawyer that will work with you. For example if you got into a motorcycle accident, look for dependable lawyers who are expert in the process of filing claims. If you live LA where a lot of these type of accidents happens, just go to a good motorcycle accident lawyers Los Angeles and you will be taken care of.

A Hardworking Man

My father is a farmer. He's over sixty years old already but he still works in the farm. We've been telling him to stop working in the farm anymore because we thought it's too much of a hardwork for him. But he told us that the farm is his life. It makes him so happy when his crops are growing well. He used to have 7 acres of coffee farm but the soil is no good already so he switch it into a vegetable and fruit farm. He plants carrots, potato, onions and other vegetables that are good for the season. Although he hired other farmers to help him but there still parts of the farm that aren't cultivated. That's where he let his cows roam around. Besides vegetables he also invest on cattle raising. That's why when I have extra money, I helped him buy cattle supplies. I love my father, he's one of the most hardworking person I've ever knew.

Can You Blame Her?

I was dismayed with what happened in the Filipino Community here in our place. Even though I'm not directly connected with the feud but it involved some of my close friends, it's just very hard because I was caught in the middle. But as the conflict worsen I feel like it's not anymore unfair to take sides.
One day, ate Mendy, one of the elders of the Filipinos dropped by at my house because I invited her for dinner. I don't intend to discuss with what's going on but while we're eating she vented to me that my friend Tess' husband threatened her over the phone. He don't want her to visit in their house anymore. Base on the way she explained it to me, I think she wasn't really threatened. And in my heart I know she wasn't threatened. I believe she just misinterpreted the whole conversation because they just talked over the phone. She is a very religious woman so I asked her to just surrender it all to God and everything will be okay. She further told me that she treated my Tess' family as her own and at that moment she and Tess still in speaking terms. So I tried to convince her to talk to Hugh (Tess'husband )personally because it's hard when it's just over the phone but she just shaked her head. I can feel her frustration so I told her to just let this heat pass by and everything will just fall into right places.
In the following morning I learned from Tess that ate Mendy and the chairman of the Filipino Community filed a complaint in the sheriff against them. I was upset in disbelief. In my own opinion, I wish they confronted Tess first and tell them with their plans. Maybe a warning won't do no harm.
And the words that ate Mendy told me the night before. ..that Tess was like her own daughter caused confusion in my definition of family.
For me, no matter what if you treat someone a family, you won't go that far. Involving a sheriff in a family's personal affairs will ruin it's real essence. But you see, everyone is entitled with each own judgment. Maybe at that time they're doing the right thing.
Me, when a family hurts me, I would rather go away...and probably wouldn't reserve a space in my heart for them anymore. But that's me.
Now, Can you blame Tess if she's deeply upset that leads her to write A POST ABOUT HER OWN SIDE OF THE STORY?
Tess a busy mom of two smart kids and a pampered fact I thought she's a spoiled one. I don't see any reason her husband would do something stupid to ruin their perfect life.
She's my friend for a long time.Although we don't hang out often but she's the kind of friend that I can trust my dirtiest laundry. matter what!!!She's the kind of friend that I can sit on a porch and swing with, even if we don't talk I can walk away feeling like it was the best conversation I've ever had.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

21st Week Pregnancy Update/ AND THE WINNER IS???

Actually my 21st doctor's appointment was last MArch 19.' just so busy to update. My weight ad blood pressure is okay. The baby's fetal heartbeat is perfect. My husband and children accompanied me because it's the day that we will find out the baby's gender. Lee and I was betting on it. He's going for a boy and I'm going for a girl. It was pretty much a thrill when Dr.Tynes started to check on the baby's gender. To our surprise, she turned out to be a girl. We both really thought he's a boy because of the signs and according to the Feng Sui. Well, we're wrong . But oh well, what matters most I'm the winner!! Yehey!! Lee was not really upset, just knowing that the baby is healthy, that's what matters. Steph and Eric were pretty interested watching their baby sister moves in the sonogram.
So I'm having another girl!!!Poor Lee, I wish childbirth is not that painful I'm actually willing to give him another son someday. Oh well, let's see and just play it by ear. Now I already have a name for our baby girl and it's going to be a secret for now :-).

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Wordless Wednesday/ The Shadow

My 21 months old Son Eric, curious about his shadown.

Just In Case

If time, money and weather permits my proposal about going on a vacation will really be happening. Besides, my hubby always agree and trust me in terms of activity planning that includes buying plane tickets, booking a hotel etc. Basically he thinks I'm his personal organizer, navigator, and the sweetest thing, his bestfriend. He thinks he will be lost without me awww..:-) Anyways, I wish he will not be too busy at work again so I can make reservations , for example in Westgate or other destinations. The only barrier that I can't really planned ahead of time is his job. He's super busy during Summer time. But, still I all the things that I need for a vacation has been outlined already so that when I get a sure yes from him, all I need to do is call or go online. I don't need to spend hours of researching again.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Packaged Received

I sent a package to my family in the Philippines last February and they received it last week. It was over a month. I'm so happy that they finally got it. My father was so happy for his three leather boots. My mom was jazzed with her new ring. She super love. My brothers love their shirts too. My sister was the happiest because she got the most. I'm always happy when I made them happy. That's why I'm already planning of sending them another package. This time I'll sent more for my brothers. One of my brothers is an engineer so he likes something in his field so I'm thinking of buying from wholesale electronics so I could send it to him. In that way, if he don't need some of them he can resell it his friends.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Ice Cream and Spring/ Wordless Wednesday

My son and daughter enjoying their ice cream during the sunny day of Spring. Taken last Monday at 3 P.M. after buying ice cream from the ice cream van.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Ultimate Blog Party 2009

Ultimate Blog Party 2009
Cheers to one of the most awaited party every year. Last year I was having so fun because I won fantastic prizes.
This year's prices are even more exciting. So I'm inviting everyone to join and have some fun.

The prices are all great but I have I've chosen my top ten favorites:

1).19 — $50 gift certificate to Target Stores provided by Shoot-Me-Now
2.)41 — Simply Precious Photo Tile Necklace ($110), or key clasp style Boston Locket ($185)
Provide by: Elemental Memories
3.)71 – flip flops for Mom & Daughter from Top It Off
Provided by:Top It Off
4. )87 –a 6-piece “Insider’s Beauty Collection” of Avon products
Provided by:
5.) 99 — $25 gift certificate for Shutterfly
Provided by:
6.)118 — $25.00 Old Navy Gift Card
Provided by: ManicMother
7.)INTL 23 – Blog Makeover BLOGGER
Provided by: BusyMamaBlogDesign
8.)INTL 25 — $30 gift certificate to Cutest Baby on the Block
Provided by: CutestBabyOnTheBlock
9.USC 40 — Large Yankee Candle Jar
Provided by: Tina at Our Front Porch Looking IN
10.USC 66 — $50.00 Gift Certificate to the online maternity and baby boutique, Madre Gear

Thank you 5MinutesforMoms for this fantastic party. Cheers
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