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Saturday, December 27, 2008

Christmas Celebration

Amidst the problems that we've been through lately, still we have a wonderful Christmas celebration.Me and my daughter were able to attend the midnight mass. We have to leave Lee and Eric at home because it's too cold. I'm sure Eric will just fall asleep at the church. In fact he already fall asleep before we left. I was just surprised because both Eric and Steph didn't go to bed early. I know Steph was waiting for Santa Claus and Eric just keep watching the Christmas movies. Lee was showing Santa Claus's location at Norad's Santa Tracker. So she always asked her daddy about Santa's location.

So after the midnight mass , Steph's godparents invited us to have a Noche Buena at their house. We ate Filipino delicacies. It was great, we haven't experienced this since the last time we spent Christmas in the Philippines. We went home past 2 in the morning. My friend Marie, decided to sleep in our house which makes me happy because I love having friends at my house during special occasions.

We weren't able to attend the Christmas day mass because we're all sleepy. :-(. The kids opened the gifts past 9 and they're so happy because of the goodies they received from Santa and from their friends.

I wish next Christmas my parents and siblings will be here already or maybe we could go home to the Philippines for the holidays.
**In the picture is my daughter Steph and her Tita Marie after the midnight mass.**

Friday, December 26, 2008 myspace graphic comments
Happy New Year Graphic Comments

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Natural Fat Loss Supplement

People who are desperate in losing weight resort to taking diet pills. Some succeeded and some weren't lucky enough. These diet pills that are available in the market have its own side effects, that's why you have to be careful in choosing which one to take. There are diet pills that are really safe just like Leptorexin . It is a natural fat loss supplement that is proven to be effective in burning fat.It is being reviewed carefully at, so check it out.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Where to Go This Holidays

Holiday Season, Isn't it the happiest time of year? It's the time that families get together. When I was still in the Philippines before I got married, we always have an annual family reunion. I miss those times. But now that I'm here in the states, it's different. I got homesick but because of my two kids and husband who always makes me happy, it does helped a lot. During Christmas season here in the states, people went to different vacation spots for relaxation. One of the most favorite is the las vegas. Well, it's the place of pure entertainment and fun that's why people go there.

The Filipino_American Annual Christmas Party in Crescent City

Last December 13, we celebrated the Filipino- American Community Annual Christmas Part here in Crescent City. It's a Pot Luck Party. It's fun and memorable. It's nice because we're able to see other Filipinos whom we haven't seen for a long time and and met the ones who are just new here. Each family brought t heir favorite foods. The coordinator requested that I will bring Chicken Enchiladas so I brought two pans.

The party started at 5:00 p.m. Many came in semi-formal Attire and some just went casual.There's tons of games and raffles. I won one raffle and the most important part was my husband won as a Gentleman of the Night. He was surprised but I'm not. During the party, many people already completed his attire. He wore a Barong which wasn't planned actually. He just wore it to match our son's attire.Well, 'm so proud of him.
Then during the dance for all portion, we danced for awhile and our daughter didn't join us. Instead she danced with her aunts and uncles.
Then an hour before the party ended, our son got bored and started to get cranky but when he saw a broom in the kitchen, that kinda entertained him. He was having fun sweeping the floor.
All in all the party was enjoyable and entertaining.

Friday, December 12, 2008

Favorite Dessert

Even though I'm busy, I still make sure that I still have time to prepare our family's breakfast, lunch, snacks and dinner. Since joining together in the dining table is one of the quality times for us. That's why I make sure that the food we ate is everybody's favorite. I love it when it comes to dessert because it's easy to prepare and my children and husband loves pies like apple pies, peach pies and berry pies. My friends who have fruit trees in their backyards share me some of their harvest. Since the Blackberry plants are easy to plant here in our area, I'm planning to order online at for plants that I can plant here in our place. It's nice that you can harvest berries out of your backyard.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Giveaway at Viel's Corner

Vhiel's Corner

Here's another fantastic giveaway that I'm excited about. The prices are 1)Shape-Its: Play with your food form cutter 2) 120ml/4oz of Skin MD Natural: Shielding Lotion + Sunscreen SPF 15 and 3) a beautiful Julie pink boots for a girly girl made by See Kai Run.
I encourage everyone to join, bloggers and non-bloggers, this is going tobe a wonderful holiday gift from Viel.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

A Good Fight

Among the many boxing fights of Manny Pacquaio, the fight with the Golden Boy Oscar dela Hoya is my favorite. Even my friend who doesn't love watching boxing was tempted to watch. I liked the fight because he wasn't all beat up. The whole event was fantastic especially that we watched at my son's godparents house which has a nice home theater seating. The kids were playing in their huge playroom so there's no disturbance. We just enjoy watching while eating popcorn. I'm planning to buy home theater sconces and give it to them to make their movie room more like a real theater. These sconces can be bought at at very fair prices. It's worth buying those accessories especially if you're watching a good fight.

My Little Helper

My new challenge right now is my son, the little man of the house is getting serious with his job as daddy's little helper. Every time I used the vacuum, he wants to do it himself. So instead that I get the job than in 5minutes, it will take more than that. That's why his dad bought another vacuum just for him. Oh my, I tell you, as soon as he gets up in the morning he's already working with his vacuum. Wow the noise is very irritating for awhile.But we have to deal with it because he just love to help.

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Super Cool Sunglasses

I've made four online orders during the after Thanksgiving Sale. Last night I received one of them. I'm pretty satisfied with my first order. The next three packages will be delivered next week through the UPS. I still have time to wrap them before the Christmas eve.I still have to buy more gifts for some of my friends. I'll be giving Wayfarer sunglasses. They are super cool sunglasses and very affordable.They are available at where you can find a huge collection of sunglasses. Their glasses are cheaper than other stores with the same quality if not even better.

It's My Lucky Day

As soon as I get up this morning, I grabbed my laptop and check my emails. I got 41 new emails and one of them is a newsletter from Jenny Talks. I couldn't believe that it will bring good news for me. Although I already enjoy reading her posts but this time it's about me being the 3rd placer in her birthday contest. So I'm so happy. It's my lucky day. Thanks Miss Jen for you wonderful birthday celebration. It's so generous of you and your sponsors.

Here's my prices and I love them
3RD PRIZE$5 from Fab Finds, etc.
$5 from Just Blogging It and PRC Board Exam Results
500 EC Credits from Around HongKong
500 EC Credits from Whats Up!
500 EC Credits from Digiscraptology
700 EC Credits from My Cross Roads
500 EC Credits from Healthy Living and Lifestyle
125x125 ad spot from Thomas Travel Tales

Friday, December 5, 2008

Oh My Baloon

We attended a kid’s birthday one time and I noticed that my daughter has been holding a balloon in most of the pictures. I think it’s cute how she protect and hold that beautiful balloon. I love bringing her to parties because she gets along well with other kids. And the kids are kind and nice to her too.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Music is an Inspiration

I love music. Through music I can express what I can't express in words. I love to sing. Once in awhile I played the piano although I'm still practicing. I love to play instrumental music. There are many people who are gifted with nice voices and there are some that have a talent in composing songs. People who have a talent in music were able to succeed because of the help of other individuals who inspired them to achieve their dream .Just like the JeeJuh productions. they are a group of music lovers who work together and make a number of beats sold at affordable prices. In my own understanding a beat is a background music ready for you to use in case you have a song in mind. I think it's awesome. For a starter like me, I can compose a song and just mix it with the beat. I'm really excited I can across with When you visit their site there's a lot of wonderful beats that you can choose from.And the good thing is, it's usable for life. I'm glad that they accept also paypal because I'm assured that I can make a secure transaction from them.
Blog Advertising

Monday, December 1, 2008

The Beauty of Asian Designs

This is a Vietnamese water hyacinth conservatory design I found out It's beautiful for the outdoors where you can hang out with friends and family or while reading a book or just completely relaxing. I like it because it's unique and if I feel like it will reflect my personality being a peace lover if I have this type of design in my backyard. This and other timeless designs can be bought at Lombok.

Lombok is a private owned but fast growing company that specializes Asian furniture and home accessories. Each of their products are carefully made to bring out the beauty of Asian designs. They used recycled and natural materials. One of the great companies who's taking the environment into considerations. This is the kind of company that people love because they protect the earth. No wonder they were awarded in Fast Track 100, as one of Britain's private companies with the fastest growing sales.

Besides wood furniture, they also have accessories like decorative, cushions,mirrors, bed linens, lamp shades and many more. You can choose your favorite lamp base and mix and match with the shades.

This is a Seagrass Lamp base. The seagrass is hand woven around a heavy ceramic base. I like this because the detail has a personal touch in it. Their standard lamps are eastern inspired also. From classic to contemporary styles,including the candle stands which are elegantly made with seamless finish.
Overall, shopping around at is fun and inspiring. I like it when I'm able to zoom the pictures for clearer details. I just requested for a free catalogue so I'm getting the latest issue soon. What I also loved about them is you are able to trade in your old Lombok furniture for another design which is really cool. I think Lombok is the store you can count onfor an eastern inspired living.

Comfort from Home

I came from a very huge family in the Philippines . I have many cousins in both sides of the family. Sometimes there's trouble but you know it's just part of my life. In the end, we're still family. When I came here in the states my husband's family is only his daughter. His parents died already and all her brothers died in the war. Very sad. Until last Nov. 9, his daughter died in a car accident. We have a lot of friends who supported us but it's different when you really have relatives. Now when the nights came and our friends has to go home, we're left with ourselves. Me and my husband has been trying hard to be strong for each other. It's hard because I can't cry out loud the pain and frustration. When husband is by himself I can hear him sigh. I caught him teary eyed when he thought I was sleeping. The only thing that save ourselves from breaking down is the laughter of our two children. When they play they're loud. Right now, I'm wishing we could go to the Philippines for awhile spend time with our family. But there's a lot of things to be done so we're stack in here, I hope not for long.

ADT Home Monitoring System

The ADT home security system is the Consumers Digest Best Buy. Being a parent I totally agree that buying this kind of product is a must for every household especially here in our place that home invasions are rampant. Having this at home will give me peace of mind and security about my family's safety. Not only that this is perfect for emergency like fire or accidents inside the house.Although we don't wish those events to happen but it's always the best if we're thinking ahead. This kind of protection device is easy to install and has been used by many households. For home security products, choose ADT because they're reliable, safe and you're 100% protected 24/7.
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