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Friday, December 14, 2012

Connecticut Shooting

My heart goes out to the people who are affected by the horrible shooting in Connecticut Elementary school. It's hard to think how this happen, but all I know is that there is danger everywhere. There are so many stranger around us and we don't know anymore who to trust. I pray for the children who are killed. They are innocent victims. May their parents will find justice of this tragedy. It will be very hard but I pray that God will comfort the grieving hearts of the family of the victims.

Thursday, December 13, 2012

TV Mount

I have a neighbor with a five children.All of them have succeed in their career.They are now all employed with an stable income.As a reward to their parents ,every now and then they will send different kind of appliances especially during Christmas season .
Their rooms are almost full of different kind of appliances especially TV of different model. These appliances if properly arranged, may give a perfect interior d├ęcor of their home .
I would like to show or suggest them about premier tv mounts to optimize its space.This will also keep their equipment safe.

Esseence of Christmas

As the Christmas time is coming, many people are shopping everyday. I noticed that there are seniors who are buying gifts for the kids that they didn't know. They are the secret Santas. But what bothers me is when I heard someone talking about buying a cheaper shoes because it is just a gift. That doesn't make sense. So what is the purpose of giving gifts when you are putting a price on what you give. If you give, make sure you are sincere with it. Don't say it's just a gift so it's okay if it's cheap. Give something that you can afford not because it's just a gift because no matter if it's just a dollar if you give it heartily, that is the most expensive gift of all.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Computing Station

Through to modern technology and continuous research of man ,to elevate our life style ,our present generation have enjoyed the best things in their life.There is  a great change in every mode of action in our daily activities. Every thing is made more convenient, more accessible,accurate and efficient
We should be thankful and grateful to the inventors of the modern equipments especially the computer which made this happened and possible.
Another new invention today from Howard Medical is the Arm Mounted Computing Station which has an articulating arm wall mount.This make patients care easier with health care solution.This increase the efficiency by providing more access point for more readily available data. This wall mount system, when not in use, will be fold up tight against the wall to optimize space.

This is a superior quality product because it is made and assembled in U.S.A..

Long Day

Today is such a tiring day.  I think because I don't feel good. I think I have a fever. My eyes are burning and my hands, my arms are hurting. I wish I can just stay home but I'm not the kind of person who will call in sick. Besides I have projects at work that I have to do. At work is fine, although I'm slow. I was able to finish almost of the projects which I think will make my boss happy, I hope.

Saturday, December 8, 2012


To own an appliances from a branded product in our home is a mark of our status symbol.For a music lover ,they knows that the quality proucts are the DJ brand.
For a budget wise customers , it is high time for us to shop dj speakers from guitar center s because they are now offering a guaranted lowest price.With the amount we save from our budget for that particular item ,we can even purchase another related item.
Shop now and choose from their best collection and new arrivals.
This is good investment as well for all the music lovers out there.

ABS-CBN Christmas Station ID 2012 Recording Sessions

Merry Christmas Philippines!

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Wild Animal in the City

It's a wonderful and amazing to see a certain wild animals especially of endangered species roaming in the city. Deer and elks whose habitat are in the thick forest , can be seen actually grazing within the city.In Crescent City Ca. and Brooking Oregon deer and elks * are found right at the day time, along the hi-way in the plaza and parks.They are as tamed as our domestic pets. Bears also come down at night to search for foods in the garbage cans .Another attraction are the birds like the wild ducks,seagulls, and crows are very tamed. They are always found in parks plaza and on the top of the houses and malls.They are not afraid to people but instead they flock when there are people.
These species of animals,are now vanishing in most places, because their people hunt them for food.They are scared when they saw people. But in California, particularly in Crescent City where wide life are duly protected by the government, the population of these species continuous to grow in number.The presence of several tress and forages in the city are the major factor that invite them to come in plus the residences are all birds and animals loving peoples.

* similar to deer but bigger in size.
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