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Thursday, December 29, 2011

It's Raining... with Presents

When I woke up this morning, a package was waiting for me downstairs. I was so happy because it came from my friend in Stockton. She sent me seven blouses and shirts. I love it because it's my favorite brand. She's so sweet. She was my classmate in high school and we haven't seen each other for more than ten years now. Her family migrated here in the states before our high school graduation. I'm just happy that when I moved here they found me through social networking site. We're just seven hours drive apart but we keep in touch almost everyday. I'm planning to send her carhartt coveralls because she works in Alaska and I'm pretty sure she needed this kind of outfit because it gets so cold there.

Thoughts For Today

Sometimes in friendship, you think that you're the only one who's working it out or even in marriage, the husband or the wife is complaining that he/she is giving more than he/she is giving  him/her. You know, don't let this even affect you. Because it doesn't matter, who love most or who love less. What matters most is that God knows what is inside your heart and He appreciates everything that you do.
Even with my kids, I tell them this because sometimes one complain that the other one is not cleaning their bedroom like she does. So I told them, not to worry because God is watching them and those who are being nice will be rewarded. And it works.

Post Christmas Shopping

I'm really glad that I didn't shop lots of stuffs for myself before Christmas because the day after Christmas most of the stores are having their huge after Christmas sale. Yesterday I bought new blouses for me and I got 80% from everything that I bought.Tomorrow I'm going to shop for more because one of the stores here is going to have a door buster sale and it's going to be huge. I'm excited because it is also my payday. I will look into equestrian riding apparel online because we don't have in our stores here. I want to get a riding boots for my sister since she look good on it and I'm hoping she will practice riding horses because it will be a good skill to learn.

Happy Holidays

This year has been so great for my family. We met wonderful people and we are loved by our friends. God has blessed us so much. He provided us with what we need and He keep our family stronger each passing years. I wish everyone had a happy Christmas. May you have a wonderful New Year too. May the holiday spirit brings us to closer to each other and always closer to God.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Dances Like No One Is Watching

I just uploaded three videos of my son's dancing during our Christmas Party last Saturday in YouTube.  Me and my husband were amazed of his skills and coordination. He's totally awesome. People were watching and they asked where he learned those moves. He actually learned it from the Disney Channel shows. It's just incredible that he was able to learn those moves just by watching. I shared in my facebook the uploaded videos to show it to our families and friends. I'm going to upload more videos and I will try to use a free YouTube downloader to make it faster.

Eric And His Moves

I can't beleive my son! He showed his dance moves in front of many people during our Christmas party last satrurday. He's amazing. He danced to three songs none stop. We are so proud of him. He never seizes to amazed us. Thank you God for our kids.

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Singing Sister

Guest post of the week by Deangelo Spencer

My little sister is such a great singer. One time when she was singing to a song on the radio, I told her she should go to Nashville. She had no idea what I meant. When we got home, I pulled up the rural internet service provider outside Cleveland to show her what Nashville is known for. We went to a site that talked about the city’s history and she could not believe all the great music that had come out of that city. Now all she can talk about is Nashville. Every time I get on the computer she wants to go to the website to see if anything has changed. I think by now she has probably memorized the whole website because it does not get updated all that often. One way or another I would like to actually take her one day. I do not know if she will be the next big thing, but she should at least get to see the place where her dreams may comes true. I think we may try to take her for her sixteenth birthday. It is so far away, but I know she will really appreciate it.

Generous Hearts

A mom is about to lose their electricity because she can't pay the bill. She asked for help from our community group here in fb. Since then, she got overflowing support. My point is when you're a mom you will do everything to shelter your kids and I'm so proud of the people here in our town becoz they help w/o doubting. From where I came from, I experienced that when someone asked help, some neighbors would mock them, and if they help they asked something in return it doesn't matter if it's your own house & it sucks because sometimes it's  your own relatives. That would it be nice if people will learn how to help w/o asking something in return and just wish that someday they can at least pay it forward...just saying...

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Goodbye Our Dear Old Piano

Me and my husband were glad because we were able to sell our old piano. It still works good but it just occupies too much space in our front room. Besides, we still have one piano left for the kids to play with. We're just relieved because someone was interested to buy it because we're actually just planning to give away. It's so heavy and I'm just that it didn't ruin our floor. The quick step laminate flooring is really a good quality because it wasn't damaged even though we drag on it the piano as we push it outside the door. It really pays off when you choose good quality products. It helped you save more money in the long run.

Friday, December 2, 2011

Presents For Christmas

It's so cold, I need to bring out my hoodie. Hoodies are one of the most essential clothing in our wardrobe especially here in our place.  That's why if you check my closet I have tons of hoodies in different colors. Hoodies are comfortable to wear and  it's perfect for a busy mom like me. It's of course not just for moms but mostly for kids, juniors and women. Here in our place, most of the time people are wearing Aeropostale hoodies. For me, Aeropostale made good quality hoodies and much cheaper than it's competition brand.
I usually stock up on hoodies this time of year because the prices are going down and there are so many promos and discounts. Just like in Aeropostale, their hoodies for guys are 50% off and the clearance are up to 75% off. With the quality you can't go wrong. Aeropostale is a famous brand that's why many people are wearing it. I have Aeropostale shoes, hoodies and shirts. They also have cool accessories available. It's already December 2 and you have less than 25 days before Christmas, so it's about time to check out some presents and make sure include Aeropostale hoodie in your list.


Me and my friends had dinner at Superfly last Monday and we had such a good time. I love the place. And I love the food. You won't be embarrass bringing your friends there. Although, it's better not to bring little kids there because it's more like a bar. Well duh it's called Superfly Martini Bar and Grill.
What I like about it more is because the food is great. My favorite is the seared pork loin. The price is incredibly affordable. I can't believe how cheap it is and yet still very delicious. We will definitely go back there again.

For anybody who is curious about their menu, hope this can help.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Better Shelf Life

One thing that I need to stock up this season is batteries such as duracell procell 9V or other AAA and AA batteries because we used them a lot for the toys. Most of the kids' toy are battery operated such as learning toys, and even the dolls. They are quite expensive so it's better to stock up on it and  make sure it has a long shelf for at least seven years. You can buy good quality batteries at I am planning to buy a lot because you save more if you buy more.So that will be number one in my checklist for my online shopping tonight. It's always a good idea if we have batteries on hand because it cost us more money when we go to to the store and buy by piece.

Black Friday

The Black Friday in Walmart will start as early as 10pm tonight. But I'm sure it's already crowded by now. I'm too lazy to go there because I work late last night and my feet hurt for wearing high heels. This year is probably the first time that I haven't shop a lot. I just want to refrain from shopping a lot. I have the tendency to do impulse shopping and I end up buying stuffs that I don't need. There are also good deals online especially with essential stuffs for work such as nurses uniforms. Those are the kind of stuff that you have to stock up especially if it's on sale. Well, the sale isn't over yet so I'm keeping my fingers crossed in finding the best deals.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

He Knows Better

I must be very busy that whenever I heard stuffs that irritates me, I can just easily shrugged it off  and move on. I just have too much going on. Thanks God because it's all good things. I can never thank God enough. He's always there for me. At times when I'm doing bad, He corrected me.And at times I feel so over blessed He teach me humility. That's why whatever is going on in my life no matter what it is. I leave it all to God, He knows better. He knows that I don't want to be around with mean people, so he guide me to people who understand me. He knows that I'm gullible, so He guide me to the people who won't abuse me. God is so good that even though I'm just living within my means, I can't still replace my simple life for the world.

Friday, November 11, 2011

Online Coupons

Some of my friends in my facebook love to post the good deals that they got from their shopping. And one of them loves to collect coupons and she pay almost nothing at all just for using coupons. I was curious so I asked her about it. I wonder if she buy too many newspapers and magazines. I was amazed when I found out that she get it online. You can download coupons now. So I tried and yes it is. In fact I found best buy coupons and all kinds of them. It's a convenient to be able to find these coupons online ahead of times. Instead of going to the store and find out what are their deals for the day. It can't help you budget your shopping for the day. Unlike when you download your coupons before you go to the store, you are able to plan what you're going to shop and you won't be able to buy something that is not needed.

French Maid

This is just a few of my ver ymany pictures during our Halloween Party last October 27. It was super fun. The kids had a blast and everybody was happy. I am the french maid. My friends picked this costume for me. This is the first time I wear a costume in a Halloween party. Most of the time it's my kids only.But I'm glad I did.

Sunday, November 6, 2011


This is one of those tornado shelters that really amazes me. It's about time someone has the initiative to build something like this.Survive- A-Storm Shelters is the manufacturer of this innovation. You know this is really very essential considering how many storms hit our country in one year. The loss of lives and properties is horrible. It's heartbreaking. I really think this tornado shelter is a big help to people. There shelters are built with highest quality of 10 gauge steel and are welded by skilled professionals and passed a thorough quality control. I'm really how people always able to come up with wonderful ideas such as these. It's all about the will to survivor. No matter what the calamities are, we always do our best to survive using our God given talent.


Sophia bringing the shoes that picked for mommy.
Yesterday I went shopping with my very good friend Nancy and her daughter Rinna. I also brought Sophia with me so she can play with Rinna. They are about the same age. So we went to Ross first. I wasn't able to buy clothes there because the two little girls were running around. I was worried about them breaking things. Since Nancy was the one who really needs to buy clothes for work, I just let her shop around. It's no big deal for me because I intend to just shop in Sears anyways. I just feel bad for Nancy because she was kinda embarrassed for what Rinna has acted. To me it wasn't a big deal. I think I fully adjusted for having three kids and I've experienced all these kind of attitudes from my kids alone. That's why when I go shopping with my kids. I always anticipate their tantrums which surprisingly, is not happening anymore as they're growing up.
All in all, our shopping experience was fun.Sophia was doing great and Rinna is so cute. Everytime I told her to behave, she's quick to say sorry. I'm excited because I was able to buy bunch of stuffs fro my kids and a new shoes for me.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Important Documents

When I sat down and go online,an hour to two hours is not enough just going through my emails. Believe it or not I have more than 10 thousand messages and that includes in my inbox, outbox, notes and folders.Basically most of my important documents are saved in my yahoo mail. I can't believe what would happened to my files when all of sudden, like a snap of a finger, the Internet will be gone. I wonder if other people had consider thinking of this silly thought of mine. But I've been planning of saving this to a 500 GB external hard rive. It's amazing how technology keep improving over time. Now we have what we called document imaging, which is used by large offices and big industries. I must say, technology plays a very important part in our lives.

Photo Book

All my kids have their own photobook from their first years, first birthdays and all kids of things. I prefer photobook instead of prints and putting it in the album because the prints usually are ruined and or missing. And what I like about this, is I got this photo book for free from my Pampers Gifts to grow and My Coke Rewards. I've been collecting points for more than six years now and so far and I'm really happy because I got lots of free stuffs. Most of the times I used my points toward making collage and photobook. And I feel so rewarded about this. This is one thing that makes me busy. I often told people about this but quite a few only interested. They think it's a waste of time. But for someone like me, no it is not.

Thursday, October 20, 2011


Christmas time is coming pretty soon. I have to start buying gifts for my family and friends. It helps when you know what they want or what they need. One of my friend's kids wanted Gears of War 3 beast mode for his xbox. I still have to price it out. As for my friends, I have a stock of perfumes,colognes and lotions so that's what I will wrap for them.Who don't use those stuffs everyday. As for my family in the Philippines, I tam thinking of sending them money. And for my kids, I am planning of buying them one toy each. I don't want them to get use to have lots of toys every Christmas. They have so much toys already and most of them are pretty much wasted. I'm thinking that they will appreciate it even better if they only have one toy.

Economic Situation

One thing the economic crisis has taught me, is to be not complacent. Who could have expect that our economy will be this bad. It sucks because the effects of the economic situation really hit us hard. Imagine that, you are already charge every time you use your ATM card. And it's been eight months since my husband, he still didn't get his full monthly pension. I guess the federal don't have any budget at all. If you look around your neighborhood, you can see foreclosure homes or rental homes because the owner moved to a different place where there are better job opportunities. The important thing about renting is to consider those homes that are for rent by owner because they are than likely cheaper than any other rental.

Brighter Side

It is pretty much a not so bad day. Besides an annoying day at work, besides not being able to get what I need in the SS office. I am trying to look at the brighter side of any situation, making sure that it won't affect me negatively. In life, you will meet different kids of people who either helps you to suceed or wo will push you down. But as long as you know yourself, you will be able to achieve your dreams with flying colors.

Thursday, October 13, 2011


I'm in the mood of organizing stuffs in the house especially the kids' . First thing this morning, I cleaned up the girls' room. I put all thier barbies in one bag and my sons toy car collection in one bag. As I go through to the toy buckets, I found lots of stuffs that shouldn't be there such as dirty socks or cups and clothes. Then I also found lots of their baby pictures. I found my scrapbooking stuffs too. My youngest is already two years but I haven't finished her baby book yet. I have to make a scrapbook of the things my babies made when their wee ones such as drawings or certificates from school. I even save my baby shower invitations for remembrance. it's so nice to keep these stuffs because it something we can show to our kids how they are when they're still babies. After I finished all the photobboks, I will be so relieved.

So Fast

I cannot really believe how time flies so fast now. I mean I even wonder if the earth is turning faster now as it's used to be.It seems wierd to me. I'm sure science has nothing to dom with it. I don't think the clock is ticking faster. It's juts that things are going way too fast for me. It must be because I'm so busy that's why things are just happening like a snap of finger . This morning, I woke up early to prepare the girls lunch for school and to fix their hair. Then I cleaned their room. The next thing I know, it's about time to get ready for work. I was in fact late already. It's hard to be on time. When I got home, I took a nap for 5 minutes and play a lil bit with my kids, then it's time to prepare dinner. In a way I kinda like it because I don't have time for boredom. But there are so many things that I have to do, but I don't have time. But the thing is, I cannot keep on complaining about it. I guess I  just have to enjoy each second of my life, dedicate it to my family and live life according to God's guidance. In that way, I am doing something worthwhile in this fast life.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

A little something for Buffy fans with The Ringer

Guest post written by Alex Souther

Back when I heard months ago that Sarah Michelle Gellar was filming a new show, I decided right then and there that I would watch it. I loved all the work that she did on Buffy the Vampire Slayer and I had a feeling after I saw the first commercial on TV that this role might end up being pretty physical and have some good fight scenes in it too. Obviously that, or her pretending to fight when a stunt double does it for her, is one of her strong suits because she has tons of experience doing that when she played a vampire slayer, or rather THE vampire slayer!
Yes, I am a Buffy fan. So I felt obligated to watch The Ringer and that's what I've been doing since it premiered. While I was online reading a review about the pilot, I ran across some info on internet service providers in my area. After I looked through it, I changed the internet service at my apartment.
I did like that fight scene that she had with that mystery hit man. That's the Sarah Michelle Gellar that we all know and love! I have a feeling that there's going to be way more fight scenes like that coming up this season.

Steve Jobs Died :-(

At age 56, Steve Jobs died after battling with cancer. He's a magnificent guy. He's the co-founder of Apple. Me and my husband like him a lot because he's a great guy. My husband listen to his speeches and you can really tell how down to earth he was. May he rest in peace. He's a big loss to this country and the whole world.

Past Time

Yesterday I went home early but I missed the most important stuffs that I need to do. I missed doing one of my assignments and I supposed to call the financial advisor for my application in Southwestern Oregon Community College. All I was doing yesterday was watching TV with my little ones and then arrange all the clothes. I love checking on my clothes once in awhile. I can't believe I have accumulated so much. There are quite that still have tags on it. Those that still have tags I set them aside because I will give them away. I don't know what it is but women loves shopping. There's no such thing as too much clothes or shoes. Yesterday when I arrange all my dress clothes and casuals, I realized I have too much. And I just bought two new pants from Victoria Secret this week. I love them, I love the fit so I don't regret. Once in awhile we have to pamper ourselves :-).

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Healthy Lifestyle

I'm so happy because when I checked my weight today, I lose  a lil bit of weight and I just started a new health regimen. It's about focusing on eating healthy foods and creating a balanced and healthy lifestyle. I start of by drinking water in the morning. They said it will help you get rid of the toxins of our body. Then I quit drinking coffee and I drink tea every after meal instead of soda. It's all about discipline. You can ask an austin certified nutritionist to assist you in understanding how to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Health is wealth. When you are healthy, you are confident and happy. I'm thankful that I was able to know about these stuffs as I was struggling how to lose my weight for a long time. That's why we should not lose hope because somewhere somehow help is just around the corner.


Today is pretty much a good day. I got out from work early. I got lots of goodies today. I was able to keep in touch with many friends online. I was able to spend time with my family. I was able to pick up my son from school. I was gonna pick up the girls but I would rather not too. I am avoiding someone who betray me. I don't want to see her at all. Good thing my husband understand that. So he picked up the girls. Awesome. Then later in the afternoon, me and the kids went to Church. It was great. The kids are not so bad at all in the entire mass so I'm thinking of going back to church again tomorrow or on Saturday.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011


I received a letter from my 1st grade daughter's teacher yesterday informing me that all her homework are perfect. I couldn't be so happier. Last year when she was in kindergarten, she also did a good job. We also received a latter stating that  her reading skill is in 2nd grade level. I'm so proud of her. So I'm planning to reward her again. This time, I want to get her xbox games. At first we were worried about buying her video games as it may destruct her studies but when she have Wii, she doesn't pay much attention with it as compare to other kids. She still love reading and her barbies. So I guess an xbox can still be on the reward list.

Friday, September 16, 2011

New Buiding

We have this little store at the farm where we sell general merchandise such  as canned goods, rice, vegetables, fruits, seasoning, sodas and many more. We are also selling pesticides and fertilizers before. On the other end of the store is a mini dining/lounging area where the customers can eat or just hangout. On the other end are the fertilizers and pesticides. And in the storage are are sacks of chicken manure which is also use as fertilizers. And it stinks really bad which is not good for the store itself. The customers can smell it and they won't buy anymore because the odor is really bothering. So I decided to ask my dad to get those easy to build steel buildings for the fertilizers that way it will be separated from other merchandise and people will not be bothered by it. I think it is the perfect idea.

Life Is What You Make It

I have a classmate in elementary, our class valedictorian, who, I really look up to in some aspects in life. She's the kind of person who put the best in everything she do. No wonder where's at now. She's a successful lawyer who is married to a successful lawyer too. What I like about her is she keeps her feet on the ground. She has achieve so much in life but is still the same person I've known before, if not even better. We actually haven't seen other for like more or less twenty years. We just keep in touch in facebook. Through facebook I am reunited with my old friend, old buddies or old acquaintances. I read her posts regularly and I'm just uphold with the way she manage her life. In my own opinion, she became like that because she just follow the basic pattern in life. Get an education to get a better job. Obeyed her parents and be socially and morally responsible. I'm actually out of words to describe her. She is  ultimately awesome! And I'm so proud of he especially now that she just gave birth to a perfect baby boy. See, life is waht you make it. Put the best in everything that you do and evertyhing will fall into  the perfect places.Cheers to you Atty. Anj Razo Sator. I am so proud of you.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Lime Versus Orange

Eric's first Soccer game last Saturday. We are so proud of him. Till next Saturday for the 2nd game. Can't wait!!!

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Halloween Long Johns

Oh I'm so thankful that I found out about this Halloween Long Johns. Here in our place, it's pretty much very cold during the month of October. And every Halloween it always has been always misty or rainy. These long johns, is perfect for my toddlers to wear alone or under their costume. This is perfect to warm them for the very cold weather here. I still have to look for baby costumes for my youngest. Last year she was a butterfly. I don't have any idea yet what's going to wear this year. She might just wear this long Johns and we will just stay at home ant hand down candies. Last year it was really rainy.I'm sure they will have much fun giving away some goodies.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

My Ride

I have been driving my Dodge Intrepid for three years now. Thanks God, I never have problems with it . When other people get to drive it, they are often impressed how smooth it runs. It's fast too. Even though we're planning to trade it with a truck, I am thinking of keeping it and just buy another truck. I want to keep it since it's my first car. I will just have my husband modify it since he's a gear head. Change the tires and rims. I'm pretty sure we can find rims for sale everywhere. My husband has this sleek rims in his truck and I want mine too. Maybe one of these days, he can spare some time to modify my car before he goes back to work.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Farming Is A Passion

This is part of my father's farm. He grew corn, coffee, vegetables such as carrots, beans, cabbage, onions, and fruits such as Mango, Durian, Avocado and many more. My father is a passionate farmer. He's been farming since he was in his early 20s. We all admired him so much because he's a very hardworking person and he was able to give us a comfortable living and good education because of his farming. He's very knowledgeable in farming products such as composters, fertilizers and different ways in cultivating a good farm. In our town, people often asked his suggestions when it comes to farming matters. I can't wait to visit our farm again. Me and my siblings always love to hangout in our farm during vacation times. I can't wait to visit there again.

Monday, August 29, 2011


I've been extremely exhausted lately. This is probably the effects of my tiring schedules last week. I have been driving a lot back and forth to Brookings. And I have been sleeping late because I watch my favorite shows in USA network. I should be using the DVR but for  some reason I'm too lazy to record my favorite shows. Doesn't make sense. Probably I'm even too exhausted to even write something with sense. I'm sorry. But today, is a good day. I bonded with my friends Beth, Marie, Gina W, Tita Mareng Tess. We're all working already and we didn't get to see often. Beth was cooking some Filipino foods so we hang out and had dinner together. We went home late. In my circle of friends, once we get together, we could spend hours and hours talking. We can pretty much anything under the sun. Till next time again.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

The Google+ Project

I just submitted my email add in the Google+ project.  This project aims to help us shorten our google ID. As you know, our google ID can be really long, so instead through this project we will be able to manage our ID in an easy to remember ID or profile link. It makes it easy to interact with friends and family or socialize with acquaintances. Right now they're in a limited time trial but it will be over soon. In order to be the first to know with the updates, all you need to do is submit your email ad and they will keep you posted. For the meantime you ca explore their interactive tour and view some inputs about this project.
While browsing around in this project, the way I see, it's somewhat like a social networking site but more like private or safe. I hope this project will give importance on protecting our identities or privacy not to mention what happened in other networking sites. What is exciting about this, is that it allows you to upload videos or pictures faster. The tour is pretty much inviting and I can't wait to learn more about this project.

Breakfast At Denny's

Today is my day-off and I plan to my spend this whole day with my kids. First, I will bring them to Denny's and have them enjoy their favorite pancake puppies while I will just order my all time favorite, their regular pancakes. I have been very busy that I rarely spend time with my kids that's why I'm making it up to them. Then later at around 3pm, we might go to the Loeb Park again. We have to take advantage of the sunny weather because another month, it's gonna get cold here again and back to the depressing Winter weather.Oh well, sometimes it can be romantic just being cozy at home while it's gloomy in the outside. May God bless us another sunny weather today so that things will happened as planned.
These kids will be spoiled by mommy today :-) and they deserve it!

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Brother And Sisters United Forever

One of the things that I'm thankful about life is that I have a very good and strong family back in the Philippines. That's why I'm really praying and hoping that my parents will be able to go here soon  because when they're here it will be easy to bring my brothers and sisters over here too. I have three brothers and 1 sister. They have different personalities but they are all special to me. One of my brother is a headache sometimes but I still love him.He asked for an iPod and I'm gonna give it to him with an extra ipod charger so he don't have to worry about losing battery anymore. My other two brothers are awesome.They don't give my parents any problems. They are very responsible as well as my sister. They are all a blessing to me and I am thankful for that.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Space Filler

This morning I get the chance to talk to my husband about our goals in life, our plans for the kids and everyhting about life in general. We are extremely happy for our life right now. We have struggles but it's just something that money can fix. Who doesn't have financial hardships right now. Financial problems is nothing because it can be solved. We are just truly blessed because we have everything that money can't buy and that is family and peace of mind. The conversations went very well that's why I share to him about his smoking habit. With this kind of topic, I am very careful because most of them time we talked about this, we end up arguing. He's been smoking since he was fifteen years old. I understand that it will be very difficult to stop it. He tried many times already because I've been nagging him. But it only lasts for 1 week then he smokes again.
So I suggested to him a healthier choice. The electronic cigarette or what they called e-cigarette. It's suppose to imitate smoking. My husband's main reason why he smokes is because he's bored. Basically, it's a space filler. So this e-cigarette can help him and many other cigarette smokers out there. I sincerely believe this is a better option if they can't stop. I do believe that it has been approved in the market for awhile now and in fact it has been widely used by many people. One popular brand is Blu E Cigarette. Right now they offer a 30 day money back guarantee and a one year warranty and free shipping. I think it's worth a try.


This morning I got another email from Bro. Bo Soulfood Newsletter since I subscribed to it. I've been curious about his Truly Rich Club. It's suppose to guide you how to earn money faster. I'm really curious about because I testimonies from the members are very inspiring. I truly believe that it's a good investment. I'm just hesitant because its $19 a month. But I'm pretty sure it's all worth. The thing is I want to have at least enough money before I'll even venture in this because if they offer good products that I can't afford, I would be left out. But I will really take a serious consideration  of this soon.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Oppss Busted

This is hilariously scary. Last Sunday I woke up early to do some shopping in Brookings Oregon. It's about 18 miles drive. I got a shopping pass plus they don't have taxes and the price of gas is cheaper so it's worth the travel. Driving early in the morning is fun because there is no traffic. So I was in 101, just right I cross the Oregon border, I saw this fast blue moving vehicle and I was speeding up to catch with it. It's just the thrill of catching with this speeder. I figure out that if someone will be caught for speeding that would be him because the CHP will saw him first. But I thought I'll get a heart attack when I found out it was the Oregon police. I didn't know that their car is blue or bluish. Next time I will go to Oregon, I will be more careful because they also have cctv cameras everywhere which is a good thing because it's for safety also.

Las Vegas Wedding

It's happening and it's confirmed. I have a very good friend who's finally getting married next month in Las Vegas. Most people are anxious if this is wedding will happen since it has been cancelled or postponed many times. But two weeks ago she finally got the ring. And I saw it last week and it is very beautiful. Have you seen those breathtaking scott kay rings in ladies bridal, it looks like those. Once you got the ring that's it. The wedding will be held on the second week of September but the reception will be held her on October 8. This is to accommodate the people who can't go to Las Vegas for work or money related reasons. I'm excited for both of them. This is gonna be the start of a very good beginning. I wish them a lifetime of happiness.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Coca Cola Baby

I love Coca Cola, not just because it quenches my thirst but because through coca, all my baby's photobook, I got them for free.  Eversince I gave birth of my fist baby, I started entering coca cola codes that you can find in the boxes or in the lid and submit it in For some points you can already get a product of your choice. I often get free prints in any sizes. I can also get free photobooks. Now, I'm on my way of claiming another photobook.. Yeyyyyyyyyyy.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Happily Struggling

It was such a bummer when the US AAA rating went down and affected quite a bit of my stocks. And I read that China is sending a message to the US to live within our means. U.S actually a big spender from the richest individual down to the poorest. As you see, many celebrities who's earning millions  still ran out out of money because of over spending. On the other hand, the average people who are usually living from paycheck to paycheck still spend aggressively and maxing out their credit cards.
With the current economic situation, many credit card companies are lowering down their credit limit and very quick to raise the APR if you missed payments.
The best solution that I can think of, is to start living within our means and add money in the savings, plan your shopping ahead of time and keep an eye on the sale season. As for grocery shopping, make of list the items that you want to buy so that you won't go over the budget limit. Here's another thing that I just learned, you can actually go to a store and do  price matching where you can request for the cheaper price advertised from the other stores. This way you save some money and you save making extra trips going to other stores.
Another most important thing is, taking advantage of the coupons. I have been doing this for over five years now in store and online. Most of the time I do online shopping for apparel and electronics because it's mostly cheaper than in the store. Just check out the because they have the most updated coupon for over 15000 stores. I used to subscribed  in the email lists of my favorite stores such as GAP, Old Navy and many more so I will know their current promotions and it just flooded my inbox. Now, I just add the website in my favorites bar and type in my favorite stores and viola, I got my coupon in an instant. I don't have to worry anymore about expired coupons. For a mom of four kids like me, it's an everyday struggle but when I'm able to make the most of my money, I feel happy.

Jury Duty

For a moment there, I thought I would be selected to be a juror.  I  miss work today because I was got a letter to appear in the court today for jury duty. I was hoping that it would be cancel. On the other hand, I was also curious what it's like. Some people told me that I don't need to appear but me personally felt obligated to render my civic duty. But then when I was inside at the courtroom, I have this feeling of restlessness.. I felt going out of there most especially when I sat the jury box. And then when the first I tried to request to excuse myself, it wasn't really granted. So I just accepted the fact that I will miss my work for three days and be sitting there, getting bored. But when the judge finalized all the jurors, the prosecution attorney asked to excuse for the reason that I personally know the defendant's lawyer. I felt a sudden relief but when I got home I felt guilty. I should not feel that way. I should show an interest in supporting the judicial system. Next time..

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Being A Biker Mom

Guest post written by Candace Watson

I think that my kids were a little more worried than excited when they found out that I was getting a motorcycle. I thought that it would win me some brownie points with being cool from my kids, but they were really afraid that I was going to get hurt on it. Well, I told them that I would make sure to practice safety on the bike.
I thought that maybe I would find some safety tips for motorcycles online and show them to my kids. While I was online searching for some to show them, I came across some information about It sounded really great and I had wanted to find a new internet service for the house for a while now, so I signed up for an internet package that I found with the information online.
My daughter told me that I need to wear a helmet every time I ride, not knowing taht I already had one on order. But I guess that them being concerned for my safety just shows that I've done an OK job raising them!

Saturday, August 6, 2011

AAA Rating AA

Sucks because the  AAA rating has been dropped to AA. So when I checked my stocks this afternoon, it went down. Even though I believe that the economic situation of our country would bounce back one day, I am still affected with what's going on. I can already see an effect to some of my credit limit. But I am not going to sell my stocks. I might buy more cheap ones though and morgan silver dollars hoping that in the future my savings and investment can sustain our daily needs. It's hard with this current crisis in our economy because many are affected. The prices of the commodities went high and job hiring are really slow. I'm hoping and praying that this crisis will be over soon.

Friday, August 5, 2011

Fred Bear

My son got some hugs from Fred when we went shopping at Fred Meyer with Tita Mareng. We always love to shop at Fred Meyer because they carry our favorite brands of clothing such as Levis, Osh Kosh, Carters and many more. I just wish they didn't stop selling the Guess watches tho. Good thing that I was able to buy two watches before they're all gone. Being in a rural area, it sucks when it comes to shopping because we only have few stores that's why even though Fred Meyers is 18 miles away from us. I still drive there to shop for clothes  if I can't find good deals online.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Stingy Buddy

My husband is a Budweiser guy. He never like other beer other than Budweiser. Now that he's retired he keeps buying beer everyday for a pack of six and it's like six dollar something compared to buying a 36 cans of beer that is only $19 something. He's reason is he don't need that much. My reason is you can save money that way. That's why when he's out of beer I buy it myself and just hide it in my car and give him e or 3 cans. That pack of beer is heavy but the supermarkets are already using  laser barcode scanner so I don't need to lift it over and over again. I don't mean to be stingy but it saves me some money. I'm a mom of three and I use coupons all the time. And I'm always happy whenever I get the best deal.

Can't Wait But Nervous

For my upcoming trip going to the Philippines, I am so excited. I don't have the date yet but as soon as my parents got their schedule for their interveiw, I will buy the ticket right away. I'm happy because I will get to see my family again. At the same time sad coz I might not be able to bring my kids because I have a feeling that the interveiw will be in October and it's school time already. I can bring my baby but I don't think my husband will let me knowing that there is a kidnapping incident again in Mindanao. Me myself, I can't risk that. This will not be easy because I haven't been gone without my kids.

What A Bummer!

This doesn't  happen only once. I went to a party and realized that camera's battery is dead. It's a bummer. I end up using my camera phone but picture quality is not as good. So if someone wants to give me something on my birthday or other special occasion I need li ion batteries. Or I can tell my husband to buy it for me. I might buy it myself after work later. I'm just too busy now that I can barely go online. But for today we have a party at my house. I will be very busy for sure but I will be able to pull this together. My friends are helping me anyways. I just have to buy balloons and decorations. I hope that this party will turned out good and successful. After all it's a graduation party. And I made sure already that my battery is charged!

Friday, July 15, 2011

The World According To Paris

After all the scandals that Paris Hilton have been through, it's as if nothing happened and she was able to get back on her feet and now she has her new reality show called " The World According To Paris". I watched it when I'm not busy at all. When I first saw the first episode, I kinda seem to know her as a person. It's pretty much interesting watching how rich people throw parties. It's like they spend money without worrying how much is left for them. It's like they will never run out of money. But knowing that even though they're super rich their lives is always a constant struggle. So I'm happy for the kind of life I have now. I maybe don't have money but at least I can afford to secure my kids such as checking out to buy another life insurance for me so that heaven forbid something happen to me, my family will be secured.


I have accomplished many things to do. I  cleaned some mess in the closet. I packed another bag of clothes for the garage sale. I decided toget rid of the clothes that are too big for my kids. I was gonna keep them till it fit on them but they're taking so much space in the closets so I'm hoping that I will be making money during the garage sale so I can buy clothes that fits them well. I cleaned the couch and the kitchen too. I always like it when I'm able to clean the house. I'm just too busy lately that I can almost not find the time to clean the house. It has been my husband who is doing the household chores. Poor sweetie. I was gonna rearrange the funitures in the living room but I decided to do it tomorrow.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

The Promise Ring

Love is a wonderful thing. It has ups and downs but it's what makes your relationship stronger. Before I married my husband I was wearing the promise ring that he gave me for more than a year. It was kinda different from the usual manner it's suppose to be given because he just sent it via snail mail on my birthday. It was not the most romantic thing but I super love the gesture. I wore it on my left ring finger abiding to promise ring etiquette. It was just so memorable because it fits perfect on my finger. It's a beautiful ring with a big diamond ring in the middle surrounded with ten little diamonds. Now that I'm married I'm still wearing it together with my wedding band. So I have three rings in my left ring finger.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011


It's been two weeks since my rift with my bestfriend, and now it's as if nothing happened. I don't anymore felt the anger and frustration. One thing is certain though. Things will never be the same again. I felt bad for her because I'm her only friend that she can confide with in this town. I felt bad because our kids are bestfriends too. I want to blame her for her immaturity. Because of her childsih attitude she ruined our 6 years of friendship. We didn't even fight. She just thought that since I have new friends I dumped her already. In the first place I never dump her. I was just too busy that I wasn't able to call her in two weeks. And for all the dates she chose my birthday to call me names. I could have forgiven her because her excuse was she had a severe headache but when she involve the rest of my friends and tell lies and gossips against them, That was it. Even we became friends again. I don't think she will be welcome in our group. We'll see, we'll see.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Time Flies

I can't believe it's July already. It's about time to start buying gifts for Christmas and prepare Halloween invitations for the trick or treat party. It's better to be prepared ahead of time as we all know time flies so fast. Just last fourth of July my son turned four and in two weeks my baby girl will turned two. I feel like I'm running out of time. I feel like I don't have enough time to spend with the kids. I have to set my priorities because we never what lies ahead. I need to spend more time with my family before school starts. We need to enjoy Summer together. I'm so happy that my husband is pretty good in taking care of the kids. He goes biking with them. I have to minimize going out with my friends so I can spend more time with my family. Family should always comes first.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Be Careful

So this woman who is such a liar are now befriending the people that she used to badmouthed with. I am so tempted to tell them that they need to be careful with her because this women has hidden desire with one of the ladies' husband. They should not welcome in their group better yet put her in a sex rehab so that she will fantasizing other men behind her husband's back. She cannot be trusted but she will go to a rehab she can still have  a future. We all have a chance to change. I hope this woman will change for her family's sake.

Two Faced

 I'm so disgusted with this two faced Filipina who after all we've done for her she completely turned her just because of jealousy. I don't want to explain anything because I don't care anymore what she think about me. But for her, going out of her way to tell other people what I talked about them is unacceptable. It's unbelievable for her doing such things. I haven't met someone like this who stir shit to get other people's sympathy.
She said  said that I dump her. Dump? that's not the exact word. As I put things back together I realized I was actually distant from her at times. Because I don't agree with some of the things that you've been doing. But hey, am I not allowed to be myself? I just need a space to grasp everytning that I learned from her. When  she told me that her and her husband is using drugs, I was already hesitant to have my kids go over to her house. But because I don't want to hurt herr feelings I still let them to. Then her mom is here. Knowing that she scammed  her own mom and she stole her identity just to get approved with credit cards, I feel guilty everytime I talked to her. But did I tell you that in herr face?i don't know if she notice but sometimes I tell you that consequences of such actions. Hey who cares about that..she's her mom, she can scam her anytime she  want. I just felt responsible to show some concerns. Eventually the truth will prevail as God is watching us all the time.
These things could have been prevented if you just tell me your frustrations in a nicer way. For your information, I am a forgiving person and I am quick to admit my faults if I'm aware of such things. Then anong ginawa mo, gumanti ka at dinamay mo pa ang iba na walang kinalaman. You see jeline, not all people are revengeful. I am not revengeful but if you keep telling lies against me and it will affect my family. Me and Lee will make sure you will spill your dirty secrets. If you want to spill secrets, go ahead..I won't lost anything
I really wish Jeline you didn't do this to me because in some ways it will affect my kids. Was I that bad of a friend that you will ruin me like that. You said your mom told you that I changed when I stared driving. That was like 3 years ago. For those 3 years Jeline, we've been through a lot. We shared lots of stuggles and ups and downs. You were there for me as I was there for you when you need help. I may not be as sweet as you are but I'm doing my best to help you not to be in trouble in any way I could. This is pathetic. You ruin our friendship just because you thought I dump you because I have new friends. The friends that you mentioned were already my friends before I know you well except Tita. I have other bestfriends here in Crescent Citythat I haven't talked to for awhile but they didn't got mad at me. You have to understand that Lee is home all the time already. Did we talked about to refrain calling when the husband is home long time ago? I don't call you when it's your husband's day off (sometimes).
You lied to me many times in the past Jeline, but I didn't dwell on it because it's not a reason enough to ruin a friendship. It's not really fair. We have so much fun on your birthday, your kids' birthday. You made me feel how happy you are because I help you.Then I went to your house looking at your collection. We do workout together. What happened?
Just because I didn't call and those facebook stuffs. Well, with that ngekk word in facebook, I'm sorry about it. That was wrong.
You said that you're the second person that I dumped, if you are a true friend you should know why I stay away from those people. You know very much how they hurt me and my family. How Jenny hurt my daughter's feelings.
You are doing exactly doing the same thing to me now or even worse. You hurt me in any way you can possibly could. Please don't involve my friends and family.
Please Jeline stop strying to get back on me because I will not be affected. But it will just gonna get worse. First I will tell Eric, that Admon Mirza thinks he is a pervert just because the way he looks at the little girls. I didn't told Marie about that b4 because I know what's gonna happen. that's just the start and the rest is even worser. But don't worry it's nothng harmful. It's just something to make you realize that even thou you're such a liar I still stood up for you. Yes you think I'm not a good friend now. I just want to tell you that I was sincere with my friendship with you. I want to make sure that you will be okay. And it hurts that you didn't realize that. But I think this is for my own good. Like I always believe, I can never trust a drug addict. Jeline I really wish you just keep our fight to ourselves coz had I known right away that I offended you, I could have said sorry..Now when people who knows us will ask me why we became enemies.. I would simply says, we can't hang out with you anymore because you both are using drugs. This is how you want it Jeline? I'm a Godfearing person but you think I'm evil so let it be..and I will be to you.
I want you know how bad are the lies and gossip you said to the association. I already know what you said but I just want to confirm it from you if really did it. Coz I still want tobelieve that there will be a little kindness that you have left for me. I want to know if you really said those words against me and against the rest of my friends.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Beautiful Day

It's a beautiful day today. The kids were able to play at the park with their dad while I just stay home cleaned the kitchen, bathrooms and the living room. I was supposed to work today but I didn't got the phone call because I didn't realize our phone was hang. I just saw six missed calls in my cellphone which unfortunately I didn't hear ringing. But it is not a big deal because my boss was not mad, she just told me that I need to work for four days without day off. I don't mind at all. So anyways, I've done cleaning the house and laundry so I did my shopping because I've seen good deals at the Source including  appareils photo numériques, then I shop around for smartphones but I will buy them on the second week of July. This is pretty much a decent day. I love it.

Monday, June 20, 2011


I'm excited because my parents' petition papers are in process already. Even though I still have to save money yet for my trip but I can't still wait to go back home. I promised my father and mother that I'll be there for them during their medical and interview at the US Embassy. My mom is already 58 years old and my dad is in his 60's. They still want to go here in America because they want to work here until they retire. They know that working here has many benefits. If you work for a certain amount of time, you would be able to get social security benefits. Here in America, you have the right to claim benefits that you are qualified to apply. Some people here are getting  disability insurance when they are not able to work due to work related accidents. In other countries it's not like that. I wish that they will improve their benefits so that the people will be encourage to keep working.


I can't believe how tired I am today. Good thing I wasn't called to work. I worked yesterday. It's already 9 o'clock but I haven't had some coffee yet because I am so lazy to go down. But in fairness I already cleaned my son's room. Next is my daughter's room. I have to get moving because I promised to treat my friend Marie a lunch today and I have to drive all the way to Brookings which is 18 miles away from our place. I have to claim the gift certificate that I won in BidNBuy and the chair for my husband's shop.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Working Hard

I've been working in my part time regularly now. Since Monday I didn't ask a day-off. I used to work twice a day only. But ever since I paid for my parents' visa, I knew the day that I'll be going home to the Philippines is coming soon. And it's been five years since I didn't visit my family that's why I need to bring lot of presents for my family. It would be nice that I'll go home after the Halloween so that I can bring home the extra halloween treats for kids. I used to send lots of chocolates to my family that I bought after Valentine's Day. But I got lots of chocolates after trick or treating and I can't let my kids ate them all so I put it in my package to the Philippines.


I have some concerns with some people lately. I feel so awful because I wasn't as straightforward to them as I should be. I just don't want to hurt their feelings. There's this person that I've known for awhile now. I used to be impress with her humility but the longer I know her the more I've known about her unlikely doings. She scammed so many people including her own family. She's so judgemental never realizing that her own backyard has a lot of dirt too. I tolerate that for awhile but the moment she make up stories against my friends, it kinda sets me off. Now I can't trust her anymore. In fact I don't trust anything that comes out in her mouth. That's the sad thing when you keep lying, people will have a hard time trusting you anymore.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

RV Life

Guest post written by my buddy Aldo Mays

My husband and I decided that this summer we were going to do something really special for the kids, and since they’re both enrolled in AP classes, we knew they needed some time off to rest. That’s why we’ve decided to rent an RV and drive across country! We’ve both taken sabbaticals from work until September and we’re getting all packed up and ready to go. I’m so excited! We’ve even started looking into wireless internet at  to see if we! can get access while on the road! Our cell phones don’t charge extra for domestic roaming and we’ve arranged to stay with family a few times while we’re out on the road. It’s shaping up to be the best summer ever and I am in need of a vacation more than anyone! Hopefully when the fall starts we’ll all come back relaxed and ready to work and maybe, just maybe, we’ll grow closer as a family! That’s the goal!

Monday, June 6, 2011


America is known to be the land of opportunities. So true, if you're just hardworking , you will be able to find jobs easily. But the thing is, would these jobs can afford your daily needs and your simple luxuries. With the current economic situation of our country most families are living from paycheck to paycheck. Many are jobless. Right now, I have a part time job and I'm so happy about it. It's better than nothing. I'm going to look into some high paying or at least stable jobs such as charlotte jobs right after I got home from my vacation this Summer.Right now I can only commit part time because I already planned of going home in the Philippines for a month.  I hope by that time I will be able to work in a stable outfit.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Couldn't Ask For More

I'm thankful because finally my parents got their passports. It's another step closer to my dream. My dream of bringing them here in America. When that day comes, that would be that best day of my life. I have a beautiful life already, simple but blessed. All I am asking from God is that He will give me the opportunities to help my parents. My parents are God's greatest gift for me. I always know in my heart that I'm the luckiest person on earth because I am my father's daughter. My father is the kindest person I've ever known. He is the most unselfish human being. I'm so proud of him. sometimes, when I'm struggling with few obstacles in life, I just think of my father, for the things he keeps sacrificing for me, I felt stronger. That's why I always ask God to protect my parents from all danger because only He knows how I will be affected if something bad happened to them. I couldn't even imagine. My parents are the wind beneath my wings. They are the reason why I'm strong. As long  as they are happy, I couldn't ask for more. Thank you God for giving me the most wonderful parents in the world.

Saturday, June 4, 2011


I was planning to buy an Xbox Kinnect for the kids because I heard good reviews about it. But I have some concerns. I'm worried that it will destruct the kids from their study habits. Because there are few moms who told me how it changes their kids' study habit. Right now my kids are into sports and outdoor activities. My son, always ride his bike, quad or scooter as soon he woke up or when he got home from school. He's very active and energetic. That's why me and his dad are planning an ATV for him so we can ride it in the mountains. Even though the ATV Lights has almost the same price as the Xbox, I think my husband won't mind because he wants our son to be exposed in the outdoors. It's healthier than being hooked with the video games.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Quality Time With The Kids

Today is my son's Reading Picnic Day, so I took a day off from work. Since I started working, I rarely have the chance to participate in my kids' school activities. But at least their daddy is there for them. I'm sure my husband enjoy every minute of it. He used to complain about missing the cool stuffs spent kids. The picnic ended at 12 noon just as about when the rain started pouring down. It's pretty much a good day because the sun came back at around two o' clock in the afternoon. Me and the kids were able to play with our scooters and bike. Then one of my friends pay me so I bought new miracle bras and more bath salts. Those are few of  the goodies I can't live without. It's a very good day indeed. I wish everyone a nice day too!

Monday, May 30, 2011

Chatting With Sissy

It's almost midnight but I'm still wide awake because I'm chatting with my sister, my one and only sister. I miss her so much. I'm so proud of her because she's responsible and kind. May God allow me to go home to the Philippines this year so I can spend time with my family back there. I can't wait to bring them to places that they haven't been to yet. That' why I'm saving money right now so I can them lots of stuffs and splurge on many things when I got there. Keeping my fingers crossed..

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Busy Day

I miss the get together at the church today. It was sponsored by the Filipino Group. I went to church yesterday and I sat beside Kuya Al and Ate Josie. They invited me for the gathering but I was so busy at work today. I didn't get home until two in the afternoon. I was too late already already because the gathering  started at eleven in the morning. I'll just try next time. I found out that they do this every fifth week of the month. So I think they're using  a Siegel pop up booth for their convenience. It's easy to set up and can be used over and over again. They also have their own booth every 4th of July with their own display of Filipino foods and products.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Allery And Asthma Season

I just read in our local newspaper today that the month of May, is allergy season. No wonder I have been sniffling and sneezing for quite awhile now. And even my husband has been coughing too. I'm just thankful that our kids didn't got it. Although, they cough and wheeze sometimes but not as bad as ours. Here in our place many people are more likely to get allergies because we are surrounded by redwood trees and plants.

Here are helpful tips to prevent allergies that I learned from our local newspaper ; The Triplicate:

  • Remove allergens such as mold or dust from the home. Dust mites, mold, and pet dander are the primary triggers for asthma and sinus congestion.
  •  Install HEPA filters in bedrooms. Encase both your pillow and mattresses in allergen-impermeable covers. Wash the bedding in your home every week in water that is hotter than 130 degrees F to further reduce dust mites and allergens where you sleep.
  •  Carpets are a perfect environment for dust mites and other allergens to fester in. Changing from carpet to hard floors will reduce the allergens that are harmful to your family. 
  •  Find an allergy specialist near you.
  •  Check local pollen and allergen levels. Stock up on seasonal allergy medications and antihistamines to be prepared during heavy allergy seasons. Limit exposure to outdoor allergens as much as possible, especially when pollen counts are high.
  •  Inspect your house for leaks. Allergens, mice, and cockroaches can enter very small cracks or holes in your home.
  •  For people with asthma, recognize the signs and symptoms of asthma and the importance of access to rescue medication. Learn how to administer an inhaler properly. 
  •  Nasal decongestants have been proven to actually trap bacteria, so it is recommended you do not take these unless you absolutely have to.

We're Done

Me and my husband has a nice chat while watching TV. We're just in snuggling and cuddling in the couch and watching our kids walking back and forth in front of us. We realized that our youngest baby is getting big already and it seems like yesterday when I was pregnant of her. How time flies so fast. My husband used to tell me that we need to have another baby but since he gets to stay home a lot now. He realized that it's not easy raising kids. He didn't realized that because he's often out of time doing fire assignments for 20 years of his life. Five years I'm staying at home with the kids. My husband is way older than me but he looks younger because he's using hair loss products to keep his hair grow and he's also physically fit. I love it that he's more matured because I feel like a baby because he's spoiling me all the time.


I know I'm a spender but whoever knows me think that I'm just an average shopper. My spending habit is not bad as the people I know who max out their credit cards just to get what they want. I only get what I want when I know I can afford to pay for it. Besides every time I want something, I work to earn the money for it. I do surveys, I do some product reviews that compensate me and I work part time. I am a resourceful person when it comes to saving money. Two weeks ago, I was selling purses to my friends that my other friend bought online. She got it for the wholesale price and we sell it here. I was able to sell seven items all in all. That's why I able to buy a nice and large Betty Boop Purse and a new croco wallet. It's like having it for free because I got a commission for the stuffs I sold. If you are resourceful you can find the best deals online such as affordable business card printing which we can use for our business and we can even get free advertising if you just now how to make a deal. You just have to research well and be knowledgeable.

Coach Lynn Bag

I'm sick in my stomach when I realized how much I spent for this month alone. I bought a new laptop then I new modem and router. I bought a diamond ring which I got the best deal.It used to be more than $1K but I got it for only $200 then now I bought this new Coach Lynn Bag. It's only $139 plus tax. It's used to be $358. I just can't resist when I found deals like that. When I spent this much I felt so irresponsible and unfair with my kids. My hubby spent more than I do but I haven't bought something expensive for the kids this month. I am crazy. I don't know if it's normal. But whenever I buy something, I felt like I need to buy my kids as valuable as I have. I'm planning to buy them Xbox Kinect but I have to wait till July 4th because I don't want to buy stuffs beyond what we have in the checking. I don't want to touch our savings because I don't want to run out of money again. We're poor but we save a little for the rainy days. And I promised to myself, that this is it. No more buying stuffs for me for awhile.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Tourists Are Coming To Town

Now that Summer is coming, I noticed that there are so many visitors in our town. When I visited my aunt in Super 8, I met these two nice couple and I found out that they came all the way from Canada. They are just doing a road trip and wanted to check out the Redwood Tress and the Drive thru tree in Klamath. I think road trip is cool especially if you have your own RV, just make sure that you have an rv insurance so that you are protected on that long travel. So far, I haven't  met someone who have an uninsured RV. RV is a pretty much expensive vehicle and that would be irresponsible if you didn't get it covered.

Tired and Headaches

I think I have  an eye problem because I've been having headaches lately. Probably because I often sleep late. I stayed up late watching my favorite shows, sometimes online shopping or sometimes blog hopping.  Then during the day, I didn't get the chance to take a nap. And now I am reaping all the consequences of my unhealthy actions. So I decided to quit watching movies so late and go to sleep at a decent hour. Health is wealth. When you're sick you won't be productive.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Quick And Fun Shopping

I am a mother of four kids and a doting wife to my husband. In other words, I am a homemaker. I am in charge of almost everything in the house but my husband helps me in all household chores and doing errands. I organized stuffs for the house and I will just inform my husband what we need. When it comes to my family, I'm very particular with their health, manners and hygiene. Most importantly, I'm the decision maker when it comes to buying stuffs around the house. Most of the time I do my shopping online except foods. With my very busy schedule, I prefer buying online. I don't have time to stand in line or going through clothes in the rack. With online shopping, life is much easier. And it's getting easier since I found out about
There are so many reasons why I think   ShopWiki is a cool place. It has  great shopping tool. First when I was in the mood of buying Western boots, I'm jumping  from one site to another looking for the best deal. In shopwiki, it's easier because they will do the searching for you from the customers feeback and consumers' rating toward a product.Most importantly, you can do a  comparison for all the prices. It helps a lot since you don't have to jump from one website to another. At Shopwiki shopping is fun and economical.  This website has been famous in so many countries such as France or in Ntherlands and many more. I can say that Shopwki is a big help for busy parent like.

Friday, May 13, 2011

Feast Of Our Lay Of Fatima

It was so inspiring joining the Portuguese celebrating the feast of Our Lady of Fatima. The mass started at seven o'clock. The songs were in their language. I don't understand the language but I love the music. Fr. Abel read the gospel in English and even his homily. After the mass, we had a mile of procession with the statue of Mama Mary. It made me cry because I miss doing this.I used to participate processions in the Philippines and this is first I do it again after so many years. I can feel how precious it is to spend with God. It helped me keep my feet on the ground and and always follow Mama Mary's virtue.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

New Phone

In two months I will be qualified to upgrade for a new phone in my wireless plan. I'm debating between iPhone 3G or 4G, Blackberry Torch and smart phone htc. I'm asking around already which one has better service. I know that iPhone is more popular but I heard it freezes because it has too many apps. Others said that Blackberry Torch is much better because it has higher camera megapixel,easy to use and durable.But I'm looking towards the smart phone htc because its web browser is great and phenomenal. I like it because it looks durable compared to other smartphones. I'm excited for new phone but I can wait for two months so I can take advantage of the best price offer.

I love My DVR

Believe it or not we just added DVR to  our cable service. I can't believe it took me so long. I was just so busy during the past years  because my husband was still working and I do all the errands when he's not home. I was basically don't have time to even watch tv. But now that he's retired, I am able to sit down and relax. And finally got the chance to order for a DVR. The nicest thing that happened also was that our monthly bill was even reduced. They gave us a better deal because I recieved offers from Direct TV. They don't want to lose us as their customer that's why they offer us a deal we can't resist.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Early Bird

I woke up so early this morning at around 5 o' clock. I said a prayer first and then check my emails. I'm so happy because I saw my sister online. It's about 9pm there in the Philippines so they're still awake and was able to chat with them and saw them through the webcam. It always makes me feel great everytime I saw my family even on the webcam. My mom looks great as always, but my dad looks older now. My sister is really getting bigger also. The last time I saw her when I visited them, we had the same height but now she's taller than me. At least, she likes my skin complexion. She's annoyed with her acne problems. It's hard over there because it's dusty and the air is polluted. Oh well, at least our mom is there, she can always teach her with acne home remedies. It's more economical and safe. I'm sure she's not gonna about her skin problems soon after the treatment. I'm hoping that tomorrow we will be able to chat again. That's for this morning. Have a nice day everyone.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Prince William and "Princess Kate"

got this photo from
 Even though Kate is not born royalty, I will still call her Princess Kate. In my own opinion, based on the article written about her, I think she's a smart lady and she's going to be an asset in the royal family. I just hope that she will follow the footsteps of Princess Diana who spend her life helping the less fortunate. I hope that with her new role in the royal kingdom, this will inspire her to help the needy.
Prince William is now His Royal Highness The Duke of Cambridge, the Earl of Strathearn and Caron Carrickfergus and Princess Kate is now Her Royal Highness The Duchess of Cambridge, becoming the Countess of Strathearn and Baronness Carrickfergus.

Rod Model Builder

Here is a partial screenshot of my husband's new website. I just made it this week. It's just been a month since he retired and now he's getting bored. That's why he started building his rod models. His first project is the  Hurst Hairl Olds. He's very good with all the detailing and painting so I offered to make his own website so he can document his projects online. I helped him with the layout and and he came up with the name which is Rod Model  Builder. I am going to read  the reviews so I will learn important ideas on how to improve the traffic in his website. Who knows one day, we will be able to earn money from this project.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Can't Wait To Go Shopping Again

I've been wanting to the mall whenever it's possible because I want to buy new clothes for the whole family. It's time to change our wardrobe because it's Spring already and Summer is coming so I need some surf clothing because as soon as it gets hot in here, my kids and my friends will be bugging me to the beach. I was supposed to go shopping last week but there so many things going on here, parties,chores and etc. When I go shopping, I want all my errands done first. Work first before play. Then I don't have to worry how much time I spent in shopping.When I shop, I'm so picky and meticulous. I always make sure I got the best deals. When I save a lot from my coupons and discounts,it makes me feel contented and happy. Next week, we plan to go to the mall and I'm hoping it will happened this time.

Easter Celebration

We had a blast with our Easter celebration yesterday. It was celebrated at my friend Marie's house up in Brookings. Even though I'm 40 minutes late,the kids were still able to do the egg hunting. Marie has a nice big lawn where the kids can safely play. There are many kids and teenagers in the party and they all love to play with my kids that's why I don't need to keep an eye on them all the time. I was able to chat with my friends whom I haven't seen for a long time. Then I met two new Filipinas. They're nice and bubbly. We went home at around seven in the evening already but it wasn't dark yet. When we got home, they raided through their eggs. I let them eat few of the chocolates. All in all it was fun and memorable Easter, celebrated with people that close to our hearts.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Health Insurance

Finding the right health insurance is a very important decision to make. You have to make sure that it will meet your needs and affordable for your family. There are different types of health insurance. There are two different types of health insurance that I'm familiar with. The HMO and PPO.
HMO stands for Health Maintenance Organization. This the type of insurance that our family have since my husband is working in the federal. Having this kind of insurance  for almost ten years now, is a good help for me and my family. Although, I was having a bad time having my claims approved. But as long as you're familiar with your plan, you will eventually know how to solve the situation. All in all, I'm satisfied with HMO because all my medical bills were covered. I gave birth three times and I didn't pay that much. It's true your medical providers are limited but all you need to do is ask for a referral and you will be covered.
PPO stands for Preferred Provider Organization. This type of insurance is mostly used by my friends most especially those who work in the state and private agencies. This type of insurance is hassle free because you are not limited to which clinic or hospitals to go to.Unlike the HMO, you don't need to get a referral. But I'm just wondering, two of my friends have this type of health insurance but they're paying too much for out of the pocket expenses too. So I was thinking I much rather stick with my HMO since I don't spend that much. Thanks God. I think the most important thing to do is to to be familiar  with your plan. Know the coverage because sometimes the insurance companies made mistakes too. All you need to do is call them and I'm sure they will listen. After all you're important to them.

A Baby's Day Out

We stayed up late last night aching the movie a Baby's Day Out. I saw this movie many times already but the kids want us to watch it together again. We all fall asleep in the living room. even though I've seen this movie many times, I still laughed out loud most of times I watch it. It's always entertaining and hilarious. It's interesting to know that Baby Bink's role is played by the twins Adam Robert Worton and Jacob Joseph Worton. They were born in 1992. I am curious how they look now. I tried to search in the web about them, but no luck . I think baby Bink is super cute and adorable or shall I say these twins are adorable.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Formal Dresses

If I have to go another party, I would love to wear this dress. This is similar to the dress  Reese Witherspoon wore in an awards night. I'm excited because I found this store that sell formal clothes and designer bridesmaid dresses but at very affordable prices.This dress is only $109 but it looks like more than a thousand bucks. Dress Code Formal or DCF has a wide selection of formal dresses that will put your style up a notch.Their clothes are sophisticated and elegant. Most of the time when I go to parties here, the ladies are wearing almost the same style of dress because we only have one department store here. And it sucks because one time when I go to church I was wearing the same dress as this girl, and she's like only 10 years old and I'm more than 3X as old as her. So it was embarrassing for me. So it's better to shop in DCF, for a more unique and stylish fashion. 


I noticed that my youngest baby keep on saying No lately. I was like, what is going on?, wondering why she keep on saying  on. Then I realized that my eldest also used to keep on saying No before when she's about her age also. My Sophia is about 20 months old now. My only regret is that I didn't get the chance to update their baby book., I could have compare the dfference. I feel so unfair because I did my eldest and just didn't finish Eric and Sophia's. I'm just hoping that I will be able to finish it this month.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Building Up My Credit Score

I'm excited because my husband is finally retired from being a wildland firefighter. It's a mandatory retirement because they have a certain age limit to where you can keep on working. It's understandable because being a firefighter, you need to be physically skilled and healthy. My husband is well built. He runs five to ten miles a day. But he has to follow protocol. And he's okay because he already worked there for more than 20 years. So he's secured. But he still wants to go back to work at a different outfit. He's so hardworking that he just don't like staying at. I'm actually living like a queen now because he do almost all the household chores. Since he's free now, he can watch the kids while I will go back to school and work part time.
He understand why I want to work. I want to build my own retirement and I want to build my credit score. I really want to loan a car in my name so that I can boost my credit score. I used to have an excellent credit score but we don't use credit cards all the time. I guess if you're not active it kinda lowers your score a little bit.My husband prefers to use debit card . I remember when he bought my car. The salesman, told him that he's getting a 14% or more APR for the loan of the car. Good thing that I checked our credit scores before we shopped for cars. So we decline his offer and we have our bank took care of it instead. We only get less than 4% APR. It's amazing how a good credit score can change your finances. It's easy to check  your credit status. You can get a free credit score  online. It's quick and easy.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011


A closet almost full of clothes with tags still on it...what's up with that? best friend's closet is like that, my other friends' closet are like that, the friends of my friend's closet are like that..and mine is almost like that but not as bad -)..this is a woman thing again that made the guys asked "what's up with that???...oh well husbands, that's why you're working,,duh!! I am just joking. While I was going thru my closet, I realized that I have clothes that I haven't worn yet. But still I keep on buying. I don't know. This shopping thing is bad habit but it is very common with women and some men. And I don't think it will ever change. For most people, shopping is like a therapy for them.

My Love For Empanadas

Guest post written by Tony Walker

I have a soft spot in my heart and my stomach for any and everything fried. I just love fried foods because it's crispy and a lot of times they're also a little bit sweet too. But out of all the fried foods, I think that I have to say that empanadas are my favorite fried foods. I just love how you can put all kinds of fillings in them but they're still called empanadas. They're still so much better than deep fried Oreos or ice cream from the state fair.
I like to come up with all kinds of new filling for empanadas, like ones that people would never even think about. One night when I was looking up new filling ideas, I came across some information about Clear wireless internet systems and after I read through it a little bit, I decided to switch over my home Internet service of the provider.
Now, I don't live off of empanadas, which you might be tempted to think because of my intense love for them. But if I could live off of just empanadas, I would.
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