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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Back To School Shopping

The kids are going back to school on the 7th of September. I have enough school clothes for them already but still I'm going to bring them to the store to shop for some school supplies.Besides I'll gonna have them pick their own jeans. I bought jeans and pants for them online. I just got frustrated because it's either too long for them or too tight.It depends on the brands. I like apple bottom jeans because it's true to the size.It's the type of jeans that is perfect for figure conscious women just like me. Anyways. I hope can stick to my budget when we go shopping. I have the tendency to splurge. I'm an impulsive shopper but this time I'll spend within my means.


Me and the kids were been out most of day. We just got home actually. I realized that I only have one hour to clean up the mess in the house. I'm super exhausted already but I have to clean the house. I feel guilty whenever my husband arrived in a messy house. It's just hard if you have little ones. You clean their rooms for an hour but they can make a big mess in less than five minutes I get frustrated but it's nothing as compared to the joys I feel for having them in my life. That's why even though motherhood is a hard job but it's a job I can't replace for the world :-) 

Don't Be Too Complacent

Recently, I found out that some of my friends here don't have health insurance. And I really think that their excuse is so lame. I saw their lifestyle. They go on vacations all the time. They are always updated with the latest gadgets. They don't want to buy one because the monthly premiums are so high for them. They said that it's over a hundred dollars per month. To me, that's better than paying all the medical expenses out of your pocket. They didn't realized that having a health insurance is an assurance for our financial future. Do you know that many people went bankrupt due to their medical bills. Don't be too complacent. Get yourself a health insurance. Try insurance like short term health insurance NC if you're not sure of a long term one yet. Some people whose income are just enough for their basic needs but are not qualified for the Medical, this type of insurance might be best for them.

Gruene Steam Cleaner, The Eco-Friendly Steam Mop

Bye bye chemicals. I've got something better.What else can I say?It's always true patience is a virtue. The 5 months waiting for the perfect steam cleaners finally has paid off. During the Tax Refund season, my friend got herself a steam mop. I got so jealous because I saw how it makes her life better. And I can really see the difference in her floor. It looks shiny and no more spots. But then I'm just discouraged because she can't really used it in hard to reach areas such as behind the toilet bowls. She just basically used it for the floor. I'm looking for something that I can use in any rooms in my house. I want something that has multiple usage.
Everything that I'm looking for, the Gruene Steam Mop and Steam has it. It's a dream come true for me.
As a mother of three I want everything in my house sanitized but I can't completely do it because I'm allergic to the smell of chemicals. I can't clean our bathrooms because I get dizzy with the smell. With my steam cleaner, I can clean my house on my own.
The Gruene Steam Cleaner has extra accessories for cleaning windows, mirrors, tiles. My most favorite is the garment hand tool which used to take wrinkles from clothes and curtains. It can be use for sanitizing mattresses too. I think this cleaning system is a blessing to a busy mom like me. It helps made my job easier. And I can spend more time with my kids. Thank you Greune cleaning system.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Beautiful Chaos

I love the way Angelina Jolie called her six kids "Beautiful Chaos". And I agree it's the loveliest way to put it. And here's my own beautiful chaos.

Big brother helping his little sister :-)

Daddy and the kids at a Study picnic at Steph's Preschool

Big sissy and Big Bro

They're all quite a handful to me, including the daddy :-) but I enjoyed every second I spent with them. I couldn't replace them for the world.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Safe Driver

My husband and I are safe drivers. We are not just don't  drive responsibly ,we also drive defensively. Because no matter how careful we are, there are people who don't pay attention while their driving. I put my 200% best while I'm driving because my kids are riding  with me most of the times.I will never put them in danger. Other than that you are also guaranteed to get a cheap insurance if your driving record is clean. That's why some people when they got into a minor accident and doesn't cost that much , they will not charge it to the insurance company to avoid high insurance premium. But you know what, there are insurance companies out there that are really cheaper than the others. Just look around patiently.Try Geico or AARP.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Look Who's Turning One

My Dearest Sophia just turned one. How time flies. She's a chatterbox. She's learning how to walk. She's good in climbing in the stairs back and forth. She's learning lots of new words. She's so sweet and charming. My princess. She meant the world to her brother and sister. She's the sunshine to a rainy afternoon to me and her dad. We love you Sophia. Happy 1st Birthday!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Garage Sale

Last Friday, my neighbor had a garage sale. I don't really went to garage sales because I don't have time and my husband works on Friday and Saturday so no one can keep an eye on my children. I don't like bringing them because they tend to buy toys that don't look sanitized especially the stuff toys. I don't mean to be rude, but I'm just looking after their health. But last Friday was an exemption because our neighbor's daughter is my daughter's friend.She was excited to go to their yard sale. She even woke up early. So we went there early and I was so thankful because I was able to buy brand new dresses for my daughter with tags for a dollar a piece. It was really a steal. Now I don't have to worry about buying dresses for her. My neighbor is moving that's why they sold most of their stuffs. When they get to their new home, they can always buy wholesale appliances for a cheaper deal. I think it's just normal that when you got yourself a new house,you want new furniture and appliances too.. I'm happy for them because they got themselves a very nice house. We'll miss them but we can see them often because they're just a 5 houses away from our friend's house and we go there often.
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