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Thursday, October 30, 2008

Totally Cute / Fun With Food

Hi, this is my daughter Stephanie, ..busted but totally cute. This picture was taken during my baby shower. We're busy with the games and she was busy with the icing. In fairness, the icing of the cake was made of whipped cream ( who can't resist? :-) ...Well, aside from icing, her favorite food also is spaghetti especially if I used Prego Spaghetti Sauce she will love it.

This photo is my entry for the Photo Contest at 5 Minutes For Mom.

If you have photos that are fun,family and food related , you might as well join the fun and you will have the chance to win $500 cash card for groceries.

From Ms Ray

Thanks MsRay for this inspiring quote Proverb

Proverbs 22:5-6 In the paths of the wicked lie thorns and snares, but he who guards his soul stays far from them. Train up a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not turn from it. All children must learn that there is only one King of all Kings, and that is

To Be Successful

I love happy ending stories. Whenever I attended seminars way back in college, I'm inspired by the testimonies of the speakers who been through tough times but they we're able to pick themselves up just by having a strong faith in God and themselves. Many times in life, we will face a lot of hardships but we just have to move on. Just like me and my hubby, we were upset because of what happened to the stock market because it affected our investment but we never lose hope. Although I don't take a look at my husband's Thrift Savings Plan yesterday but I now it gone up a little but I'm happy because the stocks that I just bought has gone up too. I usually take risks but most of the times I never fail too. Someday I will engage in franchise business because it's where the money doubles easily. I just want to earn a lot of money because I want to help . It saddens me when someone ask for my help but I can't give. Someday soon I can :-)

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

DescriminationAt Denny's

After me and my friends had dinner in a Chinese Resto, we decided to go to Denny’s to have some dessert. Too bad there’s no dessert in that restaurant, the only thing they got is the Chinese cookie :-). So we went to Denny’s . There are 9 of us. It wasn’t really crowded. We got our spot right away. But we’ve been waiting there for more than 18 minutes and they didn’t get our orders yet . And then we saw them serving the customers who arrive later than us. That’s why my friend who invited us there, complain, so they said they’re coming right away. But still we’ve waited longer so we just decided to get out and just to go Apple Peddler. My friends were furious. One said that the Denny’s crew were being racist. They will call the manager by the following day. It’s really upsetting when things like these happen but I don’t dwell on it. I don’t also think that it’s as bad as racism or discrimination, probably those guys at Denny ‘s ( here in Crescent City , Ca) are just plain dumb and inattentive. But atleast we got a very nice dessert at the Apple Peddler. The waitress was so nice. It wasn't a bad night afterall.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Early Birds

Me and my husband woke up too early today. Imagine it’s only 3AM when we woke. I told him that my parents were like that too. AS they get older , the earlier they woke. We probably getting older that’s why were like this J. Actually this is just the first time. Yesterday we woke up so late too. It’s he’s day-off today so there’s no problem. Besides yesterday, we’ve been staying in bed most of the times, just watching TV. So this is probably why. My husband is in the kitchen, preparing for coffee, while I’m here blogging .Nice wifey :-)

Wordless Wednesday/ My Sweet Diva

My 3 Year Old Daughter

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

I Want It

Our Television in the bedroom is almost outdated already that's why I can't wait to buy an HDTV to replace it. Although I'm still happy with our old TV but I want something with better picture., something flatter and sharper. And besides it would add some beauty in our bedroom too :-). They are not actually really expensive compared when they first come out. Now you can even buy them online at a cheaper price especially at So I'm waiting till the price drops more and my budget can afford it already I will buy it because I want it!

Tackle It Tuesday/Taking The Challenge

Today I'm tackling about the CLR Bathroom and Kitchen Cleaner. When I read about CLR over at 5 Minutes for Mom, I got curious because they endorse products that are environment friendly. So I check it out and found that CLR contains no alcohol, phosphates, ammonia or bleach. That's why I signed up and grabbed the opportunity. Since me and my husband are together, he's been the one cleaning the bathrooms because I easily got sick with the strong smell of other cleaning products especially with Chlorine. And since he's always out of town being a firefighter, it's been awhile that our bathrooms wasn't thoroughly clean. I cleaned them with just a regular soap.
When I use the CLR, wow the smell doesn't make me sick. This is really a great help because from now on I don't have to wait for my husband to do the general cleaning. I can do it myself. He was here when I cleaned the bathrooms and and the kitchen and he was impressed.

Below are pictures of my job well done. I apologize if some of them are really gross. I couldn't believe it either that it was that worse. Well thanks to CLR it won't be happening anymore.

This is the shower knob before..sorry it's super gross

After ....Looked a lot cleaner :-)

Before ..The Kitchen Sink
Soaking it with CLR for 3 minutes

Look a lot better

This is really worst but I love the challenge

CLR In Action!!

It looks brighter.. a lot better and cleaner than in the picture :-)
I really thank Lisa , the resident tackler at 5MinutesForMom for inviting us for this challenge. This doesn't only help me discovering CLR as the best Bathroom and Kitchen Cleaner for me, it also open a new phase in my home. That I could this job without my husband. He's so tired at work already so if he doesn't have to clean bathrooms anymore, which is really a great help. He is super proud of me.

Monday, October 20, 2008

My Funny Good Friend

Me and my friend Marie came from the same place in the Philippines that's why we became close friends since we met here in California. Besides the fact that we both came from Davao, we're from the same school too. She's 8 years older than me that's why we didn't met then. She's a mom of a boy and a girl and me too that's why we have a lot of things in common. In the coming weeks, her daughter will participate in a cheering competition and she wants me to look for funny t-shirts online. She wants to wear it during that day to piss someone. She was annoyed with another mom. So I look at and found many selections. A t-shirt printed with lines "BEING AWESOME HAS ITS ADVANTAGES" might interest her. I'm sure she will.

First Dinner with Stephie

Last Friday was my friend's birthday. My friend Marie supposedly surprise her a birthday dinner along with some other friends, but she knew about it. I wasn't gonna go because the dinner will start at 6 P.M. so it's too late my for my children. But my husband agreed to watched Eric ( our 1 year old "son"shine) and I will bring Stephie. It was our first dinner together without Eric or Lee. It was fun because Stephie was behave. I can't believe I don't need to feed her now , it seems like yesterday that I can't concentrate eating in a restaurant without assisting her. Now she eats by herself. We're both wearing coats and I think we're cute :-). Too bad I wasn't able to get a picture of us. Well, till our next mother-daughter dinner/party.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Rest and Relaxation

Thanksgiving is coming. My hubby asked me where I want to spend it. Last year we went to his hometown.This year I'm thinking of visiting my cousin in Canada. But with my husband's job even if he already scheduled a week or more vacation leave and when there's a fire, they will still call him. A call of duty, so my husband can't ignore it. So there's one place that I've never been to. Las Vegas! Although hubby doesn't want us to go there for now because our children are still young but I just want to visit my friend Jenny. I could just get one of those famous las vegas suites where I can let them stay there for a complete relaxation while me and my friend can ran around in the Las Vegas strip..Hmm sounds like a plan :-)

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Wordless Wednesday

**********watch out!! New Driver driving without insurance :-). **************

Delicious Dessert

I have quite a few party invitations already before our Annual Christmas Party here in Crescent City. When I attend parties I usually bring fruits because I'm too busy to cook. But one time when I bring Chicken Enchilada for my friend's birthday party, looks like everybody liked it and they requested me to bring the same kind on their parties. It's easy to make so I can grant their requests :-), but I'm thinking of bringing French toast casserole too. This recipe is a delicious treat for dessert. That's why I will probably make one today and have my hubby try it first and if he likes its which I'm pretty sure he will, then I have another recipe for potluck parties. You can find more recipes like this at

False Alarm

Last night I cooked marinated Tilapia with toasted pepper and Creamy Chicken Rice for Dinner.It's one of hubby's dinner. When he just started eating, he got a call that there's a fire in the tunnel (in HGWY 199, going to Grants Pass). He wasn't able to finish his dinner because he need to hurry going there to set up everything that's needed. So they went there, it's like about an hour drive and just found that it was false alarm. I'm glad that there's no fire but I feel bad because I wish people will make sure in making call like these. In my own opinion, the caller just over reacted. My husband got home 2 hours later and was able to finished his dinner.

Saturday, October 11, 2008


When my best friend went on Caribbean cruises two years ago, I was fascinated by the pictures she shared to us. That's why I am planning our future cruise already. I love to go to Disney Cruises too for my children.I'm sure it will be a fantastic experience for all of us. I just wish that my parents and siblings will be here already by that time so I could bring them too. It's been my dream giving my loved ones vacations like these because I know they all deserve this. For all the love and happiness that they gave me, I couldn't thank them enough.

It's A Sunny Day

Today is the Crescent City Annual Sea Cruise and I'm happy because it's a sunny day. Although it's a lil bit chilly but it's not a big deal. We'll just wear sweaters. The Show and shine started yesterday and today will be the display. I think my husband's truck is under the modified category. So today, we will all be there including my friends supporting my husband. I have everything that we need in my car and of course our eyeglasses . I'm going to buy more sunglasses at LBW Eyewear because they're affordable. When it's a sunny day, you gotta protect your eyes.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Giving medicines

There's this mother of two kids who visited me in our house. I used to think that she's an expert mother than me because she always talked about what she learned about parenting. But I was shocked when one time her daughter was itching, she just let her drink a Benadryl syrup from the bottle without even measuring it. That is no no for me. I'm always careful when it comes to giving medicines to my kids. This women is giving her kids sweets and soda just to get them occupied because she's always busy with the phone or something else. I really feel sorry for the kids. But this woman has a authority problem so I'm hesitant to discuss this issue to her because she don't like it when people meddle into her life. I hate to say this but I think that she's an unfit mom. I know it's a harsh statement. But for a mom who bring her kids from one party to another, letting them hang out with a boyfriend whose using dope. Using the f words when talking to them and letting her kids missed school many times. Many people who knew her is complaining but they need to do something for the sake of the kids.My knowledge about her is not as broad as what these people are telling me but I noticed it already.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Simple But Unique

My friend from Tennessee is pregnant again. Although her and her husband is not planning about it but I'm sure she will be excited as soon as she can feel the baby growing in her tummy. I'm already thinking of giving her unique baby gifts . She already had a lot of baby stuffs because I know she kept her first baby's clothing but giving her a simple but unique one will surely amazed her. For example I could give her a personalized baby layette. I know my friend will be happy whatever I will give her.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Life Insurance

I'm going to request for life insurance quotes today because I was encouraged by my mom. She was so jazzed when we talked over the phone last Saturday informing me that she just bought another life insurance. At first, I was not comfortable about the topic. I even teased her that she don't have to because she can't use if she's gone. But I know exactly what she meant. She's just thinking in advance and she thought it's best for us. But my mom will live for a long time. God knows that we all need her. She's the light of the family. But if buying a life insurance will make her happy then I'll support her.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

WIC Part 2

Just sharing my personal opinions and experience about this program. I've been denied many times because my husband got a job and earned above the income limit. But I've known many people who's on WIC whom I've known earning much higher than us. I have this friend who can afford signature purses. As n signatures like Channel, Gucci, you name it, she has those. And they have sports car, SUVs, but they're on WIC. But hey, I'm happy for her, she's my best friend. I lover her. Besides, sometimes she gave me gallons of milk too,plus cheese :-). Anyways, then there's another one. They have a huge house, corvette, RV ( it's big, new and expensive), I can really say that they're super rich, but they're on WIC, medical, and HeadStart ( free daycare) :-(.And yeah my daughter wasn't approved too. We have to pay $22/day for 3 hours only. We're not as rich as they are. I mean we're just poor but how come?
just wondering..really really wondering??? Sometimes I'm annoyed already because some people make me feel that I'm not resourceful enough because I'm not into those programs. There's this lady I've known, suggested once, that I could pretend being a single mom..I think that's sick, I couldn't do that. My husband will be super mad, in fact, he don't like it when I attempt to apply for some freebies. I just tried, there's no harm in trying. I just think that if I got approved into the WIC program I could save a lot of money each week. Because they give free cheese, eggs, milk, cereals, fruit juice and a lot more. But got no luck. Some people are really lucky in getting their way in things like this. Me, I'm just really destined to live an honest way of living..opss no offense

*in fairness, probably there are valid reasons, why these people are qualified too. So I respect it.

New Lights

I'm going to buy another set of lighting fixtures for our home because I want to create a different mode for humble abode. I'm the kind of person that can't stand a permanent arrangement in the house. I rearrange the arrangements almost monthly that just totally surprised my husband. He used to disagree with it but he kinda like the feeling of different ambiance already. So now , like I said , the next project would be new lights for the bathrooms and a ceiling lighting for the kitchen. There are nice ones at a very cheap price at With their free shipping offer, sounds like I got the best deal.

WIC ( Women, Infant, Children)

(Many people were recommending me this program many times since I was pregnant with my first baby but I'm just disappointed because I got denied four times, and that's it I will not apply any more, but for some of you who don't know about this, you might want to read this)
Copied from

The Special Supplemental Nutrition Program
for Women, Infants and Children

1. What is WIC?
WIC provides nutritious foods, nutrition education, and referrals to health and other social services to participants at no charge. WIC serves low-income pregnant, postpartum and breastfeeding women, and infants and children up to age 5 who are at nutrition risk.
WIC is not an entitlement program; that is, Congress does not set aside funds to allow every eligible individual to participate in the program. Instead, WIC is a Federal grant program for which Congress authorizes a specific amount of funding each year for program operations. The Food and Nutrition Service, which administers the program at the Federal level, provides these funds to WIC State agencies (State health departments or comparable agencies) to pay for WIC foods, nutrition education, and administrative costs.
2. Where is WIC available?
The program is available in all 50 States, 34 Indian Tribal Organizations, America Samoa, District of Columbia, Guam, Commonwealth Islands of the Northern Marianas, Puerto Rico, and the Virgin Islands. These 90 WIC State agencies administer the program through 2,200 local agencies and 9,000 clinic sites.
3. Who is eligible?
Pregnant or postpartum women, infants, and children up to age 5 are eligible. They must meet income guidelines, a State residency requirement, and be individually determined to be at "nutrition risk" by a health professional.
To be eligible on the basis of income, applicants’ income must fall at or below 185 percent of the U.S. Poverty Income Guidelines (currently $35,798 for a family of four). A person who participates or has family members who participate in certain other benefit programs, such as the Food Stamp Program, Medicaid, or Temporary Assistance for Needy Families, automatically meets the income eligibility requirement.
4. What is "nutrition risk?"
Two major types of nutrition risk are recognized for WIC eligibility:
• Medically-based risks such as anemia, underweight, overweight, history of pregnancy complications, or poor pregnancy outcomes.

• Dietary risks, such as failure to meet the dietary guidelines or inappropriate nutrition practices.
Nutrition risk is determined by a health professional such as a physician, nutritionist, or nurse, and is based on Federal guidelines. This health screening is free to program applicants.
5. How many people does WIC serve?
More than 8 million people get WIC benefits each month. In 1974, the first year WIC was permanently authorized, 88,000 people participated. By 1980, participation was at 1.9 million; by 1985 it was 3.1 million; and by 1990 it was 4.5 million. Average monthly participation for Fiscal Year (FY) 2004 was approximately 7.9 million.
Children have always been the largest category of WIC participants. Of the 7.9 million people who received WIC benefits each month in FY 2004, approximately 4 million were children, 2 million were infants, and 1.9 million were women.
6. What food benefits do WIC participants receive?
In most WIC State agencies, WIC participants receive checks or vouchers to purchase specific foods each month that are designed to supplement their diets. A few WIC State agencies distribute the WIC foods through warehouses or deliver the foods to participants’ homes. The foods provided are high in one or more of the following nutrients: protein, calcium, iron, and vitamins A and C. These are the nutrients frequently lacking in the diets of the program’s target population. Different food packages are provided for different categories of participants.
WIC foods include iron-fortified infant formula and infant cereal, iron-fortified adult cereal, vitamin C-rich fruit or vegetable juice, eggs, milk, cheese, peanut butter, dried beans/peas, tuna fish and carrots. Special therapeutic infant formulas and medical foods may be provided when prescribed by a physician for a specified medical condition.
7. Who gets first priority for participation?
WIC cannot serve all eligible people, so a system of priorities has been established for filling program openings. Once a local WIC agency has reached its maximum caseload, vacancies are filled in the order of the following priority levels:
• Pregnant women, breastfeeding women, and infants determined to be at nutrition risk because of a nutrition-related medical condition.
• Infants up to 6 months of age whose mothers participated in WIC or could have participated and had a serious medical problem.
• Children at nutrition risk because of a nutrition-related medical problem.
• Pregnant or breastfeeding women and infants at nutrition risk because of an inadequate dietary pattern.
• Children at nutrition risk because of an inadequate dietary pattern.
• Non-breastfeeding, postpartum women with any nutrition risk.
• Individuals at nutrition risk only because they are homeless or migrants, and current participants who, without WIC foods, could continue to have medical and/or dietary problems.
8. What is the WIC infant formula rebate system?
Mothers participating in WIC are encouraged to breastfeed their infants if possible, but WIC State agencies provide infant formula for mothers who choose to use this feeding method. WIC State agencies are required by law to have competitively bid infant formula rebate contracts with infant formula manufacturers. This means WIC State agencies agree to provide one brand of infant formula and in return the manufacturer gives the State agency a rebate for each can of infant formula purchased by WIC participants. The brand of infant formula provided by WIC varies from State agency to State agency depending on which company has the rebate contract in a particular State.
By negotiating rebates with formula manufacturers, States are able to serve more people. For FY 2004, rebate savings were $1.64 billion, supporting an average of 2 million participants each month, or 25 percent of the estimated average monthly caseload.
9. What is WIC’s current funding level?
Congress appropriated $5.204 billion for WIC in FY 2006. By comparison, the WIC Program appropriation was $20.6 million in 1974; $750 million in 1980; $1.5 billion in 1985; and $2.1 billion in 1990.
For more information:
Information on FNS programs is available on the World Wide Web at
Updated March 2006

Pampering Your Face

Our face is the first part of our body that will be distinguished first and usually got the first impressions and everything else follows down to our asset and character. Although having a lot of acne problems in our face, might not be our fault because it could be a hormonal change, or the weather. But whatever the cause is, it would be best to to use the best acne products to prevent worsening and infections. It is important that we have to pamper our face because having a clean and flawless skin will boost our self confidence. If ever you have pimple, never touch and prick it. And always clean your face with a gentle facial cleanser, then use an alcohol free toner and moisturize.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Keep it Going

I discuss with a friend today, about the effects of the bailout issue. We laugh at ourselves when we noticed that we're getting serious about it but our spouses are just calmed and relaxed. I'm just worried because the money that my husband invested in the stock market is going down. But like what he told me, there's nothing to worry about, we just have to deal with it and keep going. And he's right, in situation like this, we just to be optimistic and be more careful in investing our money, and it would be secure if you're investing in a company that is licensed and registered by the Community futures trading Commission.

Good Influence

Blogging opened many door of opportunities for me. Opportunities to find wonderful friends, good ideas and generate income:-). I may sound like a old CD ( sirang plaka :-) ), but really all these I owe to Jet. She's a good influence. Through blog hopping I found helpful ideas posted by fellow blogger. Just recently, I kinda learned another way of investing money, in stock market. It might not sound "not the right time" because of the economy's situation but it has been explained to me by my friend Lou how to work my way through it. Besides, I just use the money that I earned from paid blogging and bought stocks that are not over $100 per share. In fact, I only spend $14.96 per share in Starbucks, and it's dropping down, but I'm not affected because I know it will go up. But I hope my husband's investment from his job isn't highly affected. Anyways, thanks to Lou I'm encouraged to find more ways how to secure my children's future. It's really nice to have a good conversation with someone who knows what she's doing, with someone who listen and basically someone who make sense. There are times that you are in situation where your ears almost bleed for listening these people who talked nothing but themselves. I'm now in a stage that I can't tolerate those kind of individuals hehe.
But for the meantime, I will keep my blogging active. Hoping to share my ideas and willing to learn more.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Top One

According to, orovo is the top 1 best diet pill. Since Christmas is coming and that means time for parties so we might as well keep ourselves slim to be able to fit that beautiful and sexy dress. Besides being good in weight loss, Orovo is also good for the skin, because it is made from highly concentrated extracts of all ten "Super foods". Wow sounds like this a good package to achieve a slimmer look with a beautiful skin. Nice!
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