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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Farming Is A Passion

This is part of my father's farm. He grew corn, coffee, vegetables such as carrots, beans, cabbage, onions, and fruits such as Mango, Durian, Avocado and many more. My father is a passionate farmer. He's been farming since he was in his early 20s. We all admired him so much because he's a very hardworking person and he was able to give us a comfortable living and good education because of his farming. He's very knowledgeable in farming products such as composters, fertilizers and different ways in cultivating a good farm. In our town, people often asked his suggestions when it comes to farming matters. I can't wait to visit our farm again. Me and my siblings always love to hangout in our farm during vacation times. I can't wait to visit there again.

Monday, August 29, 2011


I've been extremely exhausted lately. This is probably the effects of my tiring schedules last week. I have been driving a lot back and forth to Brookings. And I have been sleeping late because I watch my favorite shows in USA network. I should be using the DVR but for  some reason I'm too lazy to record my favorite shows. Doesn't make sense. Probably I'm even too exhausted to even write something with sense. I'm sorry. But today, is a good day. I bonded with my friends Beth, Marie, Gina W, Tita Mareng Tess. We're all working already and we didn't get to see often. Beth was cooking some Filipino foods so we hang out and had dinner together. We went home late. In my circle of friends, once we get together, we could spend hours and hours talking. We can pretty much anything under the sun. Till next time again.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

The Google+ Project

I just submitted my email add in the Google+ project.  This project aims to help us shorten our google ID. As you know, our google ID can be really long, so instead through this project we will be able to manage our ID in an easy to remember ID or profile link. It makes it easy to interact with friends and family or socialize with acquaintances. Right now they're in a limited time trial but it will be over soon. In order to be the first to know with the updates, all you need to do is submit your email ad and they will keep you posted. For the meantime you ca explore their interactive tour and view some inputs about this project.
While browsing around in this project, the way I see, it's somewhat like a social networking site but more like private or safe. I hope this project will give importance on protecting our identities or privacy not to mention what happened in other networking sites. What is exciting about this, is that it allows you to upload videos or pictures faster. The tour is pretty much inviting and I can't wait to learn more about this project.

Breakfast At Denny's

Today is my day-off and I plan to my spend this whole day with my kids. First, I will bring them to Denny's and have them enjoy their favorite pancake puppies while I will just order my all time favorite, their regular pancakes. I have been very busy that I rarely spend time with my kids that's why I'm making it up to them. Then later at around 3pm, we might go to the Loeb Park again. We have to take advantage of the sunny weather because another month, it's gonna get cold here again and back to the depressing Winter weather.Oh well, sometimes it can be romantic just being cozy at home while it's gloomy in the outside. May God bless us another sunny weather today so that things will happened as planned.
These kids will be spoiled by mommy today :-) and they deserve it!

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Brother And Sisters United Forever

One of the things that I'm thankful about life is that I have a very good and strong family back in the Philippines. That's why I'm really praying and hoping that my parents will be able to go here soon  because when they're here it will be easy to bring my brothers and sisters over here too. I have three brothers and 1 sister. They have different personalities but they are all special to me. One of my brother is a headache sometimes but I still love him.He asked for an iPod and I'm gonna give it to him with an extra ipod charger so he don't have to worry about losing battery anymore. My other two brothers are awesome.They don't give my parents any problems. They are very responsible as well as my sister. They are all a blessing to me and I am thankful for that.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Space Filler

This morning I get the chance to talk to my husband about our goals in life, our plans for the kids and everyhting about life in general. We are extremely happy for our life right now. We have struggles but it's just something that money can fix. Who doesn't have financial hardships right now. Financial problems is nothing because it can be solved. We are just truly blessed because we have everything that money can't buy and that is family and peace of mind. The conversations went very well that's why I share to him about his smoking habit. With this kind of topic, I am very careful because most of them time we talked about this, we end up arguing. He's been smoking since he was fifteen years old. I understand that it will be very difficult to stop it. He tried many times already because I've been nagging him. But it only lasts for 1 week then he smokes again.
So I suggested to him a healthier choice. The electronic cigarette or what they called e-cigarette. It's suppose to imitate smoking. My husband's main reason why he smokes is because he's bored. Basically, it's a space filler. So this e-cigarette can help him and many other cigarette smokers out there. I sincerely believe this is a better option if they can't stop. I do believe that it has been approved in the market for awhile now and in fact it has been widely used by many people. One popular brand is Blu E Cigarette. Right now they offer a 30 day money back guarantee and a one year warranty and free shipping. I think it's worth a try.


This morning I got another email from Bro. Bo Soulfood Newsletter since I subscribed to it. I've been curious about his Truly Rich Club. It's suppose to guide you how to earn money faster. I'm really curious about because I testimonies from the members are very inspiring. I truly believe that it's a good investment. I'm just hesitant because its $19 a month. But I'm pretty sure it's all worth. The thing is I want to have at least enough money before I'll even venture in this because if they offer good products that I can't afford, I would be left out. But I will really take a serious consideration  of this soon.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Oppss Busted

This is hilariously scary. Last Sunday I woke up early to do some shopping in Brookings Oregon. It's about 18 miles drive. I got a shopping pass plus they don't have taxes and the price of gas is cheaper so it's worth the travel. Driving early in the morning is fun because there is no traffic. So I was in 101, just right I cross the Oregon border, I saw this fast blue moving vehicle and I was speeding up to catch with it. It's just the thrill of catching with this speeder. I figure out that if someone will be caught for speeding that would be him because the CHP will saw him first. But I thought I'll get a heart attack when I found out it was the Oregon police. I didn't know that their car is blue or bluish. Next time I will go to Oregon, I will be more careful because they also have cctv cameras everywhere which is a good thing because it's for safety also.

Las Vegas Wedding

It's happening and it's confirmed. I have a very good friend who's finally getting married next month in Las Vegas. Most people are anxious if this is wedding will happen since it has been cancelled or postponed many times. But two weeks ago she finally got the ring. And I saw it last week and it is very beautiful. Have you seen those breathtaking scott kay rings in ladies bridal, it looks like those. Once you got the ring that's it. The wedding will be held on the second week of September but the reception will be held her on October 8. This is to accommodate the people who can't go to Las Vegas for work or money related reasons. I'm excited for both of them. This is gonna be the start of a very good beginning. I wish them a lifetime of happiness.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Coca Cola Baby

I love Coca Cola, not just because it quenches my thirst but because through coca, all my baby's photobook, I got them for free.  Eversince I gave birth of my fist baby, I started entering coca cola codes that you can find in the boxes or in the lid and submit it in For some points you can already get a product of your choice. I often get free prints in any sizes. I can also get free photobooks. Now, I'm on my way of claiming another photobook.. Yeyyyyyyyyyy.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Happily Struggling

It was such a bummer when the US AAA rating went down and affected quite a bit of my stocks. And I read that China is sending a message to the US to live within our means. U.S actually a big spender from the richest individual down to the poorest. As you see, many celebrities who's earning millions  still ran out out of money because of over spending. On the other hand, the average people who are usually living from paycheck to paycheck still spend aggressively and maxing out their credit cards.
With the current economic situation, many credit card companies are lowering down their credit limit and very quick to raise the APR if you missed payments.
The best solution that I can think of, is to start living within our means and add money in the savings, plan your shopping ahead of time and keep an eye on the sale season. As for grocery shopping, make of list the items that you want to buy so that you won't go over the budget limit. Here's another thing that I just learned, you can actually go to a store and do  price matching where you can request for the cheaper price advertised from the other stores. This way you save some money and you save making extra trips going to other stores.
Another most important thing is, taking advantage of the coupons. I have been doing this for over five years now in store and online. Most of the time I do online shopping for apparel and electronics because it's mostly cheaper than in the store. Just check out the because they have the most updated coupon for over 15000 stores. I used to subscribed  in the email lists of my favorite stores such as GAP, Old Navy and many more so I will know their current promotions and it just flooded my inbox. Now, I just add the website in my favorites bar and type in my favorite stores and viola, I got my coupon in an instant. I don't have to worry anymore about expired coupons. For a mom of four kids like me, it's an everyday struggle but when I'm able to make the most of my money, I feel happy.

Jury Duty

For a moment there, I thought I would be selected to be a juror.  I  miss work today because I was got a letter to appear in the court today for jury duty. I was hoping that it would be cancel. On the other hand, I was also curious what it's like. Some people told me that I don't need to appear but me personally felt obligated to render my civic duty. But then when I was inside at the courtroom, I have this feeling of restlessness.. I felt going out of there most especially when I sat the jury box. And then when the first I tried to request to excuse myself, it wasn't really granted. So I just accepted the fact that I will miss my work for three days and be sitting there, getting bored. But when the judge finalized all the jurors, the prosecution attorney asked to excuse for the reason that I personally know the defendant's lawyer. I felt a sudden relief but when I got home I felt guilty. I should not feel that way. I should show an interest in supporting the judicial system. Next time..

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Being A Biker Mom

Guest post written by Candace Watson

I think that my kids were a little more worried than excited when they found out that I was getting a motorcycle. I thought that it would win me some brownie points with being cool from my kids, but they were really afraid that I was going to get hurt on it. Well, I told them that I would make sure to practice safety on the bike.
I thought that maybe I would find some safety tips for motorcycles online and show them to my kids. While I was online searching for some to show them, I came across some information about It sounded really great and I had wanted to find a new internet service for the house for a while now, so I signed up for an internet package that I found with the information online.
My daughter told me that I need to wear a helmet every time I ride, not knowing taht I already had one on order. But I guess that them being concerned for my safety just shows that I've done an OK job raising them!

Saturday, August 6, 2011

AAA Rating AA

Sucks because the  AAA rating has been dropped to AA. So when I checked my stocks this afternoon, it went down. Even though I believe that the economic situation of our country would bounce back one day, I am still affected with what's going on. I can already see an effect to some of my credit limit. But I am not going to sell my stocks. I might buy more cheap ones though and morgan silver dollars hoping that in the future my savings and investment can sustain our daily needs. It's hard with this current crisis in our economy because many are affected. The prices of the commodities went high and job hiring are really slow. I'm hoping and praying that this crisis will be over soon.

Friday, August 5, 2011

Fred Bear

My son got some hugs from Fred when we went shopping at Fred Meyer with Tita Mareng. We always love to shop at Fred Meyer because they carry our favorite brands of clothing such as Levis, Osh Kosh, Carters and many more. I just wish they didn't stop selling the Guess watches tho. Good thing that I was able to buy two watches before they're all gone. Being in a rural area, it sucks when it comes to shopping because we only have few stores that's why even though Fred Meyers is 18 miles away from us. I still drive there to shop for clothes  if I can't find good deals online.

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