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Tuesday, October 21, 2014


So I was given the task to be the ambassador of med part d in our store and I have a goal to schedule at least 10 people. I was so stressed and was trying to call in sick coz I find it really hard coz the last time we had a conference with all other stores, seems like a big for 3 hours I only have 4 people. I'm feeling so upset and getting depress.Right before lunch my bosses told me that I did a good job because only 5 stores and that's more than 15 stores in our region had people signed up.. My point is, as long as we put our hearts in what we do, we will be noticed even if we're half way to our goal.We'll the day is not over yet. All the 65ers come visit me in Walgreens in the corner of happy and healthy .Have a good day everyone...

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